Love is Bullshit... Right? by ZoeyQaF

It's hard for Brian to kick Justin out. Once he does, does he let him back in? Will he be worth the emotions and the challenges to come?

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Chapter 1: Love really is Bullshit by ZoeyQaF
Author's Notes:

Will Brian fix his mistakes?

Justin gasps “uhh, it's cold”


“Don't worry, it'll heat up” Brian says looking down and into the beautiful blue eyes. He lines himself up with Justin and pushes in slowly until he passes the first ring of muscle.


“Ahh… it hurts...d-does it always hurt?” Justin said as his face is scrunched up from the pain. He then looks at Brian, he's eyes full of trust and lust.


“A little bit, but that's a part of it” Brian leans in to kiss the beautiful and succulent lips of the blonde in front of him. He hears Justin's groan when he pushes in until he is all the way in. “Now relax, I want you to always remember this…. so that no matter who you're ever with...I'll always be there” He leaned in again to kiss Justin and started thrusting harder as he could hear more moans of pleasure and could see the kids face start to relax.


Justin was on cloud nine as Brian fucked him slowly and then quickened his thrusts. He never knew he could feel this good, this turned on. He threw his head to the side as he felt Brian push against his prorate. “Oh.. oh god. B-Brian… do that again” Justin didn't care how desperate he sounded.


Brian thrust deep into Justin to try and hit his prostate again. He was able to hit it on every thrust, making Justin lose all control he had. “Fuck…. Brian, you're so big” Justin reached up to hold onto Brian's arms and pull him down to kiss him. He sucked on Brian's tongue as he was now pounding into him, trying to get them both to reach their climax. Justin moaned into Brian's mouth as he could feel the shivers running down his body. Brian pulled away from the kiss and held Justin's arms above his head while he pounded Justin as hard and as deep as he could that you could hear his balls slapping against Justin's ass. “Mmppff, fuck're so tight”


“Mmm, yeah? Do you like my tight little ass Brian?” Justin has a mischievous look in his eyes before he closed them shut to let the feelings once again take over his body.


Brian didn't expect that from Justin as just a couple of minutes ago he was this shy little virgin. But he wasn't going to argue as it turned him on so much that it made him cum faster than he expected.


The sound of Brian's orgasm was music to Justin's ears. He tugged on his rock-hard cock and came all over his hand and his stomach. Brian moaned again as he felt Justin's muscles cramp around his now sensitive cock and yelled out his name as he thrust slowly in Justin. Once they had both reached their climax and calmed down slightly to get their breathing in control, Brian pulled out slowly and saw Justin flinch. He pulled off the condom, tied it up and chucked it into the trash. He then slowly leaned his face towards Justin's cock and saw the boy's eyes bulge. He swiped his tongue over the slit of Justin's now softening cock. “Fuck Brian.” Justin jerked at the feeling of wetness on his cum covered cock. Brian tasted Justin and he thought he had never tasted anything as tasty as this blonde boy in front of him. He licked at the slit again, keeping eye contact with Justin. He then slowly opened his mouth and sucked on the head slowly, tasting more of Justin. “Mmm” he moaned and hummed with Justin's cock in his mouth. “You taste good” Brian swiped his tongue once more over the slit and then pushed his body forward and on top of Justin. Justin wrapped his arms around the brunet and pulled him in for a kiss. They made out for a while until Brian pulled away to lay next to the blond. “That was hot” Brian looked over at Justin who was just getting his breathing back to normal.


“Yeah… it was, amazing” Justin replied as Brian smirked.


“Shower?” Brian asked Justin and Justin just nodded his head in response.




Brian had taken Justin back to his loft on the Friday night, and it was now early Sunday morning. He didn't know why he let Justin stay as he has never done that before. He told himself it was because he had such a great ass and he was just trying to get his full share of it. He ignored the foreign feelings he might be feeling for Justin and told himself he needed to kick the kid out before people started to notice it. Even worse, they might question if he is still the Stud of Liberty Avenue.


As they both had a long and hard night before hand he found himself drifting in and out of sleep. He must have finally fell completely asleep as next thing he knew, he was woken up with a hot and wet feeling around his morning wood. He looked down to see Justin sucking his cock greedily, nearly taking his full length into his talented mouth. For some reason, he had looked at the boy’s hands that were stroking his length deliciously and noticed they had cuts and/or scratches on. He wondered where they had come from as they seemed recent and looked like they hurt. He looked back up into Justin’s eyes and the kid must of seen he had gotten distracted as suddenly Justin swallowed his full length and he forgot about his hands.


