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Guilt Management New! by sfscarlet

Rated: E • 25 Reviews Liked


Something happens on the way home from Comic Con which causes everyone to rethink their past.

Going PC New! by Tagsit

Rated: M • 321 Reviews Liked

In an age where extreme Capitalism and the pursuit of the Almighty Buck supersedes all ethics and morality, Brian Kinney purchases the contract of a beautiful, young, Personal Companion that he wants to rescue from the harsh fate life has dictated for him. Variation on the Slave!Justin storyline. 


Grand Gesture: Gus New! by Julesmonster

Rated: YA • 3 Reviews Liked

Justin isn't the only recipient of Brian's grand gestures.

Grand Gesture New! by Julesmonster

Rated: YA • 3 Reviews Liked

Three years after convincing Justin to stay, Brian needs something new to keep him busy.

Gone New! by Julesmonster

Rated: A • 2 Reviews

Justin is gone and Brian can't help but think it was all a huge mistake. Just a short little piece about how it might have been post 513.

Getting Him Back New! by confused_bliss

Rated: YA • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian watches Justin as he works at the diner, quickly determining to get him back. Season 3 canon compliant gap-filler.    

Going With Him New! by confused_bliss

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

Canon/gap-filler of the car scene where Justin tells Brian he is going home with him much to Michael's chagrin. This oneshot will cover the time he makes the decision, through the rest of the car ride until they reach the loft.    

Golden Gate New! by Morpheus

Rated: M • 6 Reviews Liked

An AU story about what happens with Brian and Justin in between seasons 2 and 3.

References characters mentioned in the Prequels series.

Games They Play New! by starlight

Rated: E • 272 Reviews Liked

Brian realizes he wants more than a reputation. He meets an artist in New York and finds what he was looking for.


Justin didn't grow up in Pittsburgh but New York, where he meets Brian.


None of the events in cannon that involve Justin happened to him.

Gift of the Magi: Revisited by mandagrammy

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked


Justin has come back into Brian's life after the Ethan fiasco and Christmas is fast approaching.  Both men want to show how grateful they are to be back together so they want to buy the perfect gift for one another.  This story is inspired by the classic short story "Gift of the Magi".  I want to thank Heather for her fine beta work and Eka for the wonderful banner. 

Going Or Staying by Kimberley

Rated: M • 26 Reviews Liked


My take on Justin's answer to Brian's question at the end of Season 4 and the ensuing consequences.

Gone by Triciaqaf

Rated: M • Feature 19 Reviews Liked


Gone Banner.jpg

A terribly kinky Emmett/Justin/Brian thing... Just try it! 

Glimmer of Hope by confused_bliss

Rated: YA • 1 Reviews Liked

Brian's inner thoughts during this gap-filler moment of 3.04 - the much beloved bracelet scene. This delves into Brian finding hope that past mistakes can be set right - and on his terms.    

Go Get Him, Peter Pan by eureka1

Rated: M • 5 Reviews Liked

Summary: RPS sequel to Life is a Cabaret. Although this one-shot can be read on its own, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you read ‘Life is a Cabaret’ first. Sequel inspired by Robert Gant’s instagram post of 15 August 2016 and by the Rise ‘n Shine Back to the Roots 2016 convention in Toronto. Gale and Randy are again besieged by adoring fans, but this time even more of their ‘Queer as Folk’ family are watching their backs . . .

Gay Camp… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: E • 7 Reviews Liked

It’s true what they say, gay boys have more fun…

Ghosts… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked

Brian pines for Justin…

Grateful. by galeandrandy

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

A minor take on the movie 'Planes, Trains, & Automobiles'. Brian made Justin and Gus a promise to be home for Christmas.

Gagging by addict_writer

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked


Second part of Ask and You Shall Get series. Justin learns all about gagging. BDSM themed. Can be read as a stand-alone.

Going After Him… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

Distance makes it hard to keep their relationship alive. At least until they decide to stop stalling and finally commit to one another…

Game Night! (Deluxe Edition) by Deluxe

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked

Justin and Brian go to family game night on Justin's first night back in town.