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Brian Kinney has rented a summer house on Fire Island for his first vacation in years. His plan is to spend the summer experiencing all the various delights - and men - this Gay Mecca has to offer. His first night there, though, he’s confronted by a hot little blond townie with an agenda who refuses to accept Brian’s rule that he doesn’t do repeats. The two men make a bet - If Justin can keep Brian amused and entertained all summer, then Brian will give him a job come fall. Little did Brian know just how determined and inventive Justin really was.


Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Ethan Gold, Jennifer Taylor, Michael Novotny, Other Cast Regulars
Tags: 100k+ Word Count, Anal Sex (Lots of it!), Anti-Ethan, Anti-Lindsay, Anti-Michael, Bottom Brian, Non-Monogamous Pairings, Toppy Justin
Genres: Alternate Universe, Humor, Porny, Romance
Pairings: Brian/Justin, Brian/Justin/Other, Brian/Other, Justin/Other
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Published: Jun 05, 2016 Updated: Oct 02, 2016 ePub eBook
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Disclaimer:  All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.  The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  No money is being made from this work.  No copyright infringement is intended. AKA - they're not mine. I wish they were mine. I'd promise to play with them nicely and feel - I mean, feed - and water them, but Showtime and Cowlip won't let me have them. Boo Hoo!

1. Chapter 1 - Summertime. by Tagsit [Reviews - 14] Liked (4557 words)

Welcome to Summer! How hot will it get? Only you know - come in and see! Enjoy! TAG

(Think 1001 Arabian Nights only with nightly B/J sexcapades instead of boring old stories! Interactive story with readers and other writers proposing what entertainments Justin will show Brian to keep him entertained all summer long.)

2. Chapter 2 - Talking Body. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (5740 words)

Brian and Justin resolve their conflict - sorta - with a rather inventive bet . . . and a quick blow job race! Hope you enjoy!

*****Chapter dedicated to Saje because of her creative and very dirty mind!*****

3. Chapter 3 - Song of Sand. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (4266 words)

After much sandy introspection, Brian finally agrees to Justin's summertime proposal. And they seal with deal the way you'd expect for Brian and Justin . . . Enjoy! TAG

*****Extreme Humor warning - make sure nothing spillable is near the computer before you start reading, just in case*****

4. Chapter 4 - Island In The Sun. by Tagsit [Reviews - 11] Liked (4843 words)

It's the first full day under Justin's watch, so how will Brian handle it? Read on and see! Enjoy! TAG

5. Chapter 5 - Honey. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (3487 words)

Cookie's busy taking care of his honey . . . with some honey! LOL. Enjoy! TAG

6. Chapter 6 - Lost in the Supermarket with Red, Red Wine. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (4518 words)

Justin is taking his job of keeping Brian entertained VERY seriously. Somehow he even manages to make a trip to the grocery store live up to Brian Kinney's standards . . . Enjoy! TAG

7. Chapter 7 - Sunshine Superman. by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (4623 words)

Our Justin is really a take charge kind of guy . . . Brian just isn't sure yet if that's what he wants. LOL. Enjoy! S&T.

8. Chapter 8 - Control. by Tagsit [Reviews - 11] Liked (7724 words)

Hey all! Happy Pride! And happy reading, since we felt bad for taking so long to get you another chapter that we made this one extra long. Welcome to karaoke night on Fire Island! Don't forget to play the songs that go with the chapter as you read - there's links to all of them in the playlist at the bottom of the chapter, and you really won't get the full effect of the story unless you listen to the songs too! Go, Read, Listen, Dance, Sing Along & Enjoy! S&T.

9. Chapter 9 - Feels So Good. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (4889 words)

The party never ends when you're reading Fiery Nights . . . or at least not until Justin says the party ends. So, here's what happened after the big karaoke battle was won and they all head back to Brian's beach house for a show. Go on and read if you dare! Enjoy! S&T

10. Chapter 10 - Vacation. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (5809 words)

Brian's got the day free to do Vacation things . . . but how wil he hold up without the company of his favorite Cookie. Read and See! Enjoy! S&T.

