Red by MissMerlot

What happens when Justin continues to 'Play the Game'

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Chapter 1 by MissMerlot



Justin’s POV


The idea came to me a couple of weeks before.  It was after we had just finished in the shower and I was teasing him by finishing his sentences, he threatened to spank me if I did it again and foolishly I did and he gave me a stinging swat on across my right cheek.  I remember it was the right cheek for some reason.  Immediately I froze and he was so apologetic but one blow job later, I reassured him I was fine. But that night in bed I asked if he had ever spanked anyone and was surprised when he said he had but he had.  I made him tell me everything, as he pulled me into his arms so we could sleep, he asked me what my safe word would be if I ever got him riled up enough to take me over his knee.  I chuckled and sleepily said ‘red’.


Three weeks later




He tossed his drink down, frowning at my discomfort.




“Fuck the game.  Can we go home, just the two of us?”


He lowered his head and kissed me deeply, taking my breath away. Minutes later he took my hand pulling me alongside him, out of Babylon and home.


I woke up the next morning with slightly sore muscles as we had made love most of the night.


He was up and heading to work. Whistling, he came back into the bedroom and dropped a quick kiss on my head.


“See you tonight?”


“Yes – um, do you want to go out tonight?”


“Don’t I always?”  He smirked as he waltzed out of the loft.


I smiled as he shut the door and began to put my plan in place, because even though we “agreed” to end our game, I needed to play a bit more to see what he would do. Part of me was a bit scared and another excited. Swallowing that fear quickly, I got out of bed and packed a bag and headed to Daphne’s. She was surprised to see me but agreed to let me stay a while once she was reassured that all was well…we were not having another, as she eloquently put it, another queen-out moment!


As usual Babylon was heaving. We agreed to meet there and he was there before me in his usual spot, surveying the room like the legend he was.  I made sure that I didn’t catch his eye as I danced with a hot twink, but made sure he could see as I led him from the dance floor towards the backroom.


Brian’s POV


My heart stopped; “fuck the game” were the words that knifed into my heart and my knuckles tightened on the rail. So what the fuck was this!


“Hey, Bri, how you doing?”


Ted’s voice jolted me out of my shock. Plastering my trademark smirk on my face I turned to face him, as if my heart wasn’t breaking.


“Good, Theodore. It’s all good”


I left Babylon having been unable to find him.  Getting to the loft I slammed the door hard enough for it to bounce back open, before slamming it shut again.  I flung my coat across the room and grabbed my cell.  I got his voicemail.


“Where the fuck are you?”  I growled.


I sat down heavily and put my head in my hands.  I blinked back the tears then swallowed hard and allowed my hurt to be replaced by rage. This was the last time he’d be played for a fool!


Justin’s POV


I felt sick to my stomach. Apart from his message he did nothing. Even after three nights of watching me lead someone other than him to the backroom, he did nothing. Having long ditched guy number three, much to his annoyance, I headed homeward to find Daphne was still up.


“Hey, how was Babylon?”


“Daph…” Before I could finish the tears came and she rushed over to me.


“Tell me what’s happened. What is it?”


She led me to the sofa and still holding me, rocked me whilst I sobbed. When I calmed myself down I told her what I had done.


“What the fuck were you thinking?”


She stood up and glowered at me. I have never seen her look so mad.


“I didn’t fuck them.”


“But you let him think that you did!  You ended this game or whatever the fuck it was and then let him believe you were still playing?”


I nodded and closed my eyes then felt her sit down beside me. She pulled me close.


“Hoping to achieve what?”


“I can’t say!  It’s too…oh God!” I blushed scarlet. “I just wanted to push his buttons a bit because…”


Daphne cut me off.


“For fuck sake, Justin!  What did you want him to do?  Was it worth it?  You have to fix this. He thinks you lied to him and rubbed his face in it…again!  Brian may be a lot of things but the one thing he has never done is lie to you…”


“What about the cancer?” I stammered in an effort to defend myself.


“Oh no, you don’t get to use that one!  That was different and you know it. He was protecting you in his own stupid way!  What you saw is what you got with him!  You could lose him for good!  How could you be so fucking stupid?”


Her words hit home with the sickening realisation that I had hurt the one man I loved most in the world so cruelly over something equally ridiculous, almost made me cry again. I grabbed my coat and jammed my stuff into the bag.


“I would wish you luck, but you are going to need a whole lot fucking more than that!”


I made my way back to the loft thinking he would be out at Babylon, using his time-honoured pain management. Without turning on the light I put my coat and the bag in the bedroom. I made my way straight to the bathroom to wash my face and then headed to the kitchen for water. It wasn’t until I heard the lock click and the lights come on that I realised he was home.




