Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Nov 06, 2020 5:27 pm · Chapter: Again So Stoopid and the Kaboom

Vance Is Beyond Stupid!

But He Is Lucky That Vest Went Off In The House!

I want to try everything they were talking about then go back for seconds lol

Thanks for the Update😀

Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Oct 27, 2020 6:45 am · Chapter: All We Need to do is Convince and Find

Ah ah, Cody is making a comeback. What a nut-job this guy. The only thing I liked during this period was the hot scene on the chair when Justin came back and was on fire. His short hair was hot and the way Brian was touching it was endearing, if this term can be used for Brian.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Oct 23, 2020 9:52 am · Chapter: Comedy of Terror and Errors

Another great chapter.  Love that Vance is finally getting what he deserves. Terrific writing.

Name: purpledee (Signed) · Date: Oct 21, 2020 11:25 pm · Chapter: Comedy of Terror and Errors

Oh, Very good. Vance hung by his own petard!


Deb L

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Oct 19, 2020 3:47 pm · Chapter: Comedy of Terror and Errors

Oh My Goodness!!

Vance Is Beyond Stupid!!

Thank Goodness For That Though Because If He Had Shot Zee He Would Be Dead By Now!!

Nice to sed that this family is well trained to handle anything including a stupid idiot with the brain pan of a stick.

Once they get Vance back in prison where he belongs that only leaves Lindsay to deal with now that should be fun and quick.

Thanks for the Update😀


Name: Frosty70 (Signed) · Date: Oct 19, 2020 2:46 pm · Chapter: Comedy of Terror and Errors
Deviousness. So deliciously fun. I have reread this series so many times. Always a joy.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Oct 19, 2020 2:21 pm · Chapter: Comedy of Terror and Errors

Hehe.  Vance has a problem.

Name: purpledee (Signed) · Date: Sep 22, 2020 2:30 pm · Chapter: You So Stoopid

Really liked this chapter.  The cliffhanger.....not so much!

Thanks hun'

Deb L.

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Sep 20, 2020 4:19 am · Chapter: You So Stoopid

Yippee! You have internet! Gosh, I remember the month I was moving, I about went nuts. I bet you're happy!

Lindsay, Lindsay... ah, I feel so sorry for her - NOT - she's broke and penniless, plus it sounds like she has to come up with some more money. Wherever will she lay her head when she gets out of there? She should be grateful for where she is... she and mumsie have three hots and a cot.

Ooh, I just thought of something... she wanted to keep her head low while in the slammer, but with this new development, she will probably go on a rampage, and into whose path, and what toes will she step on? Maybe there are fun times ahead.

So, is Zee NOT really pregnant? That was a show they put on? And if Gardner thinks he has her - I have to wonder if it was dark enough, maybe it wasn't really her - But all hell will break loose when he gets in that house with his 'victim'. That guy's mind is totally warped.

Are you getting towards the end of this?

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Sep 20, 2020 1:59 am · Chapter: You So Stoopid

Great chapter.  Never did like Vance.  Wonderful writing.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Sep 20, 2020 12:37 am · Chapter: You So Stoopid

What on earth is Gardner up to?

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Sep 18, 2020 12:36 am · Chapter: You So Stoopid

Lindsay is so good at digging holes for others she forgot there is always two for herself she is completely destitute had quite the arrest record growing and I seriously doubt if Nancy has any money left once she leaves prison she will be in the mood to take care of her grown needy daughter?

Every time Lindsay tries playing clever it ends up slapping her in the face hard and stomping her flat Ass lol

I so hope Vance doesn't have See and isn't at the real house because they will rip him apart before the bomb goes off which wouldn't be such a bad thing for them but why have that creep's blood on their hands?

Luther is really very good  and he is going to be a wonderful advocate for other prisoners in and out of prison.

Thanks for the Update😀


Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 20, 2020 2:35 pm · Chapter: He Comes Through...and the Pack Gathers

Ooo-kkaayy... Can I just say that Gardner is one sick motha? Eeewww... It's bad enough reading about Lindsay being with him... but the thought of him with Justin...

