Killing Brian Kinney by SLHR

Justin gets a new teacher his senior year of high school. Things take a dark turn after he starts a relationship with the man.

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Meeting the Teacher by SLHR




The moment he laid eyes on him, he was in love. Love at first sight, he had always laughed at that saying. But it was the truth. The first day he walked into his senior AP English class…he was gone. Standing there in front of the board was the most beautiful man he had ever seen. If he had known about him, he probably wouldn’t have skipped the first day of school the day before.

Usually, he would take a seat near the back to pass notes to Daphne. But now he wanted to be as close to the gorgeous man as possible. Seeing the girls vying for the front seats, he saw he wasn’t the only one. Daphne giggled as she sat beside him.

“Alright class, settle down. I’m going to take roll, then we’ll get to it. For those of you who skipped yesterday,” he said, his eyes landing on Justin, who blushed. “I am Mr. Brooks.”

Justin hung on every word the man said. He tried harder than he had in any class after that. Academics had always came easy to him, he never really had to study before. But this time he wanted to be the best in the class. He wanted Mr. Brooks to notice him above everyone else.

It was three weeks into class when Mr. Brooks asked him to stay behind in class.

“Thank you for waiting, Mr. Taylor. I just had some concerns with your writing.”

Justin’s eyes bulged. Something was wrong with his writings? He had tried so damn hard though.

“What do you mean?”

“On the surface everything is written well and well thought out. But I can’t help but notice, there is no feelings behind the words.”

No feelings behind the words. What the hell did that mean?

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m not following.”

While Mr. Brooks went on and on about literature having to mean something, all Justin could concentrate on was his wedding ring. He wondered what the man’s wife was like. Was she smart like Mr. Brooks? Or was she some ditzy woman?

“Are you listening to me?” Mr. Brooks asked, jolting Justin out of his thoughts.

The look on his face must have given him away. Instead of getting mad at him though, Mr. Brooks just smiled and shock his head.

“How about this, why don’t you come over to my place tonight and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Justin blinked, not knowing what to say. Being alone with Mr. Brooks was almost too good to be true. But it was just school work, it wasn’t as though Mr. Brooks knew his feelings for him. And it was for sure that the man didn’t feel the same way about him.

“Alright,” he said a little giddily.

Mr. Brooks wrote his number and address down on a sheet of paper. Justin shoved it in his bookbag with out looking.

As he reached for the door Mr. Brooks called to him.

“Oh, and Justin, let’s just keep this between ourselves. The school can get a little out of sorts about somethings.”

He didn’t really like the higher ups at the school anyway. They didn’t so shit about bullying. Also, it wasn’t that big of a secret, just a teacher helping a student in his off time.

That night he stood outside the building, his nerves jingling. He didn’t know why he was so out of sorts. It was just school work. It wasn’t like the man knew about his feelings. That would be humiliating if he did. Justin didn’t think he could stand the shame of people knowing he was gay. He had known it for a while, but hadn’t even told anyone. Though, his best friend Daphne suspected… at least he guessed.

He buzzed the intercom for the number written down on the paper.

“Yes,” the voice of Mr. Brooks rang out.

“It’s Justin. Justin Taylor,” he said before rolling his eyes. Could he be any more of a dork?

“Come on up, Justin.”

The door unlocked, and Justin went in. He chose the stairs because the lift looked a little dodgy. Mr. Brooks was standing in front of the door when he arrived. Justin had never seen a door like it before. Instead of opening forward, it was a sliding door. It made him wonder what the building was before it was turned into a residence.

Following Mr. Brooks in, his mouth dropped open. Everything was sleek and new. White furniture, a bedroom that looked like it was in middle of the room that was just a few steps up. It was surrounded by distorted glass. Hardwood floors. The whole thing looked like it was out of some magazine.

“Wow, you can afford this on a teacher’s salary?” he blurted out. Closing his eyes in embarrassment, he muttered, “I’m sorry.”

“No problem. While I make more than I would at a public school, you’re right. I don’t even come close to making this kind of money. My husband is the real money maker in this house.”

Justin couldn’t help but let his jaw drop. Mr. Brooks was gay. Not only that he was married to a man. “Wow, I had no idea,” he said dumbly.

“Well, I don’t go advertising it. Being a male teacher already has a stigma. That’s why I decided to teach seniors. At least then I couldn’t be looked at like a child molester for just talking to a student.”

That sort of made sense, he guessed. Although in his whole school life in private school he had more male teachers than female. He never thought it was weird or odd.

“So, what does your husband do?” Justin asked to change the subject.

“He’s an Advertising Executive, one of the youngest and best that Ryder has.”

“That’s great.” Not knowing what else to say, he just stood in the same spot, waiting for Mr. Brooks to start talking about his writing assignments.

“I bet you’re wondering what we’re doing here,” Mr. Brooks said suddenly.

Justin blushed. “A little.” Earlier it made more sense but now he just couldn’t think of what Mr. Brooks need to explain that he couldn’t in the classroom.

“Well, in truth, it has nothing to do with your writing.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No, I just wanted to be alone with you.”

That gave Justin an uneasy feeling in his stomach. Not that he didn’t want to be alone with Mr. Brooks but that was normal. Kids got crushes on teachers all the time. Hell, one of those old bands his mom listens too even sang a song about it. But why did Mr. Brooks want to be alone with him?

“Really? Why?”

“Because, since the first moment I saw you, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.”

“Oh. But what about your husband?”

“Brian and I have an open relationship. We both knew even though we wanted to be together, we didn’t need locks on our doors.”

Justin didn’t know what that meant but he guessed it meant they could sleep around. But being his English teacher’s one-night stand didn’t really sit well with him.

“I’m flattered, I really am. But I kind of wanted a boyfriend the first time I had sex.”

“I can be your boyfriend.”

It didn’t make any sense, he had a husband. “I-I think I better leave.”

Mr. Brooks suddenly smiled. “That’s okay. I thought you were older and mature. I get it though, I really do. We’ll go back to everything the same on Monday.”

He was calling him a silly kid. That was the only reason Justin turned around and walked back to him. To prove that he wasn’t some little kid. If he’d known that one decision would led to disaster, he would have run the other way.

The next few weeks passed, and he was in a fog. Brandon had taken over all of his thoughts. It wasn’t just that he was his first, it was that he was so caring and loving. Justin felt so bad for Brandon the more he learned about Brian. Brian had asked Brandon to marry him just to piss off his best friend. He went through with it for spite. Brandon said he only stuck around hoping that one-day Brian would truly love him. He said he was close to giving up a losing fight.