Before I could finish he had crossed the space between us.  Although it seemed to take everything for him to stop from crashing into me and slamming me into the fridge. He put his hands in my hair and jerked my head back, so I could see the look of fury on his face, and the hurt in his eyes.




I tried to wriggle out of his grip because he had pulled me against him, holding me tight and lifting me off the floor.


“Why?” He demanded again.


“I didn’t do anything,” I stammered, but his sneer told me he didn’t believe me.




I managed to get one hand loose to try and touch his face, but he pulled back.


“I asked you why.”


“Please let me go so we can talk properly,” I whispered.


He put me on the floor but didn’t take his hand out of my hair or let go, but he did loosen his grip.


“So talk…”


“I wanted you to…”


“Don’t say it…”




“You wanted me to know how it felt…” he sneered.


I opened my mouth to speak but he tightened his grip on my hair, causing me to wince.


“Listen, you little twat. We agreed to stop and I stopped!  The one thing, the one thing I have never ever fucking done to you is lied, but you lied to me again!”


“No, I wanted…” I could feel the tears starting, but his eyes remained furious, cold and hurt.


“Tears?  Oh, don’t even pull that shit with me…”


“Please,” I whispered. “I promise you. I didn’t do anything…I promise you. I promise you…”


His eyes blazed down still, but his grip on my hair eased and slowly my body stopped trembling.


“Swear to me that you didn’t fuck them…” His voice was dangerously quiet.


“I swear…I swear I never did anything but drive you crazy.”


He smirked a little, rested his forehead on mine and let out a calming breath. He licked his lips and brushed a tear from my face with a trembling finger.


“If you…do you have any idea how?  Just…seriously don’t ever, ever fucking hur…do that again.”  He emphasised his last word by tightening his grip.


“Never. I promise I won’t but please listen. I need to explain…”


He cut me off by kissing me roughly, edging my trembling mouth open and plunging his tongue in, and for long minutes my mouth was tongue fucked by his.  He had picked me up in mid kiss and before I knew it we were in the bedroom. He set me down and then again wound his hands in my hair and jerked my head back.


“Don’t move.”


He let go of me and shut the doors to the bedroom…he stood behind me and slowly began to undo my jeans and pushed them down to my knees.


“Take them off and your shirt.”


I did so and went to remove my boxers.


“Leave them on and look at me…”


Slowly I turned around but kept my eyes at his chest.


“I said look at me…”


His eyes were still furious and hurt but the coldness was gone. I put my hands to his chest and started to unbutton his shirt, but he moved back and sat down on the bed, taking off all but his boxers.  He looked up and patted the spot beside him so I sat down. The silence was deafening, then suddenly he grabbed my wrists and pulled me across his lap and yanked down my boxers. I yelped in surprise.  I tried to pull free but he was too strong. I heard the air whistle as his hand descended, then the flash of pain. The heat spread and I opened my mouth in shock and jerked forward, crying out and trying to pull myself off his lap.


He snickered and pulled me further across before spanking me again, as I helplessly writhed and tried to jerk my wrists free to no avail.


“Brian!  Ow!  Oh, Christ!  Brian, stop, I. Wait, wait please…no, no. You…no!”


He didn’t seem to hit the same spot twice. He was merciless…his hand was like stone causing me to grunt, curse, buck and bounce but miraculously I managed to pull free and land with a painful thud on the floor. I scrambled back towards the bathroom, my boxers hampering my movements. He didn’t follow and I thought that was it. He had made his point, we were even.  Wrong. He towered above me and grabbed my wrists again and dragged me back towards the bed. I whimpered but he still pulled me back over his lap.


“I am far from done with you…”


But then he stopped, as my erection rubbed against his thigh.


“You weren’t supposed to like that.”


I blushed and looked up at him. He frowned and then a small smirk tugged at his lips.


“Remember red?”  He whispers in my ear.  “Now stand up. You are wearing far too much.”


He pulled my boxers off and then pulled me, once again, across his lap…I braced myself but instead he tugged at my hair until I turned over and then he kissed me, bending my head back so that he could ravage my mouth fully.


“I could gag you…”


“Uh, um what…?”  I panted as his hand stroked the inside of my thigh.


“I said, I could gag you so you can’t speak.”


My eyes flew open and before I could speak he silenced me with another searing kiss, my heart hammering in my chest.


“Now, where was I?  Ah yes, your ass is going to be very sorry…and afterwards…”


“Afterwards?”  I squeaked.


“Yep…you get what you want and I get what I want.”


He placed a cushion between us and grabbed both my wrists, holding me firmly down.