I NEED BRAIN BLEACH!!!!!!!  They should have him arrested for coming on their property and defacing it... poisoning it... because the plants will probably refuse to grow...

But, I'm anxious to find out what Brian's plan is... possibly set Gardner up for rape?

Can't wait...

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: The SNO (Signed) · Date: Aug 20, 2020 7:03 am · Chapter: Oh So That's How and That's Why

Very interesting development: sure thing that Brian and Justin are very teasing, and then also taunting for jealous people.

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 19, 2020 9:29 am · Chapter: Vince and Daph Say Their Pieces

So, I was wrong about Vance having the personal effects...

Now, you've brought in that little creep Cody... yuck! I have to wonder hpow much of a problem he might become...

And for some reason, I think you're going to bring in another 'watcher' besides Michael... more intrigue that way... BUT... if they suspect it might be Michael, and if it turns out to NOT be him, I'd think it would have to be someone close in stature and size, for them to think Michael in the first place...

This is so good... lots going on...

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 19, 2020 8:08 am · Chapter: We Meet Again...Unluckily for You

Two WASPS have now had the ultimate sting... and once it's found out Vance has Saps personal effects, it'll just be a matter of time.

Am I missing anyone?

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 19, 2020 7:07 am · Chapter: Oh So That's How and That's Why

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Vancie boy likes little Justin!!! What a twist... if I can't have him, nobody can... why does that remind me of Michael and Lindsay... another delusiona brain.

Vance might have thought killing Sapperstein and his lawyer (at least I think he might have had a hand with the lawyer, unless it was purely because of prison) might have been smart, but for some reason, I think it's going to bring him more trouble... which I sincerely hope so.

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 18, 2020 11:46 am · Chapter: Some Southern Trouble Their Way Comes

Well, Lindsay is getting a little payback for the havoc she has sown, but I'm still going to look forward to what might befall her in coming chapters... the fact she's trying to regroup and set a new plan in motion, well, I'm kind of hoping it will be Brian, front and center, bringing her down... Kill that delusional mind once and for all.

One thing that really grabbed my attention, is the ending: The question is, what is he going to do when he directs his anger at the right person?

So, who's the right person? If we go from the original source, that would be Lindsay, for upsetting Hobbs, Sr. in the first place...

You better sleep with one eye open, missy...

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: BritinManor (Signed) · Date: Aug 18, 2020 9:17 am · Chapter: Final Judgement

Well, I'm kind of getting caught up...

I have to admit this was a classic chapter and the first time I've read something like this!!!!!... I do wonder if that's the last we've seen of widdle Mikey, or of we will get to live through some of his hellish hell... Couldn't happen to a nice guy... GO YOU!!!!

I do hope you have really good plans for that other delusional Miss Prissy... (that's saying it nicely.)

Well, I'm really enjoying this!

HUGS  ~Cathy

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Aug 13, 2020 1:57 am · Chapter: He Comes Through...and the Pack Gathers

Great chapter.  The twist with Vance is something so different.  Fantastic writing.

Name: BlueMyst (Signed) · Date: Aug 10, 2020 5:54 pm · Chapter: He Comes Through...and the Pack Gathers

Vance is going to get both barrels right between the eyes and still there will be more coming his way.

Put her really is a good man who will make a a good advocate for prisoners rights he will make a good father aswell because but has come a long way in his quest to make amends.

Thanks For the Update 😃

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Aug 10, 2020 12:38 pm · Chapter: He Comes Through...and the Pack Gathers

I can't wait to see what you have planned.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Jul 25, 2020 6:08 pm · Chapter: Reading, Blobs and A Recon

Terrific chapter.  As always wonderful writing.

Name: YumYumPM (Signed) · Date: Jul 25, 2020 12:28 am · Chapter: Reading, Blobs and A Recon

Gardner is riding close to the edge.  His time is coming.

Name: mamab (Signed) · Date: Jul 16, 2020 2:27 am · Chapter: Ear to the Ground, Eyes on the Prize

Oh this is getting good. Never thought of Vance that way so it is a great storyline.  Wonderful writing.

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