It had been so easy to fall for Brandon after the rocky start. He really was the very best person he had ever met. That being said, it was getting hard to keep their secret. Even though Brandon and his husband had an open relationship, Justin couldn’t come over when Brian was there…that would be weird. Thankfully, Brian was away on business quite a bit.

One Friday morning, Justin got the shock of his life. He walked into his AP English and saw Brandon. That wasn’t shocking part, it was the black eye he was sporting that shocked him. It took everything in him to not run to Brandon and find out what happened.

“Mr. Brooks, what happened?” Leslie Michaels asked.

“I ran into a door,” he said shortly. “Okay, class, we’re doing silent reading today.”

Justin waited for Brandon to make eye contact with him. It didn’t happen. After class he stayed after to talk to him.

“Go home, Justin,” Brandon said without looking up.

“No, I need to know what happened.”

“Nothing happened. Go home, Justin.”

“You’re lying. Brandon, you can tell me. What happened?”

Brandon’s face turned a shade of red he never saw before. “Brian happened. Are you happy now?”

Justin was taken aback by the venom in Brandon’s voice. Then the words hit him. Brian had blacked his eye. Brian had hit him. Justin had known they were having problems, but Brandon had never even hinted to there being violence.

“Brian hit you?”

“Just leave it, okay?”

“No, he hurt you. How can I leave it?”

“Look, it’s not the first time, it won’t be the last. Just drop it, okay?”

His heart broke for Brandon, the man he loved was being hurt. He needed to do something, he just didn’t know what.

“Can’t you leave him?”

“Are you kidding? He would kill me if I ever left.” Brandon’s eyes widened, and he covered his mouth. “Just forget I said that.”

“I can’t. There has to be something I can do.”

“The only way I’ll ever be safe and free from him is if he’s dead.”

Looking back, Justin should have run at that moment, but he didn’t.

The day before Christmas break, Brandon asked him to come over. It had been a few weeks since he had gotten the black eye. They really hadn’t done more that have sex and talk about him being away from Brian. What they didn’t talk about was how he would get away from the other man.

Once Justin was seated on the couch in the loft, he waited for Brandon to start talking.

“I’m going to may parents for Christmas break, this will be the perfect time to do it.”

Justin’s stomach rolled. He knew it was leading to this, but it still didn’t feel real.

“I don’t understand why you can’t just go to the cops and tell them?”

“They wouldn’t care. Brian would get away with it, then he will kill me. Is that what you want?” Brandon’s face was pale and looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

“No, of course not. But this is murder we’re talking about here.”

He felt like he was going to throw up. Brian was a terrible human being, he knew that but was killing him the right answer. They hadn’t even talked about it, not really. It felt like he was being pushed into this, but it was to protect the man he loved. And he did love him, he loved him more than he thought was possible.

“Justin, I’ll never be free of him if he’s alive. We can really be together then. And that black eye wasn’t the first one. It wasn’t even the worst of the injuries he’s given me over the years.”

That made Justin sit up more. “What do you mean?”

“He’s a sick man. He’s done things to me. Things I can’t even say. Please, you have to help me.”

Justin jumped up from the couch and wrapped his arms around the taller man. He just wanted to make everything better for him. If he had been paying attention, he would have noticed although the words were there, there were no tears. If he could have seen Brandon’s face, he would have seen the slight smirk on his face.

Pulling away, Justin straightened. “Alright, so what’s the plan?”

Brandon gave him a small smile before sitting down on the couch, pulling Justin down with him. Justin quickly straddled his lap. “Let’s talk about that after. I just really need you now,” Brandon said, pulling him into a kiss.

For a minute he almost gave in, but he really needed to know the plan. All he knew right now was that Brandon would be in Colorado visiting his family. During that time, Justin was supposed to ‘take care of’ Brian Kinney, Brandon’s abusive husband.

“Just tell me the plan,” Justin said, getting off Brandon.

“It’s simple really. While I’m gone, you kill him. It would be best to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. On nights he gets totally bombed, he forgets to lock the door and set the alarm. All of his friends know this, it’s common knowledge. The problem is getting through the security door. That’s why I think you should proposition him before he gets home. He can’t say no to a hot ass and gorgeous face.”

“You want me to sleep with him?” Justin couldn’t help the quiver in his voice.

“No, of course not. It’s just a way to get through the door. Just make sure no one else sees you. Keep your gloves on, then just use the knife I showed you.” It was a big, sharp knife kept in one of the kitchen drawers.

“What if I can’t do it?”

“You can if you really do love me.”


There really was no choice then, maybe this was the road he was always supposed to take. All he knew was he had to protect Brandon. Had to make sure Brian Kinney never hurt him again.

Meeting the Target by SLHR




Walking into the loft, Brian couldn’t express how glad he was that Brandon had gone to his parents for Christmas. They hated Brian, so he never got an invite, not that he wanted one. He could barely stand Brandon on most days, he didn’t want to be around him and the man’s family. Marrying Brandon was the biggest mistake of his life. He had only done it to get Michael to move on with his life and stop thinking there was any kind of future between them.

What really screwed him was letting Brandon talk him into the agreement. He agreed that if they didn’t make it to ten years together, he would give half of everything he owned to Brandon. They even got life insurance polices on each other. All he wanted was out of it, but out of it with all his stuff. Brandon made peanuts compared to him. If he hadn’t been in such an idiotic place in his life he would have seen the gold digger for what he was.

He couldn’t really remember the last time they had sex…together. Not that he wanted anything from him. Brian didn’t have to look very hard to find someone to spend time with. He didn’t care what twink had gotten Brandon’s attention lately. He knew it was a twink because that was Brandon’s type. How they even ended up sleeping together once was still a shock to him.

He blamed it all on Michael, if he would have just started dating like his mommy wanted, this would never have happened. But he would be damned if he lost half of his things because he signed those damn papers. It would figure, even though same-sex marriage wasn’t legal he would sign away half his assets.

Well, for the next two weeks he was ‘husband’ free. Maybe if he was lucky he would fall off the side of a cliff.

As soon as he sat down his phone rang. Closing his eyes, he tried to ignore it. The machine picked up.

“Hey, Brandon, I don’t know if you’ve left yet but I was hoping we could go out tonight,” a cheery voice said.

