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Happily living their lives together with both success, fame and with children around them, Brian and Justin Kinney were in their own words 'living the life of great homosexuals', when a car accident changes their lives.

Now, they are back to the beginning where Brian, the ultimate asshole ad executive, and Justin, the blonde twink stalker. did not meet each other yet. This is the story of what these partners will do to make sure that they really have 'no regrets' in their lives and to avoid the mistakes they made in the way. 

Inspired by 'One More Time' by The WinsomeWasp

Rated: YA
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Craig Taylor, Cynthia, Daphne Chanders, Debbie Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Gus Marcus-Peterson, Jack Kinney, James 'Hunter' Montgomery, James Stockwell, Jennifer Taylor, Joan Kinney, Justin Taylor, Lindsay Peterson, Melanie Marcus, Michael Novotny, Molly Taylor, Other Cast Regulars, Ted Schmidt, Vic Grassi
Tags: Coming Out, Dirty Talk, Established Relationship, Family, First Time (Sex), Homophobia, Kink, M/M, Non-Monogamous Pairings, Phone Sex, Possessive, Real Life Issues, Responsible Justin, What if...
Genres: Alternate Canon, Alternate Universe, Angst w/ Happy Ending, Could be Canon, Fable, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: Brian/Justin
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Chapters: 14 Completed: No
Word count: 65371 Read: 16886 ePub Downloads: 14
Published: Jan 30, 2017 Updated: Feb 15, 2018 ePub eBook
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story. QAF are the property of the show's directors and producers. Any resemblance to real life people or situations are coincidential.

The story is a major spoiler for the entire series. Also as it is similar idea to another fanfic 'One More Time', I will try my absolute best to keep the similarities between them the materials from the original series.

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