Zephyr In Love By Tagsit

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After Justin leaves for New York, Brian turns to his oldest friend for comfort and realizes he might have overlooked a good thing for far too long. Maybe there really was something there between them? Maybe Michael can fill that hole in his heart that Justin has left behind. Maybe he should at least give them a try? After all, a Superhero needs his sidekick, right? Of course, Michael certainly isn’t going to object to his dream stud finally returning his attentions. But will it work out? Brian will only know if he throws himself into the opportunity and sees if Michael really is his future.

Rating: M • [Reviews - 22] Liked
Category: QAF US
Character: Brian Kinney, Michael Novotny
Tags: 1k Words or Less, April Fools Day, Brain Bleach Recommended
Genres: Alternate Universe, CrackFic, Horror
Pairings: Brian/Michael
Challenges: April Fools Day Crack!Fic Challenge
Challenge: April Fools Day Crack!Fic Challenge
Serie: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word Count: 113 Viewed: 510
ePub Downloads: 1 Published: Apr 01, 2017 Updated: Apr 01, 2017


I know that this story seems like it may not be your cup of tea. The summary may scare you off, at first. But, please. give it a chance. This is really the MOST beautiful story I've ever written. I know you'll love it as much as I do if you just give it a try. This is truly the most amazing fic I've ever written. Please read it. For me! TAG. 

1. Chapter 1 - A Fresh Look At Zephyr. by Tagsit [Reviews - 22] Liked (113 words)