Of course, it would be the twink that wouldn’t go away. At one point he had wished Brandon and Kevin would just run off together. But Brandon was too smart for that, if he left Brian he had no rights to any of Brian’s money. Brandon was really robbing the cradle with that one though, he was barely twenty-one. Brian couldn’t picture being with someone that young. He was almost thirty after all. Brandon was twenty-six so maybe he didn’t feel the same way.

The phone started to ring again, this time he got up and answered it.

“What?” he shouted into the phone.

“No need to bite my head off,” Michael snapped.

He really didn’t want to deal with Michael tonight, still feeling a little pissy about Brandon.

“What do you want Michael?”

“I just wanted to know if you want to come out with us?”

“Not tonight.”

“Why not? You’ve been gone for weeks. People are going to think you gave up your wild ways.”

Michael knew exactly what to say to get him to go. That pissed Brian off more than he could say.

“Fine, Woody’s in an hour.”

Maybe by then he would feel a little more like himself. Taking off his suit and tie, he got into the shower. Sometimes life felt so fucking hard. He had worked so hard to get where he was, only to have his life fucked up by a fucking gold digger. How could he have been so stupid? Well, he knew. At the time, showing Michael they were never going to happen was more important.

The shower made him feel a little more human, as human as he got these days. He just didn’t understand what Brandon wanted anymore. Sure, the loft was nice, but Brian hadn’t put him on any of his bank accounts. Maybe just hoping Brandon would get bored and leave was futile. Five years was long enough. Brian couldn’t do it anymore. Monday morning, he would see his lawyer about dissolving his marriage. Sure, he would lose half his assets, but he would finally be free of the leech.

Finally, for the first time in years he felt free…almost. Maybe he would even bring someone home. It had been a while since he had done that. Mostly, because Brandon was always there. While he didn’t care if he fucked some trick in front of the man, Brandon would bitch for days.

As he walked to his car he passed a young blonde twink. The kid couldn’t be older than seventeen or eighteen. Jailbait really wasn’t his thing though, so he kept walking to his jeep. As he drove away he got a weird feeling he was being watched.

Justin watched as the infamous Brian Kinney drove away. Tonight, wasn’t the night. He had two whole weeks to do the deed. There was no rush, he would put off being a murderer for as long as possible. Brian Kinney didn’t look like he expected. He didn’t really know what he expected. Maybe someone bigger, meaner looking. Maybe someone that scared him to even look at. Not an attractive man that if he didn’t know better and already in love, might have approached himself. But he did know better, he knew the man was an abuser. To hurt someone as sweet and gentle as Brandon was sickening.

The man would be out for a while, he guessed. That meant Justin needed to head home, his parents were already suspicious of his disappearing acts. Daphne could only cover so much. The last time her mom had ratted him out, getting him grounded. That didn’t stop him from leaving, it wasn’t like they could watch him all the time. Like today, his mom was taking Molly out for a girls’ night and his dad was working late. On second thought though, he really did need to know more about the man. His consciousness wouldn’t allow him to blindly kill someone, no matter what Brandon said. With his mind made up, he caught a cab to Liberty Avenue, where Brandon said Brian was all the time.

Brian bit back the laugh as Ted was shot down yet again. “Give it up, Theodore,” he told the older man.

“I’m sorry not everyone can be like you, Brian,” Ted snipped.

“But everyone needs to have a dream,” he said, laughing.

“When is Brandon coming back?” Michael asked, ignoring the banter.

“Not for a glorious two weeks.”

“So, you’ve made a decision?” Ted asked. He had been the only one to know how close he was to just give up half of his assets to be rid of the blonde.

“Yeah, I’m done. Brandon can have half of it. I’m just sick and tired of all of it.”

“Really?” Michael asked.

“Yes, really. It was fucked from the very beginning. I don’t what you to go all doe eyed again. That’s what started this whole shitstorm in the first place.”

Michael did at least look ashamed for his behavior five years ago. Something caught Brian’s eye at the door. He watched as the blonde kid he had seen earlier slip through the door and make his way to the bar. He wouldn’t get served, Frank was not into serving kids. The kid sat down and ordered something, a bottle of water, he saw once Frank handed it over.

“Earth to Brian,” Michael said, snapping his fingers in front of Brian’s face.

“What?” Brian said angrily.

“What are you looking at?” Michael asked.

“Or should we say who?” Emmett snickered before turning to look where Brian had just been looking.

“Isn’t he a little young for you, Bri? I think he’s more Brandon’s type than yours,” Ted said.

Something about the way he said it bothered Brian. It felt like almost a challenge. And now he was ending things with Brandon, he wanted to prove he was still Brian Kinney. The man who could get anyone he wanted.

Mind made up, he stood and sauntered over to the young blonde.

Justin almost choked on his water when his target started walking towards him. Questions started to run though his mind. Did Kinney know that he and Brandon were together? Did he know what Brandon had asked him to do?

“Buy you a drink?” the man offered.

“I-I’m not old enough.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Justin lied.

“Trust me, that’s old enough.”

Justin looked around the loft he had been in so many times already. It felt different being there with Brian instead of Brandon.

“What are you waiting for, a tour?” Brian asked.

Like he would really sleep with the man who abused the man he loved. No, this was purely for investigation. He wasn’t really sure he could kill anyone. But maybe if he got more information he would have enough to get Kinney arrested. Then Brandon would be free of him and Justin wouldn’t have to do something so very evil.

“Sorry…this is a really nice place. Do you have a roommate?”

“Is this twenty-fucking-questions?”

He was much more charming in the bar. Justin couldn’t see why anyone with half a brain would give him the time of day. Well, that wasn’t the truth, he was gorgeous and rich. But those seemed to be the only two things going for him.  

“Wow, really not Mr. Personality, are you?”

Maybe before he met Brandon he may have wanted any bit of attention he could get from this man. But he knew what real love felt like. He also knew what a scumbag Brian Kinney is.

Justin thought the older man might retort rudely. But instead he stepped closer to Justin, he found the move and the man’s scent a bit intoxicating.

He was about to step back when Brian leaned down and kissed him. The move wasn’t what he was expecting so he let it go on longer than he should have. Hands gripped his hips, Brian grinding his pelvis into Justin’s.

Finally, his senses returned to him and he pushed Brian away.

“Stop,” he said forcibly.

“There’s the door,” Brian said, his face challenging.

