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Chapter 1 by Tagsit
Chapter 11


Brian closed the apartment door behind them, his attention far more on the man that he hoped was soon to be his, than the menial task he performed. He wanted this man so intensely. It was almost alarming how much he wanted him. Brian knew that was more of a testament that Justin was truly the one. That Justin was born to be a submissive was a given, but what became even more overwhelmingly apparent was how he was destined to be his sub. The protective instincts that continued to swell within him for Justin more than attested to that. As his eyes followed Justin's movements around the spacious apartment, Brian was uncertain how much longer his patience would last.

Chapter 2 by Tagsit


"Uhhh... I don't have anything to offer you to drink, Brian. I-I could go out and get something." Justin bit at his bottom lip, hating how nervous and anxious he sounded. He had been fine back at his former apartment, but now here with Brian, calm was the complete antithesis of how he felt.

Chapter 3 by Tagsit

Moving closer, Brian smiled at the nervous boy. He was charmed in a way he had never been before.


Everything about Justin captivated him. He only wanted to learn more. The need to protect wasn't new for him; it was indicative of being a good Dom.

Chapter 4 by Tagsit
Testing; all things semi-colon
Chapter 5 by Tagsit
Author's Notes:

Testing other things

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; though

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Chapter 6 by Tagsit

He forced himself to remember two very important facts - one, he was 'sort of'


'sort of'

Chapter 7 - Testing Email by Tagsit

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Chapter 8 - Testing Email Part 2 by Tagsit

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