Before I knew it his hand landed. I jerked and bounced as he spanked me, causing my cock to rub against the cushion. I ground my hips in an effort to give me release, noticing he stopped and pulled the cushion away. Breathing heavily, he turned me over, kissing me again and lightly running his fingers over my cock. I squirmed as my ass stung and tore my mouth from his.




“On your knees and keep still.”


Finally, I thought, it’s over, as he licked down my spine but he began again…with less force and stroking my cock at the same time. I gripped the sheets my knuckles bone white and biting my lip as my senses bounced between pleasure and pain.  I felt his hands gently stroking my ass, I shook in an effort to keep still, and slowly he parted my cheeks and began to rim me.


Jerking forward I yelped, but forced myself to keep still


“Oh my God!  Mmm, that feels so…. Oh jeez, Brian!  Brian!”


For ten minutes he tortured me, bringing me closer and closer but not close enough. Finally he stopped. My arms quivered and I released the sheets.


“Be right back…now close your eyes.”


He got off the bed and left the room. I almost collapsed on the bed but held my position.  I could hear him return, the hiss of a bottle being opened and the glug as it was poured.


“Lie down.” At first it didn’t register. “I said, lie down.”


I collapsed onto the bed, relishing the coolness of the sheets against my heated skin.


“Turn over and keep still.”


He crashed his lips to mine. I wound my fingers through his hair and moaned as his lips bruised mine. He ground his hips into me, causing me to whimper, but then his kiss softened. He gently sucked on my upper lip, moved his lips down to my throat and then proceeded to kiss and lick every part of me he knew so well. Except the one part of me that needed it most. I squirmed and wriggled, wincing as my ass stung.


“Keep still. That way your ass won’t hurt so much.”


I stilled my movements.


“Now for what I want.”


He moved down to my legs, and at last he wrapped his mouth round me, sucked and licked. I gripped the pillows.


“Oh!  Mmm!  Yes!  Yes!”


He released my cock swiftly and I groaned with frustration. Then he pushed my legs apart and, after wrapping his hands round my thighs to keep me still, began his masterly tongue work, skimming his tongue over my sensitive opening and then swirling his tongue inside me.


I gasped his name, begging him to give me release. In answer his nails ghosted across my ass briefly rendering me silent but as he continued to torment me I cried out.


“Brian!  Please, Brian!  Oh!   Oh, Christ!  I…aaaah!  Ah!”


I could feel tears of frustration but blinked them back, hoping he hadn’t noticed. He stopped and sat between my legs. I gasped and panted as he reached over and slipped on a lubed condom, before sliding carefully into me in one smooth movement.


“Aaaaah!  Oh m-my God!  Brian!  Brian!  P-please I, oh, God!”


He was slow and deep, my legs quaked and my toes curled. He grunted and buried his face in my neck, biting the flesh, leaving a mark. Then he held my hips still and deepened his thrusts.


“Oh, please, it’s too much. I can’t. I can’t…aaahh!”


“Christ, so good!” He grunted as he continued to thrust into me.


“Uh…pl-please…I need…oh!”


Blindly I reached for my cock but he slapped my hands away, pinning them above my head, causing me to arch in frustration.


“Please!  Brian, please!”


Gripping my hips he sped up and then I splintered into a million pieces. I called his name whilst he held me tight, making me feel the full force of my pleasure.


“Uh!  Oh fuck!  I, uh I, God, aaahh, God, Brian!”


He followed, swiftly howling as I spasmed round his shaft and collapsed on top of me. Minutes later he got up and went to the bathroom as I lay there gasping for breath. He watched me from the door with an amused expression before approaching the bed with a washcloth. He gently cleaned me up, wiping my chest and stomach before heading back to the bathroom to rinse the washcloth and then clean my still hard cock.


He didn’t look at me, concentrating on his task at hand. My breath hitched as the warmth and roughness of the cloth and his pressure caused me to wriggle and moan.


“Stay still…I have to get every little bit,” he murmured.


He started to move quicker swirling the cloth over my cock.  I arched my back as I could feel the orgasm starting to flood my body.


“Oh Christ!  Ah, oh God!  Oh!”


He watched me with hooded eyes as I came down from my second orgasm. He got up and went back to the bathroom and again he gently cleaned me up. I sighed and closed my eyes.


“Can I see?”  He gently tried to turn me over. “Please, can I see?”


I turned over and heard him whistle and whisper, “Oh fuck…shit.”


I looked at my ass and it was marked with his fingers.


“No,” I whispered.  “It’s okay…”


“Fuck that, it is not…”




He fell silent and looked at me,


“Why didn’t you stop me?”                                                     


“Because I, um I…I have, um, well, um, wanted…wondered…but I thought you might think…”


I trailed off and my face flushed again and I looked down.  Again the room went very quiet. He tilted my chin up and sighed.


