Name: Charlotte_Eats_Apples (Signed) · Date: Sep 16, 2021 9:31 am · Chapter: Meeting Fate

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Oct 09, 2019 10:18 am · Chapter: Meeting Fate

Boy, oh boy... I could write a slew of expletives right about now... that frickin Brandon is a crazy mother! Because we just know it's him. I had alarm bells going off the last chapter about unnecessary roughness in bed... and it looks like Brandon didn't disappoint. Now, when Justin wouldn't conform to his bidding about the killing... he decided to bash his skull in. (No need for Hobbs, when you have a psycho teacher on the loose.) I'm going to presume that Brandon watched as Brian and Justin left Babylon together.

Two things went wrong with that... one, B/J were otherwise engaged, so Justin didn't get to tell him about Brandon's call and wanting Brian killed... and two, Justin insisted the lights remain off... so Brian didn't see the bruises and know Brandon previously hurt Justin.

How will you spin this? Brandon can show up at the hospital/police station, and make it sound and seem as if Brian had caused the bruises... thus getting rid of Brian... (he does have the sex video)... or will the doctors be able to tell that the bruises weren't caused that night? OR... will we get lucky... and MAYBE Justin confided to Daphne... as I'm sure she noticed the pain he was in. (Let's hope that happened.)

And, oh crap... Justin has Brian's keys... I wonder if he dropped them outside.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Oct 07, 2019 7:41 pm · Chapter: Meeting Fate

Wow, wasn't expecting that.  Great idea with Justin being the one to get hurt instead of Brian.  Wonderful writing.

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