Reviews For Going PC

Name: vic32 (Signed) · Date: Oct 11, 2017 4:10 am · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

Omg poor Justin, thank god Brian got there in time, gods what could have happened and I feel he will blame himself for this.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Mar 11, 2017 7:37 am · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

I'm glad that Brian got his check.  But why is Ryder spreading the rumor that Brian needs the money to pay for his PC?  Shame they didn't call the cops.

Name: susi_in_love (Signed) · Date: Feb 20, 2017 9:22 am · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

Thank god Brian managed to get there in time. 

Name: cookiebun (Signed) · Date: Oct 23, 2016 4:34 pm · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

I'm sure him showing Justin compassion is going to come back to bite Brian in the ass a bit, but what a fucking nerve of Bedwetter.. and of course the Sapp and Stockwell

Name: Astrid (Signed) · Date: Oct 19, 2016 3:42 pm · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

Coming back to your reply to my last comment, I think you are doing a great job in showing the broader context of how ugly PC trade is, even if some chapters are more focused on Justin personally. But Justin is not the only PC, and relatively lucky at that, and in the last chapter I liked that you described the black guy, it was heartbreaking to read about him. It would be great if there were some more PC characters (except for Justin) developed. You are doing a great job and make me think about a fandom story again during my day :) Thanks!

Name: Glo (Signed) · Date: Oct 19, 2016 12:34 pm · Chapter: Chapter 17 - After Dinner.

For the love of God! I was having heart palpitations...sweet Jesus! Poor Justin...Christ, I want to reach into that chapter & tear the shit out of the Sap & Bedwetter!!! So infuriating! Please tell me Brian will be speaking to his lawyers and getting those two bastards arrested? What a friggin stressful chapter...and now poor Justin is going to regress and have nightmares and God knows what else...I'm heartbroken for him...

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