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Reviewer: The SNO Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 18, 2018 3:46 pm Title: Chapter 37: Saturday, December 9th

It's great that Justin is going to spend quality time with Gus; the only problem is the way Lindsay is asking.

Ted, Ben and Brian at the gym: hilarious! Then Emmett and Brian, one of my favorite pair. The way Emmett is poking Brian with his "non-jealousy". Then Eric entering the scene. At least, Brian knows that Bob isn't Eric; who is Bob?

The whole dinner part is amazing.

The end is burning hot!!!

Author's Response:

Brian isn't very believable when he claims not to do jealousy. :D He really can't get away with that shit with any of his friends; they're all on to him. :D

We're glad you enjoyed the long diner scene. Brian may still be recovering from drinking Wen's swill.

Karynnn will say it again - Brynn gives good porn. She writes pretty well otherwise too. :P

Thanks for commenting, Claire.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: marie-france Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jul 17, 2018 7:48 am Title: Chapter 37: Saturday, December 9th

You have posted this chapter quickly. Thank you. Ben has to understand the game between Ted and Brian otherwise he will be very upset. but it's good that he takes the defense of his boyfriend. Damage that Brian does not see Justin dancing tonight he would have liked the blue! Justin should stop dancing this boy is too tired. And Emmett wow he reads so well Brian who is so jealous of Eric and the customers who get closer to Sunshine, it's funny.Thank you again ladies for the update. See you.



Author's Response:

We may have sent our readers into shock by posting so soon. :D We suspect some haven't even realized there's a new chapter. :D

Ben is lovely with the way he defends Ted. And we expect he'll adjust to the snarky dynamic between Brian and Ted soon enough.

Hmm, maybe Brian will hear about those sexy blue briefs via the gay grapevine... What will happen then? More jealous, possessive Brian? More opportunities for Emmett to rib him?

Thanks for reviewing, Marie-france. :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: Glo Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 16, 2018 12:26 pm Title: Chapter 37: Saturday, December 9th

Oh my oh my! Another chapter so soon? I didn't even have time to ask for yet another chapter cuz here it is! I love you guys! Now...will this be happening more frequently? lol Absolutely love how Em knows Brian so well and calls him on his shit! Some actor Brian! lol A man in love and Emmett knows it!

Ben has to realize that that's just the way Brian/Ted act with each other. I do enjoy his protectiveness of Teddy though...I'm still getting used to 'seeing' Ted & Ben as a couple. It's adorable & I'm all for it, just a little weird is all...

Glad Brian got some relief and with the scene...sweet Jesus, so did I! Now if only Justin/Brian could find some real relief with each other....hmmmm, how to make that happen...let me think now...oh wait, I'm not one of the writers...damn! 

Author's Response:

Oh, no. We ruined your track record of coming up with inventive ways to beg for another installment, Glo. :D This may have been a mistake on our part, since you're already expecting more frequent updates. :D

Poor Brian. All his friends are on to him. When the fuck did that happen? he wants to know. They used to be such clueless clucks.

Did you want us to redirect Ben's attention to Michael? Hah! We didn't think so.

That relief came to Brian... and you... courtesy of Brynn. Like Karynn has said, she gives good porn. :D Nice effort at trying to finagle an invitation to our working doc, btw. Shucks, we're on to you.

Thanks for another fun review!

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: sophiesmom Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 16, 2018 2:44 am Title: Chapter 37: Saturday, December 9th

Ben has to ease up a bit where Brian and Ted are concerned. They're good friends and Brian needs the banter he shares with Ted.

Brian still in the dark about Bob is hysterical. I have a feeling that Eric is going to be more trouble than he's worth. He doesn't want to just be friends with Justin no matter what Justin may say.

I thought Justin was going to find some of Brian's things at Second Hand Job,, but I'm kind of glad he didn't, but if he had then things between him and Brian could be moved along into getting back together. But I like Marvella.

Of course Brian would get Wen's coffee. I also liked how Em knows him and can read him so well.

Brian doesn't know what he missed by not seeing Justin dancing that night, but at least he finally got off and really enjoyed himself do it.

Author's Response:

We're confident that Ben will get the hang of navigating the friendship between Brian and Ted. :) We're enjoying Brian being all snarky on Ted's behalf; we find it much more entertaining than the way Brian interfered in David and Michael's relationship in canon.

