Reviews For Is It Too Late?
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Reviewer: susi_in_love Signed [Report This]
Date: Jan 02, 2017 10:41 pm Title: Chapter 14

It's adorable how excited Emmett is. I can't wait for his reaction to Jacob. 

Reviewer: cookiebun Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 22, 2016 6:43 pm Title: Chapter 14

Emm, so happy he stood up to the imbecile 

Reviewer: blossomlegs Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 15, 2016 4:20 am Title: Chapter 14

Fantastic update.Love this fic.

Thank for sharing.


Reviewer: emac66 Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 14, 2016 5:06 pm Title: Chapter 14

Wow.a shitload happening in this chapter. I feel just awful for Gus and Jenny! Both must feel completely abandoned by their Moms. Thankfully Justin is able to take on all the kids together and Brian will be right there with him. I think this was one of Mel's best and most mature and selfless decisions she's ever made. She actually considered what was best for Jenny. Terribly sad that she couldn't seem to consider Gus in the picture at all.

Can I just give a big "WHEW" that neither Justin nor Brian fell for Lindsey's crap. I'm thrilled that she gave custody over to Brian, but I don't trust her motivations. She's going to cause problems I'm sure.

Michael as usual is a fool. Thinking he can just walk into his lawyer's office. Such a pompous ass the way he spoke to the receptionist. I'm always curious as to where people get the idea they can treat people like shit. It's not like he was raised with tons of money and is a snob in that sense. Ah well. Thankfully Emmett isn't going to help him out.

Emmett is such a joy! He's so happy that Justin is back. He'll eventually forgive Brian, he's just that loving. He just needs to make sure that Justin is OK. Drew will help him out in this area too.

Excellent chapter!! Lovely and long too. 

This is just getting more and more interesting as wel go along and am anticipating all the angst and hyjinx that will presumably occur.



Reviewer: BritinForever Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 14, 2016 10:31 am Title: Chapter 14

I love Emmett!!!!  I know he's super excited to see Justin.  I can't wait to see how he reacts to Jacob.  Thanks for the update.

Reviewer: BellaDonne Signed [Report This]
Date: Nov 14, 2016 8:12 am Title: Chapter 14

I always thought of Emmett as awesome and here he lives up to my estimation by dropping everything to go see Justin.  Not only that, he serves up some reality and grow up pills too.

Mel has some nerve giving Jenny to Justin.  I think that's an admission that Mikey was the wrong choice. Well that and the comic t-shirts and lower than average iq. Justin is a saint.

As usual, twists and turns with funny nuggets-- fantastic!

Reviewer: YumYumPM Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Nov 14, 2016 2:31 am Title: Chapter 14

My, my what an eventful chapter.  Mel turning custody over to Justin actually was a good idea, though I do question her motives.  Justin is not about to say no.  Michael thinking he can get his daughter and trying to get Emmett's help was unbelievable.  Emmett is in hog's heaven knowing that Justin is back, even though he doesn't know why or where he left. Jenny is one lucky little girl, she'll have two brothers and two fathers who love her for her. Can't wait to see your next chapter!

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