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Justin lost his virginity on a one night stand with Brian when he was 17 and left that experience with more than he planned although nothing he would ever regret, 15 years later they meet again and get to know each other again whilst facing all sorts of obsticles and challenges from Michael who is jealous of Brian's attention being placed elsewhere.

Rated: A
Categories: QAF US Characters: Ben Bruckner, Blake Wyzecki, Brian Kinney, Carl Horvath, Daphne Chanders, Debbie Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Gus Marcus-Peterson, James 'Hunter' Montgomery, Jennifer Taylor, Jenny Rebecca Marcus-Peterson, Justin Taylor, Lindsay Peterson, Melanie Marcus, Michael Novotny, Molly Taylor, Original Character, Other Cast Regulars, Ted Schmidt
Tags: Anti-Michael, Bottom Brian, Jealousy, Language, M/M, MPreg (Yup! Went THERE!)
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst w/ Happy Ending, Drama
Pairings: Brian/Justin
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Series: None
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Word count: 2565 Read: 620
ePub Downloads: 1 Published: Dec 14, 2017 Updated: Dec 14, 2017
Story Notes:

As i was trying to write chapter 4 of Home at Last i kept on getting stuck half way through the chapter, nothing i was writing was coming out the way i want so while i try and get that right i have a couple other story ideas that keep on coming to me and this is one of them. i hope you enjoy it

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