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JUST THE TWO OF US New! by Nichelle Wellesly

Rated: M • 115 Reviews Liked



Sequel to "Filled Silence"

Set in the Post-Stockwell Era, Brian and Justin makes some decisions that will redefine their definition of the word 'relationship'. Although inspired by the concepts within "The Experiment" by Wren and "The Dare" by Edom, it's my take on what should have happened in the series. ENJOY!!! 

To the Wonderful and Talented Lorie Austin, Thanks for being my beta, but most of all, my friend. I couldn't do what I do without you. HUGS!


Just a Little Scene for Gus New! by Deb Tanner

Rated: E • 8 Reviews Liked

Will Brian survive Father's Day?


(The pics have now been added thanks to TAG.)

Just a Little Scene in a Sex Shop New! by Deb Tanner

Rated: A • 10 Reviews Liked

Michael meets up with Brian in a sex shop and gets a surprise.

Just a Little Bottom Scene in the Diner by Deb Tanner

Rated: E • 12 Reviews Liked

Michael is eavesdropping...

Just a little scene for a bottom boy by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 15 Reviews Liked

Does Brian Kinney bottom or not?

Just a little scene at Debbie's house... by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 8 Reviews Liked

Now everyone knows that Debbie had to get in on this, too!

Just a little scene at muncher manor... by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 6 Reviews Liked

What happens when munchers get involved...

Just a little scene at the gym... by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 8 Reviews Liked

Ben wanted in on the fun.

Just a little scene back at the diner... by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 9 Reviews Liked

Well, I couldn't leave out Ted now could I?

Just a little scene in Babylon by Deb Tanner

Rated: E • 8 Reviews Liked

I just had to add Emmett...

Just another little scene by Deb Tanner

Rated: E • 10 Reviews Liked

Just another brief conversation, this time in Woody's.

Just a little scene by Deb Tanner

Rated: YA • 9 Reviews Liked

A brief conversation at the diner.

Justin vs. Wonderland by Neverbreeze

Rated: A • 9 Reviews Liked

This is a oneshot. Justin goes to Wonderland. 

Joan Kinney: Died 23rd December 2016 RIP by Wren

Rated: A • 4 Reviews Liked

Joan Kinney dies just before Christmas. Will this derail Brian's plans to spend Christmas with Gus and Justin in New York?


Joan Kinney with funereal border

Justin's Christmas Dream by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 1 Reviews Liked

Happy Holidays, my friends. The setting is the night before Justin makes his historic first-time trip to Liberty Avenue. I know, I know...this happened at the beginning of the school year, not December. Read on. Trust me, it fits in with the theme. LOL! I hope your holidays will be full of love and peace and with all your loved ones nearby, no matter how you celebrate this Season. An extra special thank you goes out to my eldest Granddaughter, Marika for producing the banner. This is her first one for me and I truly appreciate her work. 


Justin's Christmas Carol by Wren

Rated: A • 3 Reviews Liked

Justin has dreams of Christmas

Jeopardy by Morpheus

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian returns from the White Party. Gap-Filler for Episode 2-12.

Just Somebody That I Used to Know by mandagrammy

Rated: E • 3 Reviews Liked


I was watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' when a performance was given to the song 'Somebody That I Used to Know'.  Bingo!!!  Another inspiration for a Brian/Justin love story.  Amazing how it keeps happening.  LOL!  Anyway, this is not a songfic.  Only the title inspired me.  This is a What If? story.  It begins with...What if Brian got the job in New York City that was offered just before the end of Season One and left Pittsburgh behind.  The story moves forward to five years later.  Justin has moved to NYC after graduating from PIFA and after a year in the City, he runs into Brian at a fine restaurant.  What happens then?

I want to thank my dear Granddaughter, Marika, for the evocative banner and my dear friend, Judy for her wonderful beta skills.  I hope you will enjoy their reunion as much as I enjoyed envisioning it.  Warmest hugs, Grammy


Jack gets 'Ianto'wned" by Soul1essharpy

Rated: M • 0 Reviews

Jack has gotten greedy and raided Ianto's obviously not-so-secret hiding spot in the kitchenette. This is not the first time and Ianto has finally had enough and intends that Jack learn his lesson.

Justin's Winning Ticket by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 2 Reviews Liked

The setting is 7 months after Justin moves to New York City.  He and Brian still think of themselves as a couple, but Brian's businesses and Justin's insistence on paying his own way (even for a visit back home) has kept the couple apart.  Justin spends all his time painting.  Daphne comes for a visit, and seeing her friend's condition, insists on taking him out for some fun.  A visit to a local gay bar provides a huge surprise, as Justin unexectedly wins a vacation for two at a beautiful cove resort in British Columbia.  Will he get Brian to be his companion, and what other surprise awaits Justin during his Summer holiday?

Huge gratitude to my wonderful beta, Judy, and my Granddaughter, Amy, for my banner.  


Justin's Excellent Adventure by LadyJane_BBJFE

Rated: M • 15 Reviews Liked

Justin is torn between Brian's offer to move into the loft with him, and Brett's offer of a job in L.A. After Brian encourages him to accept the job, Justin heads out to California but it isn't quite what he was expecting. His life with Brian back in Pittsburgh is equally complicated, and Justin needs to figure out what is really important to him before he can move forward with his life. Or, the one in which Justin is full of angst and confusion, Mikey is a mildly annoying but good friend whose criticisms are more valid than anyone wants to admit, Daphne and Ben are awesome, and Brian is, well, Brian.

Just Kiss Me… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 123 Reviews Liked


Brian and Justin’s journey of love…

Joan Vs the State of Liberty by Sabina, Thyme

Rated: M • 28 Reviews Liked

This story continues where The Farm leaves off. Joan gets wind of the treasure.

Story #4 of  The Sunshine Files

Junior Year by Morpheus

Rated: M • 1 Reviews

It's 1987; Brian Kinney's a junior in high school. Sequel to Buttered Popcorn.

Johnny Depp and the Princess by Techgirl

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked

Brian decides to spend Halloween with Justin.