“You really do think you’re God’s gift, don’t you? I’m out of here,” Justin said before escaping the loft.

Brian watched as the twink ran out. He wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. Smiling to himself he thought about it being more of a challenge than he had originally though. He really did like a challenge.



Meeting the Gang by SLHR




“Justin, honey, can you take the trash out before you leave?” his mother asked.

“Sure, Mom.” He grabbed the trash from her and started for the door.

“What happened to my son? Are you feeling alright? Usually you complain about doing any kind of work.”

Was he really that bad? He felt ashamed all of the sudden. Ever since he met Brandon he started thinking of others, his parents included. He promised to try and do better, but he didn’t think he was that bad. It was eye-opening that his mom would think he would bitch about taking the trash out.

“It’s me, sorry I’ve been a bad son.”

“Oh, honey, I was joking you weren’t being a bad son, just a teenager. I’m pretty sure I could have won awards for rolling my eyes in my day. How are you, really?”

He tensed. “Why?”

“It’s just you seem really depressed lately.”

Only since his boyfriend asked him to kill his husband. “Just homework stuff.”

“Really? I’ve noticed this change in you since the beginning of the semester. I even asked Daphne if she knew what was wrong.”

“Mooom, I’m fine. Senior year is harder than I thought it would be is all.”

“I understand. My little boy is almost a man.”

He rolled his eyes. “I’m leaving,” he pouted as he picked up the trash again and left. He could hear his mom laughing as he walked down the driveway. He bussed it to Liberty Avenue and went right back to Woody’s bar. He didn’t think Brian Kinney would be there, but he might find out more about the man. A few of the men that was with him last night were there but not the man himself.

Sitting there at the bar, he wondered how to get invited to the table to find out more about Brian. That was before the tall, thin brightly dressed man came his way.

“Settle a bet for us, baby. How old are you?” he asked.

Justin was only seventeen but that might get him kicked out, so he went older. “Twenty-one.”

“O’darlin, you can’t pull the wool over these eyes. I say seventeen, my friend Michael over there says sixteen and Teddy says fifteen. Which is it?”

“I’m not fifteen,” he said, sorely offended.

“So, sixteen?”

“No, seventeen.”

“Ah ha, I was right Teddy, you owe me drink.”

Justin thought about leaving now, he didn’t want to be the butt of anyone’s jokes.

“Put that lip away, we weren’t making fun of you. We’ve all been you at some point. Mr. Michael over there started sneaking into clubs and bars at sixteen. I found this little out of the way bar near Hazlehurst that served our type. And Teddy over there, every Thursday night his first year in college was deeply into the underground gay scene…but only on Thursdays. Don’t ask. Come on over, no need to be on your lonesome over here.”

Justin followed him back to the table, unsure if it was a good idea. The man, Ted, got up and went to the bar. Justin watched as he ordered more drinks. Three beers and a…Pepsi. Damn. Justin accepted the drink and started to listen to the group.

“Is Brian coming tonight?” Emmett asked Michael.

“Probably not. He said he had too much work to do tonight.”

“I’m surprised he’s not partying the whole time Brandon’s gone,” Emmett said, after taking a long drink.

“It’s killing him, he’s done all this work and Brandon’s going to be walking away with half of it. He’s a fucking gold-digger,” Michael ranted.

Justin gripped his drink hard, he had to rein in his temper. How dare they talk about Brandon with what Brian has been doing to him.

“Did you see Brandon’s last boytoy?” Ted asked. Justin loosened his grip and looked at them intently now. What was he talking about?

“That one looked younger than the last. Brandon is going to get locked up if he keeps going after chicken,” Emmett said nodding.

“Chicken?” Justin asked.

“Chicken is…well you. Young…underage young,” Ted said.


“You went home with Brian last night, right?” Michael asked.

“Uh, yeah but nothing happened. I left when he started to act like a jerk.”

“From what I hear, you missed out on a life changing experience, but I get it. Brian Kinney’s default setting is jerk,” Ted said with a smile.

“Who is Brandon?” he asked, time to get info.

“Brandon is Brian’s gold-digging husband. Five years ago, Michael over here got weirdly possessive and Brian to get Michael to let go, married the first man he could stand for five minutes. That was a big mistake. Brandon’s real taste is young, like we said. His last one couldn’t have been more than sixteen. Brian told him if one looked too young for concent according to the law, he would call the cops. Brandon’s a teacher, it’s where he finds them,” Ted said.

“When was this?” Justin asked, his voice rough to his own ears.

“When was that kid? A few weeks ago, two or three, Kyle something,” Emmett said.

Justin felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. He knew the Kyle they were talking about. He had seen him come out of Brandon’s classroom in between classes. Brandon told him that he was tutoring him. How stupid could he be?

Shaking his head, he tried to clear it. Just because Brandon wasn’t faithful didn’t mean he should be abused by Brian.

“What does Brian think of his boyfriends?” he asked.

“He doesn’t give a damn except they are kids,” Michael said.

Justin wanted to go home now, his stomach was turning, and he thought he would be sick.

“I need to go home, thanks for the drink,” he said before he fled the bar.

He wasn’t looking where he was going when he got outside. Not until he bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” he said, hoping to keep his emotions in check.

“Teasing all the men in Woody’s again, I see,” a familiar voice said.

Justin looked up and saw Brian, he really didn’t need this right now. He went to push past him, but the man caught his wrist.

“Are you alright?”

“What the fuck do you care? You’re just like him, you want to use people.” He snatched his arm out of the man’s hold.

“Listen, I don’t know why you’re queening out, I just thought you needed a ride home. You look pretty messed up.”

“The Great Brian Kinney giving me a ride home. Has hell frozen over?”

“What the fuck? Last night was the first time I met you. Where does all this hostility come from?”

“You’re fine with your husband fucking his students?”




Everything made sense to Brian now, this wasn’t a lost kid looking for a good time. This was a jealous lover looking at the competition. He should have known, when he first saw the twink he thought he was Brandon’s type.

“Oh, you’re one of Brandon’s?”

“No, I wasn’t one of Brandon’s. We’re in love.”

Brian laughed, there was always one every few months that found him. Brandon would give them some line about them being his true love. It made Brian gag just listening to it.

“You’re an idiot. Listen, he’s not in love with you. He’s only in love with himself which is a good thing because he’s the only one that can really put up with him. You’ll get some more experience and recognize him for what his is, a creep. Look, you are actually on the older side of his ‘boys’. Call it a lucky escape and move on.”

