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This is one of the sexiest Brian/Justin stories in the fandom, hands down! The boys prove that they can communicate beautifully with no words. It's totally worth a read - charming1

Brian and Justin decide that words are overrated...

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1. Chapter 1 by Triciaqaf

2. Chapter 2 by Triciaqaf

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Chapter 1 by Triciaqaf
Author's Notes:

Set post-308, in the happy days of late season 3…


For the love of my life, paddies, who suggested this little plot bunny (again! – oh my, someone is clearly my muse!! *smooches*)

Part 1

Brian watched Justin lean over the pool table, his eyes drawn to the stretch of fabric over Justin’s ass, his mind wandering to later… to home…

Woody’s wasn’t particularly crowded tonight. Brian waited, resting his chin on his hand on the top of the pool cue. Justin sidled up to him, smelling of laundry soap and rosemary-mint shampoo. A hell of a lot better than the smoky air in the bar. Brian wrapped an arm around him, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Justin’s neck. Justin shivered a little, smiling. He leaned into Brian, letting his warmth connect with Justin’s, their bodies fitting against one another like connecting pieces of a puzzle. Justin’s head tilted automatically, making room for Brian’s, giving him space to press his lips against the pulse of blood he knew better than his own. Justin sighed contentedly, his universe drawn down to the man beside him and the spots where their bodies touched. He turned his head slightly, Brian moving his at the same time so their lips could meet, the soft press gentle and comfortable.

“Guys… uh, guys…” Ted’s voice broke through as the comfort started to give way to heat…

Justin pulled away reluctantly, his hand lingering on Brian’s arm as he moved. Brian stepped up to the table, lining up his shot, the crack of the balls resonating sharply in the room.

“It’s bullshit anyway” Brian picked up the conversation. He was tired of Mikey whining about the latest ‘discussion’ he’d had with Ben. “Words only get you into trouble…” he walked around the table, eyeing his second shot.

Michael rolled his eyes and Ted looked at Justin, eyebrows raised. Justin just smiled softly at Brian, holding his tongue.

“How can you say that Brian?” Michael asked. “Words tell you someone loves you…” he said pointedly, looking at Justin. Justin looked back, unfazed.

“Bullshit.” Brian didn’t look up, sinking two stripes on his shot. “Words are meaningless.” He lined up a third shot, missing the complicated angle. “Fuck…” he muttered as he walked back to his drink.

Ted took his turn, sinking a solid into the pocket with a thunk. “Come on, Brian. You’ve got to admit you need some words. Although you guys may make do without them most of the time…” Ted smirked in his own slightly embarrassed way.

Brian smiled resignedly at him, shaking his head. “You guys have a narrow definition of communication…” he sighed. “Words are fucking bullshit. I should know. I get paid to make them up and convince you pathetic fuckers to buy them.”

“But Brian, the words you tell Justin aren’t bullshit.” Michael trod blindly forward, anxious to make his point. Brian narrowed his eyes at Michael, curling his tongue up to the roof of his open mouth as he huffed out a derisive snort. He pulled Justin close to his side, tipping his head down so they were touching.

“Exactly… because we don’t need words.” he turned to look at Justin. “We communicate far more effectively in other ways…” he brushed his nose against the side of Justin’s face again, the subtle touch making Justin draw in a breath.

“Oh come on…” Michael pushed on. “Not just in bed…” he complained. “Some of us actually talk to each other, Brian…”

Brian laughed quietly again. “I’m not only talking about in bed, Michael. You underestimate us…” he said quietly, his eyes on Justin. Justin’s smile began to creep around the corners of his mouth, the significance of the phrase not lost on him. “We just don’t need words…” he continued to stare at Justin, watching the small movement of muscles completely change the shape of Justin’s face… and the mood in the air around them. He leaned forward and kissed Justin’s mouth softly, Justin falling into the kiss without hesitation.

“Ok, smartass. You don’t need words…? Think you can live without them for the whole weekend…?” Michael smirked, sure he’d caught them.

Brian broke away from the kiss, turning his head to look at Michael. “A weekend?” he replied. “Who fucking cares? Of course we can live without them for a weekend…a week… whatever…” he shook his head, unimpressed by Michael’s dare. Justin raised his eyebrows slightly, but said nothing.

“Ok, boy wonder. What do you think?” Michael taunted good-naturedly.

Justin looked at Michael, then back at Brian. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

“He agrees.” Brian stated, pulling Justin tight. “Right, Sunshine…?” he asked quietly, pressing his lips to Justin’s again, this time more persuasively. Justin smiled under them, letting his mouth melt into Brian’s, the nerves in his lips swelling from the touch.

“I don’t know…” he shrugged when Brian let him go. “But I’m game…” he licked his lips, tasting Brian’s. He wasn’t really sure this was a good idea, but he knew Brian would never back down from a dare. And he’d probably do whatever he wanted as soon as they were out of Woody’s anyway, so… no big deal.

“Ok, then. No talking all weekend. Not a word. Not a question, not an answer, nothing…” Michael looked very pleased with himself for talking Brian into this.

“Except calling my name out in bed…” Brian smirked, flashing a grin at Justin.

Justin laughed. “Same goes for you, big boy…” he mocked.

“You got that right…” Brian leered, pulling Justin’s hand to his crotch. They jostled a bit, hands groping in jest but stilling to real touches in moments. Brian held his hand against Justin’s cock, his mouth sucking at the skin above Justin’s collarbone. Justin squirmed slightly, the flush rising in his cheeks as he laughed and pushed Brian away.

“Anything you want to say…” Michael raised his eyebrow at them, checking his watch. “Cause otherwise I say we start right… now.” He looked up at them, questioning.

Brian shrugged and nodded, looking over at Justin.

Justin nodded back, smiling. Michael was such a wuss. They could totally do this. Right…? Yeah… right, he thought to himself. This could actually be interesting… maybe. Not like he wasn’t used to Brian being the silent type. It was going to be harder for him to keep his mouth shut, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. He always chattered on incessantly around the loft, and it probably drove Brian nuts. This could be a whole Zen-type thing. Get him in touch with himself, with his surroundings… Whatever. Maybe they’d just have more intense sex… Justin’s eyes lit up a bit at that thought. Then he frowned, realizing Brian almost always whispered raunchy things to him while they fucked – the things he was going to do, the things he was doing, the things he wanted to do – and he wondered if that was off limits too. Hmmm, that wasn’t a good thing. Although maybe it would make him last longer, since Brian’s dirty little whispers always made him crazy. Without them maybe he could match Brian’s stamina a bit better… Hmmm, maybe that would make it harder for Brian, without having an outlet like that…

Justin looked up, realizing they were all watching him. He blushed, looking down. He’d gotten a little more lost in his thoughts than he realized. Brian looked at him intently, softening into a smile. He held Justin’s gaze, staring steadily into his eyes. Justin stared back, trying to read what was in Brian’s mind. He was rarely successful at that, although it happened more often than it used to these days…

Brian pulled him close again, his lips finding Justin’s. The kiss started softly, then moved into greater intensity, Brian’s tongue flicking into Justin’s mouth, teasing the sensitive skin on the inside of his lips. Justin breathed out a small sound, his fingers pressing into Brian’s shoulders as he held his arms, their hips folding together automatically. He could feel Brian’s cock against his, now starting to demand attention. Brian paused, his lips resting against Justin’s, his breath pushing into Justin’s mouth. Justin nudged forward to continue the kiss, but Brian held him back. He slowly reached out and licked vertically over both of Justin’s lips, making Justin suck in a breath and slump further against Brian. Justin let his hands wander to Brian’s hips, pulling them closer. Then he crept his hand up, his fingers dipping inside the waist of Brian’s pants against the small of his back. Brian twitched slightly at the touch, his skin warm and soft under Justin’s fingers. Justin pushed his hand further inside Brian’s pants, his other hand snaking up to wind in Brian’s hair.

Brian laughed slightly into his mouth, his hand reaching back to grab Justin’s before it reached his ass. He went to say something sarcastic, but caught himself. He pulled Justin’s hand around to his front instead, bringing it to his lips. He met Justin’s eyes as he kissed the tips of Justin’s fingers, Justin’s body quivering slightly each time his lips met the tender skin. He was just about to suck one of Justin’s fingers into his mouth when he heard Ted clear his throat behind them, making noises to remind them they were still standing beside the forgotten pool table in a forgotten public bar…

Justin’s mouth was open, his lips red. His eyes were glassy, never leaving Brian’s. Brian smiled to himself. He fucking loved making Justin look that way. It was the best high he knew… Fuck the stupid pool game… fuck the bar… they were going home… now…


Chapter 2 by Triciaqaf

Part 2

The ride home from Woody’s, was, well… quiet. Not that Justin minded, although he found himself feeling increasingly…nervous… He frowned, shaking off the feeling. There was nothing to be nervous about, he was just being silly. Maybe he was tired. Brian seemed nonplussed, seemed exactly the same as always. So why was Justin anxious? Somehow the thought of not being able to talk to Brian, of not being able to say anything to him… was uncomfortable.

Brian looked over at Justin as they rode up the elevator. Justin seemed lost in thought, and not really in a good way. Brian figured Justin wouldn’t be all that comfortable with this dare, but fuck, it was only talking… It’s not like they needed words between them. He knew that, and he knew Justin knew that. Words were just habit, just convenience. He figured Justin had gotten over his need for them when he left the fiddler, but he knew that was a lie. Justin would always want words, he just knew now that actions were what counted…

Brian sighed, thinking maybe this little game wasn’t such a good idea. Justin was looking positively morose now. Time to remind him that they didn’t need words for their favourite method of communication, to get him back to where he was before they left Woody’s…

Justin jumped when he felt Brian’s hand on the back of his neck. Shit, he was nervous if Brian’s touch made him jump… He smiled at Brian without much joy, just an automatic response. Brian raised an eyebrow, dipping his head to keep Justin’s gaze. Justin looked back up, curious at Brian’s intent stare.