11. Chapter 11 - Firework. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (2967 words)

There's always fireworks when Brian and Justin get together, but this time everybody gets to see them . . . in more ways than one! Read & Enjoy! S&T

12. Chapter 12 - We Will Rock You. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (4997 words)

The official fireworks might be over, but with Brian and Justin around there's bound to be more heat no matter what . . . read, enjoy, take a cold shower . . . S&T

13. Chapter 13 - Rope Burn. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (4589 words)

Don't know what to say about this chapter in advance other than you should probably be prepared for a cold shower afterwards . . . I'm sure we'll get around to putting some plot into this story eventually. In the meantime, enjoy! S&T

14. Chapter 14 - Skinny Dippin. by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (5320 words)

If you read very carefully, you be able to find the plot hidden in this chapter. It's there. Promise. Enjoy! S&T

15. Chapter 15 - He's Gone. by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (5113 words)

*****Chapter dedicated to our favorite cetacean, The Blue Whale!*****
*****Humor Warning - Possible negative interactions between your computer and any food or beverages you are ingesting may ensue so take precautions.*****

16. Chapter 16 - True Colors. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (4829 words)

Because sometimes it's not enough to have just ONE truly hot sex scene per chapter . . . Get ready for heat, folks! =) S&T

17. Chapter 17 - I Want You To Want Me. by Tagsit [Reviews - 12] Liked (6235 words)

So, after all that intimacy, you'd expect Brian to react by pulling away, right? Wrong. Not in this fic. However, all does not go well for our lover boys. If it did, this would be a much shorter fic and we still have lots more fun suggestions from you readers to write about. So, off you go. Read. Laugh. Enjoy! S&T

18. Chapter 18 - Let's Hear It For The Boy. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (4904 words)

Brian's sure that Justin needs to be taught a lesson. He has a point to make and he's not gonna stop till Justin gets it . . . Or so he thinks. Enjoy! S&T

19. Chapter 19 - Fallin' by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (4135 words)

Brian and Justin finally work through the fall out from the hand-holding situation. Good thing too, cause we need more PWP quick! Read on and enjoy! S&T

20. Chapter 20 - Double Bogey Blues. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (5708 words)

We had to invent a new game for this chapter - Strip Mini-Golf . . . LOL! Enjoy! S&T

*****Chapter dedicated to The Sno - Thanks for being our 100th review!*****

21. Chapter 21 - Ace In The Hole. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (6494 words)

Seriously, who knew Mini-Golf could be THIS sexy? Not Brian. This is the continuation of Sno's request chapter. Hope you Enjoy! S&T

22. Chapter 22 - Fever. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (5953 words)

Anybody else out there share Justin's desire for shoegasms? LOL. You know who you are, Ladies of the LLLC. All the rest of you will probably enjoy this chapter too, though. Go, read, enjoy! S&T

23. Chapter 23 - The Man That Got Away! by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (5839 words)

Hold onto your high heels . . . Brian's big surprise for Justin is going to blow you all away! Hehehehe! Go. Read. Laugh. Enjoy! S&T

24. Chapter 24 - Pocketful of Sunshine. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (6298 words)

Gus arrives on Fire Island! Yay! Daddy Brian is hot cute and hot! Read on and see! Enjoy! S&T

25. Chapter 25 - Banana Pancakes. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (4702 words)

Plot . . . Yep. Lot's of it. Enjoy! S&T

26. Chapter 26 - When I Grow Up To Be A Man. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (7009 words)

More Brian, Justin & Gus beach fun . . . Enjoy! S&T

27. Chapter 27 - She Only Bitches When She Breathes by Saje [Reviews - 8] Liked (5811 words)

Yup - More Gus goodness and bit of Blond Drama. Enjoy! T&S

28. Chapter 28 - The Penis Song. by Tagsit [Reviews - 10] Liked (4088 words)


29. Chapter 29 - Scratching Things Is Fun. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (5756 words)

Sorry, but we just can't seem to get past all the fun we're having torturing poor Lindsey. Please don't hate us or yell at us for being too Anti-Lindsey. We're just having fun here and every story needs an antagonist (or two). But, for what it's worth, this was really fun to write. So, read on, if you dare! LOL Enjoy! S&T

30. Chapter 30 - Andy Warhol. by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (5401 words)

We just gotta get rid of the girls so the boys can start having fun again! Read and see for yourselves. Enjoy! S&T

31. Chapter 31 - Turn Me On. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (6227 words)

I think Brian's really enjoying this vacation . . . Hope you enjoy this chapter too! S&T

32. Chapter 32 - Alone At Last. by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] Liked (4460 words)

Gus is so fun to have around . . . except when you need some time with your man! We got this! Enjoy! S&T

33. Chapter 33 - Beautiful Boy. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (7549 words)

This is such a beautiful chapter . . . Nothin' more to say. Just go read & enjoy! S&T

34. Chapter 34 - My Father's Eyes. by Tagsit [Reviews - 5] Liked (5673 words)

Sooooo much plot . . . It's Father's Day on Fire Island . . . Go and read! Enjoy! S&T