“If he’s a creep why don’t you turn him in?”

“I would if I thought they would listen to me. Also, right now I think he’s staying on legal consent and up. But without any of you to say it, I just sound like a jilted husband.”

“And you aren’t?”

“Hell, no. I’ve been trying to get him to leave me for years.”

“That’s why you hit him?”

Brian couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I’ve never laid a hand on him like that. Hell, I haven’t even touched him in any way for a while. I don’t know what load of bullshit he’s been feeding you, but it’s all lies.”

“No,” he whispered.

“Fuck. How old are you really?”


“I’ll take you home.”

“I can’t, not like this. My mom is like a bloodhound. She’ll want to know what’s wrong.”

Brian sighed. “Alright, let’s go back to my loft.”

“You sure?”

“No but let’s do it anyway.”




Justin looked out the window of Brian’s jeep. This was the same as last night except then he didn’t feel so dead inside then. How could Brandon lie to him? How could he sleep with other students? He told Justin that he was the only one that understood him, that they were made for each other. Brian was right, he was an idiot.

“So, I guess you had already been here,” Brian said as they entered the loft.

Justin nodded guiltily. He had been used by Brandon and it was all becoming too clear, he meant nothing to the older man. But if he was a casual fuck to Brandon, why did he ask what he did? Murder. It wasn’t a game, it was forever. If he followed through on it, he would be a killer. He would go to hell. Why? Why would Brandon want that on him?

There was a touch on his shoulder that brought him out of his reverie. “Uh. Yeah, I’ve been here before.”

Anger started to build in his chest. Anger at Brandon. Anger at himself. He needed to do something that would piss Brandon off, something unexpected.

“You want to fuck?” he asked Brian.

The man looked surprised for a moment but then a slow smirk appeared on his face. “Revenge fuck? I could be talked into it.”

Justin started to take his shirt off. No talking was necessary, Brian started to undress too. He was going to do something that Brandon couldn’t control. Fuck him. Fuck him to hell.


Meeting Betrayal by SLHR
Author's Notes:

This is a short chapter. A big one is the next one, lots of things happen in it. 



An alarm starting ringing, waking Justin up. It didn’t sound like his alarm, it was shriller. Opening his eyes, he saw that he wasn’t in his room. A quick replay of last night played in his head. Fuck, he had sex with Brandon’s husband…the man he was supposed to kill. This couldn’t get any worse. That was until he remembered that his parents expected him home last night. Now this couldn’t get any worse.

“Honey, I’m home.”

Justin closed his eyes, maybe if he did, he would disappear. This couldn’t be happening. Brandon was supposed to be gone for two weeks. Why was his back so soon? Justin hoped the bed would swallow him whole.

There was a gasp and Justin hesitantly opened his eyes. Brandon was looking at him with such betrayal it hurt his heart. Last night he just wanted to hurt Brandon like he was hurt. But that was stupid, they never said they were monogamous, hell Brandon was married.

“Justin,” Brandon said, devoid of emotion.

The door to the bathroom opened and Brian came out naked with a towel over his shoulder, he had just showered by the wetness of his hair.

“Brandon wasn’t expecting you back so soon. Were we?” Brian said looking to Justin.

“How could you, Justin?” Brandon demanded. There was the emotion that had been slow to arrive.

“I-uh-I,” he stuttered. “I’m sorry.”

Justin saw Brian out of the corner of his eye, the man just shook his head like Justin was a moron. That may be but he was a moron in love. He couldn’t kill Brian; he would tell Brandon. But now Brandon would leave Brian, he had to. Then they would be free to be together and he would tell Brandon he wants to be monogamous. It would all work out and no one had to be hurt. He didn’t know now if Brandon lied about Brian being abusive, but he knew people had different faces. His Uncle Lloyd was the kindest man he knew but five years ago he beat his wife so bad she had to have emergency surgery. Abusers don’t always look the part.

Brandon turned away from him and started yelling at Brian. Justin wanted to leave but he was worried what Brian would do to Brandon if he were to leave. Brian fixed that by dressing in an expensive suit, one that looked like it was made for him, and leaving for work. He told Brandon he wasn’t dealing with his theatrics today. Once Brian was gone, Justin wanted to run. Brandon just turned his target of raving to him.

“I’m really sorry, I was just so mad when I found out about the others.”

“I never said there weren’t others,” Brandon said, his voice harsh.

“I know, that was my mistake. I just wanted to get even with you.”

“Do you know how much of a child you sound like? I thought you were mature, but I see now I was wrong. We’re over.”

Justin could feel tears prickling his eyes. This couldn’t be happening. “No, I’m sorry. Please don’t break up with me. I’ll do better.”

Brandon came over to the bed where Justin was still lying naked under the covers. Brandon sat down on the end of the bed and looked at Justin. “How can I trust you now? Did you tell him about the plan?”

Justin’s eyes widened. “What? No. I would never.”

“I thought he would already be dead.”

“I can’t. I can’t kill someone, even if they were the devil himself, I can’t.”

“I thought you loved me.”

“I do. I’ll do anything else for you, but I can’t take the life of another person.”

Brandon opened his mouth like he was going to say something but then closed it. His eyes brightened and he smiled. “I understand. I also understand why you slept with Brian. He’s very alluring, its what called me to him in the beginning. Tell me, did he make you scream?”

Justin didn’t like the question, mostly because last night took sex to the next level. He didn’t want to admit that to Brandon though. “Not like you. You’re the only one I want to be with.”

“Prove it,” Brandon said, pulling the cover away from his body.

Justin knew if he refused Brandon now, he would find someone who wouldn’t. “I love you,” Justin said as he pulled Brandon into a kiss. His parents couldn’t get any madder at him for an extra hour.


Brian knew he was being an asshole today, but he couldn’t help it. He thought he would be free of Brandon for another week and a half. Not only had Brandon’s arrival stopped any chance at morning sex but it stopped any progress the twink had made last night. He’s going to fall right back into Brandon’s clutches, he could see it this morning. It’s why he left in such a hurry, there was no use sticking around to watch.

His cell phone rang, distracting him from his depressing thought.

“Kinney,” he said without checking the caller ID.

“Who’s your best friend?” the familiar voice said jovially.


“Okay, who’s your second-best friend?”


“Fine, third best friend?”

“Jack Daniels. What is this about Paul?”

