Mysterious Marilyn

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Don't Know Why But I Do New! by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 14 Reviews Liked

Love and revenge are in the air on Liberty Avenue. Mysterious Marilyn and Emmett want everyone happy but in order for that to happen they have to find out who tried to kill Brian Kinney and why.

I own nothing, not a damn thing there is no copyright infringement intended  whatsoever.

Blank Page by Kurenohikari88

Rated: E • 118 Reviews Liked



It's been a year, a year full of pain and sorrow. A year in which nothing meant anything for Brian. After losing Justin at the bombing in Babylon everything was white and black.


However... what will happen if one day suddenly everything changed? What if he had never really met Justin? Then why does he remember everything they had gone through while the rest of the gang doesn't even know who Justin is?

SECRETS LIES AND ALIBIS by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 78 Reviews Liked


Justin has escaped a gilded cage mired in abuse. Having finally broken free, he is now looking to redefine himself as a man.  When the offer to become the new Art Director for Kinnetik PA comes in, he jumps at the chance for freedom.

Brian hires Justin as the new Art Director for Kinnetik PA but Brian has secrets of his own. Can each of them teach the other to trust someone other than themselves? 

Switch by charming1, SLHR

Rated: M • 119 Reviews Liked


Before Justin and Brian met, they both wanted something else: Justin wanted to be older and Brian wanted to be younger. They both get their wish, sort of. Brian wakes up in Justin's body and Justin wakes up in Brian's body.

This story was adopted by charming1. Original plot and Chapter 1 by SLHR.

To Have and To Hold by YumYumPM

Rated: A • 48 Reviews Liked


Sequel to For Better...or Worse  (MPreg)

Big thanks to Starfire64 and loahisi for being wonderful betas

For Better...or Worse by YumYumPM

Rated: E • 84 Reviews Liked


Yes, another what happened after Justin left for New York tale.

How does Brian deal with being alone again? Our boys have gone their separate ways, do things continue for better...or worse. Things are not going good for Brian since Justin, and the girls left the Pitts. The cancer is back, and his apartment burns down and that isn't even the worst!

Big thanks to Starfire64 and loahisi for being wonderful betas

Seeing is Believing by NoChaser

Rated: YA • 4 Reviews Liked

AU: In a (not quite) parallel reality far, far away...

A little paranormal help for the boys over the holidays.

(Written and gifted to lego-4ever at LJ for the 2013 qafgiftxchange!)


This should have been posted before Christmas, but I was distracted by real life angst and lingering election depression. ::Sigh:: 

It's All In How You Spell It by Deb Tanner

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

Michael just has to know.

Spin and Fall by Conzieu

Rated: M • Past Featured Story 124 Reviews Liked



Brian always goes out of town, uses his middle name and pays in cash when he feels the need to bottom. This time is no different except that JT, the young man who helps relieve his itch is everything he wants in a lover. Away from Pittsburgh and his reputation, Brian feels free to be a different man, but his worlds soon collide with JT's dark past adding difficulties to an already uneasy situation.

Friends Like These by Cemegh

Rated: A • 35 Reviews Liked


A huge thanks to Marny for the gorgeous banner.

Brian's plan is to have a night out with Michael, before he heads to New York to spend some time with Justin the next day. But when he awakes, Brian realizes that going out the night before was a mistake, a BIG mistake.

It's Written in the Cards by YumYumPM

Rated: M • 3 Reviews

Mysterious Marilyn is up to her old tricks.  Offering advice to the Stud of Liberty Ave can cause the future to change in the blink of an eye when Mysterious Marilyn reads the cards and doesn't see a happy ending for Brian and Justin.  But is the future set up in concrete?  Not only will things be different for Brian, but just about everyone around him will feel its affects.  What happens when after Brian follows the cards written and later the reading changes?  Can the future be changed?  Should it be changed?   Where does Justin fit in?  You'd be surprised.  Watch as Mysterious Marilyn meddles in peoples lives to correct her mistake.

Foolish Wishes by Tagsit

Rated: YA • 2 Reviews



Summary: Set late in season one . . . Brian’s being an ass as usual, but will he finally regret at least one of his actions? He should know better than to make wishes he really doesn't want to come true in the presence of Mysterious Marilyn!  Tehehehehe . . . .