Gone by Triciaqaf
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A terribly kinky Emmett/Justin/Brian thing... Just try it! 

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For  tick_tick for the cue_the_pulse challenge. Much love and kinky sex to my wonderful beta

1. Chapter 1 by Triciaqaf

2. Chapter 2 by Triciaqaf

3. Chapter 3 by Triciaqaf

4. Chapter 4 by Triciaqaf

Chapter 1 by Triciaqaf


Emmett had always known, it’s not like it had been a surprise.

Well, maybe he hadn’t always known, like in those early days when Justin was just so young, so pubescent.. that had never been a turn-on for Emmett. But from the first time he’d seen Justin take Brian on, give back as good as he got… well, something in him had responded, had flickered and shivered and known.

He’d always ignored it, always kept it at a friendly distance, a joking-teasing-harmless distance. But when Justin’s hands slid over his ass, his fingers sure and warm and confident… well, something in him definitely responded…


“Ted, seriously, you have to listen to me!” Emmett whispered furiously, his head scanning the diner to make sure no one else could hear them. “It’s a major-fucking-catastrophe!” Emmett wailed quietly.

Ted laughed, shaking his head. “What, a catastrophe like when the dry-cleaners shrunk your pink faux-fur jacket? Wait, no… a catastrophe like when your hair colour turned out too green?” Ted chuckled, picking up his diet coke.

“No, Ted, a serious catastrophe…” Emmett hissed. “Like a Brian’s-going-to-fucking-kill-me catastrophe!” Emmett dropped his head to the table, moaning under his breath.

Ted spit out his drink. “Why… what happened…??!!” Ted asked.

Michael bumped Ted’s hip as he slid into the booth next to them. “Hey guys, what’s up?” he grinned, picking a french fry off of Emmett’s untouched plate. “What’s with the funeral look guys? Who died…?” he teased.

Ted turned to look at Michael, a bewildered look on his face. Emmett’s head was still on the table.

“Guys, uh, hey… guys? What the fuck happened?” Michael asked.

“Hey Michael, what’re you having?” Justin appeared at the table, pen and pad in hand, casual smile on his face. Michael looked up at him, then back to Ted and Emmett. Emmett seemed to duck deeper at the sound of Justin’s voice.

“Uh, hey Justin… I don’t know…” Michael looked at Ted again. “What the fuck is going on? Seriously…”

Emmett lifted his head, his cheeks scarlet as he looked at Justin. He looked at Ted quickly, then flung his hands up in the air, letting his head drop again.

Justin watched quietly for a moment, then slid into the booth next to Emmett. He leaned over, his lips flush against Emmett’s ear, his words unintelligible to anyone else. Then he slipped out of the booth, a small smile on his face as he headed to the kitchen for his next order. Emmett let out a small groan as he walked away.

Michael turned to Ted. “Ted, what the fuck is going on here?” he demanded. Ted looked at Emmett, then back to Michael. Emmett lifted his head, his eyes pleading.

“Guys, you can’t say anything about this… to anyone…” Emmett begged. Ted and Michael nodded, leaning forward.

Emmett took a deep breath, willing his body not to think about the feel of Justin’s lips on his ear…


It had been a typical night at Babylon, nothing unusual to the casual observer. But Justin had been in a mood… a bratty, fuck-you, I can-do-what-I-want mood. Not that Emmett knew that at the time…

Justin and Brian were at the bar, hands casually touching one another in that way that they do… that way that makes the people around them watch, but pretend not to watch…

And Emmett and Ted and Michael had been hanging out as usual, the whole crowd together, a typical Thursday night.

And when Justin pulled Emmett onto the dance floor… that had been normal too. Brian wasn’t exactly the best dancer in the world, but Justin had a groove-thang to shake, and who better to shake it with than Emmett?

So when Justin bumped him a little close, Emmett didn’t even notice.

When Justin’s thigh brushed Emmett’s… for the second time… he didn’t think about it and kept dancing.

When Justin’s hands found Emmett’s hips, his warm fingertips pressing soft circles into Emmett’s leather pants, he laughed and ignored the flicker of blood pulsing in his cock.

