Apr 30, 2016

I love a good cup of tea.

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Stories by SunshineSally

Time Blitz by Tagsit, SunshineSally

Rated: M • 290 Reviews Liked


Brian Kinney is on a business trip to London when he accidentally discovers a time portal which allows him to travel between the present day and wartime Great Britain. What adventures will our favorite stud get up to in a past where being gay was still a crime . . .

Road to Recovery by SunshineSally

Rated: M • 81 Reviews Liked

After an accident that nearly kills him, Brian has a long road to recovery. While he knew deep down that it would be a rough road, he wasn't prepared for something like this.

Huge thanks to Annie_Eliza for my spiffy new banner :)

Smokescreen by SunshineSally, Annie-Eliza

Rated: M • 24 Reviews Liked

When Brian hears over the radio that Babylon was subjected to a bombing, all he can concentrate on is racing to his club to make sure the people he loves are alive and safe. He doesn't expect to be irreversibly injured himself. As Brian faces a slow recovery and a permanent disability, he must learn to accept the support of his friends and the love of his partner.

Early Morning Snuggles by SunshineSally

Rated: YA • 12 Reviews Liked

“Livvy, what are you doing? It’s the middle of the night. “

Orangutans, Baboons, and Zebras, oh my! by SunshineSally

Rated: YA • 9 Reviews Liked

Livvy and the boys spend a day at the zoo.

Daddy? by SunshineSally

Rated: E • 14 Reviews Liked

"Is your name Buyan?"

Monsters Under The Bed by SunshineSally

Rated: E • 15 Reviews Liked

What happens when Mr. Girraffeman won't leave?

Firefly by SunshineSally

Rated: YA • 0 Reviews

Six weeks into their relationship, Jim and Pam are learning that it really can be close to perfect.

Written way back when Jim and Pam got together on the show.

Snogging an Irishman by SunshineSally

Rated: M • 24 Reviews Liked

Justin meets a handsome stranger in a pub far away from home and gets into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. What happens the day after, when they find themselves sat next to each other on an aeroplane? 

The First Time Pam Sees Jim Naked. by SunshineSally

Rated: YA • 3 Reviews Liked

It’s something she’s been waiting for, but how will Pam react when she sees Jim naked for the first time?


Scruffed and Stuffed by charming1, SunshineSally, Lorie

Rated: M • 6 Reviews Liked

S&S Banner.jpg

Justin returns from New York City for the weekend only to find that Brian hasn't been shaving lately. What will the horny blond think of Brian's scruff?

Fan-Fucking-Tastic by SunshineSally

Rated: M • 4 Reviews Liked



Justin’s methods of healing Brian’s thrown out back are surprisingly sexy.