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Heart's Desire New! by SandyGale

Rated: M • 36 Reviews Liked

AU/Crossover: QaF/NCIS! Pairings: Brian/Justin and Gibbs/Tony

Story is filled with both, canon and fictional events. Tony, who's in love with Gibbs, sees Gibbs with another man. The other man is secretly in love with a young man named Justin. Will Tony have a chance to win Gibbs' heart? And will the other man - Brian - win Justin's?

Our beta was loahisi

HE WANTS ME New! by later2nite, Techgirl

Rated: E • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary:  photo QAF 205 Im doodling V 6_zpsrbhst1hc.gif

Brian and Justin deal with a crisis in the loft.

He's F--cking Perfect to Me by MissMerlot

Rated: M • 103 Reviews Liked

This PB was suggested by the lovely TAGSIT.

What happens after Michael and Lindsay try to kill Justin but fail.  There will be flashbacks in this story from all the family's POV.

Thanks as usual to the wonderfulness that are my betas...The Muskababes!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, this is owned by Showtime and Cowlip.  Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended.  

How Could He Say That? by Lorie

Rated: M • 9 Reviews Liked

What should have happened after the Muncher's party.

Having My Baby by starlight

Rated: E • 266 Reviews Liked

Two years after Justin leaves, Brian decides that living apart isn't what he wants. He makes his move to be together. What if that happens along with an offer from a friend to have a baby.

Lorie thank you for doing what you do for me as my beta, the readers probably thank you too.

High School Reunion by Thyme

Rated: M • 30 Reviews Liked

Brian gets an unexpected invitation to his high school reunion. What will he do with it?

House Call by Morpheus

Rated: A • 1 Reviews

Episode 3-06. Not a story, just a snippet.

Here KittyKitty by brandi1111

Rated: M • 8 Reviews Liked


here kitty kitty.jpg

Mysterious forces give Brian and Justin what they never knew they wanted.

Heartbeats by Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Sometimes Hunter felt like he was dead, sent to some version of Hell for stealing, for tricking, for ditching school, or for just being born. But his heart beating in his chest, sometimes at a slow and steady beat, sometimes at a rapid and panicked pace...It was that alone that made him realize he wasn't in Hell after all. This city, as shitty as it was to him, was his reality.


Here By Your Side by Teinisydan

Rated: A • 36 Reviews Liked

What if the bombing had gone a little differently. This story starts when Justin leaves Brian in season 5. What if Brian didn’t take it like he did in the show and what if he was in Babylon when the bomb went off? This story is MPreg but it is definitely not the main focus. The pregnancy part will be more relevant in the end of this story but nothing heavy. Just saying this to those who are not sure if they should read this or not because of the MPreg tag.

Hearts, Shamrocks, Taxes and Thee! by Sabina

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked

Brian reviews the important holidays during the year. Written for Moonshadow's Taxed to the Max Challenge.

How Life Could Be by Teinisydan

Rated: A • 0 Reviews

He hadn’t expected Brian to lean on the railing looking him up and down like he was something he wanted to eat. He expected even less to hear himself say lead the way when Brian suggested that he could eat his ass while grabbing the said ass. 

How To Control Brian Kinney by Teinisydan

Rated: E • 2 Reviews Liked

OMG, the boys are having problems in bed *gasp*.


He’s In Love by Teinisydan

Rated: E • 2 Reviews Liked

Jennifer’s going home after a night out with friends. And everybody can guess what she sees from her car.

Hello, Love Calling! by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked


What if things didn't go exactly as they said in that final episode of the series.  What if it went a little differently and our boys enjoyed a little phone sex to ease the parting of the ways.  What if....well read on for my theory on what happened over that fateful weekend?  


Hold On by Morpheus

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

When Justin quits art school, Brian tries to help him hold on to his dreams. Gap-filler for Episode 2-05.

Hero by mandagrammy

Rated: YA • 1 Reviews Liked


I heard this song on a television program one night and couldn't stop thinking how it fit Brian and Justin to a tee.  I figured if I wrote out a story based on the lyrics, I could get the song to go away.  I hope you will enjoy where my mind wandered.  The wonderful banner is by Eka, of course, and beta help came from my friend Pat.  Thank you to both of them.   And thank you to the wonderful lyricist who provided such beautiful words for the song.   Comments are always welcome.  Grammy

Hobbs Gets A Hand by Soul1essharpy

Rated: M • 0 Reviews

Chris reflecting on his thoughts in 1.4 during the infamous athletic room jerk-off scene with Justin.

Homecoming by LadyJane_BBJFE

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

Justin returns to Pittsburgh from New York. Brian is involved with someone new.

Hold On by Kimberley

Rated: M • 36 Reviews Liked

Will a traumatic event bring the family closer together - or tear them apart?

Holding On . . . by Triciaqaf

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked

It’s dark in the backroom. It’s the first time we’re back here after… after whatever it is that happened to us. To me. Set in mid to late-season three.

Home by Morning by SLHR

Rated: M • 58 Reviews Liked


AU. I love Mrs Winterbourne and No Man of Her Own. So I took a lot from the beginning of Mrs. Winterbourne. After the first chapter they will not be very alike though. Justin gets into a trainwreck with Brian's twin and his husband. Mistaken Idenity.

Home by lennongirl

Rated: A • 3 Reviews Liked

A few years ago, Brian would’ve defined home by means of address, postal code and his name tag on the front door. These days, home was where Justin was, plain and simple.

Hanging in Limbo by addict_writer

Rated: M • 3 Reviews Liked


Brian had no idea how Justin could live this parallel life. How was it possible for Justin to split himself in two like that? To live with him, whilst stealing away to someone else, then returning home as if nothing had happened? Brian had never felt so betrayed, full of rage, and painfully manipulated in his life.

Gapfiller for 219, in which Brian and Justin descend towards a confrontation over Ethan, and follows through 220.

Co-written with ebbj9891 (on ao3)

His Cries by Tagsit

Rated: YA • 12 Reviews Liked

His Cries Banner.jpg

Brian Kinney is disturbed by the sounds of misery coming from the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. When he meets the apartment’s occupant, he finds that he can’t ignore what’s going on. Is there some way that Brian can help this apparently lost soul and maybe heal himself in the process?