But when Justin’s hard cock pressed into his hip, he sucked in a breath and fled the dance floor, seeking solace in Ted and a cosmo.

But then… there was another cosmo… and a song that he just loved… and then somehow he and Justin were on the dance floor again. Emmett ignored the warning signs flashing in his brain, letting the bass seep through him and make his body move with the rhythm.

Then suddenly Brian was there, his hands and mouth on Justin again, and Emmett took a deep breath. This was better. This was safer.

But then Brian was moving away, a feral smile on his face, Justin’s flushed grin watching him go.

Justin turned to Emmett, eyes bright and cheeks red, poking his tongue out. The little pill bobbed on his outstretched tongue, and Emmett watched, mesmerized, not even realizing how close Justin was until he felt the wet tip touch his mouth, his tongue reaching out automatically. It wasn’t until he felt the sweet burn on his tongue that he pulled back, eyes wide. Justin grinned at him, eyes closing to drown in the music. Emmett swallowed, heart thumping.


“What did he give you?” Ted asked, concerned. Michael nodded, wondering the same.

“It was E, at least I assume that’s what it was…” Emmett sighed. “Whatever the fuck it was, it interfered with my, uh, better judgment.”


They ended up back at the bar, vodka shots lined up in a neat row, water bottles at the end. Michael and Ted had long since called it a night. But Brian still hadn’t re-appeared, so now Emmett was getting a bit nervous again. Mostly because of the way Justin was looking at him. There was something… predatory… in his eyes. Something very un-Justin-like. Something that was making Emmett’s dick swell…

But then Justin was complaining about Brian, the vodka and the drugs making him more chatty than usual. Brian was working so much, Brian was always so busy, Brian wasn’t fucking him as often…

Emmett listened sympathetically, his face making all the appropriate gestures and his murmurs making all the right noises. But the music was so cool in the background, and the light bouncing off the bottles behind the bar kept catching his eye. The colours were so pretty

So when Justin wanted to dance again, Emmett jumped up with him. He was itching to move, his body demanding to follow the beat.

Justin leaned into him, his words drowned out in the pulse of the song.

“What?” Emmett shouted, a silly grin on his face. This was fun… and safe. He couldn’t possibly have been responding to Justin sexually… Justin was his friend. And totally off-limits anyway.

Justin leaned closer, his hand on Emmett’s arm, his body dangerously close. “I said, it’s not just that Brian hasn’t fucked me enough lately. It’s that I can’t remember the last time I fucked somebody…” Justin pulled back, his eyes twinkling. But the smile on his face was anything but innocent.

Emmett nodded, but somehow his sympathetic-friend face wasn’t working. He was pretty sure he was just staring at Justin. Justin fucked people? Not that he didn’t know that, I mean… of course everyone knew he and Brian both tricked, and when he thought about it he knew that Justin had topped before, but somehow Emmett always thought of Justin as a bottom. A sweet, semi-recently-corrupted bottom…

The thought of Justin as a top suddenly made his breath catch in his chest. Little Justin…? Well, apparently he wasn’t that little, but still…

Emmett shook his head quickly. This line of thinking wasn’t helping. Thinking about the size of Justin’s cock… Emmett’s eyes dropped to Justin’s crotch as he tried to talk himself down to safe territory… was not the right thing to be doing… Emmett glanced away quickly, but when he looked at Justin’s face, Justin was smiling at him in that way again…

“Whatcha thinking, Emmett..?” Justin smiled slowly. He stepped closer.

Emmett blushed, his brain somehow completely deserting him. Thinking? He didn’t seem to be capable of thinking at the moment…

“Do you wanna know what I’m thinking, Emmett…?” Justin blinked up at him under an impossibly huge fringe of lashes. Emmett wanted to touch it… he jumped when he realized he was reaching his hand down to Justin’s face, drawing it back like he’d been burned.

Justin smiled wider. Emmett looked down quickly as he felt Justin’s leg slide between his. This wasn’t happening… this couldn’t be happening…

Justin’s hands couldn’t be touching his ribcage.