“Mmppff… fuck Justin.” Brian reached his hand down and grabbed a handful of the golden locks to encourage him to keep going.


Justin swallowed Brian's load with no problem and kept on licking and sucking his cock until Brian had to pull him away from his now sensitive cock and pull him down for a kiss.


“Mmm.. you taste so good” Justin chuckled into Brian's mouth.


Brian smirked and let Justin lay on top of him while peppering him with kisses.


Brian forgot about his little plan to kick him out in that moment but promised himself he would do it later tonight.




As Sunday night came around, Brian and Justin had just finished probably one of the best fucks they have had yet. Brian got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom, hoping to have some time to think about how to tell Justin to leave. However, Brian realised Justin had gotten up to follow him into the bathroom. Brian realised that he would have to tell Justin to leave now before it got even more difficult. He didn't understand why it was so hard for him to kick this boy out though, it's basically second nature to kick last night’s fuck out. But with Justin it was different. Fuck, Brian thought. I guess it's gotta be done. Brian turned around to face him and stopped him with putting his hand out in front of Justin. “No, I'm going to shower and you're leaving.”


Justin was taken back by this. He froze in his spot and didn't know what to do or say, so he eventually laughed it off. “Very funny Brian. Come on, let's go fuck in the shower.” Justin said with a smirk on his face and stepped towards Brian, reaching his hands around the brunet’s waist.


Brian thought about it but then reminded himself he needed to get rid of this tri...get rid of Justin. He didn't know why but he couldn't call Justin a trick... even though that's what he was, right? He grabbed Justin's hands from around his waist and almost threw them back into Justin. “No, like I just said. I'm going to take a shower and you are going to get your shit and leave.”


“But… w-why? Did I do something wrong? Have I upset you?” Justin asked with a hurt and confused emotion on his face.


Brian didn't like the feeling in his stomach, almost as if it was guilt. Come on Kinney, don't let this blonde get to you. You're Brian “fucking” Kinney. Brian looked Justin dead in the eye. “We're not a couple Justin!” He yelled. “We fucked, had fun and now it's over. I've had you and now I'm moving on, just like you should.”


Ouch, that hurt, Justin thought. He honestly didn't know what to do or how to react, so he just stood there staring at Brian.


“Come on Justin, jeez! I have plans tonight. Get your stuff and get the fuck out!” Brian was starting to get annoyed that Justin wasn't listening to him. Well he thought that was why he was getting annoyed. He did have a feeling that he was annoyed at himself for doing this to Justin but he wouldn't accept that, he couldn't. He didn't do relationships or anything like that. Being tough with him was the only way to make Justin listen...right?


“But... I- I don't want to go Brian. I... I- I lov…” Justin couldn't finish what he was about to say as he heard the cockiest little snort from Brian. He looked at Brian, red cheeks showing his embarrassment but also, he started to feel angry that Brian seemed to be making fun of him…. how dare he, Justin thought.


“What, you love me?” Brian said in a questioning, condescending tone of voice. “Love is bullshit Justin. There's nothing between us! Like I said: We. Fucked.” He said slowly and pronounced every syllable as if he thought Justin couldn't understand him.  Seeing the hurt look on Justin's face was so difficult to look at. But the kid still wasn't moving. “Look, Justin. I don't believe in love, I believe in fucking. It's honest… it's efficient. You get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. Love is just something straight people tell themselves they are in so that they can get laid. And then they get hurt because it was all based on lies to begin with. So, if that's what you want, go and find yourself a cute little girl and get married.”


“But that's not what I want! I-I want you!” Justin's eyes were full of tears as he was pleading Brian not to do this.


“You can't have me, I'm too ol... you're too young for me.” Brian was starting to get frustrated that he was having this conversation. He's Brian Kinney for fucks sake. He needed to get rid of Justin, he doesn't do relationships...fuck why is he finding it so hard to kick Justin out?! Come on Kinney just treat him like the kid he is and he'll get the memo.


With a sigh, he decided this conversation needed to end. “Look you have a nice ass and a very talented mouth and I've had my share of it. So now that I'm done with you, you can leave. Bu-bye.” Brian saw the hurt in Justin's eyes and felt that same feeling in his gut and had to swallow the lump that appeared in his throat as he started to see tears form in the blonde's eyes.