Brian kept his eyes on Justin’s, leaning forward slowly. Kept his eyes open as he leaned in to brush his lips against Justin’s. He watched Justin’s eyes flutter closed as he felt the warm softness of his lips begin to press into his own. He kissed Justin softly, slowly, his own eyes eventually falling shut despite his desire to keep them open. He couldn’t kiss Justin without becoming wrapped up in it, so he gave in and let his body take over.

Justin sighed into Brian’s mouth, the kiss making him forget his anxiety. This was familiar, was comfortable… this was what they were best at. He let himself ride the sensations, feel Brian’s arms wrap around him, his hips line up against Justin’s. Brian’s kisses stayed soft, affectionate. He pulled his lips away, leaving only his forehead resting against Justin’s. He opened his eyes again, waiting for Justin to do the same. When he did, his face was much softer, his eyes much less troubled. Brian smiled at him slightly, bringing his hand around to the side of Justin’s face. He put his thumb on Justin’s cheek, smoothing over the fine bones, brushing against the slight stubble. He knew this face better than his own. He knew its’ every curve, its’ slightest change from day to day. He had watched it struggle, he’d seen it flush with desire, he’d tasted its’ salty tears.

Brian was staring so intently, it made Justin pause. He watched Brian’s eyes trace his skin the way his thumb was, saw the parade of thoughts behind those beautiful green eyes. He finally looked into Justin’s eyes again, silently willing Justin to see what he needed to see. Justin stared for a long moment, blinking slowly. This was so… intense. Brian wasn’t looking away. He wasn’t working an agenda. He was just… looking. Looking at the man he loved...

Justin wanted to say something so badly, to look away, to capture this and make it stay… But he couldn’t, so he just stared back. Brian wasn’t flinching, wasn’t moving. Just letting Justin see him look. Justin felt a clench in his heart, first of joy, but instantly followed by the tight grasp of fear… He looked down.

Brian brought his fingers to Justin’s chin, tipping his head back up. Justin met his eyes again, feeling a blush creep up his cheeks. Brian cursed his inability to say anything to wipe that fear off Justin’s face. Fuck the bet! But no… he agreed to it because he believed it. They didn’t need words…

He brought one hand to each side of Justin’s face, holding him gently. He stared for another moment, then kissed Justin softly. Without turning around, he reached for Justin’s hands as he started to walk backwards. Pulling Justin with him, he moved slowly to the bedroom, pausing at the steps to make sure he could climb them without having to turn away from Justin or let go of his hands.

When they got to the edge of the bed, Brian turned so they were sideways to the mattress. He reached a hand back to Justin’s face, brushing the hair from his forehead. Justin smiled softly, his eyes downcast again. Brian turned him slightly, pushing him back gently onto the bed. Once Justin was laying down, Brian kneeled on the bed beside him. Justin reached out to turn off the light beside the bed, but Brian stretched out a hand to stop him. Justin looked at him, questioning. Brian shook his head, then ran his fingers down the side of Justin’s face. He let his eyes roam down Justin’s body, then back up to meet his gaze. He shook his head again, smiling. Justin laughed a bit, understanding Brian’s message. Ok, he wanted the lights on. Justin didn’t mind…

Brian’s fingers reached for Justin’s shirt, dipping underneath the hem. He stroked Justin’s belly softly, making Justin jump a little. He closed his eyes, the feel of Brian’s first touch always making him swoon ever so slightly. He opened them again when he felt Brian’s fingers on his face, rubbing gently. Brian smiled, nodding. Justin smiled back, understanding. Brian wanted Justin to watch him touch Justin. Ok…

Justin smiled further, thinking that maybe this silence thing wasn’t so bad. It was scarier than he expected, not having the comfort of words to fill the air, not being able to use them for distraction, for clarification. He had to pay more attention than he expected. It was more demanding than he imagined it would be, but Brian was being so intense, so… sweet…? Justin laughed a bit to himself, knowing Brian would kill him if he could read his mind. But it was true… Justin realized that if he stayed in the present, stayed with Brian right here, right now, he was safe. He was… loved.

He closed his eyes again at that thought, feeling the warm flush spread from his chest out to his fingertips. He opened them quickly, knowing Brian was watching, seeing Brian’s steady stare. God, it was brutal to have to stay this intimate, this open… Maybe Brian wasn’t the only one with issues, Justin thought to himself, laughing. Brian cocked his head a bit, wondering at the joke, but just smiled patiently.

Justin put his hand on top of Brian’s, stroking his fingers gently. He smiled up at Brian, stretching his body on the bed, raising his arms over his head. Brian raised an eyebrow, an evil grin starting to turn up the corners of his mouth. That was an invitation if ever he saw one…

He looked up at Justin’s outstretched arms, then back to Justin’s face. He narrowed his eyes for a moment, then cocked his head to the side to ask the question. Justin smiled, then stretched his arms out further, looking from one to the other. He looked back to Brian and nodded, a sexy smile on his lips and in his eyes.

Brian felt a wave of lust pass through him, flaring his nostrils and making his cock twitch. Jesus. Justin made him hornier than anyone else, hornier than he’d ever imagined. Somehow the knowledge of what he sounded like when he came, what noises he would make depending on the way Brian touched him… that knowledge made it hotter, not more boring like Brian always thought it would.

Brian swept his eyes over Justin’s chest and arms, up to his face. He stood quickly, going over to the closet. When he returned, he swung one leg over Justin’s body, straddling him. Brian ran his fingers down Justin’s chest, the soft fabric creating extra friction over his nipples when Brian’s hands lingered there. Justin arched his back, his breath starting to increase slightly. Brian flattened his palms on Justin’s stomach, pushing the shirt up as he smoothed his hands over Justin’s warm skin. He pulled the shirt slowly over Justin’s head, trapping his arms in it briefly. Brian leaned down and kissed Justin while holding the shirt around his arms, keeping Justin pinned. He kissed him gently at first, then more insistently as his tongue pushed through Justin’s wet lips. Justin sighed into his mouth, returning the kiss.

Brian finally broke away, discarding the shirt then reaching up to Justin’s right hand, winding the tie once before crossing the ends over one another and securing it to the bed. He took the second tie and did the same with Justin’s left hand, watching small dark pink patches sprout on Justin’s chest and cheeks. He smiled at the signs of desire imprinted on Justin’s body. The bulge in Justin’s jeans was a pretty good giveaway, too…

Brian sat back on Justin’s legs, looking at Justin’s outstretched arms and bound wrists. His own cock was at full attention now, so he pulled open the buttons on his jeans slowly, letting each one pop, the pressure from his engorged dick pushing them apart with minimal assistance. Justin’s eyes dropped to Brian’s dick, his tongue unconsciously sweeping the inside of his lips. Brian laughed softly, making Justin look up at him. Justin blushed at Brian’s smirk.

Fucker, Justin thought. He thinks I can’t do much tied up, but how wrong he’d be… Brian’s so easy. He thinks he’s Mr. Sophisticated when it comes to sex, but his buttons are so easy to push…

Justin pulled against the restraints at the same time he pushed up with his hips, trying to dislodge Brian from on top of him. Fortunately Brian had tied him with a reasonable amount of slack. Brian lifted up, watching to see what Justin wanted, and Justin pushed further, wiggling his hips to shove Brian off. Brian lifted one knee, giving Justin room to scoot over. Justin wiggled up the bed a bit, giving him more leeway in the ties on his wrists. Once he had enough room, he brought his arms together and crossed them, then twisted his body so he could flip over.

Brian watched, unsure what Justin was trying to do. Then Justin heard the catch in Brian’s breath as he shifted himself to his elbows and knees, his bound wrists crossed under his head. He lifted his ass higher while pushing his knees further apart, spreading himself before Brian. He smiled into the bed below him, knowing exactly what the look on Brian’s face would be at this point…

He heard a small growl from Brian before feeling strong hands on his hips, yanking his jeans roughly over his ass. Justin snickered, feeling the haste and desire in Brian’s movements. He lifted each knee, giving Brian the chance to pull his jeans off his legs. He heard them hit the ground at the foot of the bed and felt Brian’s hands on his skin at the same moment. He stiffened slightly, bracing himself. Brian’s hands were hot and firm on his ass, kneading him. Justin moaned quietly, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. He knew it would turn Brian on to offer himself so blatantly to him, but he kind of forgot how much it turned him on to be in this position with Brian. And while he was bound…

Justin licked his lips again, swallowing heavily. Brian smiled, seeing goosebumps break out on Justin’s skin. He could feel the heat radiating off Justin’s body, could see the tightly drawn muscles holding him still. He smoothed his hands over Justin’s ass, hearing Justin’s breath react to his touch. He let his thumbs linger, drawing closer to Justin’s hole. Justin sucked in a breath, holding it. He leaned forward, the heat from his face reaching Justin’s senses before his tongue did. Justin pushed out the breath and a low moan when Brian’s flat tongue licked a swath from his balls to his tailbone. His knees started to quiver when Brian did it again, slower. He rocked back into Brian’s mouth, seeking more contact.

Brian chuckled softly, then used his hands to pull Justin’s ass wider. Justin quivered again, then groaned deeply when Brian’s tongue pressed against his hole, pushing through the muscle. Brian pushed harder, fucking Justin with his tongue. Justin’s hips rocked into him hard, his moans making Brian’s cock twitch.