His thigh couldn’t be pressing under Emmett’s balls.

His breath couldn’t be tickling Emmett’s collarbone.


Emmett closed his eyes, but that made it worse. Or better…? Oh god.

“I’m thinking about sucking your cock, Emmett…” Justin whispered, the smile evident in his voice. Emmett groaned.

Justin laughed quietly. His hands found their way to the hem of Emmett’s shirt. Emmett gasped a little when he felt warm, dry skin on his belly, Justin’s thumbs stroking gently.

Emmett opened his eyes with difficulty, the room spinning slightly. Holy shit. What kind of fucking drugs did Justin give him if he was imagining Justin touching him, talking about sucking him off…?

Emmett put his arm around Justin’s shoulders, dropping his head. “Holy shit, honey, these are wicked drugs you gave me…” he laughed.

Justin smiled at him. Christ, when did he get so sexy…? Emmett wondered. Well, he was always sexy, but in such a harmless way. He didn’t seem very harmless tonight…

Emmett watched him open his mouth, his mind focused on the sight of full, pink lips before he registered the words. “It’s not the drugs, Emmett…” he whispered.

When did they start walking? Where were …? Emmett stopped, his heart pounding. He laughed nervously.

“Justin, honey. What…?” he stumbled forward as Justin pulled his hand. This wasn’t happening. They weren’t walking into the backroom… that would be ridiculous…


“He took you into the fucking backroom!!??” Michael hissed. Emmett shushed him, his hands fluttering to cover Michael’s mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, Michael!” Emmett begged. He looked around nervously. “Do you want every queen in here to hear you?!”

Ted laughed. “Emmett, honey, if you were in the backroom with Justin last night, every queen in here already knows about it…”

Emmett groaned again.

Michael stared at him. “Does Brian know?” His face was cold. “Emmett! Does he?!”

Emmett bit his lip.

“Does Brian know what?” Emmett jumped at the sound of Brian’s voice. Oh my god. This was it. He was dead…


Emmett looked around nervously. When his eyes came back to rest on Justin, he found himself mesmerized by the intense blue eyes looking back at him. Justin pulled Emmett deeper into the backroom, seeking a quiet spot away from the door.

When he found a dark, mostly deserted corner, he pushed Emmett back against the wall. Emmett watched him, seemingly unable to say or do anything as Justin’s hands reached for the button on his pants. He cursed all the intoxicants flooding through his system, not the least of which was Justin’s warm breath against his neck. Oh god…

“Justin.” Emmett’s voice came out much breathier than he meant it to. He cleared his throat and tried again.

Justin looked up at him, those guileless eyes brimming with… lust…? Oh god…

“Justin. What are you doing?” Emmett whispered harshly. “What about Brian?” Emmett closed his eyes as Justin’s fingertips brushed his nipples through his shirt.

“Hmmm? God, Emmett, you have beautiful abs…” Justin murmured appreciatively, his hands skimming the ridges of muscle. “What about Brian? It’s not like we’re monogamous, Emmett. I think everyone knows that.”

Justin’s hand slid under his shirt to stroke his nipples directly. Emmett’s knees quivered. Jesus, this kid was good…

“I know, but shit! Justin… we can’t do this! Brian will kill us. Brian will kill me!” Emmett tried to sound convincing but his voice was awfully throaty, even to his own ears.

“No he won’t, Emmett…” Justin soothed. “He won’t even know…” Justin’s tongue started to trace Emmett’s collarbone, his thumbs slipping inside the waist of Emmett’s pants. Emmett put his hands on the wall behind him, holding the smooth surface so he wouldn’t touch Justin. Oh god, he wanted to touch Justin…

Emmett twitched when Justin’s thigh pressed in between his legs, making him adjust his stance. Which made him shorter, closer to Justin’s height. Smart fucker… he’s used to doing this with tall guys, Emmett mused briefly.

Emmett opened his eyes, looking around the backroom again. No one seemed to be paying any attention to them. Just another couple, everyone too interested in their own pleasure to worry about what the people beside them were doing.