Justin let the tears fall from his eyes as he looked at Brian once more. The man he thought was the one for him just turned out to be the man he thought he would never want to see again. He turned around and started to reach for his clothes. He didn't look at Brian once while he put on his clothes, realising what he thought they had was over…. if it ever even was a “thing”. He grabbed his phone from the bedside table and slowly walked down the few stairs that connected Brian's bedroom to the rest of his loft, still not looking at Brian.


Brian hadn't gone into the bathroom, for some reason he was watching Justin's every move. He felt like complete shit for the way he just treated Justin. He didn't know why though...he was just a fuck, that's all. That's all it will ever be for him, right? By now he would have been half way through his shower not caring about the trick he had just told to fuck off, but he just couldn't move from the place he was in. He almost felt frozen. Seeing that look on Justin's face was something he had never seen before, maybe except from himself. Oh, come on Brian, man up! He is just a kid who doesn't know what's good for him. Brian turned to look towards Justin who was grabbing his jacket from the sofa, still not looking at him once.


“Have you got a lift home?” Brian had no idea why he had just asked him that. Why should he care?


Justin didn't answer or even turn around, he just put on his jacket then opened the door and shut it behind him, tears still falling down his cheeks.


“FUCK!” Brian felt like complete shit. He suddenly felt like he shouldn't have done that. But why should he care? “Oh, fuck this!” Brian went over to his kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Beam. This should help, right? He thought as he took multiple gulps of the drink. He slammed it down in the kitchen counter and went to finally have his shower.


Justin took the stairs down rather than the lift, he got to the lobby and walked out the door. Once he was out he broke, he burst into tears and couldn't stop from shaking and finding it hard to breathe. Was he having a panic attack? No of course not, that would be stupid. Yet he couldn't stop shaking and was finding it hard to breathe so he sat down on the path, holding himself as it was slightly chilly in the air tonight and tried to wait until he calmed down before even trying to go back home. Still shaking 5 minutes later he got his phone out and called Daphne, but as soon as he dialed her number his phone ran out of battery. “F-ffuuckk.” He was still sobbing and shaking. He felt like a complete idiot. Why did he let that beautiful man get to him? Why did he let him talk to him like that?


He finally started to get his breathing under control when a shorter man with black hair passed him.


“Hey buddy, you alright there?” Michael asked looking down at, probably what he thought to be one of the most beautiful pair of blue eyes he had ever seen, although they were slightly red and teary.


“I-I'mm f..fine. Thanksss.” Justin replied to the man and looked back away.


“Did you need help or anything? You look like you're having a panic attack or something?” Michael was genuinely concerned about this young-looking boy. Why was he sitting outside when the weather wasn't the warmest?


“No, hon... honestly...I... I'm fine.” Justin stood up ready to walk away but collapsed back down to the ground as he got light headed from all the hyperventilating and trying to get his breathing back in control.


“Shit...erm kid? You alright?” Michael asked as he knelt down trying to see if the blond was unconscious.


Just as Justin opened his eyes again, he heard the man calling for… Brian? He covered his eyes with his hands, rubbing his face to try to help him focus.


“Brian thank god you're here...what took you so long?” Michael started to walk up towards Brian to start pulling him closer to the kid.


“What's up Mikey?” Brian was confused as to why his friend sounded so worried. He was always fashionably late. I guess he was even later though as he had found himself just sitting in his bed thinking about Justin and how he treated him. But he concluded that it was just all a part of his role as the Stud of Liberty Avenue, right?


“Woody’s will still be open when we get there, don't worry.” Brian said as he closed the door behind him just before Mikey pulled him away.


“We gotta call an ambulance or something for this kid, he just collapsed and was shaking and finding it hard to breathe beforehand. I don't know what's wrong with him as he wouldn't tell me…” Michael said walking over to Justin. When they stood beside Justin, Michael was looking up to his best friend hoping him to be the superhero of the night and help.


Justin sat up slowly holding his head. He stood up slowly and looked at Brian. Before Brian could do or even say anything, Justin started to walk away. He stumbled on the floor again as he stepped off the pavement and onto the road, still feeling a bit dizzy. Brian and Michael ran to help him up but Justin shoved Brian away. He didn't say anything as he was trying to get up. Brian then went to help him again and Justin pushed him away hard. “DON’T fucking touch me.” Justin yelled as he got up. Brian was taken back by Justin. Shit Brian thought as he saw Justin stumble away.