Then suddenly he was gone, Justin’s ragged breathing echoing in his ears. Justin bit back the words, wanting to say something, to find out why Brian stopped, anything…

He gasped out a low sound when he felt a wet, slick thumb against his hole. God, that first slippery touch of lube was so fucking hot, so simple and yet so carnal at the same time. It was the thought of what it was for that made Justin hot, and the two had become connected in his brain so that whenever he felt the first cold slick caress, his mind jumped in a split second to the feel of being penetrated, of being taken…

Brian rubbed his thumb over the wrinkled skin, pushing gently until he was inside Justin. Justin moaned, the sound rippling through Brian like a shiver. Thank god they didn’t have to give up making any sound, he thought as he pushed his thumb further, twisting and angling it to make Justin moan again.

But it was killing him not to be able to talk to Justin now… He didn’t mind keeping his mouth shut during the normal course of the day, but he loved to tell Justin how hot he was, hot tight he was… Brian bit down on his lip to keep from saying anything. He wanted to make Justin say something, though… he smiled dangerously to himself.

He brought his other hand to Justin’s crack, his second thumb pushing in beside the first. Justin gasped, a low growl pushing out of his lungs. Brian pulled with his thumbs, stretching Justin wide. Justin groaned, his legs shaking. Brian knew he was dying to tell Brian to fuck him, could tell by the small sounds coming from Justin’s mouth, the hands clenching the ties holding him to the bed. Brian rubbed him on the inside, his own cock starting to drip in anticipation. Justin groaned loudly, his arms straining to pull back, to touch Brian. Brian started a rhythmic thrusting with his thumbs, twisting and pushing them. God, Justin was so hot. Brian wasn’t sure he could do this much longer, watching Justin’s hole contract around his thumbs. He pulled harder, wanting to pry Justin apart. He was going to fuck him hard when he started, so he wanted to make sure Justin was ready. Judging by the steady whimpers beneath him, Justin was ready a few minutes ago…

Brian couldn’t do it any longer, yanking his thumbs out of Justin and grabbing a condom from the night table. He ignored the shaking of his hands as he rushed to get it over his pulsing dick, his teeth pushing hard into his lower lip to keep him quiet. He shoved his jeans down quickly, then grabbed Justin’s hips, rising up onto his knees. He tore his shirt over his head, needing to feel Justin’s skin against his when they started fucking. He wasn’t sure whose moan was louder when he pushed into Justin, his one hand reaching under Justin to pull on his straining cock. Brian dropped onto Justin’s back, pressing his body against his lover’s, needing to feel every inch of him. Justin struggled to support them both, his hips snapping back into Brian’s thrusts as hard as he could meet them.

The loft was filled with the rough, grunting sounds of their fuck, the moans seeming louder with no whispered words to connect them. Brian knew he was making more noise than he usually did, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. He also knew he was going to cum momentarily, and he grabbed Justin’s dick again to bring him over the edge with him. His thrusts got shallower, keeping his dick buried deep inside Justin. He pumped relentlessly, pressing Justin’s prostate on each stroke. Justin’s moans sounded choked, like he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs in between them. Brian finally let go, the pleasure snapping him into Justin with enough force to knock them both flat, Justin collapsing under him. He leaned up onto his hands, keeping his weight off Justin’s chest as he rutted into him, the last spasms of his orgasm wracking his body. It wasn’t until he rolled off of Justin and pulled Justin slightly onto his side that he realized Justin had cum too, the bed wet beneath him.

They stayed pressed against one another for a few minutes, Justin’s arms aching but his body too tired to move. Plus he couldn’t say anything to tell Brian to untie him, so he rested limply beside Brian, letting his heart beat slow to a normal pace. Brian sighed contentedly behind him, his hand resting heavily on Justin’s hip. He felt Brian reach between them, pulling the used condom off and dropping it on the floor beside the bed. He was too tired to tie it off…

Brian sat up abruptly, reaching for Justin’s hands. Justin looked up at him, smiling, but saw alarm on Brian’s face. Brian searched his eyes heavily, his hands yanking at the tie. Justin shook his head gently, still smiling. Brian paused, taking a deep breath as he got the first one undone. He reached for the second with a little more composure, more confident now that Justin was ok, that he hadn’t hurt him.

Once he had both of Justin’s hands loose, he turned Justin onto his back and leaned over him, examining both wrists for red marks. Justin brought one hand on top of Brian’s, making Brian look at him. Justin smiled again, willing Brian to see that it was ok, that he was fine. Brian held his stare for a minute, then softly smiled back, an almost sheepish look on his face. Justin brought a hand to Brian’s chin, tilting his face up to look more clearly at Justin. He leaned down and kissed Justin softly, wishing he could tell him… fuck. Brian laughed softly to himself, realizing he was frustrated by not being able to tell Justin something. How the fuck did that happen, he wondered? Maybe it was knowing Justin didn’t expect to hear anything, maybe it was the age-old fear of somehow hurting the people he cared about, he didn’t know. He looked into Justin’s totally trusting face, feeling his heart flip and careen to a brief stop. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and letting his lips meet Justin’s. He held his lips there for a moment, just wanting to feel Justin against him, wanting to keep him there.

Justin kissed him back softly, letting his hands wind through Brian’s hair. He stroked gently down Brian’s back, soothing him. Brian seemed at a loss without being able to blow things off with a witty remark. Justin smiled, thinking maybe this silence thing was going to be more of an experience than either of them expected it to be…


Brian rested his head on Justin’s chest, listening to his breathing. He let his hand wander down Justin’s body, stroking the soft hair at the base of Justin’s limp cock. He felt Justin shiver a bit, then felt a hand on his shoulder, pushing him backwards. He rolled over, letting Justin lean onto him. Brian closed his eyes as Justin’s fingers started to trace lazy patterns on his chest and abs, skimming over his hips and the tops of his thighs. He relaxed more heavily into the bed, letting Justin touch him. He started slightly when he felt Justin’s lips press against his, realizing he must be more tired than he thought he was. Justin leaned up, making Brian open his eyes. Brian saw the contented look on Justin’s face, then laughed when he saw Justin flick one eyebrow up and rake his eyes down Brian’s body. His laugh rumbled quietly in his chest until he felt Justin’s hand close over his cock, coaxing it back to life. He sighed, letting his eyes close as Justin moved down his body, his mouth replacing his hand on Brian’s slowly filling dick. He decided to let his body to respond to Justin’s talented tongue, his last conscious thought before he gave himself over to man above him.

Chapter 3 by Triciaqaf

Part 3

The day passed fairly uneventfully. A leisurely morning fuck followed by showers, coffee, the paper. Standard Saturday morning activities, the silence between them comfortable, normal. Brian was definitely not a morning person, so Justin was used to staying under the radar. He had some errands to run and an afternoon shift at the diner, so he kissed Brian goodbye with a long stare and a longing smile, then headed out.

Brian wondered where he was heading, but couldn’t ask and didn’t want to go through charades to find out. It bothered him a little bit that it was a few hours ahead of Justin’s usual shift, but he shrugged it off and immersed himself in some work anyway.

He worked for a few hours, then went to the gym. By the time he was showered and dressed again, he’d convinced himself it would be completely normal for him to stop by the diner. It had nothing to do with Justin, he just needed a post-workout snack…

Justin was behind the counter, laughing at something the twink in front of him was saying. He was facing away from the door but he always knew when Brian was near. If not from the looks on the faces of the people around him, he could still tell just by the way his skin felt, his senses awakened.

He smiled to himself, waiting a beat before turning around. The air around them stilled for a moment, the diner’s clatter receding momentarily as their eyes linked. Justin drew in a quiet breath, the tiny hairs on his arms standing up slightly just from Brian’s proximity.

Brian stopped at the counter, his eyes fixed on Justin’s. Justin leaned forward automatically, bringing himself into reach. Brian smiled slowly, reaching out a hand to cover Justin’s on the counter as he leaned in for a kiss. It was reasonably brief, and reasonably chaste by Brian-and-Justin standards, but Justin’s skin still coloured slightly, his heart beating just the tiniest bit faster.

“God, you two always need a room!” Debbie squawked in mock-exasperation as she bustled by, bumping Justin slightly. “Brian, honey, what’re you having?” She popped her gum, pen in hand.

“Turkey on multigrain…”

“No mayo. I know, honey…” she turned around, moving to the end of the counter to take the next order.

Justin held the sound of Brian’s words in his mind, the timbre of his voice so intimate and thrilling after not hearing him for almost 24 hours. He didn’t realize how much that sound was a part of his world, his daily soundtrack. It made him stupidly giddy to hear it, and he wanted to find a way to get him to keep talking. Of course the words he wanted to hear were more along the lines of “more”, “now”, “oh god” and Justin’s name than a sandwich order, but he’d take what he could get.

His name though… that wasn’t off limits. Justin smiled to himself, a plan forming in his brain. He didn’t know what he’d have to do, but he was determined to get Brian to the point where he’d be saying Justin’s name before the night was through.

“So, how’s it going guys…?” Michael’s voice cut through Justin’s thoughts, snapping him back to the present.

Brian responded by looking at Justin, a long, slow blink passing between them before Brian’s tongue came out to wet his lips. Justin smiled, his eyes following Brian’s tongue.

“Ok, fine. So you can still turn each other on without talking. Whatever…” Michael turned away, disgust and envy warring on his face.

“You coming to Babylon tonight, Brian?” He tried again, hoping to steer the conversation onto a ground that felt less… intimate. The sexual tension between the two of them was making Michael gag.

Brian nodded, still looking at Justin. Justin was disappointed that he didn’t verbalize his answer, but glad to know what Brian’s plans were. He had to work until around 10, so Brian and the guys would already be there, but now he knew where to find him. He smiled his thanks at Michael, turning to respond to the customer who’d been trying to get his attention for the last ten minutes.

