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A Sense of Restoration by sandid

Rated: M • 16 Reviews Liked

The years have slipped aways since they parted.  It's a small world and you never know who you'll run into or if you might find love again.

35,000 ft above the Altantic by purpledee

Rated: M • 19 Reviews Liked

Post 513.  Brian has lost his Sunshine.  A few years later he gets an email.....

24 by Sabina, Thyme

Rated: M • 121 Reviews Liked

A special story done in the style of '24' the television series. As the Sunshine Files family celebrates Molly's wedding, Thyme and Sabina celebrate 24 months of our writing partnership with our 24th story.

Story #24 in the Sunshine Files

'Twas The Month Before Christmas by Wren

Rated: M • 5 Reviews Liked

Post S5 in an AU where there is no JR (just purely because it simplified the plot).  Something has happened in Toronto and Brian gets a phone call that sends him into action.


108 by Teinisydan

Rated: E • 1 Reviews

This is one of those what if stories from s1 after Justin was kicked out from his home.


#1 Crush by Teinisydan

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked

Justin accidentally tattles all the juicy details about Brian and him to Vanguard people.

The Heat Is On by mandagrammy

Rated: M • 1 Reviews Liked

Brian is a detective with the New York City police department. He gets a case concerning a wealthy art patron who has been murdered in his home. The last person seen with the man is a young artist named Justin Taylor. Taylor has disappeared and is suspected of being the killer. Brian must try and find the young man and bring him back to justice but things become complicated when he discovers that someone else is hunting young Taylor and they seem to want him dead. What happens when the hunted and the hunter finally meet and an instant attraction develops? 


Recapturing His Heart... by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 10 Reviews Liked

What if Brian had seen the fiddle fuck kissing Justin on Liberty Avenue, and how would that change their future together?

Patience, Persistence and Determination… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked

Brian reflects on Justin’s quest to win his heart…

2025 by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: E • 4 Reviews Liked

Brian has a play date in the past…

‘It’s Not Good Bye… ~ I’ll Be Right Here Rememberin’ When’ by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: YA • 2 Reviews Liked

Brian’s thoughts inter-dispersed with the lyrics of ‘It’s not Good Bye’.

104 Days. by Britin4ever71

Rated: YA • 0 Reviews

Another QAF Faerie Tale from my warped brain! In a time out of mind, our two boys venture too near a witch's lair and are hit with a terrible curse. Justin transforms into a swan by day, Brian, an owl by night. They are given the summer to collect the ingredients and break the spell. Will  they do it? Only time will tell. Raise your fist and shout! Britin4ever!

Greatest Reunification Ever… by 7Wildwaysup

Rated: M • 7 Reviews Liked

Brian and Justin’s thoughts as they get back together…

7 (Prince Tribute) by charming1

Rated: YA • 4 Reviews Liked


Justin is painting in his Britin studio when one of his favorite Prince songs comes on the radio. As he often does while listening to music, Justin starts to apply the song to Brian.