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Framed New! by plumsuede

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked


Food Sex New! by Frayach

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

Brian teaches Justin the art of Salirophilia . . . well, sort of.

Fisting New! by Frayach

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian teaches Justin the art of handballing.

For more information on the experience of fisting, I found this very useful and interesting. For a spiritual take on things, I found this unexpected and absolutely fascinating. I certainly never knew the Bible endorses fisting. Go figure. Take that, Rick Santorum.

Figging New! by Frayach

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

Brian teaches Justin the art of Figging.


Here's a weird/amusing definition of what Figging is.

For Granted New! by Julesmonster

Rated: YA • 23 Reviews Liked

Brian's surrogate family takes him for granted until something happens that forces them to see what they have done. AU. Slash. Brian/Justin Established Relationship

Forever Young New! by addict_writer

Rated: M • 46 Reviews Liked


In this AU, vampire Justin meets human Brian. Justin's past follows him to the city, where he decides to make his home for a while. Can these two men learn to accept and trust each other? What kind of obstacles will they have to overcome to be together?

Fruity Girly Drinks New! by Lorie

Rated: E • 9 Reviews Liked

Justin wants to broaden Brian's drinking menu.


Written for the Kinnetik Dreams April Fool's Day Crack!Fic Challenge.    

Finally Married by starlight

Rated: E • 25 Reviews Liked

This happens at the church before the wedding and is the next in the how to marry Jusitn series.


Lorie thank you for being my beta and giving me the title to all four stories of the series.

Firecracker by Thyme

Rated: A • 3 Reviews

Post 513 - Debbie's holding her annual Fourth of July barbecue. Written for Moonshadow's Fireworks Challenge.

Fireworks of All Kinds by Thyme

Rated: A • 3 Reviews Liked

It's the night before the Fourth of July. Written for Moonshadow's Fireworks Challenge.

Fast Foward by Morpheus

Rated: M • 17 Reviews Liked

An AU story about what happens with Brian and Justin in between seasons 2 and 3.

Let's jump ahead about a year - fast-forward to Fall 2003.

Final installment in the Pre-Season Three series.

Family Matters by Julesmonster

Rated: E • 15 Reviews Liked

Brian and Justin face becoming a family in their own unique way... but not everyone is happy for them.

Friends and Lovers by Kimberley

Rated: M • 13 Reviews

Sequel to Rage Over Hollywood. Back in Pittsburgh, Brian and Justin are ready to settle in to their life together... but is life ready to let them?

Forever in Darkness by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked Feature


Janet excels at Dark Brian themes and has done what I have yet to attempt which is write a really solid Vampire story with major angst - Nichelle Wellesley


Brian is a cursed 300 year old vampire. As the owner of Babylon, he uses that as his stage for seduction and feeding. No man can resist him. Justin Taylor is about to enter his world and slowly change his reality. How will primal Brian respond?    

Forever in Darkness - A New Enemy by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 1 Reviews Liked


Six months later a new enemy arrives with an evil plan to separate Brian and Justin. Can they survive sacrifices and deception to save their future together?    


Forever Yours by Teinisydan

Rated: E • 0 Reviews

One Sunday morning Brian decides to give Justin something. 

F**king Rage by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked


What If Justin didn't leave with Ethan the night of the 'Rage' party after catching Brian f**king the Rage actor? What if he chose a different path instead? Many thanks to Eka for the dramatic banner.

First Comes Love by Sabina, Thyme

Rated: M • 25 Reviews Liked

A new branch office for Kinnetik, Brian, and Justin prepare for their wedding and for their new life together as a committed couple.

Story #10 of The Sunshine Files

Friends by Morpheus

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

It's 1990; Brian's a college sophomore.

Family Date by lennongirl

Rated: YA • 2 Reviews Liked

Joan wants to see her son but gets to meet his family instead.

Falling Down by lennongirl

Rated: M • 5 Reviews Liked

Brian falls down and Justin gets a free ride. Two, even.


Fiery Nights by Tagsit, Saje

Rated: M • 407 Reviews Liked

Fiery Nights Banner S&T.jpg

Brian Kinney has rented a summer house on Fire Island for his first vacation in years. His plan is to spend the summer experiencing all the various delights - and men - this Gay Mecca has to offer. His first night there, though, he’s confronted by a hot little blond townie with an agenda who refuses to accept Brian’s rule that he doesn’t do repeats. The two men make a bet - If Justin can keep Brian amused and entertained all summer, then Brian will give him a job come fall. Little did Brian know just how determined and inventive Justin really was.


FILLED SILENCE by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: E • 13 Reviews Liked

Filled Silence Banner2.jpg

A Week after their very public separation, Brian and Justin have a long overdue conversation...without a single syllable uttered toward each other.

Set in Season 3 Episode 1

Forking by Jazzepoet

Rated: YA • 13 Reviews Liked

This little drabble was in answer to a challenge by charming1 to write a short fic with no words passing between our boys… I hope I have done it justice. It is also inspired by episode 215’s morning after scene where Brian and Justin were engaging in a little fork porn (kinky silverware though? Lol) Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Firefly by SunshineSally

Rated: YA • 0 Reviews

Six weeks into their relationship, Jim and Pam are learning that it really can be close to perfect.

Written way back when Jim and Pam got together on the show.