Poor Brian... still scrambling to figure out who Bob is. :D At least he got to heap some sarcasm onto Garrick-Derrick-Podrick-Edrick. Eric was actually pretty darned brave, the way he stood up to Brian. No question he would like more than a friendship with Justin, but we'll have to see if he pushes that or not...

If any of Brian's burgled goods do show up at Second Hand Job, it's unlikely that Marvella would be a knowing fence. She wouldn't want to damage her standing as a reputable businesswoman.

Brian's always complaining about the 'motor oil' they serve the diner, so it kinda served him right that he got Wen's coffee. :P "It's really irritating," he complains, "the way all his friends are on to him. When did they stop being clueless clucks?"

There will probably be another opportunity for Brian to ogle Justin in his new briefs. Or maybe he'll hear about it through the grapevine... You're right that he most definitely did enjoy his evening, though - brought to him courtesy of Brynn. :D

Thanks for all the comments, Sherry!

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: YumYumPM Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jul 16, 2018 1:31 am Title: Chapter 37: Saturday, December 9th

Oh my.  When will Justin end up back at the loft?  It's time to leave dancing on the bar behind him.

Author's Response:

He refuses to be rushed, Justin asked us to tell you. He'll go back to the loft on his terms or not at all. :D Hmm, how long will that resolve hold, as Brian steps it up with Operation Twat Retrieval? It's a good thing Justin hasn't heard the name for that particular campaign. :D

Even Justin is starting to think it might be a good idea to give up the dance gig. Stubborn little shit isn't ready to concede quite yet, however. * sigh *

Thanks for leaving a comment, Phyllis. :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: Lorma Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 14, 2018 5:30 pm Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Poor Justin!  He has quite the audience tonight.  I was hoping Hobbs wouldn’t be quite the ass that he was in the series. But it’s not looking that way. Sydney is proving to be quite the ally. I so don’t want Justin to suffer that bashing.  Love that Michael was protective in the confrontation.  I’m also happy that Justin is playing somewhat hard to get with Brian and turning the tables a bit on him by acting casual.  When is Brian or someone going to notice poor Justin’s threadbare jacket and his decaying sneakers and gift him with something new?  Hehe!

Author's Response:

Did brash Sydney slip a bill under the band of Justin's tighty-whities? :D The blond boy needs to share the details. :D

You wouldn't want a story without any angst, right? Hobbs provides it in spades. We can't predict what he'll do next, now that his status as a macho jock has been threatened. 

Michael does show his good side occasionally. :) Maybe he's starting to be a protective older brother toward Justin? Okay, that may be stretching things a bit too far. :P

If - when? - Brian succeeds in seducing the blond, matters may not proceed exactly as he expects. After all, Justin has grown to enjoy his independence.

"The kid has no appreciation for fashion," Brian gripes, "and I'm not about to waste my money on off-brand crap. A computer on the other hand..."

Thanks for reviewing, Karla! :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: The SNO Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 13, 2018 3:35 pm Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

They definitely are getting closer! That kiss and the last scene! They almost agree on a "friends with benefits" status. Let's see how long Justin will last before he gets to the loft.

Another amazing chapter!

Author's Response:

"Please let the blond give in soon," Brian pleads, "before my balls fall off and I turn into a lezzie." :D His complaint about blue balls aside, Brian is guardedly pleased with the progress he's made. :D

Thanks for being such a faithful reader and reviewer, Claire! :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: kerri240879 Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 13, 2018 1:36 am Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Hello, my loves. 

I loved the picture of Wren - reminds me of Mulan. And like Justin, I would love to see his attempts at drawing her.  And can I say, I hate Dixon? Like... I need to think up a sadistic way for him to die. Better than what I have come up with for Michael, in any case - I'll think on it and let you know. What a prick!! 

I just want to cuddle Ted. Poor man. But I love how you guys have him, Brian and Cynthia interacting, the way they are building their business together. It's awesome. 

Again, the interaction between Ted and Brian at the diner was great. I really like Ted and Ben - and was ultra glad that there was no nausea-inducing conversation between Michael and David. 

Loved the kiss - hotly sweet - but the reality of it was a little sad. Justin hesitant to overstep, and Brian unable to voice what he wants. 

That scene with Hobbs was great and I loved Sydney stepping in. 

