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Time Warp - Britin New! by DestinyWitch

Rated: YA • 46 Reviews Liked


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Happily living their lives together with both success, fame and with children around them, Brian and Justin Kinney were in their own words 'living the life of great homosexuals', when a car accident changes their lives.

Now, they are back to the beginning where Brian, the ultimate asshole ad executive, and Justin, the blonde twink stalker. did not meet each other yet. This is the story of what these partners will do to make sure that they really have 'no regrets' in their lives and to avoid the mistakes they made in the way. 

Inspired by 'One More Time' by The WinsomeWasp

LAX to PIT New! by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked


Molly Taylor doesn't expect to fall into bed with Hunter Novotny-Bruckner, but when it does happen, she expects it to be a one time thing. With 2,500 miles between them and completely separate lives, the odds are stacked against them. Yet here they are, still talking and trying to make this work. They should have tied this up on New Year's Eve, at the absolute latest, even though it makes Molly's chest hurt to even think that. It would have been better for both of them. They could have avoided all of this pining.

AMBIGUSWEETIE and a Dirty Little Secret New! by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 192 Reviews Liked


Several months after Brian and Justin part ways, a private airing of their dirty laundry results in a night of passion that neither one can forget or stop. But what happens when Brian is tired of playing second 'fiddle' to the fiddler? And how the hell do they keep the Gurus of Gossip aka the 'family' from finding out about their affair?
Based on the plot bunny from TAG!

Broken Dreams and Mending Hearts… New! by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: E • 7 Reviews Liked

A love story told in pics…

The Anti-Couple New! by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 33 Reviews Liked


Flip a coin... any coin! But what happens when two sides of the same coin meet? Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor are about to find out. And what happens when the two aloof men find themselves breaking all of their self-imposed rules? Guaranteed mayhem!    

SECRETS LIES AND ALIBIS New! by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 51 Reviews Liked


Justin has escaped a gilded cage mired in abuse. Having finally broken free, he is now looking to redefine himself as a man.  When the offer to become the new Art Director for Kinnetik PA comes in, he jumps at the chance for freedom.

Brian hires Justin as the new Art Director for Kinnetik PA but Brian has secrets of his own. Can each of them teach the other to trust someone other than themselves? 

Somewhere Only We Know Part 1 New! by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 39 Reviews Liked


Seasons 1& 2 Hybrid with emphasis on the bashing and the recovery from it as I think it could have/ should have happened. 

Initial Plot Bunny from Deb Tanner: What if Michael had tried to stop Brian from going into the prom and had witnessed the attack?

Intersect New! by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 77 Reviews Liked

As Justin makes his way through the crowd in Herald Square, he sees a man who is almost a stranger to him now. *Officially up to date*


DREAMS New! by Lorie

Rated: M • 9 Reviews Liked


Justin remembers.



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Cracked New! by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

The name 'Nathan Ash' was only one piece of the puzzle that made up his life.

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The Buzz of the Wasp by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 503 Reviews Liked

Sequel to Whispers are as Loud as a Shout...Lindsey and Michael combine forces...big mistake, huge!

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Heartbeats by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Sometimes Hunter felt like he was dead, sent to some version of Hell for stealing, for tricking, for ditching school, or for just being born. But his heart beating in his chest, sometimes at a slow and steady beat, sometimes at a rapid and panicked pace...It was that alone that made him realize he wasn't in Hell after all. This city, as shitty as it was to him, was his reality.


Intermission by Morpheus

Rated: M • 6 Reviews Liked

An AU story about what happens with Brian and Justin in between seasons 2 and 3.

Where's the F**king Comfort and Joy When You Need Them? by Wren

Rated: YA • 5 Reviews Liked

An accident sends Gus and Justin to the hospital just before Christmas.

Lost in the Woods by mandagrammy

Rated: A • 5 Reviews Liked


Nine year old Gus has joined the Boy Scouts and wants Dad to join him on a Father/Son camping trip to the Allegheny National Forest. He is congratulating himself on his good luck when Justin agrees to substitute for him, until bad news comes near the end of their trip. 


Retribution by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 8 Reviews


Brian Kinney earns many enemies as a strict prison warden. How will he respond when a threat arrives that he can't identify? Sometimes the most obvious answer isn't the right one.



Discoveries by Morpheus

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

Brian and his mother make some important discoveries. Gap-filler for Episode 2-09.

The Scars of Your Love by mandagrammy

Rated: YA • 2 Reviews Liked


I spent my weekend listening to songs, and one in particular...Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' inspired this story.  A line from the song mentions the scars of your love and ends with 'We could have had it all'.  Like with so many other songs, I ended up thinking of Brian and Justin.  In this story, Justin has been in NYC for a year and become a great success in the artistic community.  The only problem is, he misses Brian too much to enjoy all the accolades.  He decides to send Brian a message and hopes to get the response he is praying for.  Will he?  I must thank Judy for her Beta skills and my darling Granddaughter, Marika, for providing the perfect banner to tell the story.  I love you guys dearly.


Eclipse of the Sun by mandagrammy

Rated: A • 1 Reviews


I heard a new song called 'Black Out the Sun' by Darren Hayes on an LJ QAF fan site and immediately got the image of this all important night when Brian finally said 'I Love You' to Justin for the first time.  I was so inspired I had to re-visit that scene and give my version of Brian's thoughts that fateful evening.  I have filled in a couple of gaps from the show, such as the time between Brian's hearing the radio announcement of the bombing and his arrival at Babylon, and the short period of time when Brian was with Debbie at the hospital chapel and before he came back for Justin.  I hope you will enjoy my interpretation.  I've included the lyrics to the song (which do not belong to me, of course) so that you can understand why it affected me the way it did.  A huge debt of gratitude goes to my beloved Granddaughter for the remarkable banner she made for this story and my wonderful beta, Judy.


What I Need to Know by Morpheus

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian helps Justin enjoy his first Pride Parade. Gap-filler for Episode 2-04.

Control by Morpheus

Rated: A • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian thinks about his non-relationship with Justin. Brief Gap-filler for Episode 2-03.

Therapy by Morpheus

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

With Brian's help, Justin struggles to regain his lost memories. Gap-filler for Episode 2-02.

The Scarf by Morpheus

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

Finally, Justin is out of the hospital and goes looking for Brian. Gap-filler for Episode 2-01.

The Story Teller by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 46 Reviews Liked

The Story Teller

This story is the result of the request by a wonderful reader of mine named Lorie.  It begins in 2005.  Justin is a young man in NYC who makes his living as the writer of gay porn and adult fiction.  He has bigger goals for himself.  He dreams of publishing the great American gay romance novel, but he has little to base it on.  Justin does not do relationships and has little trust of others due to a painful childhood.  Brian Kinney is the owner of his own ad agency which has taken on Justin's publishing house as a new client.  What will happen when Brian and Justin meet eventually...two lost souls afraid of commitment.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my Granddaughter, Amy, for the banner and my friend Pat for beta help.  I also want to thank Lorie for trusting me with her idea.  So enjoy and remember that comments are always welcome.