“What if he comes in here, Justin? Jesus, he’ll see us…” Emmett’s breath caught in his throat as Justin’s fingertips started reaching into his pants.

Then Justin pushed his shirt up, his hands roaming Emmett’s chest. He ducked his head, his lips finding the smooth indentation between Emmett’s pecs. He licked it slowly, hearing Emmett’s small moan. He smiled.

“Don’t worry so much, Emmett. He’s not coming back. He’s gone to the baths… probably fucking half of Pittsburgh tonight.” Justin’s tongue found its’ way to Emmett’s nipple now, making Emmett arch his back to give him better access.

“And besides…” Justin licked his way to the other side. “He knows I think you’re hot…”

Emmett’s eyes opened. “What?” When did his hands end up in Justin’s hair? “You think I’m hot…?” he grinned, wanting to clap – if his hands hadn’t been pushing Justin back to his left nipple. He always liked that one best.

“Sure.” Justin looked up at him, smiling. “Do you really think I’d have my hand in your pants if I didn’t think you were hot…?” he teased.

His hand in my pants? Emmett thought, then hitched in a breath when warm, soft fingers brushed his cock. Oh my god. Justin has his hand in my pants…


Brian slid into the booth next to Emmett. Everyone at the table stared at him… other than Emmett, who stared studiously at the table. Brian motioned to the waitress for a coffee, stretching his legs out under the table, kicking Ted’s out of the way in the process.

“Does Brian know what?” he repeated. He didn’t seem pissed, so that probably meant he didn’t know. Yet.

“That I’m not going with you guys to the Big Dick Contest tonight.” Michael volunteered. He wasn’t all that interested in protecting Justin, but Emmett… well…

Brian laughed. “I think I’ll live. I’m not sure if I’ll make it myself. I have something to do at work later this afternoon. And I’m not sure how long it’ll take…” he picked up his coffee, looking around for the paper.

Emmett and Ted exchanged glances, Emmett visibly relaxing. Ok, he didn’t know yet. Or maybe he did, but he didn’t care…? Unlikely… Emmett looked gratefully at Michael, thanking him silently.

“Ok, well, that’s good…” Michael tried to keep the conversation casual. “What do you have to do – client stuff?”

Brian looked at Michael, then turned his head slowly to look at Emmett. He stared at Emmett for a moment, then slowly turned his head back to face Michael.

“Something I owe Justin…” he said casually, but his voice seemed hard, flinty almost…

Brian started to get up, folding himself out of the booth. He adjusted his shirt, then leaned back into the table, his face close to Emmett’s. “Hope you had fun last night…” he murmured quietly, holding Emmett’s shocked stare for a minute, then walking over to the counter. He glanced back over his shoulder, laughing at the stunned looks on all three of their faces.

They watched him walk up to Justin, saw them exchange words. Justin looked nervously over at their table, his face flushing. Brian leaned in closer to his ear, whispering something. Justin was looking down now, nodding. He shifted uncomfortably, an embarrassed look on his face. Brian stroked his face slowly, but Justin didn’t seem to take comfort from the touch at all. He blushed a darker shade of red, in fact. And then Brian was walking away, heading out of the diner without a backward glance.


Justin laughed softly, his breath tickling Emmett’s chest. Emmett let his head fall back against the wall as Justin’s hand closed around the head of his cock. Oh…

His hands were still in Justin’s hair, but Justin’s head seemed to be moving… lower… oh god…

Emmett twitched when Justin’s warm breath reached his cock. This really couldn’t be happening… this really shouldn’t be happening…

But then Justin’s mouth was there, and Emmett’s hips were pushing forward, giving Justin more. Oh god. His mouth was so warm, so wet… Emmett groaned as Justin took him deeper, starting a rhythm.

Justin reached his hands around to cup Emmett’s ass, pulling and pushing him to keep pace with his strokes. Emmett felt like a rag doll, his body putty in Justin’s hands. He threaded his fingers through Justin’s hair… god, he had such soft hair… and focused on keeping his legs from giving out.

