Apr 30, 2016

I'm a REALLY late comer to the QAF world - I didn't have cable back when the show was on.  I only recently discovered it (Nov. 2011) when I came across it on DVD at my local public library.  I instantly fell in love - this has to be one of the greatest love stories ever told and I can't get enough.  I never was a fan fic reader, writer or anything prior to QAF.  Now, I'm pretty much obsessed.

I live in Portland, Oregon in the US.  I have been known to plug my hometown in my stories - its a great place to live and if anyone wants to visit, I'd be happy to play tour guide.

Hope you all enjoy my stories!  I know that I've enjoyed writing them more than I ever thought I would.  TAG

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"Let's eat Grandma"

"Let's eat, Grandma"

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“Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.”  Lev Grossman
5/21/15 - Three years in now and I've posted twenty stories - 18 are complete and two are long-term WIPs - for a total of more than 1.25 million words. I've hosted two writing challenges, helped out a couple new writers by doing some beta work and hosted an internationally attended online QAF marathon. In the last year I also wrote my first original story, which is a major accomplishment I never dreamed I'd complete. I'd never have done any of that without the inspiration of QAF. Fanfic really CAN change lives! TAG
5/21/16 - It's the fourth anniversary of my posting my first fanfic story! I'm up to twenty-four stories for a grand total of over 1.75 Million words of fiction! Wow! Thank you to all my readers, my fellow writers and my wonderful friends in this fandom for keeping me motivated and writing.
5/21/17 - WOW! Five years writing QAF fanfic - can you believe it? And in that time I’ve completed 36 stories totalling just short of 2.5 million works of fiction. On top of all that, I’ve helped estable Kinnetik Dreams and have make scores of wonderful friends. Thank you to this wonderful fandom for enabling all that. I love you all!

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Stories by Tagsit

Bad Justin New! by Tagsit

Rated: M • 172 Reviews Liked

Bad Justin.jpg

There’s something very mysterious about the big house in the country that Brian just purchased . . .

Unexpected New! by Lorie , Tagsit

Rated: M • 236 Reviews Liked

Unexpected Banner.jpg

When a stray five year old named Gus shows up on Brian Kinney's doorstep one night, the Stud of Liberty Avenue is thrown unprepared into the scary and uncharted realms of parenthood. Luckily he happens upon a hot little blond with a parenting story of his own.

Backdoor Adventures by Tagsit, NoChaser

Rated: M • 25 Reviews Liked

backdoor adventures 3.png

Ted Schmidt, up and coming Adult Entertainment mogul, decides to launch a new website, this one one targeted to reach the fastest growing segment of the gay porn market - straight women. Ted hires Daphne Chanders, a hot young amateur porn writer, to help him write and produce the porn shorts he wants to make for this site. Daphne convinces her friend, Justin, to join the project as one of the actors. Ted offers a similar job to his friend, Brian. While they're all engaged in making delightfully porny movielets for their eager and fanatic female audience, will the two stars slowly begin to fall in love for real?


***Thanks to Marny for contributing a beautiful banner to our story! *** 

Barefoot Blond by samcdee, Tagsit, Jazzepoet

Rated: A • 14 Reviews Liked Feature

BB - Barefoot Banner.jpg

Brian Kinney needs a last minute date to join him at a client’s wedding, so he grabs the first available guy he sees - a naive, sheltered, and unsophisticated blond boy that he saves from a mental hospital. A boy who’s got a very unusual past. This is the story of their adventure together. Oh, and Justin doesn’t like wearing shoes for some reason . . .

*Reader's Choice Award, Favorite Friendship: Brian/Justin and Justin/Animals*

Kindred Souls by Tagsit

Rated: M • 59 Reviews Liked

Brian Kinney had a terrible childhood and a difficult, lonely life as an adult. Before the age of thirty he's already become so jaded that he doesn't believe in love or even in true happiness. After years of dealing with a dysfunctional family and an uncaring world, it seems like he's just about ready to give up completely. But, the guardian spirit that's been watching over him since Brian was a baby decides to save him, teaching him that true love does exist and that it can even transcend the laws of space and time.

***Thanks for the beautiful Banner to the Incomparable Marny!***


Author Q&A Featuring Tagsit by Admin2, Tagsit

Rated: E • 5 Reviews Liked Feature

Welcome to the Kinnetik Dreams Featured Author Q&A. This month's author is Tagsit. Come on in and find out all about this wonderful fanfic writer!