Paul Davidson was his lawyer. He was also one of the few people that Brian could stand.

“How would you like to get out of your marriage with more than a shirt and a pot to piss in?”

“What are you talking about? You said yourself I was looking at giving him half of everything.”

“The agreement that I thought was legally binding, isn’t. It isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

“What do you mean? I signed it.”

“You signed it, he signed it but you two never had it notarized. This is what you’ve needed, I’ve started on the paperwork. Pull the trigger and he’ll be served by tomorrow.”

“Do it. I want him out of my loft too.”

“That’s a little trickier but I’ll get on it. You may have to give him a settlement, but it won’t be anything like you were looking at. Congratulations Brian, this is the first step to you being a free man again.”

Brian hung up and for the first time he thought he might actually be happy. He never thought it would end like this, he had regretted signing the agreement as soon as he did it. He felt like he wasn’t even him when he did it, he was so lightheaded. Everything Brandon said made sense but afterwards he knew it was a mistake.

This time tomorrow he would have his loft back, hopefully. He knew he couldn’t go home tonight; he didn’t want to see Brandon. That left only a few options. Hotel. Debbie’s in Michael’s old twin bed. Couch at Emmett and Michael’s. Couch at Lindsay and Mel’s. Hotel it is.


Meeting Fate by SLHR
Author's Notes:

Warning Violance



Justin knew he was in for it when he saw his dad was still home. Usually he was gone from early in the morning to late at night, this was going to be brutal. He should have called last night and said he was staying over at Daphne’s. She would have covered for him; she always did and he vice versa.

His body ached and not in a good way after his morning with Brandon. He seemed to have a lot of anger he needed to get out, Justin didn’t blame him. He was the one that caused this riff between then, he will shut and deal with the aftermath as Brandon told him.

The door flew open before he even reached for the knob.

“Where the hell have you been?” his father demanded. “We called the police. Do you know that?”

“Craig, calm down. Justin sweetie, we were so worried,” his mother said, hugging him. He tried not the flinch from the pain, but he wasn’t successful. “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I got into a fight last night, no big deal. I stayed at a friend’s house. I forgot to call. I’m sorry.”

“What friend?” his dad asked.

His mind raced, they would have already talked to Daphne. Whoever he said they would call. He said the only name that came to him. “Kyle Bridges.”

“Kyle Bridges, who is he? Is he new?” his mother asked.

“No, he’s not really my friend either, he was there at the fight. He let me sleep on his floor.” Brandon’s side piece could be some help after all.

“Fight? What fight?” his mother cried.

“Just a kid from school. It’s nothing Mom. Can I go upstairs? I would like to shower.” That was the truth he felt dirty. He didn’t know if it was from his night with Brian or morning from Brandon. All he knew was he felt cheap.

“Go on upstairs, honey,” his mom said gently.

“Jennifer, I’m not done with him yet.”

“You can talk later, when he’s rested and you’re calmer.”

He knew it was going to get worse, but he was glad for the reprieve be it as short as he guessed. Showering, he scrubbed his skin raw, the bruises covering his body from Brandon hurt to the touch. There was shouting downstairs as he got out of the shower. His father and mother were screaming at each other. Guilt ate at him, he caused this.

Since it was winter break, he really didn’t have anywhere to go. Not that he would be allowed to go anywhere for a while. His father was pissed, and his mother wasn’t happy. Dressing in some sweats he climbed in bed, might as well get some sleep while he could.


Brian knew the minute Brandon got served the divorce papers. The man hadn’t stopped calling him and all Brian’s friends since that moment. Brian had let security know not to let him in. He hoped they listened, who knows if they would.

He used his office phone to call Paul because he turned his cell off.

“How can I help you, Brian?” Paul asked cheerfully.

“Brandon is losing his shit. Can I kick him out?”

“Yes and no. Yes, you can but it’ll look bad to the judge that you left him without a home. He needs to leave of his own freewill.”

“I can’t stay there with him, maybe I should move out.”

“If you do, he has more right to the loft than you. Just go home and stay away from each other.”

“It’s a one-bedroom loft, how far do you think I can go. I will not sleep on the couch.”

“He’ll probably move out.”

“You don’t know Brandon,” Brian huffed.

“Another option; stay somewhere else but do not move out. It’ll be a little trickier and he could file with the court that you have moved out. Brian, the best choice is the just stay in the loft if you want to keep it.”

“Fine, I’m not going to let the little bastard win.”

“There you go. Alright, I have some work to do, call if there’s a problem.”

Hours later, Brian was headed home, dreading it. Sliding open the door he was surprised to see Brandon packing a bag.

“I’m not moving out, but we can’t both stay here. You’ve made it clear how dirty you want to play this. Well, get ready I have more ammo on you than you do me.”

“Like what?”

“Like video of you fucking a seventeen-year-old in our bed.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised but he was. “You have a camera hidden around here.”

“Yes, why scared?”

“He’s old enough to consent, as you know since you’ve been fucking him all semester.”

“I’m going to get half of everything. Did you forget the agreement?” Brandon sneered.

“You forgot to get the papers notarized. They’re useless, my lawyer says you’re out of luck.”

“You will regret this. I fucking promise you that,” Brandon spat before leaving the loft.

“Well, that was easy.”


Justin stared at the wall in his room, maybe it would move if he concentrated. He was grounded for the rest of winter break; his parents weren’t budging. Daphne had just gone home. His dad left this morning and was going out of town, at least it would be quiet for a couple days. His mom took his sister to his aunt’s, he didn’t want to go. There had been clear instructions not to leave the house by penalty of death. He guessed he really worried his mom not coming home. The phone rang, distracting him from his boredom.

“Taylor residence,” he answered.

“Justin, I’m so glad you answered.”

“Brandon, why are you calling? Is everything alright?”

“No, he’s divorcing me. I’ll be lucky to get a few grand in settlement. You have to kill him now, before the divorce goes through.”

“What? No, this is what you wanted. You said he wouldn’t ever let you go; well he’s letting you go. I’m sorry about the money but you have a job and when I graduate, I can sell my art.”

Brandon huffed. “You’ll make better money selling your ass. You promised that he wouldn’t hurt me again, he’s hurting me now.”

“It’s just money.”

“Just money, it’s never just money. You do it and do it tonight or we will never be together again.”

“Then you’ve made your decision. I can’t hurt anyone.”