He heard the bass tones of Brian’s voice as he responded to something Michael said, but he could only catch snippets as he dealt with his orders. It was busy in the diner, so he didn’t have a chance to go back to Brian until he saw him stand up, takeout container in hand. Justin bit his lip, wishing Brian wasn’t leaving, but then he had to run over to deal with another impatient customer before they could connect.

He felt a hand on the back of his neck, turning to see Brian standing behind him. Brian’s hand pulled him forward into a kiss, his body pressing into Brian’s for an all-too-brief second. Brian’s fingers trailed a line across his cheek as Brian stepped away, turning to the door and leaving the diner.


The music pulsed around them, the flashing lights bathing Brian in mottled shadows. Justin closed his eyes, letting the beat pump through him, telling his body how to move. Brian’s hands rested on his hips, holding gently, keeping the connection between them despite their mostly closed eyes.

Justin had arrived from his shift at the diner to find Brian nursing a Jim Beam at the bar, oblivious to the efforts to get his attention. Justin slid his hands under Brian’s fitted black shirt, fingers brushing the hard muscles. They’d had a drink together at the bar and now they were here, Brian mostly humouring Justin with dancing. If he wasn’t cruising, or seriously fucked up, Brian generally stayed off the dance floor. But Justin loved to dance, and Brian liked to be the one he danced with, so here they were. Plus this kept all contenders away from Justin, which suited Brian just fine.

And Justin was in a good mood, so that made it even better. Brian sighed as Justin licked the skin at his collarbone, small shivers running the length of his spine. Justin’s lips pressed wet heat into the same spot his tongue had just teased. He alternated flicking slowly with his tongue, pressing softly with his lips, and sucking gently. Brian knew he’d have a mark there tomorrow, which meant he’d have to forgo his cashmere sweater, but the feeling of Justin repeatedly bringing the blood to the surface and then soothing it was too hypnotic to stop.

Brian’s head tipped back further, his hands climbing to Justin’s sides halfway up his chest. From this angle, Brian could reach his thumbs around and stroke Justin’s nipples under his shirt. Justin sucked in a breath, his mouth momentarily stilled on Brian’s neck. When he started sucking at Brian’s skin as if it was Brian’s mouth he was kissing, Brian thrust his hips forward, their cocks pressing tightly together.

He heard Justin’s small moan, a smile briefly flitting over his face before he felt Justin’s fingers pulling at the waist of his pants. He chuckled softly, feeling Justin’s rock-hard dick pressing into his hip. Justin’s hand continued travelling, his fingers reaching to cup Brian’s cock. Brian grunted, his body pressing into Justin’s hand. He bit back the teasing words, letting his mouth fall onto Justin’s forehead instead.

Justin stroked him softly at first, increasing the pressure and tempo, then backing off again. Brian pressed harder into him, fingers pushing small circles into Justin’s hipbones. Justin listened to Brian’s breath against his ear, its’ tempo increasing with his strokes. He tightened his grip, hearing the stifled moan against the side of his face. One of the benefits of Brian not being able to say anything was that Brian couldn’t tell him to stop…

Justin sucked Brian’s earlobe into his mouth, teeth grazing the nub of flesh until Brian gasped. He felt Brian’s warm breath against his own ear, a wet tongue slowly circling the edge, making him shiver.

Brian suddenly felt Justin’s hand withdraw, feeling the frustration and relief battle each other for dominance. His cock was throbbing now, his cheeks flushed. He looked at Justin, his eyes flashing desire, impatience, happiness, everything all at the same time. He pulled Justin’s head to his own, his mouth seeking contact. Justin breathed into him, their tongues brushing, sending shockwaves of desire through Brian. They needed to go. Now…

He was about to pull Justin by the arm but couldn’t quite bring himself to end the kiss. Then he felt something against his lips and opened his eyes to see Justin pushing his finger between their mouths. Brian cocked an eyebrow quizzically at him, eyes narrowing slightly as he watched Justin suck his finger fully into his mouth. Brian watched, his own mouth a fraction of an inch away, their breath pushing into one another. Justin kept his eyes on Brian’s as he pulled his finger out, a small smile creeping into the corners of his mouth.

He let his hand drop between them, pushing back into Brian’s pants. Brian raised his eyebrow again, their hips still moving in some approximation of dancing. He pulled in a breath when Justin’s knuckles brushed his cock, laughing slightly at his own reaction. Justin pressed tighter against him, his hand trapped between their bodies, his other hand pressed into Brian’s lower back, holding him tight.

Brian started to make a warning noise when he felt Justin’s hand push past his balls and graze his perineum. Justin looked up at him under a fringe of lashes, his pupils wide and his face flushed. Brian knew where he was going with this, but his body had a way of responding to Justin whether he wanted it to or not. Brian leaned his head down to capture Justin’s mouth, sighing quietly as Justin sucked his lower lip between his teeth. Justin worried the soft, wet skin with his tongue and lips, distracting Brian from his finger pressing forward.

He heard Brian groan as his finger reached his hole, pushing gently against the wrinkled skin. Brian tried to pull away but Justin’s hand on his back and teeth on his lower lip kept him tight up against Justin’s body. He was going to shake his head or pull his hips back, but the moment Justin’s finger pushed inside him, he found himself shoving his hips harder against Justin to give him better access.

Justin moaned softly against his mouth, his finger curling to press Brian’s prostate. Brian pulled his head back, ignoring the sharp scrape of teeth on his swollen lip, needing to breathe fresh oxygen to keep his knees from buckling.

Justin slowly pulled his finger out, letting just the tip play inside, then pushed sooo slowly back in. Brian’s breath was harsh against his forehead, his hips appearing to move with the music but really only following the rhythm of Justin’s finger. Justin’s dick was so hard he was afraid he’d come just from the uneven pressure of his trapped arm pressed against it. Brian’s hands kept Justin’s body lined up against him, the harsh pressure of his fingertips belying his outwardly cool demeanour.

Justin liked the fact that Brian couldn’t say anything, couldn’t interrupt with a command or a threat. Justin just wanted to keep Brian writhing against him. He wanted to make him come, wanted to make him scream... He was careful to keep his arm movements minimal, letting his finger make Brian pump his hips.

He felt Brian press hard against him, his hands stilling Justin’s hips along with his own. Justin held his breath, then felt Brian rip his arm out of his pants, the other hand yanking him roughly towards the backroom. He could see that Brian was biting hard on his lower lip as they strode through the crowd.

When they got to the backroom, Brian spun Justin around to face him, leaning in for a searing kiss. He ravaged Justin’s mouth, his tongue demanding, complaining, pleading all at once. Justin listened with his kiss, his mouth soft, responsive. He heard Brian’s desire through the fingers gripping Justin’s arms, the knee pushing Justin’s legs apart. Justin answered with hands caressing Brian’s shoulders, threading through Brian’s hair.

Justin brought his hands to Brian’s face, his fingers stroking gently as his eyes searched Brian’s. His mouth was open, breath coming heavily, but he wanted to slow Brian for a second, letting his hands tell him something that his mouth couldn’t.

Maybe this lack of words wasn’t so bad after all. He was so sure they needed to tell each other things to really understand one another, but right now, as he looked into Brian’s glittering eyes, felt his hands soften in immediate response to the shift in Justin’s touch, he marvelled at how instantaneous their responses to one another were. Mere seconds ago Brian had been ready to rip his pants down, to fuck him hard and fast against the backroom wall. But all Justin had to do was bring his hands to Brian’s face, his fingers sending the message that was in his heart, and Brian heard him immediately, his own body slowing down to listen.

He smiled at Brian, his fingertips tracing the rough stubble on his cheeks, his chin, trailing over the hot, soft skin of his lips. Brian closed his eyes when Justin’s fingers brushed his mouth, his breath still heavy but his posture patient, accepting. He opened them again when Justin stopped, seeing Justin’s gentle expression. Brian paused, then pulled Justin in for a softer kiss, tongues still connecting but slower now, exploring rather than igniting.


Brian rested his forehead against Justin’s, then circled his arm around Justin’s waist and started to steer him out of the backroom. Justin stopped, confused, but Brian met his eyes and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his nose. He wanted to fuck at home now. Justin smiled, tucking his head into the crook of Brian’s neck, letting him lead them to the car.

Chapter 4 by Triciaqaf

Part 4

In the elevator, Brian backed Justin against the wall, his hands reaching under Justin’s shirt to find bare skin to touch. Justin shivered a bit, the familiar feel of Brian’s hands never getting old. They kissed, Brian pressing his body into Justin’s, covering him completely. Justin leaned his hips forward, wanting to feel every inch of Brian’s body against him. The ardour that had cooled somewhat on the ride home from Babylon started to rise again, Justin remembering what it felt like to push his finger inside Brian’s body, the sound of Brian’s breath when he pulled out and thrust in again…

Justin deepened the kiss, his hands grasping at the back of Brian’s shirt, seeking closer contact. He heard the elevator stop at their floor, felt Brian start to pull away to go inside. He let Brian lean away enough to separate their chests, then grabbed the front of Brian’s shirt to keep him there. Brian raised an eyebrow, wondering what Justin was doing. Justin pulled the bottom snap open, then the next, then the next. Brian raised his eyebrow further, but his mouth was trying not to smile. Justin popped all the snaps on Brian’s shirt open, then ran his hands across the smooth expanse of skin in front of him. He took a deep breath, his nostrils flaring at the heady scent of Brian’s skin. Brian was still watching him, curious and amused.

