La Petite Mort by NoChaser

A little death can be an awesome thing. 

Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor
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Story Notes:

I own nothing but the lust. All recognizable characters and situations are the sole property of Cowlip and Showtime, et al. 

1. Chapter 1 by NoChaser

Chapter 1 by NoChaser



He knew he was going to die. Could sense the inevitability of it as the weapon stabbed him over and over. Could feel the sweet life pulsing out of him, burning wet on his skin, and cried out for the eventuality of his fate.

Oh, god, he prayed to die again and again and again.

He turned to his killer. Smiled and caressed the weapon of his own destruction.

"Kill me again?"


Brian reached for another condom.

End Notes:

*La Petite Mort (the little death) is a French euphemism for orgasm. ;)    

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