Brian was stuck in his thoughts as he stared at Justin stumbling away in such a state. Could he really have done this to him? Make him feel so low that he was having some sort of panic attack? I didn't realise it hurt him so much… Brian thought. It was just a fuck! That's all it was. All it was meant to be! Brian got pulled back out of his thoughts as he heard Michael’s voice call him.


“Come on Bri! We have to get him some help.” Michael looked at Brian and then started to walk towards Justin who was trying to walk away. “At least let me get you a cab or something?” Michael caught up with him.


“I'm fine.” Justin said under his breath, barely audible.


“Justin… let me take you home.” Brian said, feeling very responsible for what just happened. He shouldn't though, right? He doesn't care about his fucks and tri..he still couldn't call Justin a trick. Why was he trying to help Justin? He should just go to Woody’s with the gang and fuck deep into the night…right?


Justin just carried on walking (well stumbling) and ignored Brian. He wasn't going to let Brian in again, wasn't going to forgive him for what he had said. After treating him like he was so special, taking care of him, laughing with suddenly kicking him out with no remorse. Treating him like all he was, was a fuck when he knew damn well he was more than that to Brian… Well at least he thought he was. No, there was no way he would ever let that happen again.


“How do you know his na…. oh Brian. Don't tell me this is one of your tricks?!” Michael loudly whined causing even more attention to the trio, which Justin nor Brian wanted at all.


“” Brian sounded hesitant. “He’s... he...” Brian got cut off by Justin.


“Yeah I'm just one of his tricks. He fucked me aaallll weekend long” Justin was starting to feel his cheeks burn from anger as he turned around to face the two older men, not caring what anyone thought of him at this moment. He practically yelled at them. “I let him take my virginity and I guess he just liked my all too tight ass as he couldn't seem to get enough… well you know... he’s had his share of it now, so just like he told me I'm fucking off out of his life. Don't worry Brian, you won't have to ever deal with me again. Thanks for showing me love really is just bullshit and I can't trust anyone in my fucking life.” Justin barely took a breath whilst shouting and felt dizzy again. He turned away to walk and yet again slumped on the floor. This time he didn't even bother moving, just let his anger disappear and all the crushed and hurt feelings come back and over take him. He just layed there huddled up, holding himself to make him look even smaller than he already is. He just stayed there, on the cold cement crying.


Brian watched as the beautiful blond fell to the floor once again. He slowly walked over to him, pushing Michael out the way as he tried to stop him. He felt tears in his eyes as he watched the weak body on the ground shaking from the crying. He bent down and placed his hand on Justin's back. “J..Justin…” Brian's voice was shaky, and he hated that he couldn't hide it. “Justin… please let me take you home.” Brian was trying to move Justin so he could sit up and was thankful but also worried that he complied and let Brian move his body. Justin felt too weak to fight against him anymore tonight, so he let Brian move his body so they were facing each other. However, Justin refused to look into the beautiful hazel eyes that he had desperately fallen in love with. He couldn't believe he still felt love for this man. After what he had done to could he even say the word love?


“Come on Justin, let’s get you home.” Brian's voice was barely above a whisper as he picked Justin up and walked him towards his jeep.


Michael chose to stay quiet as he helped open one of the back doors to the jeep so Brian could place him inside.


“What's your address?” Brian waited but there was no response. Justin was laying down in the back of the jeep, he wasn't going to acknowledge Brian. He just couldn't. “Justin, please.” There was still no answer.


Michael finally chose to speak up. “Justin, we just want to take you home so you can get some rest.” He tried to sound apologetic on behalf of Brian as he could only guess what had happened between them.


But alas, still no answer.


Michael and Brian looked at each other having no idea what to do. Until Michael thought of a place he could take him. The diner. His Ma would be able to talk to him… hopefully.


Michael pulled Brian a bit closer so he could tell him his plan. “What about taking him to Ma? She might be able to get him to talk?”


Brian thought it was a pretty good idea as Debbie could get almost anyone to talk. But then he knew he would get a scolding from her. But he also didn't care, he felt he kind of deserved it for what he had done to Justin. Plus, it was the only idea they had come up with. He didn't know why but he still had that feeling in his stomach which made him feel like he didn't want Justin to just go. He wanted him to be a part of his life. What the hell is happening to you Kinney? He thought.


“Yeah, good idea Mikey.” Brian replied and they both got into the jeep and towards the diner.



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Hey guys!

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