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Name: smoxen (Signed) · Date: Feb 14, 2018 11:24 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1

Really liked this story.  I like it when Brian and Justin are equals and love it even more when Brian gets his head out of his ass and does right by his man and his kids!

Name: Wendy Dawn (Signed) · Date: Feb 13, 2018 10:01 am · Chapter: Chapter 1

Brilliant as always. Love the original characters. Can’t wait to read about Gus’ choices.

The show didn’t really touch on Bisexuality with any good storylines. You have perfectly described what a young person goes through. Bravo!

I always thought therapy was a good idea for these characters. The way this was included is believable. 

Thank you for sharing your world with us! Can’t wait for more!!!

Name: Kinneysbitch (Signed) · Date: Feb 12, 2018 4:51 am · Chapter: Chapter 43

Omg that was one hell of a ride...... loved it what a fab story 

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Feb 11, 2018 8:34 am · Chapter: Chapter 43

How did I miss this wonderful ending?  You write the best stories.

Name: purpledee (Signed) · Date: Feb 11, 2018 1:52 am · Chapter: Chapter 43

Ok, have to say loved the bit where Justin told Brian he would blow him if the cat left fur on his clothes, so Brain locked the cat in his closet!!

This is probably your best story yet as far as I am concerned, even though it is longer than usual.  Although, would have loved Brian giving Michael a true and thorough Kinney smackdown!

Star, you are a star and your writing is a star.  Maybe you should consider this as a career.  or maybe I'm biased cos I love your writing style.  Maybe I could be like you one day when I grow up, although at 54 tomorrow it is highly unlikely!!

All the best,


Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Feb 11, 2018 12:57 am · Chapter: Chapter 43

Welcome to Anna and Samantha!

Great story! Thank you for sharing it.

Name: sfscarlet (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 8:03 pm · Chapter: Chapter 43

loved this story and can't wait to read about Al and Gus.  I might just have to reread the story in one sitting to make sure I have all the characters in the right place.  so difficult lol

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 7:52 pm · Chapter: Chapter 43

Thank you for a wonderful story with a terrific ending.  I will miss this story as I always miss the ones that I really love, but knowing that you plan to have a story with Gus & Al makes life easier!!!!  And, a bigger thank you for putting Michael away for years & years.

Name: Sallyo (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 6:45 pm · Chapter: Chapter 43

Thank you. Just wonderful. 

Name: Deb Tanner (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 5:47 pm · Chapter: Chapter 43

Another amazing story. So happy that Michael, Lindsay and Kip didn't get away with everything that they did! Michael will be away for a long time! Too bad Lindsay will be able to get out within a year, but that's the way it goes.

I'll admit there were quite a few times I was worried that Brian and Justin wouldn't find their way back to each other even though I knew you would make it happen. Really happy that Gus found his *Justin* in Al. They seem like a very good match.

Looking forward to future stories!



Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 5:41 pm · Chapter: Chapter 43

Brian embraced what is important and he learned that communication is the key to a good relationship, so he and Justin talk more and don't let others into their relationship.

Drew and Emmett will give Samantha the love, support and guidance she needs growing.

Ted and Blake will be good for Max and his brother Josh.

And together they will all grow stronger and their bond will be more solid.

Love that there will be a Gus and Al story soon :)

Name: MoonQueen (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 7:33 am · Chapter: Chapter 1

This story gets better and better. Gus having AL there made me sigh with feels. So perfect and sweet. 

Yas! Hope they do try for another and it's a precious baby girl ....to be cherished by three men, a playmate for a sweet little boy and guided and nurtured by a honorary big sister.

Emmett and Drew are the perfect choice for the unwanted baby. ...the way they dote on Cameron take care of "family" shows their capacity to love.

Brian knows how much he risked by allowing his fear of loving and losing Justin cause him to run away from his life. Good thing he quickly figured out what Michael offered was no substitute for Justin and the kids.

Brian snarkiness with Al means he knows what AL means too Gus' life...AL will be his son's first everything.....love, lover and  heartbreak. He recognizes and worries that both young men have met "the one" at such young ages. Gus for all his maturity will have a difficult road ahead when it comes to AL and his place in Gus' life. 

Their love story will be just as special and amazing as Brian and Justin's. 

Can't wait for the next chapter. More soon....please.

Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Feb 10, 2018 2:00 am · Chapter: Chapter 42

Yes, definitely lighter and brighter!