He gasped when Justin pulled away, his breath harsh and fast. Justin slid back up Emmett’s chest, his lips swollen and red. Emmett stared, mesmerized… could he kiss Justin? He knew that was intimate… so intimate… but his mouth was so close, and so hot… Emmett leaned his head forward, his eyes closing. He jumped slightly when he felt Justin’s lips at the side of his face, moving to his ear.

“You have an incredible cock, Emmett…” Justin breathed. Emmett moaned quietly. “Tastes as good as it looks…” he grinned lavisciously. Emmett’s mind swirled. He had no idea Justin was so raunchy… it made his cock throb. No wonder Brian couldn’t stay away from him.

Justin’s hands were pulling Emmett away from the wall, turning him around. His mouth found Emmett’s ear again. “I have a pretty good cock too…” he whispered. Emmett whimpered slightly. “And now I’m gonna fuck you with it…”

A small noise left Emmett’s lips as he felt Justin shove his pants down. Then a louder, longer one when he felt Justin’s bare cock against his ass. Jesus. He braced his hands against the wall, bending forward. He couldn’t stop this now if he tried…

Justin rolled a condom down his cock, then reached around and started stroking Emmett again. Emmett bent further, his forehead hitting the wall as he used his arms to brace himself. He felt Justin’s other hand on the back of his knees, pushing gently so he’d bend his legs. Right… the height difference…

Emmett complied, bending deeper. This was going to kill his quads, but right now he didn’t care. He looked over his shoulder, moaning when he saw Justin slicking his cock with lube. Holy shit… Emmett knew he wasn’t small, but watching Justin’s hand stroke it… Emmett closed his eyes and turned back to the wall. He braced himself again.

He twitched when he felt Justin’s fingers on his ass, the lube cold and wet. When they circled his hole, he bit his lip to keep from groaning. His mind was spinning, some part of him screaming that there was no way this should be happening… but then Justin’s finger pushed gently, teasing… then pushed again, harder… oh god…

Emmett mewled when Justin’s finger slid inside him. He felt like the room was spinning, like everything was surreal. He wasn’t sure if it was the drugs, or the booze, or the fact that Brian’s boyfriend… his friend… had his finger… oh god, two fingers… in his ass. Then they were gone, and Emmett sucked in a breath.

Justin’s fingers tightened on Emmett’s hips, one hand holding his cock in position as he pushed forward. Emmett opened for him, pushing back. Justin squeezed his eyes shut, the sensation so tight, so hot…

Emmett gasped. Justin slid all the way in, his balls snug against Emmett’s ass. His head hit the back of his shoulder, his breath harsh and hot on Emmett’s back. He waited for a second, then started to pull out, both hands now holding Emmett’s hips. Justin started to roll his hips, a rhythmic pace building slowly.

Emmett was muttering a small string of curses under his breath. He felt impaled, taken, gutted… but in such a fucking good way… oh, oh, oh… this wasn’t going to last long…

Justin’s hands left his hips, his cock driving harder now. He reached up Emmett’s chest, his fingers rubbing and pinching Emmett’s nipples. Emmett could hear Justin whispering something behind him, but the roar in his ears was too loud… he couldn’t make out the words, and he didn’t care… he just wanted Justin to keep… doing… that… oh fuck…

Justin pumped relentlessly, his body leading, his mind long ago shut off. Emmett was so long and lean, so hard and tight… god…

When he knew he was going to come, he reached around again and stroked Emmett’s dick firmly. He heard Emmett moan, felt his body tighten under him. He stroked faster, his thumb rubbing the slit on the top of the stroke, brushing his balls on the bottom. Emmett started to shake, his body rolling under Justin. He reached behind him to grab Justin’s hips, to pull them closer, harder, faster…

Justin gasped as Emmett clenched around him, the spasms of his body rocking them both violently. Justin let go, his body falling, falling… he wrapped his arms around Emmett’s waist, holding him tight as the shudders wracked through him, his head resting on Emmett’s back.