Brilliant as always, girls. *Squishes you both*

Author's Response:

What a wonderful review, Kerri! 

Aw, Dixon has replaced Michael in your affections. :D Since our idea for revenge on Dickhead was partly inspired by you, we'll offer you the opportunity to help take him down a peg. Sort of a personal sneak peek way ahead in our story. Interested?

We're chuffed that the business-building details are of interest to our readers; it's a bit of a challenge not to veer into dullsville territory. Karynn's personal experience with computers at the end of the twentieth century came in handy. Age rules! :P

Ben's a clever fellow - he's got the man he wants. For some reason, there's no contest between Ted and Michael in his estimation. LOL

At least the boys have progressed to kisses, even if they are rather poignant, with Justin and Brian not quite syncing communication-wise just yet.

Sydney is giving both Dixon and Hobbs fits. :) Neither man stands a chance against the blonde cheerleader. 

* squishing you back *

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: nkaur550 Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jul 10, 2018 7:12 am Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Okayyyy...finally got some   time to read this freaking long Justin is turning into a detective himself ...hmm...let's see can he discover something which others can't find...HIS blond...really Brian...u should make him YOURS in realty too...😉😉

Dickson needs to have a daily dose of does get lots of Heartburn these days...he needs to see a doctor ...a very special one...damn u guys..brian was so happy after the kiss...for like 30 seconds maybe..but u had to ruin in it....pure torture for brian and us...lets see where this new attitude of justin goes.

Excellent chapter like always...loved it ..I dont know where u sent BOB...but i hope u guys are taking GOOD care of it..wink wink.

Gratias ago for the splendid chapter.

Author's Response:

What do you mean 'freaking long'? It's under 20,000 words. :D

As we told one of the other reviewers, the only surprise is that Justin didn't turn detective sooner. He's extra motivated now, though, with Brian halfway to believing in his innocence. The blond's unlikely to uncover new evidence on the Internet, however, since that's information the police have made available to the public. Wen’s rewarding Justin's efforts with a miniscule quirk of one eyebrow.

A daily dose of Wen... yeah, that would lead to the 'attitude adjustment' sophiesmom recommended for Dixon. Maybe she'll encounter the maths teacher if she has to make another visit to St James.

Quit complaining! :P At least Brian's getting kisses now. Not that his blue balls couldn't use some relief as well. :P

We're entirely blameless in regard to Battery Operated Brian. You believe us, right?

Nihil sous. :) We love providing our readers with new chapters. 

~ KaBrynn

Btw, you're the first one to venture into Latin territory with us. :)

Reviewer: marie-france Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jul 08, 2018 9:34 am Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Wen needs to go see Dixon again. I love the girls and the origami girl must be part of the group !! The friendship of Brian and Ted becomes really interesting. And Brian and Justin who are getting close good news. Thank you again for a fabulous chapter.

Author's Response:

Wen has the expectation that Perkins will keep his faculty under control. She hasn't encountered Dixon yet, but she might if she has to pay another visit to St James. Dickhead had better watch out! :D

We're made up that you like Origami Girl. Not only is she a bit of a loner, though; she's also a few years younger than the others, so she wouldn't necessarily fit into a group with the other girls and Justin.

Thanks for being such a faithful reader and reviewer, Marie-france. We hope to have a new chapter up soon. :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: sophiesmom Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 07, 2018 3:42 pm Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Adored this nice long chapter.

Brian and Ted, what a great relationship they're developing. Brian feeling uneasy at Ted's awkwardness is so telling. He really cares for his friend.

Is Dixon hiding something besides letting Chris slide through his class? If so Justin will find out. Would love to see Dixon come up against Wen. Maybe she could give him an attitude adjustment. If the man hates it so much, why go into teaching? Sydney's becoming quite the fag hagand with Chris now threatening Justin, if anything happens to jim she'll be the first to point Chris out. I'm beginning to like their dymanics a lot.

Does David not see what a true idiot Michael is? Did he really have to be at the Ironman's game? I think not.

Over the Rainbow, if a gay bookstore, can go with something like Printed with Pride.

Ok now that kiss is the beginning of things getting back to normal. Fuck buddies is a good start too.

Author's Response:

And we adore your detailed review, Sherry. :)

We're so on to Brian. :) He's given himself away in regard to Ted.