Great chapter.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Feb 09, 2018 9:52 pm · Chapter: Chapter 42

Gus got his birthday wish and an extra gift of the loft.  And it sounds like Brian and Justin might try to have another child hopefully a girl.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Feb 09, 2018 9:39 pm · Chapter: Chapter 42

Just when I think this story has reached its best point, you make it better.  Great job.  As I have said, I love this story.

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Feb 09, 2018 9:38 pm · Chapter: Chapter 42

Gus is mature bet his years and yet despite everything he still has the innocence of a child, he hasn't let circumstances harden his heart.

He is one of Brian's Best Creations :)

Al and Brian are to alike not to like each other and despite his misgivings concerning his first born I do believe he trusts Al to protect and cherish Gus.

Lindsay getting probation..Boo!

Michael hopefully getting an eternity...Yes!

Deb finding a life away from Michael...Meh

Brian and Justin rebuilding their love and moving towards their own Happiness...Hell Yeah!! ;)

Lovely Chapter

Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Feb 09, 2018 12:22 pm · Chapter: Chapter 41

The mood is lighter with Michael away and the family making projects/plans.

I hope Al could come and spend quality time with Gus.

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Feb 08, 2018 9:47 pm · Chapter: Chapter 41

Brian, Justin and the kids being out of Pittsburgh is good cause Deb would've tried to pull them back into the drama to keep Michael looking innocent.

But you can't tarnish something that never existed in the first place!! <eye roll>

Don't blame Blake for wanting to kick Michael's Ass he has quite a que building up.

Lindsay and Michael enjoy playing victim because it is the only role they have ever known, along with dictator too bad they never had anyone Scream at them ' The World Doesn't Revolve Around You, And No One Will Miss You If You Disappeared For All Of Eternity!!!'

Florida sounds like Heaven compared to the lunacy of Pittsburgh right now.

Gus has a good head on his shoulders and he figured out long ago that his path is his decision and bad influences don't control the man he wants to be.

The Kinney is Strong In Him ;)

Leave the whiners to make someone else's ears bleed, everyone else go to Florida get tans, have fun, laugh and celebrate the many new chapters getting ready to begin.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Feb 08, 2018 9:02 pm · Chapter: Chapter 41

Good chapter.  Wow, Gus turning 18.  That is amazing to think about.  Love this story.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Feb 08, 2018 9:00 pm · Chapter: Chapter 41

Love how Blake wanted to go after Michael.  Now Brian and Justin have a dog to look after.  Since they are staying at a beach the dog will be great in the water.  Looking forward to Gus' birthday!

Name: emac66 (Signed) · Date: Feb 05, 2018 11:09 am · Chapter: Chapter 1

REally gald that michael is so bloody stupid! I mean honestly...caught red-handed and still making excuses and lying. 

As pissed at Brian as I was in the beginning, he's definitely trying now. He's putting heart adn sould into his relationship with the kids as well as Justin. Everyone else isn't going ot matter in comparison. Blinders are off when it comes to Michael Lindsey and Deb. I couldn't imagine how painful it is for him to realize just who those 3 really are, how far M&L would go. How far Deb would go to protect her son.

Lindsey is....I mean wow! She's so far over the top. Does she really think her game are going to foo anyone?

Jenny's reactin is totally undestandable. Mel is right...they should've told her before it got this far.

Emmett and Drew seem to have things finalized now. Whew! that baby is going to be well loved!!



Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Feb 04, 2018 11:02 pm · Chapter: Chapter 40

At least Candance is making the right choice.  Lindsay didn't.  Michael didn't.  Deb hasn't.  Gus has.

Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Feb 04, 2018 9:45 pm · Chapter: Chapter 40

Poor children, they really don't deserve that, all of them.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Feb 04, 2018 8:28 pm · Chapter: Chapter 40

Fantastic chapter.  So happy for Em & Drew.  And, maybe Brian & Justin will be rid of the pests.

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Feb 04, 2018 8:24 pm · Chapter: Chapter 40

Lindsay like Michael is digging her own grave by running her mouth and ignoring her lawyer.

Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Send Away.

Lindsay is definitely Deb's child she is using any excuse and anyone she can to save herself.

Deb is still blaming Brian and Brian is leaving Deb, Michael and Lindsay to face the consequences of his actions.

Jenny has a lot to deal with and right now anger is winning but once she talks to Dr. Turner she will be able to handle the mess Michael and Lindsay made and with her family she will heal.

Gus is confused and angered but he is already learning to not let it consume his life and take away his happiness.

He has a family who will be whenever he needs them and will always have his back.

Drew and Emmett will save that baby from the cruelty Brian experienced growing up.

Good is going to come out of the bad some will be stronger for it while others will be left further behind or forgotten Forever.


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