“Stay there.”


He got up and went to the bathroom and got back onto the bed, patting his thighs. A flicker of confusion crossed my face when he held up the bottle of lotion.


“This will help.”


He moved to the centre of the bed and I lay across his lap. I heard the cap open and then the cooling lotion hit my skin. I sighed as he rubbed it in gently. Some of the redness had started to fade, but it was still tender and I wriggled and winced a bit.


He chuckled. It was a relief to hear him laugh as he continued to apply the lotion. Gently he parted my cheeks and applied lotion there. I gasped at the coldness and jerked forward, I could feel my cock coming to life and then his hand in the small of my back gently holding me still. I turned to look at him. He was applying lotion to his fingers and seconds later those fingers were inside me.


“Brian.” I moaned out his name and again gripped the sheets.


“Shush…and keep still.”


“Yeah, right” I panted. “How can I?  When you are doing that like…ah, oh mmm uh…that!”


I groaned and pulled a pillow under my head. I bit down and continued to writhe in his lap, pushing back to get him to hit the spot.


But he wouldn’t…and then he stopped, gently removed his fingers and whispered, “Lie down.” He tugged at my hips. “Lie down.”


I got up and lay down flat, only to feel his hands on my hips pulling me up onto my knees. I sighed into the pillows, as I heard the wrapper rip, which was good as the squeal I let out when he slid into me was muffled, but not enough. He stopped immediately.


“Oh!  Oh!” I panted and pushed back towards him to deepen him more.


He began to thrust again, the lotion helping his movements, helping him go deeper than before.


“God! Oh God!”  He groaned.


He pulled me tight to him and pushed my legs further, apart allowing him to go deeper and almost lifting me off the bed with each thrust.


“Uh, oh, oh, Brian. So good. Oh God!”


Grunting, he reached round and wrapped his slicked hand round me and stroked me in time with his thrusts, and then he stopped and withdrew.


“Turn over…”


I did so and he lifted my legs, plunging into me again. He timed his thrusts and strokes perfectly but wasn’t hitting the spot I needed for release and not stroking me hard enough.


Then he looked at me and started to speed up.


“Brian I need to!  Please, I need to!  I am b-b-begging!”


He let go of my legs and reared up, grabbing my hands and pinning them beside my head. I wrapped my legs tightly round his waist and he silenced my scream of pleasure by kissing me hard. I unwound my legs and tried to raise my hips but failed. I sank back into the bed, shuddering as his hips pumped harder and harder, and then he changed position and hit that spot.


We have had amazing sex but nothing prepared me for this!


“Wider.”  He grunted, continuing to piston into me.


I spread my legs further, and he let go of my wrists, turning slightly so one hand worked my cock and the other pulled my head back, exposing my throat to his mouth.


“Fuck. Oh fuck, Brian!  Uh, don’t stop.”


I gasped and shuddered with each thrust and each stroke. I raked my fingers through his hair and down his back. He hissed as I dug my nails into his ass.


“Brian!  Oh fuck, Brian!  Ah yes! Oh, God. I can’t take anymore, please!”


“Then come for me…” he growled and thrust into me one more time.


I arched my neck as my third orgasm took hold, gasping and gulping as my body spasmed and the warmth of my seed flowed over my stomach, Then I felt him go rigid and watched as he threw his head back,


“Justin!  Jesus, Justin!  God!”


Then the world went black. I could feel his fingers brushing my damp hair out of my eyes.  He grabbed the glass and pulled me to sit up. I winced as my ass stung still.


“Drink this…slowly.”


He held the glass and I gratefully drank, draining the glass. He put it on the table and looked at me. I could not hold his gaze and turned my face as the tears of humiliation and despair began to fall. He turned my face back and pulled me closer to him. I lowered my head to his chest and sobbed. He waited until I finally stopped.


“Three for three?”




A slow sexy smile spread across his face.


“Well, I thought I would give you the orgasms you missed out on last week.”


I covered my face with my hands, groaning.


“Okay so…why didn’t you just ask?”


I felt the heat douse my face and I realised how stupid I had been.


“I don’t know. I thought you…”


“What?  That I would say no?”


“Well, the way you reacted the last time…”


“Okay I’ll give you that.  But we’ve fucked almost everywhere and almost everyone. We have an extensive array of toys!”


I flinched at his tone and he took another breath.


“I making you happy in bed and if being flung across my knee, giving you a good spanking and then pile driving you into the mattress makes you happy then…”


“I’m sorry.”


“Apologise one more time and I am spanking you so hard, you won’t sit down for a week!”




I paled, but the only thing he did was pull the covers over us and stroke my hair.




“I heard you but you get a stay of execution…”


“For now?”


“Mmm…for now”



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