In Dixon's defense, he's very passionate about maths, especially calculus, and it drives him nuts that most of the students are so lackadaisical about learning. Teaching hormonal teenagers is a challenge! :D The man should've gotten his PhD so he could teach at the university level and get away from those high schoolers. Of course, he's still a homophobic prick, or he'd realize how lucky he is to have a student like Justin. * sigh *

I think everyone wants the scary Chinese detective to put 'the fear of Wen' into Dixon. Maybe she'll run into him if she pays Perkins another visit.

Dr Dave is blinded by love, lol. And, yes, he probably did have to be at the game since he has a contract with the Ironmen.

Brian thanks you for the possible new name for Over the Rainbow. It's significantly better than any of his ideas to date.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: Glo Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 07, 2018 2:13 pm Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

So Justin is playing little detective himself now huh? When are the police or Brian or Justin going to come up with something concrete on the burglary? Question: is each chapter going to be one day as far as your schedule is concerned? Cuz it's only Dec 8th right now and I can't stop wishing the kids were on break from school already. Hate me some Dixon! He really needs to get fucked and not in a good way and definitely without lube. Love all the company talk about computers & software, especially Justin's laptop. Dagwood sandwiches and canteen food?? Huh? Poor Vic, he needs someone... Love Emmett being so preceptive about B/J and if they were 'fucking'...not yet Em but I wish they'd get to it! Just sayin'...Ugh Hobbs on Liberty Avenue...another asshole. Loved Ben getting involved though. 

Now...not that I don't enjoy or realize the importance of plot but...where's the sex ladies? Please tell us that their going to do it soon! Please.......

Author's Response:

Thanks for making us laugh, Glo. :D

The only surprising thing is that Justin waited this long to play detective. :D "Police business," Wen says curtly, slamming closed the file you're trying to peek into.

Um, yeah? :P One day per chapter has been the plan all along, although we recently skipped over an entire day. We can disclose that there's just one more week of school until the holiday break, if that helps. :)

Ew! Who would want to fuck Dixon? Oh, wait... there's always Hobbs.

St James might win the prize for the most inedible cafeteria food in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Why are we not surprised that you've jumped on the bandwagon with Emmett?

Are we the only ones supplying B/J porn? :P We can't tell you when the boys will stop dancing around each other and have real-time sex; what would be the fun in that? 

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: bksbracelet Signed [Report This]
Date: Jul 07, 2018 11:08 am Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Wow you really know how to put poor Justin through so much bullying and stress. He has Dixon and Hobbs at school and now that will ramp up badly for Justin I suspect. Brian and Justin circling each other is hilarious 

Author's Response:

We have to put Justin through the wringer, since we can't leave out the angst entirely. :D What Hobbs will do next, especially now that his masculinity has publicly been threatened, is hard to predict... At least Justin has gained a valuable friend and ally in Sydney.

Sure, laugh about it, Brian complains. You're not the one with blue balls!

Thanks for leaving a comment, Chris. :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: YumYumPM Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jul 06, 2018 7:12 pm Title: Chapter 36: Friday, December 8th

Fantabulous chapter.  Love the origami girl.  Would love to hear more on her.  Also Detective Wen needs to have another go at Dixon.  I am concerned about Hobbs, that's the last thing Justin needs.  Ted, be still my beating heart.  I hate to say it, but I think Vic knows something about BOB.

Author's Response:

Thanks for another lovely review and again being the first to comment, Phyllis. :)

It's a safe bet that you'll see more of Origami Girl and her creations. 

Dixon hasn't yet had the pleasure of meeting Wen, since she's only had a 'mild' conversation with Perkins. :D We'll see if the maths teacher fares any better if he does encounter the scary detective.

It's difficult not to worry about Hobbs, right? We're trying to keep the bullying jock under control, but he's so unpredictable, especially now that his masculinity has been threatened.

Teddy is full of surprises. <3

We should find out soon if you're right about Vic and BOB. That really tells you a lot, doesn't it? :P

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: kerri240879 Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 24, 2018 10:55 pm Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

Hi girls - I'm here, I've read, and my brain is a big ol' pile of mush. (Karynn, you and I have spoken, so you know what is going on.)

Key points - loved the interaction between Brian and Ted. You can really see the friendship between them building, which is something I wish they had done earlier than season 5 on the show. 

- Loved the dinner, and how you girls have woven those meals into the story. 

