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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KINNETIK DREAMS! 5 years ago today we went live with the best curated #QAF #fanfiction site out there! We now have 39.7 Million words of great fiction for you to read, written by more than 125 authors. Yes, #Britin lives on here in our stories. Let's Celebrate!





Exciting News! Two of our favorite KD Authors have published a new book! Congratulations to Tagsit & SunshineSally on their NEW RELEASE: Time Cures!

This is the long-awaited sequel to their prior story - Time Blitz - (rewritten in an original, non-QAF version, but don't worry, you'll recognize the characters) We hope you'll support them and check it out! It's dedicated it to all of you - our KinnetikDreams Family - for inspiring them to write it in the first place!


Time Cures on Amazon/Kindle



Kinnetik Dreams is a site dedicated to the joys of writing fanfiction - Queer as Folk as well as other fandoms and original works. It's a site for authors to post their stories, get help with their writing, support other writers, and just enjoy this fulfilling endeavor in all its many permutations. It's a site created by and run by authors. We hope to foster a supportive, non-judgmental, and honest environment where you can let your creativity soar. We appreciate your contribution to the world of fanfic and are thrilled to have you join us on our own journeys.



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