Story Submission Rules

Story Submission Rules

Copyright: All stories posted on Kinnetik Dreams must be original. No plagiarizing or copyright infringement permitted.

Fiction Only: Kinnetik Dreams is for fictional stories only. Advertising, spam, political postings, etc. are not permitted. Announcements may only be posted by administrators or with prior permission by the administrators. Violators will have their posts removed without warning. For non-fiction and other types of posts, please visit our Facebook Group page.

Email: It is an author’s responsibility to keep a functioning email address attached to their account on this site, so that administrators and readers may keep in contact.

Grammar & Spelling: Kinnetik Dreams welcomes authors of all skill levels, but authors should do their best to include correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The site administrators are not grammar police; however, administrators will request (by email) corrections in story submissions with a multitude of grammar and/or spelling errors. If no reply is received within seven (7) days, administrators reserve the right to delete the story. The goal of Kinnetik Dreams is to have a site that showcases a variety of quality stories, and authors can help by checking their stories carefully before submitting them. There are beta readers ready and willing to help out with mechanics. Please contact the administrators using the “Contact Us” feature or visit the message board if in need of a beta.

Validation: An author’s first story submission must be validated by an administrator. This is simply to check that all submission rules are being followed by a new author. We will do our best to validate stories in a timely manner, and generally validations will be completed within twelve (12) hours. After the first story has been posted, authors should not have to wait for validation.

Disclaimers: All story submissions must be accompanied by a complete disclaimer. If a suitable disclaimer is not included, the site administrators reserve the right to add a disclaimer. The best place for a disclaimer is in the “Story Notes” section. Example:

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Content Limitations: Not all stories may be appropriate for this site. Any content containing the following activities will not be accepted: bestiality, scat, golden showers, blood, gore, incest, and sexual relationships between adults and minors under the age of consent. All stories containing any such content will be removed from the site without notification.

Adult Content: Please be advised that many stories found on Kinnetik Dreams will have explicit adult content. Every effort will be made by administrators to ensure such content is rated correctly and that appropriate warnings are attached. The author is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their stories are appropriately rated and labeled, so that readers can find the stories they want to read.

Categories: Each author is responsible for posting their stories under the appropriate category. Subcategories and Warnings are useful to further advise readers of what’s in a story, or warn them of triggers and other story elements that some readers may object to. Please use them appropriately. Multiple Subcategories can be chosen when posting a story by clicking on the item in the listing on the left and then on the “>” arrow to add it to the selection box on the right. Multiple Genres, Pairings, and Warnings can be chosen by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on all of the applicable options. If there are any other tags not on our lists that should be added, please contact the site administrators.

Ratings: Stories must be appropriately rated for audience and content.

E = Stories appropriate for Everyone.

YA = Stories appropriate for Young Adults and up. May include some mild violence, strong language and non-graphic references to adult situations.

A = Stories appropriate for Adults 18 and older only. Includes any stories with major violence, extensive strong language, sex and references to adult situations.

M = Stories suitable for Mature audiences ONLY. Must be 18 years of age or older to access these stories. Includes any stories with graphic descriptions of sex, minors having sex, BDSM, other kink and anything else inappropriate for younger audiences.

Story Titles and Summaries: Please be sure that all story titles and accompanying summaries are “E” rated. Administrators will request (by email) any necessary edits or changes.

Pairings: We at Kinnetik Dreams are nothing if not open minded. We welcome all pairings from any fandoms; however, please be aware that the majority of Queer as Folk fanfiction stories center on the Brian/Justin pairing. Stories with other character pairings are very welcome here, but please tag story pairings so that readers can choose what they want to read more easily.

Original Fiction: Original fiction is always welcome on Kinnetik Dreams. The more creativity, the better!

Other Fandoms: When writing for a fandom outside of Queer as Folk, keep in mind that not all creators or authors allow fanfiction. Check out this list: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Professional_Author_Fanfic_Policies#Authors_Who_Discourage_Fanfic_About_Their_Work If there are any questions as to whether a certain property allows fanfiction, please contact site administrators.

Round Robin Stories: Round Robin stories are a special type of story written collaboratively by a group of authors. Check the “Round Robin” selection box when posting a Round Robin story. Be sure to note that the story is a Round Robin in the summary. For more information on what a Round Robin is, check out this article: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RoundRobin

Posting Limits: There are no story or chapter posting limits on Kinnetik Dreams. Let the creativity flow and allow the readers to enjoy it!

Drabbles: A drabble is a short piece of writing. While we encourage these types of stories, one- or two-liners are discouraged.

Banner Sizing: The maximum banner size to be used for stories is 600x250. This is the size that works best with our site and with most mobile applications. If a banner is outside these parameters, the administrators may have to resize it in order for the banner to work. We will try not to tamper with or otherwise limit creativity. Please try to keep to these guidelines. If there are any questions about banners or how to size them, please contact site administrators.

Personal Links: Please do not include an email address or links to social media pages in story notes. The appropriate place for those would be on the “Bio” page. Other links within a story are generally acceptable, provided they don’t violate the “Fiction Only” rule - i.e. please do not link to any commercial sites advertising to sell us something. Those types of links will be deleted by the site administrators. Links to videos, pictures, interesting articles that have a bearing on the story, or something along those lines are welcomed.

Multiple Chapters: Additional chapters from the same story should never be posted as separate stories. All chapters must be posted together using the “Add New Chapter” option on the “Edit Story” page. Contact administrators if there are any posting issues.

Story Ownership: Authors retain ownership rights to all of their stories, and may choose to share their stories on other websites or delete them from this website whenever they please.

Unfinished Stories: In order to maintain a clean and efficient site, when an author posts a story to Kinnetik Dreams, they agree to the following:

Any incomplete multi-chapter story not updated for two years and one day (731 days) will be placed into the “Abandoned” Category. The author may choose to allow another writer to finish the story; if this option is chosen, the story will be moved into the “Adoptable” Category, where another author may “adopt” and finish the story with credit to the original author.

Any incomplete multi-chapter story not updated for three years and one day (1096 days), without giving permission for adopting, is subject to be purged/deleted from this site.

Kinnetik Dreams administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as they deem necessary.