The call was disconnected. He wondered if he should call the police but worried, he would be arrested because he did agree. No, maybe he should just go warn Brian. His mom already called to check on him, she wouldn’t again until the morning because he told her he was going to bed.

Dressing quickly, he headed out the door. He had Daphne drop him off outside Brian and Brandon’s building. It was dark out, too dark, it looked like a streetlight out, it was kind of creepy. He couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. Making his way to the door, he buzzed Brian’s loft.



“You’re ringing my loft and you don’t know who lives here?”

Why was he trying to save this asshole again? Oh yeah, murder is bad. “It’s Justin.”


Justin rolled his eyes. “The twink that was fucking your husband.”

“Which twink?” That hurt.

“The one you fucked the other night.”

“What do you want?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Well, I’m just going out, but you can come with me.”

He should just tell Brian and leave. But there was a part of him that wanted to be around this enigmatic man. He was amazing in bed and besides being a jerk he was kind of charming.


After a few minutes the door opened, and Brian stepped out. Justin tried not to swallow his tongue. The man was drop dead gorgeous. He was dressed to go out and fuck, that was for sure. The man sauntered past him and walked to his jeep. “You coming?”

Justin nodded but Brian wasn’t looking, he was unlocking his car. Instead of being annoyed, Justin laughed. The drive to Liberty Avenue was short and quiet. Brian didn’t say anything.

When they got out, Justin noticed Brian wasn’t walking towards Woody’s. “Where are we going?”


“Oh.” Babylon was a club. He didn’t know what to expect there. Looking down he noticed how dull he was dressed. Jeans and a graphic t-shirt. God, how lame was he?

“Did you think we were going to go knit for charity?”


Justin followed him and they were led to a line, it wasn’t long but before long the bouncer waved Brian in, letting them skip it entirely. The music, the smell and the flashing lights all assaulted him at the same time. There were people dancing, talking, making out and some just standing around. Brian lead him to the bar, and they saw some of Brian’s friends.

“Didn’t expect you out tonight,” Ted said loudly to Brian.

“I’m a free man, I can do what I want.”

“Never stopped you before,” Ted argued.

“Where’s Mikey?”

“With the new boyfriend on the dance floor,” Emmett said pointing into the crowd.

Justin turned and looked finding Brian’s friend with a tall man, they were dancing badly but didn’t seem to care. It was sweet to watch. There had never been a time or place where he saw men dancing with men, kissing men. That hadn’t happened at Woody’s, at least not when he was there.

“Well, excuse me gentlemen, I see my next appointment,” Brian said, vanishing into the crowd. Justin lost sight of him after he talked to a tall, buff man.

“Where’d he go?” Justin asked.

“Backroom. He’ll be back, then he’ll find another, then he’ll go to the backroom again. That’s our Brian,” Ted said.

Justin didn’t like the sound of that. It shouldn’t bother him if Brian was fucking the New England Patriots. In fact, he would find a guy closer to his age, then Brian and Brandon could fuck off. Yeah, that’s exactly what he would do. He looked at the crowd and found someone his age or close to it.

The guy saw Justin walking to him, and a slow smile spread on his face. He was about Justin’s height with close cropped brown hair. “Hi,” Justin said, standing in front of the guy. They weren’t on the dance floor, but against the wall near the stairs.

“Hey, haven’t seen you around here.”

“I’m new. You?”

“Been around awhile. You want to hit the backroom?”

Justin hesitated, he didn’t…not really. But then he thought about Brian being back there, he wanted him to eat his heart out.


The guy took him by the arm and lead him into the backroom. It was dark with little light, that light being red. It made it interesting. The guy found a spot on the wall and turned around. Guy didn’t say anything just pulled out his semi-erected cock and looked at Justin expectantly. Justin cringed at the thought of dropping to his knees here, there must be so much jeez. Before he could someone grabbed his shoulder. He turned and saw it was Brian.

“You’ll ruin your clothes. What will mommy and daddy say about that?”

“Fuck off,” he said turning towards the guy but noticed the guy left when Brian came up. “Look what you did, you chased him off.”

“Let’s go back to my place, it’s full of trolls here tonight.”

Justin didn’t argue because he really didn’t want to be there anyway. Usually he liked to dance and have a good time, but it felt weird when he was alone.


Once they parked and got out, Brian realized how dark it was, he would have to complain. He had to park in an almost black spot because the streetlight was out. It was dark all the way to the front door. Brian didn’t know why he brought the kid back to his loft. He didn’t know why he stopped the kid blowing the troll, but he wouldn’t think on it too much. After all, he could fuck him in his own bed. He had already found the fucking cameras set up around his loft. He had a specialist come and make sure. He wasn’t about to risk it now he knew.

Once they were through the door, Brian pushed Justin towards the bed. Justin smiled and turned and walked into the bedroom.

“You’re fucking hot,” Brian said, running his hand up Justin’s throat.

“You’re the hot one.”

“Get on the bed.”

Justin tripped over himself to get on the bed. Brian smiled; it was going to be a good night. “Turn off the light,” Justin asked. Brian looked at him oddly. “Please?” Brian did as he was asked.


A loud noise woke him up. “What he fuck is that?” he groaned.

“It’s my fucking car alarm. Just some moron probably leaned on it and set if off. Fuck, I really don’t want to go shut it off.”

“I’ll do it. Where’s the keys?” He slid on just his jeans and shirt on; he wouldn’t be long. He asked Brian to turn off the lights because he didn’t want him to see the bruises. They looked worse than they were.

Brian pointed towards the counter then turned over in bed. “Make sure you reset the alarm when you come back in. 8427.


Justin took the stairs so the noise of the elevator wouldn’t wake anyone else up. He felt like there was a pep to his step, even though every part of him ached but it was a good ache…mostly. The days old bruises hurt some. It was even darker than before because there were no cars on the street. The alarm was blaring, Justin pushed the button on the car fob, but it was still going off. He was probably too far away. He headed towards the jeep, hitting the button. Finally, the alarm went off. “Fucking finally,” he muttered, turning.

He made it two steps when he heard a noise to the right of him, as he turned, he saw someone surrounded by shadow swinging something… You know in those moments before something happens and they say your life flashes before your eyes, that might be true for some but a second before the bad hit his skull, all he could think was, ‘I’m not wearing underwear, my mother will be mad.’


Brian sighed when the car alarm went off, thank god. Maybe when Justin got back to the loft, they could have round two.