Going PC by Tagsit

Rated: M • 377 Reviews Liked Feature

GPC Banner .jpg

In an age where extreme Capitalism and the pursuit of the Almighty Buck supersedes all ethics and morality, Brian Kinney purchases the contract of a beautiful, young, Personal Companion that he wants to rescue from the harsh fate life has dictated for him. Variation on the Slave!Justin storyline. 


Clothing Makes The Man. by sandid, Tagsit

Rated: YA • 13 Reviews Liked


Post 513. Brian is missing Justin way more than is healthy for him and it’s showing up in some strange behavior. The gang starts to notice and they get worried. They eventually confront him, but will it do any good?

Rage To The Rescue. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 9 Reviews Liked


There's an emergency at Babylon and only the likes of Rage can save the day!

Written for the Kinnetik Dreams April Fool’s Day Crack!Fic Challenge.

Zephyr In Love. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 21 Reviews Liked


After Justin leaves for New York, Brian turns to his oldest friend for comfort and realizes he might have overlooked a good thing for far too long. Maybe there really was something there between them? Maybe Michael can fill that hole in his heart that Justin has left behind. Maybe he should at least give them a try? After all, a Superhero needs his sidekick, right? Of course, Michael certainly isn’t going to object to his dream stud finally returning his attentions. But will it work out? Brian will only know if he throws himself into the opportunity and sees if Michael really is his future.

Summer of Sin by Tagsit

Rated: M • 76 Reviews Liked Feature

The reason I picked Summer Of Sin for my admin pick is partly because it is so well written and the other reason is that the amazing Tagsit invited readers to come watch her write and maybe join in. I was curious, so I started watching her write. Then she would chat with those of us that had joined in getting ideas and suggestions. At one point she asked me why I didn't write my own stories, I said because I couldn't. She gave me the encouragement to try and now I love writing. Through her I have met some really great people. Enjoy the Summer Of Sin - Lorie

Summer of sin - tekst.png

Brian, who’s in need of money with which to start his own ad agency, takes Ted up on a chance to appear as a contestant in a reality show the ‘Internet Porn King’ is producing on his website. The only catch is that all the participants will be naked for the duration of the competition. Brian Kinney doesn’t think being confined to a house full of naked, horny men for the Summer will be difficult, but is he really ready for the challenges he’ll face in this lustful and raunchy game? What if one of the challenges is a very young and very inexperienced Justin Taylor? Let the games begin!


A Little Extra Cream. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 13 Reviews Liked

Brian bumps into Justin at a Starbucks in New York City . . .

Written for xheartrockx for the LJ 2016 QAF Gift Exchange!

Santa Got A Sunburn by Tagsit

Rated: M • 6 Reviews Liked

Brian takes Justin to St. Thomas but everything seems to be going wrong . . .

Written for kellankyle for the LJ 2016 QAF Gift Exchange!

Southern Charm Meets Pittsburgh’s Stud by eureka1, Tagsit, Nichelle Wellesly, samcdee, cookiebun

Rated: M • 5 Reviews Liked


What were the Lusty Ladies to do when Saje requested a prequel to her miniseries, ‘Diaries of a Flaming Queen’, for her birthday? Madly scramble to write a porny tale, of course. Here’s what we came up with when Emmett Honeycutt requested a topping lesson from Brian Kinney.


Hugs & kisses with whipped cream on top, Saje . . . Sorry, you’ll have to get your spanking elsewhere.

eureka1, samcdee, cookiebun, Nichelle Wellesly, Tagsit

Latkes and Lust by Tagsit

Rated: M • 8 Reviews Liked


Just a tasty, porny little piece of yumminess brought to you in honor of of the Holiday Season.

Fiery Nights by Tagsit, Saje

Rated: M • 407 Reviews Liked

Fiery Nights Banner S&T.jpg

Brian Kinney has rented a summer house on Fire Island for his first vacation in years. His plan is to spend the summer experiencing all the various delights - and men - this Gay Mecca has to offer. His first night there, though, he’s confronted by a hot little blond townie with an agenda who refuses to accept Brian’s rule that he doesn’t do repeats. The two men make a bet - If Justin can keep Brian amused and entertained all summer, then Brian will give him a job come fall. Little did Brian know just how determined and inventive Justin really was.