- Brian's jealousy of BOB still makes me giggle - but where is BOB? Has he been battery-napped? Enquiring minds want to know. (As does Justin)

- And I loved the dream that you ended on - poor Sunshine - all crusty and alone. ;)

You girls know I adore you both, and that I adore this fic. When my brain is less mush and more firing synapses, I'll drag the pom poms out. But big squishy hugs for you both. xx

Author's Response:

Thanks for leaving a review, Kerri. We're glad you could find a little time amidst all the craziness to read and enjoy. :)

The friendships between Brian and Ted, and also between Brian and Emmett, developed way too slowly in the show, so we had to fix it.

Battery-napped BOB... that's a new theory. :D We're all searching for Justin's companion - well, maybe not Brian. :D

Brian's not the only one with blue balls; he's in good company with his Sunshine. Lots of lonely crustiness going on. * snicker *

We adore you, too, Kerri! Hang in there.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: marie-france Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jun 19, 2018 9:26 am Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

  Sunshine dreaming of Brian was hot!! Where is BOB ??  Thank you for this fantastic update ladies!!

Author's Response:

We're made up that you enjoyed Justin's dream. Our computers were smoking as we wrote that scene. :D

We're all searching for BOB... come out, come out, wherever you are.

Thanks for reviewing, Marie-france! A teaser for the next chapter will be available soon in the FanDoc.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: Lorma Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 17, 2018 3:47 pm Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

Oh yeah! You’ve given me hot flashes! I want to know what happened to BOB! Hehe.

Author's Response:

Hey, Karla! Yes, we picked up on the clue that you're also Lorma. :D We were disappointed not to have two readers suffering from hot flashes, though. :D

Yoo-hoo, BOB, where are you?

~ KaBrynn

P.S. Feel free to post duplicate reviews on AO3 and KD. It increases your chances of winning a prize. :)

Reviewer: Glo Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 17, 2018 1:19 pm Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

Ugh! Lindsay you're such a snob and so superfical at times! Who cares what other people may think, seriously? Plus, you fucked up Brian's whole day....poor Teddy! I'm so glad Brian finally told him about shithead making a pass at Ben....cannot wait to see what happens now! Go Ted! Too bad Emmett didn't stick around longer to maybe gve Brian a heads up on BOB lol "Did you two fuck or something" Bahahaha lmao

Now for the dinner of major! I thought Brian would have picked up that meatball off of Sunshine's crotch and lingered there....I am shocked that they didn't fuck...holy shit! That kiss, the touches, the visuals....Jesus! And I'm sorry but why would they meet at Deb's again when they clearly want to fuck each other's brains out?! In privite....God! I love toppy Justin! Even if it was a memory.....

Author's Response:

Brian recovered nicely from his breakfast with Lindsay and was pleasantly surprised to be entrusted with babysitting his son. Plus, he now has another arrow in his arsenal as he works to seduce Justin. :D He knows the blond can't resist Gus.

We'll have to see how Ted deals with Michael; the repercussions of his pass at Ben could be long-lasting.

Brynn takes a bow for Emmett's question to Brian and Ted. :D Brian is still deeply offended by the notion.

:D Brian and Justin clearly aren't the only ones feeling the sexual tension. :D Did your computer start steaming while you were reading?

Justin's not ready to concede yet - BOB to the rescue! or not, depending on how you look at it. :P

Thanks for making us laugh with your review, Glo. :) We're working steadily on the next chapter and should be posting a teaser soon.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: The SNO Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 17, 2018 10:00 am Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

That was hot! Their teasing is delightful! The entire evening was very entertaining as Vic and Deb are not in rest and know how to make Justin blush. Vic teaching the bird was hilarious and the bird found the best moment to show off.

The next week-end might be a top five... Can't wait for it!

Author's Response:

Yay! We're made up that you enjoyed what Navneet accurately described as a 'cat and mouse game.' The roles of the cat and mouse constantly switch as the boys tease each other. :D

Harley is such a show-off, and completely irresistible. He's vying with BOB and Sydney for our most popular OC.

You seem to be anticipating something big on the weekend. You could be right, but don't forget this is Tricky Business. :D

Thanks for reviewing, Claire. A teaser for the next chapter should be available soon.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: nkaur550 Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jun 17, 2018 9:48 am Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

Cat and mouse chase was going on in the whole is seducing who .??..they both were comfortable together was like burglary never happened ...lovely.