When he could finally breathe again, he pulled back slowly, holding the condom as he withdrew. Emmett grunted softly when he was out, straightening his legs immediately, trying to ease the kinks out of his aching muscles. Shit. Holy shit…

Emmett let his head rest against the cool wall, trying to regain his composure. He wanted to drop to the floor, to lay sated and boneless beside Justin on something soft and clean, not stand in the grimy backroom as his pounding heart subsided…

But he straightened up, tucking his wet cock back into his pants, running his fingers through his hair. When he turned around to face Justin, he bit his lip at the sight of Justin’s disheveled hair, ruddy cheeks, glassy eyes. God, he was beautiful…

Justin smiled at him, a drunken grin stretching his face. He tucked his shirt back in, doing up his pants. Emmett looked around again, nervous now. Not so much that someone would see them, but more from the thought of what to do now… what do you say after something like that…? He fidgeted a bit, smoothing invisible wrinkles in his shirt.

Justin stepped closer to him, his hands running smoothly up Emmett’s chest. He tucked his head in under Emmett’s chin, his nose nudging Emmett’s throat. Emmett let his hands flutter to Justin’s shoulders, holding awkwardly. Justin leaned in tighter.

Then he pulled back a bit, looking up at Emmett. Emmett couldn’t seem to bring himself to look at Justin, so he looked around again. Then Justin was saying his name softly. Emmett looked down into his huge blue eyes.

Justin reached a hand up to Emmett’s face, fingers brushing his cheek softly. Then moving over to his mouth, trailing his lower lip. Emmett pulled in a breath, not sure what to do. And amazed that his cock was twitching again. Shit.

Justin smiled at him, then leaned up onto his tip-toes. Emmett watched, fascinated, as Justin’s mouth moved closer. He wasn’t going to…

Emmett closed his eyes when Justin’s lips brushed his. Soft at first, then with more pressure. Emmett groaned, leaning into the kiss, his hands moving up to Justin’s hair again. He could touch Justin’s hair all night…

Justin’s tongue pushed into his mouth gently, making him shiver. Then his lips were pulling away, Emmett’s head leaning forward in the desire to prolong the kiss… but he was gone.

Emmett opened his eyes slowly, Justin’s softly smiling face in front of him. “You were so hot, Emmett…” he whispered. Emmett just stared, a smile spreading on his face. He nodded, unable to express how it had been for him. He opened his mouth to say something, but Justin put a finger over his lips, silencing him.

“Let’s go get a drink, hmmm?” Justin whispered softly, taking Emmett’s hand. He pulled Emmett’s arm around his shoulders, leading them out of the backroom.

Emmett walked beside him, the loud music and flashing lights glaring as they re-entered the main part of the club. He wrapped his arm a little tighter around Justin’s shoulders, hoping the friendly squeeze would hide the tremor in his limbs, masking the real thirst he suddenly found himself grappling with.

Chapter 2 by Triciaqaf

Part 2


Justin arrived at Kinnetik at exactly 4:00. He walked in, nervous about what kind of mood he’d find Brian in.

Cynthia greeted him warmly in the outer office. He glanced through the glass door into Brian’s office and saw that he was with a client, papers and mock-ups spread out on the coffee table and the small round table in the corner. The sliding screens into the boardroom were closed.

“He said you should just wait in the boardroom, Justin…” she smiled, motioning towards the glass block wall that separated the outer office from the boardroom.

Justin smiled back, nodding. He walked around the staggered wall that framed the glass wall, moving into the boardroom and putting his knapsack on the table. He pulled out one of the chairs, sitting down to wait.

He could hear Brian and his client talking, their voices more background noise than detailed conversation. He wasn’t really paying all that much attention anyway, his mind focused on the last conversation he’d had with Brian. He jumped when Brian’s hand touched the back of his neck, his footsteps so quiet he hadn’t even heard him enter into the room.

He smiled up at Brian, leaning back in his chair. His smile flickered somewhat when he saw the look on Brian’s face. He sat up straighter.

“Glad you could make it…” Brian drawled quietly, walking around beside Justin’s chair.

Justin pushed his chair back, standing up when he realized Brian wasn’t sitting down. He reached out a hand to touch the lapel of Brian’s suit, the fabric cool and smooth under his fingers. He put on his best coy smile and looked up at Brian, blinking slowly. Brian smiled, then pointedly lifted Justin’s fingers off his jacket.