Smoldering by Tagsit

Rated: M • 144 Reviews Liked Past Featured Story


Smoldering Banner.png

Justin has grown up in a very different household than seen in canon. He is living on the streets when he is found by the Liberty Diner gang and is rescued - malnourished, exhausted and ill - and taken home by Brian. Can Justin be brought out of this hell he's been resigned to by his hateful father? Can Brian find the one thing that will make Justin whole again?

This story is based on a prior fic - 'Smolder' - by LovelessSouls.  All credit for the haunting story premise goes to the original author, as well as my thanks for letting me repost the first two chapters of that story.

His Cries by Tagsit

Rated: YA • 12 Reviews Liked

His Cries Banner.jpg

Brian Kinney is disturbed by the sounds of misery coming from the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. When he meets the apartment’s occupant, he finds that he can’t ignore what’s going on. Is there some way that Brian can help this apparently lost soul and maybe heal himself in the process?

The Loft by Tagsit

Rated: M • 105 Reviews Liked Feature


I love the supernatural twist to the Brian and Justin romance. Very different from other stories and it's well written and entertaining to read. - samcdee


Justin moves into a new loft apartment in preparation for starting his first term at PIFA.  Upon arrival, he finds a “Welcome Letter” from his new landlord, Brian Kinney. But, when he goes to respond, odd things start to happen.  Can these two men reach across time itself to realize their love?  (Loosely based on the plot of Alejandro Aresti's The Lakehouse - one of my all-time favorite movies.)

The Big Dork. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 13 Reviews Liked

Big Dork Banner.jpg

Brian takes Justin to Hawaii for their honeymoon where some HUGE discoveries are made.

The Ring Of Truth. by Tagsit

Rated: YA • 16 Reviews Liked

Ring of Truth Banner.jpg

Set in Season 5 right after Justin returns from Hollywood. Brian’s interest in the prop Justin is using for his next Rage story line has some unexpected consequences.

Daddy Stud. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 87 Reviews Liked

tagsit - daddy stud - klaar.png

Synopsis: Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor are new parents! Their lives are thrown into even more turmoil than ever before by the demands of baby Kevan and all the challenges associated with being fathers. Can Brian cope with being not only a full-time father but also a celebrity, a successful advertising executive, an up and coming fashion model and a fully domesticated 'Family Man'? Probably not! Set roughly in the timeframe of Season 2. Sequel to 'Prego Stud'.

***Special thanks to Marny, The Banner Goddess, for this piece of amazing artwork ***

Prego Stud by Tagsit

Rated: M • 25 Reviews Liked


Set mid season one. Brian lets Justin top him as an 18th Birthday present . . . dire consequences unfold as a result. Can Brian handle the 'exposure' of his secret self? Probably not.

*****Warning: Mpreg & Toppy!Justin - At the SAME time - Don't read if you don't like. You've been Warned!*****


*** Marny, The Banner Goddess, has Struck again! Isn't the banner gorgeous! Thanks!***


Of One Mind. by Tagsit

Rated: M • 3 Reviews

OOM Banner.gif

Original Fiction: Ryan is a runaway who’s desperate enough one rainy cold night on the streets to try and pick up a couple johns. Unfortunately, it turns out these men are not interested in blowjobs - they’re interested in kidnapping Ryan, who’s pretty enough to bring big bucks on the human trafficking market in Southeast Asia. Luckily, Ryan is rescued at the last minute by Jesden, a boy with whom he’s somehow formed an unusually close and strangely sexual connection. This is the story of how these two remarkably hot young men meet.

Oddest Couple by Tagsit

Rated: M • 43 Reviews Liked

Justin is living in NYC with his boyfriend, Connor James, who is an actor. He comes home from a trip to Pittsburgh to find a 'Dear John' letter from Connor who's gone to LA for a movie part. The next morning Justin wakes to find Brian Kinney pounding on his door, apparently thinking he's sublet the apartment. Brian is just starting a new job in NYC. Justin has nowhere to go either. It seems like the best solution is to just share the apartment, at least for a while. It pretty quickly becomes apparent though that these two men aren't exactly compatible roomies. But there's a definite attraction between them too. How are these two very different men going to handle cohabiting in a small apartment? A QAF Fanfic Novella very loosely based on the classic movie, The Odd Couple.

***All Hail Marny, The Banner Goddess, for my wonderful Banner!***