Superb chapter...thank u for sharing.

Author's Response:

It's a mutual seduction. :D Will Brian triumph over Justin's resolve not to give in and have sex with his former lover? It seems inevitable... but, then again, this is Tricky Business. :D

We're enjoying the boys' togetherness as much as you are, and are trying to gently nudge them even closer.

Thanks for reviewing, Navneet. A teaser should be up soon in the FanDoc.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: sophiesmom Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 17, 2018 1:24 am Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

GGreat update. Funny and full of sexual tension. I hot the feeling though that Justin was just dreaming of Brian being there in the end.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing, Sherry. :)

The sexual tension is always there between the two men, and it's ramping up on both sides. How long will Justin's resolve not to jump into bed with Brian last?

You're correct that Justin was dreaming of Brian in the last scene. He may have wished otherwise, though; we certainly did. :D

We're working on the next chapter and will soon post a teaser in the FanDoc.

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: YumYumPM Signed half-star [Report This]
Date: Jun 16, 2018 9:55 pm Title: Chapter 35: Thursday, December 7th

Tell me that last part was not a dream.  Did someone help Vic out with the sno?  What is Ted going to do about Michael.  Deb is so delusional about her son. Where is BOB?

Author's Response:

Soz, no can do - it was a dream.

Since Vic was busy preparing the meatballs for dinner, it's safe to assume that either Michael or Debbie shoveled the snow, likely Debbie since she doesn't mention Michael stopping by. Proud mother that she is, she'd bring it up.

We'll have to see how Ted acts around Michael. Yes, the fallout from your prize is still happening, Phyllis. :)

Yoo-hoo, BOB, where are you...

Thanks for reviewing! We hope to have a teaser for the next chapter up soon.

~ KaBrynn


Reviewer: sophiesmom Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 05, 2018 3:28 am Title: Chapter 34: Wednesday, December 6th

Bummer, am caught up. Want more as soon ad possible.

Author's Response:

We're working on it, Sherry! Have you checked out the teaser in the FanDoc? Feel free to leave comments in the FanDoc - it's there for our readers - and to share your opinions in the discussion section. :)

Many thanks for all the reviews. :)

~ KaBrynn

Reviewer: sophiesmom Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 05, 2018 3:25 am Title: Chapter 34: Wednesday, December 6th

Ok. First, why is Brian being a complete idiot in every facet of his life? Awkward at the gym, the diner, even at Deb's. The only time he was himself was when he was talking to Justin out back behind the diner?

How much longer is Dr. Dave going to put up with Michael and his gross childish ways? And what's with Brian letting him get away with verbally bashing Justin? That fool should never see a comic book made by him and Justin. NEVER! Isn't worth Justin's time.

Sydney is a riot. Beginning to like her. Love the way she handles Dixon. Getting really tired of that asshole too.

Almost caught up.

Author's Response:

Brian's still a stud, and his usual sarcastic self, but he's missing the blond boy he foolishly threw out of the loft (even if he did think he had good cause at the time) and it's affecting his behavior. And no one's so perfect that they don't have awkward moments, Brian included; we're sharing some of the ones CowLip would've excised. :D Plus, with Ted meeting the hunky professor and developing some self-confidence much earlier than canon, he's more than able to hold his own with Brian. We're proud of our favorite brunet for actually talking to Justin and issuing an apology - that's progress! :)

Dr Dave is completely enamored with Michael, and Brian quite likes it that way - the doc keeps his childhood friend occupied. We'll have to see whether Brian will take Michael to task or not; he's so used to Michael criticizing Justin that he tends to ignore it. You probably don't have much to worry about as far as Justin creating a comic book with Michael; he has neither the time nor the interest.

Sydney seems to be growing on everyone. :D We love the way she keeps wrong-footing Dixon. :D

It's horrid to be caught up with a WIP and waiting for the next chapter. :( We'll try to have a new installment for you soon. :)

~ KaBrynn


Reviewer: kellydeer Signed [Report This]
Date: Jun 02, 2018 10:47 pm Title: Chapter 30: Friday, December 1st

Operation twat retrieval! 😄 Love it!

Author's Response:

Brian is very clever with naming this campaign. :) Thank you for commenting. :)

~ KaBrynn

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