The Guy Next Door By starlight

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Justin and Brian meet when Brian leaves Pittsburgh for a campaign. 


Lorie thanks for always being a great beta and the person I depend on to keep me straight when I throw new stories at you.


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Tags: Anti-Michael, Out of Character, Toppy Justin
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Pairings: Brian/Justin, Melanie/Lindsay, Vic/Rodney
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In this one Justin and Brian have never meet. Justin was not raised in Pittsburgh. A lot of characters will also have alternate lives, Ben won't have HIV and Blake is going to be a friend of Justin's from childhood. Vic is actually going to be alive this time.

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This one was one that came to mind when I was watching people in a contest to build sand art. How I managed to turn a day sitting on the beach into a story is really making me wonder. LOL


I left the tag anti-Michael off but it might end up there later if I can't control him.

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I forgot to mention that Ben was never in Pittsburgh either. 

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sorry to not post like normal but summer is my busy season. I have tomorrow off so I'll be able to catch up.

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