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It's 1987; Brian Kinney's a junior in high school. Sequel to Buttered Popcorn.

Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Claire Kinney, Debbie Novotny, Jack Kinney, Joan Kinney, Michael Novotny, Original Character, Original Male Character, Vic Grassi
Tags: Abuse/Child Abuse, Bottom Brian, Brian/Other, Oral Sex, Pre-series
Genres: Could be Canon, Drama
Pairings: Brian/Other, Michael/Other
Challenges: None
Series: Prequels
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
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Published: Oct 28, 2016 Updated: Oct 28, 2016 ePub eBook
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1. Chapter 1 by Morpheus [Reviews - 2] (5022 words)