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Having My Baby New! by starlight

Rated: E • 217 Reviews Liked

Two years after Justin leaves, Brian decides that living apart isn't what he wants. He makes his move to be together. What if that happens along with an offer from a friend to have a baby.

Lorie thank you for doing what you do for me as my beta, the readers probably thank you too.

I’d Rather Burn in Hell New! by eureka1

Rated: M • 12 Reviews Liked



Post 5.13. Justin and Brian are together in Pittsburgh. Daphne asks the boys for their assistance with a recent acquaintance.

Based on a recent real-life encounter this author had with Mormon missionaries.

This is a very porny story, so be forewarned if that doesn’t appeal to you! There's lots of humor too. :D


Implied hetero sex, but no such activity in the story. I promise. I’m all about our boys and their exploits.

The Rattle of Snakes New! by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 95 Reviews Liked



Sequel to The Buzz of the Wasp.  Luther gathers enemies of Brian, Justin and Zee...yes includng those two...to seek revenge for his humiliation.

He thinks he's got game he is so very wrong!

Thanks to my lovely, darling betas Nichelle, Kathy and Bea...mwah!

Thanks also to Marny for her awesome banner skills...again!

Blue World New! by addict_writer

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked


In a desperate bid to keep his younger partner satisfied, Brian turns to one of the wonder drugs for men. How does it affect Brian? What happens when Justin finds out?

Gone New! by Julesmonster

Rated: A • 2 Reviews

Justin is gone and Brian can't help but think it was all a huge mistake. Just a short little piece about how it might have been post 513.

Is It Too Late? New! by starlight

Rated: E • Feature 262 Reviews Liked

Justin leaves when he sees Michael and Brian in the comic store. At thirteen Gus runs away to Justin. 

Joan Kinney: Died 23rd December 2016 RIP New! by Wren

Rated: A • 3 Reviews Liked

Joan Kinney dies just before Christmas. Will this derail Brian's plans to spend Christmas with Gus and Justin in New York?


Joan Kinney with funereal border

Canes and Planes and Christmas Pains New! by Wren

Rated: A • 3 Reviews Liked

It's Christmas and Brian was planning on spending it with Gus in Toronto. Then Justin has an accident. What will Brian do now?


Deb in Christmas hat Justin and Brian with Gus

Morning New! by Julesmonster

Rated: A • 2 Reviews

Justin and Brian have moved on with their lives, but will tragedy bring them back together? Fluffy with just a hint of angst.

Alone for the Holidays… New! by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 9 Reviews Liked

Brian and Justin are on their own for the holidays…

A Little Extra Cream. New! by Tagsit

Rated: M • 11 Reviews Liked

Brian bumps into Justin at a Starbucks in New York City . . .

Written for xheartrockx for the LJ 2016 QAF Gift Exchange!

Midlife Crisis New! by addict_writer

Rated: M • 7 Reviews Liked


Brian is going through the most ridiculous midlife crisis, effectively making both him and Justin frustrated on a whole new level. With a little help from their friends, they solve the problem.

Drunken Love #4 New! by Techgirl

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked


Short, drunken glimpses into the world of Brian and Justin.

Each ficlet is a stand-alone, independent of the others.

Opposites Attract New! by Thyme

Rated: M • 16 Reviews

Post 513 - Justin returns from New York, but Brian does not welcome him with open arms.  Written for the Clusterf#ck Challenge on LJ.

Heartbeats New! by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Sometimes Hunter felt like he was dead, sent to some version of Hell for stealing, for tricking, for ditching school, or for just being born. But his heart beating in his chest, sometimes at a slow and steady beat, sometimes at a rapid and panicked pace...It was that alone that made him realize he wasn't in Hell after all. This city, as shitty as it was to him, was his reality.


BROKEN DREAMS New! by Julesmonster

Rated: A • 9 Reviews Liked

Justin is in New York, Lindsey and Gus are in Canada, and nobody's lives are what they expected. Can Brian take all their broken dreams and make them happy again, or is it too late to go back?

Twenty-Ten New! by Morpheus

Rated: M • 1 Reviews Liked

The Year is 2010. Justin comes home to Pittsburgh for a special occasion. Justin's POV.

Incendiary New! by Kimberley

Rated: M • 32 Reviews Liked

My version of Season Five. A dramatic event leads to some much-needed reflection.

'Twas The Month Before Christmas New! by Wren

Rated: M • 5 Reviews Liked

Post S5 in an AU where there is no JR (just purely because it simplified the plot).  Something has happened in Toronto and Brian gets a phone call that sends him into action.


Going Or Staying New! by Kimberley

Rated: M • 26 Reviews Liked


My take on Justin's answer to Brian's question at the end of Season 4 and the ensuing consequences.

Snow and Shadow New! by Thyme

Rated: M • 6 Reviews Liked

A couple of years after Melanie and Lindsay moved to Toronto. They are still there, and Brian and Justin are together, of course. Written for the Vacation/Weather Challenge at qaf_challenges on LJ and IJ.

Accomplishments New! by Sabina

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

Brian Kinney only celebrates accomplishments. Written for Moonshadow's Tenth Anniversary "Drunken" Challenge.

Demons New! by Sabina

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

Sometimes demons come very unexpectedly. Written for Moonshadow's Scary Things Challenge.

My Leige New! by Sabina

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

The King of Babylon is needed. Written for the Anniversary Halloween Cockblock Challenge.

Alone New! by Sabina

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

Post 513 - Alone for the holidays. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.