Brand new 'Bookshelf' feature by Deb1

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Kinnetik Dreams is proud to announce a new and exciting ‘Bookshelf’ feature.

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1. Introducing the 'Bookshelf' by Deb1

Introducing the 'Bookshelf' by Deb1




Introducing the 'Bookshelf'


What does it do for you?


Putting a story onto your ‘Bookshelf’ will add that particular story to a separate ‘bookshelf’ list as well as display the last time you viewed it.

How you choose to use this feature is completely up to you.

Here are a few examples of what can be done:




The site’s Top Ten List will also track these bookshelf stories from now on so you can see which stories are the most tracked by others on KD.


How do you use it?

As you browse or read stories, you will now see a ‘Put Story on Bookshelf’ option near the bottom of the story summary box. Clicking this option will add the story to Your Bookshelf. You can access Your Bookshelf from your member account by clicking the ‘Account Info’ link on the main menu and then selecting ‘Your Bookshelf’ from the Account menu. Once you add a story to your Bookshelf, it will also display the last time you viewed the story. To take a story off your bookshelf, click ‘Remove Story from Bookshelf’.


A huge thank you for setting this option up for us goes out to SunshineSally who not only brought this fun feature to our attention but also did most of the coding to get it to work! Thank you!


KD Admin Team!


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