Jesus christ... I’m going to lick every inch of you, I’m going to make your nipples ache and your stomach muscles quiver… I’m going to tease you so badly, you’ll be begging me to stop…

Justin leaned his head forward, once again grateful for the difference in their heights that made some things easier… He pulled in another deep breath before his tongue reached Brian’s chest, letting it barely flick the narrow groove between Brian’s pecs. He knew Brian would be closing his eyes right… about… now…

His tongue flicked again, moving across to the left towards Brian’s nipple. He heard Brian sigh quietly, but felt his hands tighten on Justin’s hips. When he reached Brian’s nipple, he let his tongue circle it slowly first, then sucked it gently into his mouth. He heard Brian’s breath catch, felt the slow press of his thigh against Justin’s legs. He pushed back with his leg, lifting his knee slightly to press between Brian’s thighs. He could feel the weight of Brian’s balls against the top of his thigh, so he pushed a little higher, feeling Brian’s hips jerk ever so slightly.

Justin sucked harder on Brian’s nipple, feeling the twitch in Brian’s body as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin. He sucked again, then brought his teeth down in a wide circle around it, scraping his teeth towards each other until only Brian’s nipple was between them. He heard Brian’s intake of breath as he rolled the nub between his teeth, pulling outward as he did.

I’m not moving till you say my name…

He pulled harder, hearing a low growl from Brian’s throat. He let it pop from his mouth, then slowly licked small flicks back across Brian’s chest toward the other nipple. Brian’s chest moved faster with his breath, his hands still holding Justin’s hips tightly.

Justin repeated the torture on Brian’s other nipple, his leg pushing hard under Brian’s balls. His tongue soothed then his teeth scraped, his hands squeezing Brian’s ass, pulling him closer. Brian’s head started falling back, small growls escaping his lips. Justin upped the pressure, sucking hard, his tongue flicking the swollen tissue, then pressing down hard. He knew Brian loved it when he did this, but he was usually so distracted by Brian’s cock that he gave up on his nipples sooner than Brian would like. But not tonight…

He switched back to the other side, content to keep teasing Brian until he broke down and said Justin’s name. He could feel Brian’s hands trying to pull him away from the elevator wall, seeking to push him into the loft. He fought back, holding his ground, his teeth nipping, pulling.

“Justin!” Brian muttered finally, his voice gravely.

Justin stopped, looking up at Brian with a big grin on his face. Brian’s face was flushed, his lips red and wet. He slowly opened his eyes to look down at Justin. He looked somewhat startled, both from Justin’s forcefulness and his own intense reaction. Justin wasn’t sure he realized he’d said anything out loud. Brian cocked his head when he saw Justin’s shit-eating grin. He shook his head, smiling, yanking Justin out of the elevator and into the hall.

Justin pressed up against his back while he unlocked the door, his hands sliding up Brian’s chest to pinch his abused nipples. Brian huffed, squirming to get away from Justin’s hands. When the door was open, Brian lunged inside, pulling Justin behind him. He pulled hard enough to swing Justin in front of him, then pushed him towards the bedroom. Justin laughed, stumbling forward a bit, then stopping.

Brian smacked into him, expecting Justin to keep moving. He laughed, turning Justin around by the shoulders. He looked intensely into Justin’s eyes, then leaned down to capture Justin’s mouth. He started softly, but Justin felt his hand on the back of his head as he felt the pressure from Brian’s mouth increase, his tongue pushing inside. Brian kissed him hard, payback for the torture in the elevator. Justin pulled away, a little dazed, smiling.

Brian stared at him for a second, his eyes dark, a red flush high in his cheeks. He pushed with the hands that held Justin’s shoulders, sending Justin stumbling backwards. Justin’s eyebrows popped up in surprise, his hands out behind him to keep his balance. Brian stalked forward, pushing again. Justin opened his mouth, then closed it again to keep the words inside. His breath was suddenly very heavy…

Brian looked menacing, overpowering. And unbelievably fucking hot… Justin sucked in a deep breath, scrambling backwards up the steps to the bed. He should have known Brian wouldn’t let him be that aggressive without payback, he thought absently as Brian stepped onto the bed after him, towering over him. He was sitting up, smiling at Brian. Brian dropped to his knees, hovering over Justin, making him lean back and support himself with his arms on the bed behind him. Brian looked amused now, but no less dangerous. Justin felt a thrill run through him, marvelling at the things this man could make him feel. And without saying a word…

Justin smiled to himself again, realizing he too had underestimated them. Brian spoke to him all the time, even though he was judicious with his actual words. He hadn’t missed talking as much as he thought he would. He found himself listening to Brian’s unspoken language a lot better when he wasn’t keeping a running commentary on their day. He missed the sound of Brian’s voice, but he knew he didn’t need to hear any specific words from him to know how he felt. Like right now, for instance…

Justin looked up at Brian, seeing the desire there, but also the playfulness. He knew Brian was in the mood to play tonight. Justin sighed, his cock twitching with anticipation. Not that he intended to be a passive recipient of the games, however… Justin leaned up, pushing Brian backwards. Brian wasn’t expecting it, so he sat down on his heels, his eyebrow challenging Justin to go ahead…

Justin pushed further, making Brian lean back at an angle that had to burn his upper thighs. Justin ran his hands over those long muscles, his fingers digging in. Brian grunted, his eyes watching Justin. Justin let his hand slide to Brian’s crotch, his open legs and tight jeans making his cock easily visible through the fabric. Justin pushed his hand against it, seeing Brian twitch slightly.

god, I want to make you squirm… I want to make you gasp…

Justin bit his lip to keep the words inside, his impatient hands grabbing for Brian’s ankles so he could pull Brian’s legs out towards him. He yanked, Brian letting him and following Justin’s lead. When his feet were beside Justin’s knees, Justin pushed on his chest, forcing him back onto the bottom of the bed. Brian’s head hung slightly over the edge, forcing his chin up and his graceful neck to stretch out below Justin. Justin lunged, needing to taste Brian’s skin, feel the slight stubble under his chin, suck his adam’s apple. Brian laughed a little, the sound turning into a low moan as Justin’s fingers dug into his denim-covered cock and his tongue traced its' way up his neck.

Justin licked a path up the side of Brian’s face, his tongue hungry, impatient. He hovered over Brian’s ear, wishing he could say something nasty to make Brian’s cock throb. Instead he held his mouth there, letting his heavy breath push warm, wet air into Brian’s ear. He pushed harder against Brian’s cock, letting a low sound slide into Brian’s ear. Brian writhed slightly in response, his hands resting on Justin’s back. He let his hands slip lower, seeking the waist of Justin’s pants. Justin arched his back when he felt Brian’s fingers brush his skin, pushing towards the top of his ass.

Justin’s hands shoved Brian’s shirt open, skimming the smooth skin. He slid his body down, letting his head rest mid-chest as his fingers worked open Brian’s jeans. He glanced up to see Brian lifting his head, trying to watch what Justin was doing. He didn’t want Brian to watch, he wanted him blind, unable to focus on anything but the feelings in his body. Justin shoved one hand inside Brian’s pants, pulling his dick out roughly, as his other hand slid up Brian’s chest and pushed against his chin, forcing his head back. He held his hand there, his thumb pressing firmly into the underside of Brian’s chin. He looked up to see Brian’s mouth open, his neck bent. Shit. He was so hot like this…

Justin’s fingers stroked roughly on Brian’s cock, his thumb sweeping the tip and pressing hard into the slit. Brian was making a sound somewhere between a harsh breath and a low moan, so Justin did it again.

I’m gonna fuck you, Brian…

Not that Justin didn’t love being fucked by Brian, but oh sweet jesus… the feeling of sliding his cock into Brian’s tight ass, of seeing Brian’s muscles straining underneath him, of hearing Brian moan from what Justin’s cock was doing to him…

Justin bit his lip, trying to calm his thoughts so he didn’t come all over Brian before he even got either of their pants off. Brian’s chest was pink, his skin warm and flushed. Justin let go of his chin, pushing once firmly before he did so, telling Brian not to move his head. He didn’t. Justin’s cock twitched, the unspoken knowledge that Brian knew what he wanted and that Brian wanted it too making him even harder.

He climbed off Brian, yanking on his jeans till they were at his ankles. Justin debated whether to keep them there or pull them all the way off, opting for the latter so he’d have better access to Brian’s ass… He left the shirt open on Brian’s torso, staring down at the wanton way Brian was splayed on the bed, arms out, head back, all bare muscles and glistening skin… fuck…

Justin stood up, pulling his own clothes off quickly, tossing them on the floor. He went to climb back on the bed but then looked at Brian’s head tipped over the edge of the bed again, his eyes fluttering shut at the thought swirling in his mind. Before he knew what he was doing, he walked around to the end of the bed, dropping to his knees in front of Brian’s upturned face. Brian looked up at him, his head still motionless. Justin brought one hand to either side of Brian’s face, leaning forward until his cock bumped Brian’s lips.

Brian reached his tongue out to wet his lips, the motion flicking the tip of Justin’s cock at the same time. Justin groaned, his hands pressing harder into Brian’s face in the effort to keep from plunging his dick into Brian’s upside-down mouth. Fuck, fuck, fuck…

Brian opened his mouth, adjusting his head so he was at the right angle for Justin to slide in. Justin bit his lip, watching his cock push into Brian’s mouth, seeing the heavy swallow in Brian’s exposed neck at the same time he felt it around his cock. Brian’s hands reached up around the back of Justin’s waist, pulling him forward. Justin let Brian guide him, not wanting to go too deep. He knew Brian wouldn’t do this position with anyone else, didn’t trust them not to go too far. It was so vulnerable, but it allowed him to take more of Justin’s cock than in any other position.