35. Chapter 35 - I'm Going Fishin! by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (8101 words)

Gus takes his Daddy out on the High Seas  . . . Enjoy! S&T


*****Chapter dedicated to my drinking buddies from Gigantic - Shibley & Joe - who inspired the fish fight idea*****

36. Chapter 36 - Sometimes When We Touch. by Tagsit [Reviews - 11] Liked (3958 words)

Sex and food . . . That's all we had on our minds today. It seemed to work for Brian and Justin, though. LOL. Hope you enjoy! S&T

37. Chapter 37 - Little Dragon Sunshine. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (5572 words)

The boys get to play out Brian's lizardman fantasies all over Fire Island . . . You'll have to read to understand. Go, read, enjoy! S&T

38. Chapter 38 - The Lizard Life by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (6630 words)

The girls arrive to take Gus home . . . chaos ensues. Enjoy! S&T.

PS - Happy Fanfic Friday! Snuck this one in (barely) before the end of the day, so it counts. =)

39. Chapter 39 - Crazy Bitch. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (6812 words)

The end of the Girl's visit to Fire Island . . . and it ain't pretty! Enjoy! S&T

40. Chapter 40 - What, What In The Butt. by Tagsit [Reviews - 5] Liked (5722 words)

Gus is gone and the summer is back to Brian and Justin's usual - i.e. lots o' smut! Enjoy! S&T

*****Chapter dedicated to SandiD for being our 100th review on AO3*****

41. Chapter 41 - Sexy Drag Queen. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (5752 words)

Brian and Justin take on the Fire Island Invasion of The Pines . . . you'll never believe how, though, unless you read it here. Enjoy! TAG

42. Chapter 42 - Control. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (5772 words)

Just a lot of plot development. And introspection. And clam theft. Mr. Dick probably wouldn't be impressed. Hope you enjoy anyway. TAG

43. Chapter 43 - Rawhide. by Tagsit [Reviews - 8] Liked (6095 words)

Brian and Justin wearing nothing but cowboy boots . . . just saying! LOL. Yee Haw! Enjoy! TAG

44. Chapter 44 - Scream and Shout. by Tagsit [Reviews - 5] Liked (7683 words)

Brian and Justin go see The Skivvies playing at The Pines . . . and an exciting night was had by all. Enjoy! TAG

45. Chapter 45 - Sunshine Coming Down. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (4911 words)

A little introspecitve Brian moment here . . . with a nice sexy ending for you. Enjoy! S&T

46. Chapter 46 - Jealous Lover. by Tagsit [Reviews - 5] Liked (7224 words)

Justin starts to work on his body painting for The Pines' launch party and then, afterwards, he takes Brian off for a new entertainment. Last chapter you got Introspective Brian, so it's only fair that this chapter, it's Justin's turn to do the introspection thing. Enjoy! TAG

*****Chapter Dedicated to Nichelle for being our 300th KD review - Hope you like the Ring Toss game I made up for you!*****

*****Warning - there's some NSFW pics in this one, so be warned*****

47. Chapter 47 - Born To Be Somebody. by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] Liked (5850 words)

The day of the big Pines' Launch Party is here - It's going to amazing. Read on and enjoy! S&T

48. Chapter 48 - Edge of Glory. by Tagsit [Reviews - 6] Liked (4623 words)

The Pines' launch party continues with more surprises and more of Justin's amazing artwork. Go, read, enjoy! S&T

49. Chapter 49 - Lost Boy. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (4036 words)

The fallout from The Pines' lauch party . . . oh, the angst! Read on if you dare, but enjoy nonetheless. S&T.

50. Chapter 50 - Summertime Sadness. by Tagsit [Reviews - 4] Liked (4935 words)

Justin's off on his whirlwind tour of the world . . . but will he enjoy it without Brian? Read and see. Enjoy, peoople! S&T

51. Chapter 51 - Remedy. by Tagsit [Reviews - 7] Liked (4867 words)

Your HEA awaits, readers. Enjoy! S&T

*****WARNING - There's one very, very, VERY NSFW pic in this chapter! Any readers with delicate sensibilities (if there are any such readers still reading this story?) should cover their eyes when they get to the end of the chapter so as not to be offended. The rest of you should feast your eyes on the lovely pic that inspired this beautiful scene. Either way, you've been warned.*****

52. Chapter 52 - Inside Out. by Tagsit [Reviews - 9] Liked (6207 words)

Alas, all good things must come to an end . . . The summer is officially over. The only Fiery Nights will be those happening off screen in Brian and Justin's bedroom. But, at least we got our HEA. Read. Enjoy! Thank you. S&T

53. Chapter 53 - Music for Your Fiery Nights. by Tagsit [Reviews - 3] Liked (615 words)