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AU: In a (not quite) parallel reality far, far away...

A little paranormal help for the boys over the holidays.

(Written and gifted to lego-4ever at LJ for the 2013 qafgiftxchange!)


This should have been posted before Christmas, but I was distracted by real life angst and lingering election depression. ::Sigh:: 

Rated: YA
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Cynthia, Justin Taylor, Mysterious Marilyn
Tags: Christmas, One-Shot
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Published: Jan 13, 2017 Updated: Jan 13, 2017 ePub eBook

1. Seeing is Believing by NoChaser [Reviews - 4] Liked (5423 words)

I don't often do humor but this was requested... ::sigh::... Turned out more like crack-fic but I actually impressed myself with the results! Go figure - the angst queen writing humor! Ha! 

Enjoy and a belated Merry/Happy yadda yadda...