Fuck… Brian… oh my god…

Brian could take him pretty deep no matter what, but Justin kept feeling that he should stop going forward, thinking it wasn’t possible for Brian to take any more. But then he’d feel Brian’s hands pushing him gently, see his cock slide a tiny bit further… Justin knew he couldn’t thrust like this, it was too deep. But oh, fuck… the desire to pump his hips was making him grit his teeth. He started pulling out, gasping when he felt the head of his cock hit Brian’s tongue, feeling it swirl and flick him. Then Brian’s hands were pushing him forward again, starting a rhythm. Justin closed his eyes, unable to watch without losing it…

He opened them again, looking down Brian’s prone body on the bed, seeing Brian’s straining cock. He watched the tip weep a drop of pre-cum, moaning at the visual evidence of how much this was turning Brian on…

He could feel his balls starting to lift, but he didn’t want to come like this… Justin groaned Brian’s name, pulling his cock out quickly. He slumped onto his heels on the floor, his forehead hitting Brian’s chest. He lay like that for a moment, Brian’s soft hands stroking his back, helping him calm down. He lifted up finally, realizing Brian’s neck was probably sore from being backwards, even if it was resting against the edge of the mattress. Shit, all the blood had probably rushed to his head by now. Well, not all the blood, Justin thought, eyeing Brian’s rigid cock.

Justin sat up, leaning down to place a kiss on Brian’s mouth, his hands lifting Brian’s head gently. Brian let his head sink into Justin’s hands, his mouth wet and swollen from Justin’s cock. Justin moaned into his mouth, the unfamiliar position making the kiss feel wicked and thrilling…

Justin finally stood up, climbing onto the bed beside Brian. Brian lifted his head, watching Justin drape himself over Brian’s body. Brian brought his arms up to cup his hands under his head, staring intently at Justin. His cheeks were red, his eyes glossy. Justin huffed out a breath, amazed for the millionth time by how much he loved looking at that face, especially when it was flushed with desire…

Brian wiggled a bit down the bed, letting his head rest in a more comfortable position, but still leaning slightly over the edge of the bed. Justin let his hands roam Brian’s body, his fingers tracing Brian’s sides, feeling each ridge of muscle through his torso as he moved lower. His hands reached Brian’s hips, whispering feather soft touches that made Brian squirm, his lower abs and hips super-sensitive, particularly to very light touch.

Justin couldn’t help himself as he pushed his body down, his mouth seeking Brian’s skin in the same spot his hands had just teased. He heard Brian’s moan when his lips reached his hipbone, his tongue licking small swaths before his lips pressed wide and wet. The steady pulse of Brian’s breath was snaking into Justin’s brain, narrowing his world until all he could hear was the rush of blood in his own ears and Brian’s harsh breath, punctuated by the odd moan. Justin kept trying for the moans, moving his mouth and his hands until he got one. He could feel the heat from Brian’s cock, could smell the tightly coiled readiness in Brian’s body. When his mouth finally closed over the head of Brian’s cock, Justin couldn’t tell which one of them the moan came from.

Justin rubbed Brian’s cock over his lips, against his nose, across his forehead. He fucking loved this. Brian was gasping, his hips pushing into Justin’s face, seeking the wet warmth. Justin teased a bit longer, loving the feel of the wet heat against his skin, then finally let Brian push into his mouth again. He hummed Brian’s name into his cock, knowing Brian wouldn’t be able to make out anything other than a moan and the vibrations on his dick. Brian wound his fingers in Justin’s hair, holding but not pushing. Justin sucked hard, pulling the blood to the head of Brian’s cock over and over.


Justin heard the throaty whisper, his body jerking like Brian had touched his cock. Fuck… need more… Justin doubled his efforts on Brian’s cock, hearing the stuttered breathing, feeling Brian’s hands tighten in his hair.

Say it again… say it…

Justin stopped, his mouth hovering over Brian’s cock. He waited, hearing Brian’s groan of frustration, watching him push his hips up in vain, keeping his mouth just out of reach but close enough that Brian could feel its’ heat. Then he pushed down, hard, taking as much of Brian as he could. He heard Brian’s loud gasp, his low moan.

Come on… say it…

Justin was pretty sure he was the one whimpering now, silently begging Brian to say his name again. He could feel how close Brian was, but didn’t want him to come this way. He wanted him to come when Justin was inside him…

Justin pulled away, glancing at Brian’s face as he shifted positions. He saw Brian wince from the interruption, his jaw tight. His hands were closed into fists, his whole body poised and ready. Justin kneeled between his legs, his knees nudging Brian’s legs apart as he reached for a condom and lube. Brian leaned his head up, watching Justin open the wrapper and place the condom at the tip of his cock. Brian grabbed the lube from Justin’s hands, waiting until the condom was in place.

“Justin…” he whispered, his eyes locked on Justin’s, his fingers stroking the lube down Justin’s shaft.

Justin’s breath stopped in his chest, his heart beating furiously. He loved this man so fucking much it made his head swim. It never failed that when the emotions were this intense the physical desire clambered on top of them, knocking them to the ground as the heat coiled through his body, leaving them panting in the dust.

Justin kept his eyes on Brian’s as he pushed forward, fighting the desire to close them as the all-consuming warmth wrapped around his dick. He knew he was chanting Brian’s name now, his body lost to the sensations. Brian never broke eye contact, his mouth open, sweat beading on his forehead. Justin held his position, waiting until Brian was ready for more, his cock throbbing part-way in.

When he felt Brian give, he pushed forward, his breath rushing out of him along with Brian’s name. Jesus fucking christ. This was going to kill him, it really was… Brian was so tight, so unbelievably tight… Justin heard the strangled moan leave his mouth, feeling like he was watching his body from somewhere else. Like this was the hottest fucking porn he’d ever seen, except he was right in the middle of it. Oh god…

Justin pulled Brian’s legs up, his fingers digging into the muscles, ramming himself as tight as he could against Brian’s body. Brian’s legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. Justin closed his eyes, his body struggling to stay in the game…

He knew it was over when he heard Brian whisper his name again… then again.

“Justin…” Brian’s voice was breathy, hoarse. Justin opened his eyes and moaned when he realized Brian’s eyes were finally closed, his mouth forming Justin’s name over and over again. Justin rutted hard, their bodies moving in a silent concert as the sound of his name filled the loft. He felt like his heart would break if his dick didn’t explode first…

Justin dropped one of Brian’s legs to reach between their bodies and jerk Brian’s dick firmly. He wasn’t sure if Brian could come without it, but he knew he wasn’t going to last a moment longer…

Justin groaned out his orgasm, his body slamming into Brian’s over and over as the waves pulsed through him. He writhed on top of Brian, his hand keeping time with his body’s involuntary spasms. He felt Brian’s cock pulse in his hand, the silence suddenly deafening in the loft…

Justin dropped his head to Brian’s chest, Brian’s body wracked with convulsions under him. He kept stroking Brian’s cock, the throbbing gradually receding. Justin finally slumped onto Brian’s body, his muscles too tired to move. He felt Brian’s hand reach slowly to his back, winding its’ way into his hair, over the side of his face.

He burrowed his head deeper into the crook of Brian’s neck, letting the emotions crash over him the way the orgasm had as he heard Brian’s soft whisper…



Chapter 5 by Triciaqaf

Part 5

Justin laughed, Emmett’s jokes always having that effect on him. Even when they were corny, queeny jokes, Justin still laughed. It was good to have friends like Emmett.

“So, what was he like…? Come on, spill!” Emmett breathed into Justin’s ear, looking around Woody’s casually like there was nothing in this conversation that anyone couldn’t hear.

Justin leaned a little closer, smiling. “Well, he was… sweet, actually. Affectionate…” the smile spread wider across his face. “Very… open. And giving…”

Justin blushed at Emmett’s wide-eyed glance. “Open, huh? Well, well… good for you, honey. I won’t even ask what that’s like…” Emmett sighed as he fanned himself with the bar menu.

Justin laughed. “You have no idea…” he teased, watching Emmett blush. Boy, not much made Emmett blush, Justin thought with a grin. Hmmm, someone has a bit of a crush… Justin laughed again. But who wouldn’t want to know what it was like to top Brian Kinney…?

Justin wasn’t totally sure which one of them Emmett was imagining, but that was ok too. Emmett was too sweet and too harmless to worry Justin, or to rile Brian, so they were on safe ground.

“No really. He just couldn’t stop… touching me…” Justin smiled again at the memory. “We were just watching a movie today, but he kept pulling me closer, finding a way to put a hand on my leg or his lips against my neck.” Justin sighed. It had been a peaceful, gentle day. No interruptions, no deadlines. Just the two of them, a movie, a little work for Brian, a little sketching for Justin.

“So this silence thing wasn’t so bad after all, huh?” Emmett smiled at him, happy to share Justin’s joy.

“No. It was kind of nice, actually. Not that I didn’t miss his voice, though…” Justin sighed, watching Brian joke with Michael at the pool table. He grinned at the thought of the rest of their evening. Brian had already been over a few times to whisper nasty things in his ear, promises of the night to come when they got home. Justin knew he was in for a well-described fuck. Brian was planning to make up for lost time in terms of describing what he wanted during sex. Justin’s cock was hard just thinking about it…

As though he read Justin’s mind, before he could even look up he felt Brian beside him, warm lips against his ear. “What are you telling Emmett, Justin? He looks positively dreamy…” Justin smiled as he looked over at his friend. “You better not be talking about my cock again…” Justin laughed.

“Cause I plan to make good use of it tonight. Hope you’re ready for it…” Brian moved his mouth down Justin’s face, licking the skin at the line of Justin’s chin.