After ten minutes he started to nod off. He jerked awake when he heard sirens. What the hell was going on? Where was Justin? He better not have taken Brian’s keys home with him. When the sirens sounded like they were outside his building he got up and looked out the window. The flashing lights of the police cars and ambulance lit on the person on the stretcher. “Justin.”  

Meeting the Police by SLHR
Author's Notes:

As you can see, I'm trying to finish all my WIP. Hope you like the new chapter. 




Brandon went to work on Monday like nothing happened. The police hadn’t come to ask him about Brian’s untimely death yet. He had a sob story all worked out for it. When Justin bailed on his promise to kill Brian, he had to go on his fallback. For a bit he thought about having Kyle do the deed, but he would fold in two seconds flat. That’s when he decided to have the ace up his sleeve do it. Chris Hobbs wasn’t his usual type, but the boy was just begging for some direction. A few lies here and there; he was ready to kill Brian without him even asking. All Brandon had to do was point the weapon in the right direction and Chris went.

He didn’t know how Chris did the deed and didn’t want to. The least he knew the better, cops wouldn’t be able to trip him up. That little bastard Justin was now his only weak spot because he knew that he would spill as soon as he found out about Brian. It was a shame because out of all his bits on the side, he liked Justin the best. He was a natural in bed. Looked like an innocent schoolboy with those blue eyes and sweet face but was a devil in bed.

As he prepared his room for his first class, he heard loud heels in the hallway. That usually meant Mrs. Jennings was on her way to his room. The vice principal was a hardnosed woman with a stench of stale CK One wafting in behind her.

She stepped in his room, and he noticed the usual perpetual scowl on her face was gone. In its place was a worried expression, it looked odd on her bird face.

“Everything alright, Caroline?” he asked her.

“No, one of your students was attacked Saturday night. He’s in a coma.”

Had Chris fucked everything up and gotten himself hurt? There was to be no contact between them after the attack in case it could be traced back to him.

“Oh god, who?” he asked, playing up the worried teacher.

“Justin Taylor.”

“Justin?” Shock was clear in his voice, but he covered it. “What happened to Justin?”

“He was attacked with a baseball bat. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. This may be hard to hear but when I went to see his mother after she called to let me know yesterday. I saw a man in the hallway of the hospital. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. That wasn’t until the police started to question him, it was your husband. I’m sorry to say but it seems like he and Justin were having an affair.”

Knowing he needed to carefully choose his words. “Why do you think that?”

“The boy was attacked outside of your apartment.”

“Really?” His heart was racing, not for worry about the little fucker sleeping with his husband but this wasn’t good at all. No one would blink at Brian getting attacked outside his loft. Everyone knew he kept money on him. He also had a knack for pissing people off right and left. But a seventeen-year-old student of his, people would ask questions. It wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to connect him, Brian, and Justin.

“Yes. I really am sorry but I’m going to have to ask you to leave today because I have a feeling the police will want to question you. I just can’t have them in my school.”

“I understand. Is it alright if I come back tomorrow?”

“Of course, this isn’t something against you, I just have to think about the school.”

“I understand. Thank you. I haven’t had time to write out a plan for a sub.”

“We’ll figure something out.”




Brian was staring at the same four walls he had been looking at for the last six hours. Yesterday he was questioned at the hospital, but the police said they had more questions for him. So far it had been two detectives questioning him. A tall, broad woman by the name of Fisher and a short, whiny voiced man name Harper. He had a feeling they were calling in a bigger gun because they had left him alone for an hour, hoping he would squirm maybe.

At the hospital he stayed until Justin’s mother came running in after the police contacted her. He didn’t want to introduce himself, but the police made sure she knew that Justin had been with him the night before. She had made a weak denial that her son wasn’t gay and even if he was, he wouldn’t be with a man almost twice his age. She didn’t dwell on it too much because that was when the doctor told her that they had placed Justin in a medically induced coma.

The door opened to the interrogation room that had been his home for six hours. In walked a new person. This was an older man with a balding head and quite a gut.

“I’m Detective Horvath, Mr. Kinney, is it?”

“You know it is.” He wasn’t in the mood to fuck around. The kid could be dying, and it would have been his fault. He should have just got up and went to turn the alarm off himself. The streetlight was busted. What was he thinking?

“I just want to go over what happened one more time, then we’ll cut you lose. You said that you’ve known Justin for a few days.”


“Call me cynical but I think you’re hiding something.”

Brian had told him all the truth except for Brandon. As much as he hated his soon-to-be-ex, he didn’t want to ruin his life. But if it was between the two of them, he would pick himself every time.

“Fine. I met the kid because I suspect he was following me. My ex had a thing with him, and the kid wanted to see the competition. Not that there was any, I’ve been trying to get rid of my ex for a while.”

“Your husband? The teacher at the boy’s school?”

“Not just a teacher at his school, Justin was one of Brandon’s students.”

He could see he had the detective’s interest peaked. “Is that so?”


“Was there something between the three of you?” he asked with distaste clear in his voice.

“Hell no. I didn’t even know about Brandon and Justin until afterwards. I’ve only seen Justin twice. I didn’t even meet him until a few days ago.”

“But you had sex with him?”


“Did you know he was only seventeen?”

“He told me he was eighteen.” It wasn’t a complete lie, that is what Justin told him in the beginning. He was of age anyway; they couldn’t get him on anything. The one thing they could was pinning him on Justin’s attack.

“So, your car alarm went off and Justin went to turn it off. Why not you?”

“I was bitching about it. I think he was trying to be nice. I forgot the streetlight was out. If I would have remembered I wouldn’t have let him go.”

“It seems a little bit of a coincidence, doesn’t it? The streetlight being vandalized and then the alarm going off. Making it a perfect place to attack without being seen.”

He hadn’t thought of that, but it did sound very convenient for someone to hurt Justin.

“But no one knew Justin was there, or that he would go turn off my car alarm.”

“What about you Mr. Kinney? Is there anyone who would have wanted to see you dead?”

That made him pause. “Yes.”


“Brandon Brooks, my ex. If I die, he’s looking at millions. I just recently told him that the documents we signed were null and void. Meaning, I get to keep all my money.” He had made really good investments in his early twenties.

“Do you think he has it in him to do this?”

Brian thought hard but he couldn’t see Brandon doing this himself, but he was a master manipulator. “I think if he was the person that did it, he would have made sure it was me. But it’s possible he got someone to do it for him.” More than possible he thought to himself.


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