Then moved back to Justin’s ear, “…ready for it in your warm, wet mouth…” Justin sighed.

“In your tight, hot ass…” Justin licked his lips, eyes closed. “Coming down your throat while I fuck you with my fingers…”

Justin shifted, moving his pants to make room for his throbbing cock. Brian smirked at him as he walked back to the table, taking a swig of his beer before leaning over to take his next shot.

Emmett laughed, watching Justin’s flushed face and squirmy posture. “I’m thinking you don’t mind that the bet is over, hmmm?” He leaned in closer to Justin, “not that I blame you…”

Emmett leaned back, his eyebrows high and eyes wide, making Justin laugh again. He didn’t know how much Emmett heard, but it wouldn’t surprise him if he heard the whole exchange. Brian was never exactly hesitant about hiding his sexual plans from anyone, particularly his friends.

They’d come to Woody’s after Brian had called Michael, making sure they could get together tonight to call the bet a success. Justin smiled at the thought that Brian wasn’t willing to go another night without talking. Friday to Sunday counted as the weekend, and that was enough for him. He knew it was killing Brian to stay quiet in bed, if nothing else. And maybe, just maybe, Brian had missed hearing Justin’s voice as a part of his day. He certainly paid enough attention to Justin today, his hands and his lips constantly reminding Justin of his presence even when his words couldn’t.


When they got home, Justin hummed to himself as he led Brian through the loft door. He pulled Brian into his arms for a kiss, feeling the warm glow from Brian’s attention all night and the few shots they’d had before leaving.

Brian walked over to the desk, pulling out a joint and lighting it before passing it to Justin, turning towards the bedroom as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Justin took a drag, watching Brian walk up the steps on the way towards the bathroom.

Justin followed, one hand putting the joint into Brian’s hand as the other ran across his flat stomach. God, he loved the feel of Brian’s skin.

“Mmmm, feels nice…” Brian murmured as he exhaled the smoke. He leaned over and kissed Justin again, his mouth tasting of weed and whiskey. Justin swept his tongue into Brian’s mouth, wanting more…

“Fuck, you taste good…” Brian mumbled the words against Justin’s lips, not wanting to break the kiss. Justin smiled into his mouth, then lost himself in it, forgetting everything but Brian’s warmth.

Brian pulled away, bringing the joint to Justin’s mouth, holding it for him to inhale. Brian’s eyes watched Justin, a soft smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Justin looked back, smiling too. Then found himself smiling further, his mouth opening into a grin. He wasn’t really sure what he was smiling at, but it was so fucking good to be here with Brian, to be this happy.

With that thought in his head, Justin leaned forward to kiss Brian again. Brian put a hand on Justin’s chest, stopping him. Justin looked at him quizzically.

Brian smiled slyly at him, his eyebrow lifting the smallest bit.

“What?” Justin asked, smiling back but not sure what Brian was doing.

“Tell me…” Brian’s voice was firm but quiet.

“Tell you what…?” Justin asked.

“What you want…” Brian smiled now, his eyebrow fully arched.

Justin laughed. “I want you to kiss me, Brian.” He smiled as he watched Brian lean forward, the sight of his red mouth making Justin close his eyes before their lips even touched.

The kiss was soft and slow, and had Justin reaching for Brian’s pants in the effort to get more skin under his fingers. Brian stilled his hand, pulling out of the kiss.

Brian took another drag of the joint, then crushed it in the ashtray beside the bed. “Keep talking…” he smiled.

Justin laughed quietly.

“I want to hear your voice…” Brian stated simply, his eyes flashing softly at Justin. Justin sucked in a breath, his smile widening, his cock expanding. He sighed out the breath, reaching a hand to Brian’s face to stroke it, to burn the moment into his memory, another in a long list of moments he never wanted to forget.

Brian let him stroke his face for a moment, then leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on Justin’s nose before turning to the night table and reaching for something. Justin watched as he pulled out the sleep mask he had in there, the one that covered his eyes when he found it too bright to sleep. The one that worked very well as a blindfold…

Justin laughed again, still inclined just to watch Brian rather than say anything to him after two days of not talking. Then he remembered what Brian had said, that Brian wanted to hear his voice… had missed it, it seemed…

“What are you planning to do with that…?” Justin’s voice was soft and silky.

“I’m planning to blindfold you…” Brian responded in the same tone, the sexy rumble of his voice making Justin bite his lip. That and the fact that Brian was fastening the blindfold over his eyes, his warm fingers brushing Justin’s skin as he secured it in place.

“I want you to concentrate on what you feel… and what you hear…” Brian’s voice was even softer now, smoky velvet to Justin’s ears.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to do the talking…” Justin’s voice was breathy, the heat in his body spiralling through him as Brian’s fingers started to trail down his shoulders.

“You are…” Brian’s voice was right beside his ear, the warmth from his breath making Justin gasp slightly. “But I never said I wasn’t going to talk back…”

Brian’s lips brushed the skin just behind Justin’s ear, making him sigh, his hands reaching to find Brian’s body. He didn’t know where Brian was, but he couldn’t reach him now, Brian having stepped away.

Justin bit his lip again, waiting. He heard the sound of clothes rustling, cursed his blindfold for not letting him see.

“Brian… what are you doing…?” Justin murmured.

“I’m taking off my shirt…” Justin jumped, Brian’s voice closer to him than he expected. He reached his hands out again, bumping into warm skin over hard muscles. His fingers roamed greedily, tracing the outline of Brian’s chest, his nipples, his abs. Justin could feel the smile on Brian’s face. Then suddenly he was gone.

“Now I’m…” Justin heard Brian’s sharp intake of breath, his heart thudding faster in response. Brian moaned softly, making Justin whimper in frustration that he couldn’t see what Brian was doing. “…undoing my pants.”

Brian took another deep breath. “…God, I’m so hard…” he murmured. Justin licked his lips, the urgent need to touch Brian washing over him.

“Brian…” he whispered. “I can’t reach you… Where are you…?” he sighed, frustration threading through the lust.

“I’m right here…” Brian’s voice was behind Justin again, making him spin around, hands reaching. Brian laughed softly, his hands holding Justin’s arms to position him properly. Brian leaned his head down, capturing Justin’s mouth in a lingering kiss.

“I’m going to fuck you, Justin…” he breathed into his mouth. “I’m going to fuck you till you can’t breathe...”

“But first you have to hold up your end of the deal… tell me what you want, Justin.” Brian kissed him again, his tongue sweeping the inside of Justin’s mouth.

“I want you to fuck me…” Justin breathed back into Brian’s mouth. “Fuck me… all… night…” he smiled at the memory of those words.

Brian laughed, kissing Justin again. “I’m going to fuck you… all… night… believe me…” he trailed off, his voice almost wistful. Then his voice got flintier, sexier… “But you have to ask for it…”

Justin pulled in a breath, his cock throbbing.

“And I’m going to describe what I’m doing to you…”

“And if you ask very nicely, I might even do what you ask me to…” Brian licked Justin’s bottom lip, making his knees flex.

“Or I might not…”

“But you’re going to do everything I tell you to do, Justin…” Brian finished by pressing his thigh into Justin’s crotch, his hands holding Justin tight against him.


Justin simply nodded, words failing him at the moment.

Chapter 6 by Triciaqaf

Part 6

Justin took a moment to draw in a deep breath, then put his hands on the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, careful to keep the blindfold in place. He dropped it to the floor behind him and brought his fingers to his chest, brushing the space between his nipples.

“Touch me here…” Justin whispered, his voice thick. He sighed when he felt Brian’s hand cover his own, the soft pads of his fingertips stroking the warm skin of his chest.

“And here…” Justin’s breath was heavy, his hand dropping inside his low slung pants to his hipbone, his finger pointing the way.

Brian’s hand trailed slowly down his chest, dipping below his belly button before sliding across his body to his hip. Brian’s thumb circled slowly over the bone, his fingers just barely touching the heated skin at the back of Justin’s body, sending shocks of anticipation pulsing through Justin’s blood.

Justin sighed, his brain struggling to think of another request so he could get Brian to keep touching him when he heard Brian’s voice, low and sexy…

“I want you naked…” he breathed against Justin’s face, his hands moving to the zipper on Justin’s pants. Justin stood still, unable to move… barely able to breathe… as Brian lowered the zipper and slowly pushed his pants over his bare hips, the swish of the fabric loud in the bedroom as they slid to the floor.

Justin felt his cock twitch at the rush of cool air, felt… exposed… vulnerable. Even though he knew they were standing in their bedroom, alone, he still felt somehow that something beyond his control was happening, that he was at Brian’s mercy… the blindfold bringing a world of fantasies into his head as he stood naked in front of Brian.

He stepped out of his pants, feeling his cock bob as he moved. He knew Brian could clearly see how turned on he was, that Brian knew his cock well enough by sight and touch to know exactly how far away he was from coming. And he wasn’t very far at the moment…

Justin took another breath, working to calm his body as he directed Brian again.

“Kiss me. Here…” Justin’s voice was quiet but firm. He could give as good as he got…

His fingertip stroked the skin above his left nipple, his tongue wetting his lips as he waited for Brian to move closer. He sucked in a breath when Brian’s lips pressed against his skin, the heat branding him. Brian resisted the temptation to lower his mouth and pull Justin’s nipple between his lips, he just brushed the skin of Justin’s chest again, barely, before pulling away. Justin could hear the increased pace of Brian’s breathing, knew that he wasn’t the only one turned on by this little game.

“And now I’m going to kiss you… here…” Brian’s voice caught Justin off guard, his breath pausing as he felt Brian’s lips on his collarbone.

“And here…” soft, warm fingers held his arm, turning it so his palm faced up as he felt Brian’s wet mouth on the inside of his wrist. Justin pulled in a shaky breath, the inability to tell where Brian was going to touch him next making his nerves stand on end.

Justin felt Brian’s hands slide up each arm, then back down again to his wrists slowly, lingeringly. Brian lifted his arms, pulling them up over Justin’s head. He brought Justin’s hands together, stretching his arms higher. Justin left his arms where Brian put them, shivering as Brian trailed his fingertips back down the inside of his arms before running them down his chest. Then they were gone, Justin standing bare and exposed for Brian.

He knew Brian loved this, loved it when he was displayed before him. It made his cock twitch to imagine the look on Brian’s face… the colour in his cheeks… the full wetness of his mouth… Justin sighed, waiting to see where Brian was going to touch him next. He jumped when he felt Brian’s hands on his arms again, fingers circling his wrists and slipping slowly down to his shoulders.

Justin almost laughed when Brian confirmed his thoughts. “God, I love it when you look like this…” Brian whispered, his voice heavy. Brian’s fingers continued down the front of his chest.

“What else do you love…?” Justin whispered back, his blood racing. Brian’s fingers kept going, stroking the skin at Justin’s waist.

“I love the way you taste… right… here…” Brian’s tongue licked a wet swath across the top of Justin’s hip, making him shiver.

“What else…?”

Justin twitched when he felt Brian’s breath at his ear again. “I love the way you moan when I rim you…” Brian’s tongue dipped into his ear, swirling once before pulling away. Justin shook a little, straining to keep his arms up.

“Uh huh…” Justin wasn’t sure if it came out more as a prompt or a moan.

“I love it when you beg me to fuck you…” Brian’s voice rippled over Justin as his hands ran smoothly up and down Justin’s torso, thumbs brushing his nipples, fingers stroking him everywhere at once.

Justin knew all he got out that time was a moan…

“I love the way your cock feels inside me…” Brian’s voice was barely a whisper now, his mouth hovering over top of Justin’s, his cock nudging Justin in the belly.

Justin groaned, dropping his arms to grab the back of Brian’s head, his mouth seeking Brian’s urgently. He pressed hard with his lower lip and nipped with his teeth, his hands running down Brian’s bare back, reaching into the open back of his pants. He shoved them down, needing Brian naked against him. NOW.

Brian laughed softly, his breath heavy against Justin’s face. “I love the sound you make when I fuck you with my fingers…” Brian reached around to cup Justin’s ass, spreading him apart and grasping forward with his fingers. Brian was clearly enjoying this game. Justin was getting fucking sick of talking…

Brian walked Justin backwards till his legs hit the edge of the bed, then pushed him so that he fell back onto it. Justin didn’t care if he fell on the fucking floor at this point, as long as Brian landed naked on top of him and got his dick into him in the next five seconds…

“Brian, fuck me…” Justin breathed, his voice low, his hands reaching for Brian’s cock to bring it closer. Brian chuckled. “Now that’s not very creative, sonny boy…” Brian whispered, smiling.

He pushed against Justin’s chest, leaning up till he was sitting on top of Justin’s thighs. He watched Justin’s dick twitch, closing his eyes briefly at the sight of it. He meant what he said… Justin had a beautiful cock. And fuck, it was amazing when it pushed into him…

Brian shook off those thoughts, his own dick wanting more direct stimulation. He straddled Justin on his knees, sliding further up the bed until his cock was above Justin’s face. He held his breath for a moment, looking down at Justin’s open lips, his ruddy face, the dark blue silk over his eyes, blond hair peeking out around the straps.

Brian let out the breath, rocking his hips gently over Justin’s body, watching his cock move over his face. Justin tilted his head up, aware that Brian was close but unable to reach him. Justin’s face contorted in frustration, his hands pushing against Brian’s back to bring him closer.

Brian’s voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears. “Open your mouth wider, Justin. I’m going to…” he stopped, unable to finish his sentence when Justin’s mouth formed a perfect “O”, Brian’s cock hovering above it. Christ. “…fuck your mouth.” Brian gritted out, letting Justin push him close enough for his cock to slide inside his perfect lips.

Brian watched, mesmerized. Justin adjusted his head so he was comfortable, his hands still pushing against Brian’s back.

Brian closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him. Justin took him deep, then pulled him out a bit and swirled his tongue over the head, teasing the slit with the tip of his tongue. Then back in again… Brian moaned, his hands pressing against the wall to support him over top of Justin. He tried not to rock his hips, but it felt so fucking good…

“Justin…” he breathed, his hips trembling from the effort to find the perfect height over Justin’s face. He knew he was pumping now, but he couldn’t stop himself. Justin’s hands still held the back of his hips, letting him know he was ok.

The way their bodies communicated so instantly, so effortlessly. Yet another thing I love about you… Brian thought.

He pumped once more into Justin’s open mouth, then pulled all the way out with a low groan. He leaned back, sitting on Justin’s chest lightly while he caught his breath.

Justin put his hands on Brian’s thighs, stroking softly, his lips red and wet from Brian’s cock. Brian reached a thumb out to rub Justin’s lower lip gently, wiping the liquid off before bringing it to his mouth.

Justin gasped slightly, whether from the feel of Brian’s thumb or what he imagined Brian was doing, Brian wasn’t sure. But he liked the sound…

Brian moved down Justin’s body, his wet, straining cock leaving a trail down Justin’s torso. He shifted so he was between Justin’s thighs, lifting Justin’s legs onto his shoulders. Justin pushed out a heavy breath, his body tensing slightly, readying himself for Brian.

Brian grabbed a condom, sheathing his cock with one hand while he reached for the lube with the other. He squeezed it directly onto Justin’s crack, hearing the small gasp when the cool liquid touched Justin’s hot skin. He held his cock, pushing forward till he touched Justin’s hole.

Justin started slightly when Brian’s hand touched his face, his fingers hooking under the blindfold to pull it up away from Justin’s eyes. He blinked from the sudden brightness, then focused on Brian above him.

Brian’s eyes were glassy, his hair messed and sticking to him in a few spots. He licked his lips, the sight of Brian’s desire-clouded face making his heart skip and his dick throb. Brian held his stare as he pushed forward, Justin fighting the urge to close his eyes at the intense sensation.

Brian’s cock breached the first ring of muscle as Justin watched his mouth open. He continued to stare back, pulling his lower lip into his mouth as he kept moving further into Justin’s body. Justin swallowed heavily, his hands pressing into the bed on either side of him.

“I had to see your eyes…” Brian breathed, his cock pushing relentlessly. “So beautiful…” Brian sighed, his stare unwavering. “You’re so beautiful, Justin…”

Justin moaned as Brian pushed all the way in, just resting against him. Justin’s ankles wrapped around Brian’s neck, the sight reminding Justin of that first time so long ago… He never imagined he’d be here now, they’d be here…

Justin closed his eyes, the intense feelings rushing up inside him as he fast-forwarded through the last three years. The tape skipped to a halt when he remembered walking through the loft alone, packing up his things, imagining Brian everywhere, seeing their entwined bodies at every turn. His heart clenched at the memory, regret coursing through his body.

“Justin…” Brian said softly, snapping Justin’s eyes open again. “Look at me.” Brian leaned above Justin’s body with his weight on his arms, his hips snug against Justin’s ass but not moving.

“Brian… I’m…” Justin started to say something, anything…

“Shhh. Justin. We don’t need words, remember…?” Brian’s smile was so gentle, so sad, Justin wanted to cry. How could he have ever doubted what Brian felt for him? Ever thought that words were a truer expression of love than this?

But regrets were bullshit, Brian was right about that.

“Brian… I…”

Brian smiled again, this time softer, sweeter…

“Show me…” Brian murmured, his hips starting to move slowly against Justin’s body. Justin’s eyelids fluttered closed, but he forced them open, wanting to make sure Brian saw what he needed to say.

The salty bitterness in Justin’s blood started to give way to the searing heat, Brian’s cock rubbing him from the inside so slowly it made him want to cry again, but this time for a very different reason.

“Brian…” Justin whispered, his voice barely audible. “Jesus… please, Brian…” his ass thrusting up against Brian’s body as much as he could in this position. Brian circled his hips, still pumping slowly, making Justin want more… need more…

“oh god… Brian…” Justin reached forward, grasping Brian’s ribs to pull him tighter. Brian obliged, starting to move faster in and out of Justin’s body. He watched Justin’s eyes close, his head tip back on the pillow. Brian pushed forward hard, leaning down to kiss Justin on the in-thrust. He rocked into Justin faster, angling his hips to make Justin moan.

He shrugged Justin’s ankles off his shoulders, pushing his arms through Justin’s legs to hold them open and bring them around his back. Then he leaned forward, bringing his face close to Justin’s as his hand wrapped around Justin’s cock.

He pumped into Justin, his hand keeping the same rhythm as his hips. He pushed forward to kiss Justin again, Justin’s moans coming faster now.

“Don’t…” Brian whispered, pushing in hard,

“…ever…” push…

“…stop…” push…

“…hearing…” Justin keened,

“… me…” push…


Justin’s eyes flew open, seeing Brian’s face inches from his own as he felt his orgasm wrench through him, ripping a cry from his open mouth as his cock pulsed in Brian’s hand.

Brian pumped a few more times, then groaned deep in his throat as he held his hips tight against Justin’s ass, shudders running through his body over and over. He slumped against Justin’s body, his heart beating wildly against Justin’s chest as he collapsed. Justin held tight with his legs, letting his arms wrap around Brian’s back, stroking softly.

“I won’t…” Justin whispered, telling himself that the wetness on his face was sweat as he wrapped his limbs tighter around Brian’s body. “I won’t…”



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