Justin’s smile dimmed, his heart pounding a little faster. He let his hands drop to his sides, watching Brian carefully. The silence hung heavy in the room between them.

“Why are you here, Justin…?” Brian’s voice was very quiet, very smooth.

Justin looked at him, confused.

“I mean, what did you do to be here, now...?” Justin felt the pink flush starting to creep up his neck. He could never control that, no matter what. He looked down.

Brian stepped towards him, one hand running over Justin’s face. “What did you do, Justin?” His voice was a whisper, his breath washing over the side of Justin’s face. “What do I need to punish you for…?”

Justin swallowed heavily, his cock throbbing.

Brian’s hands started to lift the hem of his shirt, his fingers brushing Justin’s skin as he pushed the fabric up. Justin realized he’d better raise his arms to let Brian pull the shirt over his head. He was taking off his shirt…? Justin swallowed again.

“I… I broke the rules…” he answered quietly, letting his arms fall back to his sides after Brian threw his shirt on the table. He shivered from the cool air.

“Which rules, Justin…?” Brian prompted, his hands moving to Justin’s pants.

“I… I slept with someone we know, with a friend…” he sighed, his head down.

“And…?” Brian undid his zipper.

“And I did it in public, in front of a lot of people…” Justin gasped as Brian started to push his pants and underwear over his hips. “Brian…” he whispered, nervous. What was he doing? There were no doors to lock, no way to prevent anyone from walking around the glass wall and into the room. Brian raised one eyebrow, waiting for an answer. Justin stared at him.

“And…?” Brian pulled off Justin’s clothes, noting the shiver in Justin’s body as he stood naked in front of Brian.

Justin fought the urge to cover himself, to run, to flee... He couldn’t do this, he wouldn’t… Then he thought about last night.

“And I kissed him…” Justin whispered.

Brian’s eyebrow went up, his eyes widening. “Really? Anything else you want to confess, Justin?”

Justin shook his head slowly, his cheeks burning. His hands itched to touch Brian, to hide himself, something… It was killing him to stand there, so exposed, so passive… Brian had better take his own clothes off soon and fuck him, ‘cause there was no way he was going to just stand there in his office like this…

Brian leaned back onto the conference table, one hip sliding up so he was partially sitting on it. He folded his arms over his chest, watching Justin. “Did you bring everything I asked you to?” Brian’s voice was very low. Justin nodded, looking at Brian.

“Hand me the rope, Justin…” Brian waited, watching.

”What? Here…?” Justin asked nervously, looking around. “But…” he stopped when he saw the look on Brian’s face. God… that look…

Justin felt the flush spreading wider as he reached for his rope in his knapsack. He could feel his hands trembling slightly as he handed it to Brian.

Brian took it from him, pulling Justin’s arms towards him. He clasped Justin’s hands together, then started winding the rope around his wrists. He noted Justin’s increased breathing, the slight look of panic on his face.

“What… you’re shy?” Brian murmured, his hands winding the rope around one arm, then between them and around the other in a figure-eight. “You didn’t have any problem in public last night… did you…” Brian’s eyes flashed at Justin as he worked. He looked down at Justin’s cock, noting the twitch as the rope climbed higher on his arms.

When he was done, the rope wound snugly from Justin’s wrists to his elbows, his arms bound tightly together in front of his body, Brian slid off the table.

Justin gasped as Brian’s hand dropped to his cock.

Brian laughed a little, his fingers rubbing slowly around the head of Justin’s dick. Justin swayed a bit, unable to use his hands to steady himself. Brian rubbed a little harder, making Justin’s hips twitch. Then he pulled away.

He walked over to the knapsack, pulling out a black silk scarf. He wound it around his hands as he walked back to Justin. Justin’s eyes got very wide…

Brian smiled, pushing Justin away from the table, towards the wall beside the sliding doors. He stopped when Justin was backed against the wall, fear flashing on his face.

Brian brushed his thumb over Justin’s eyebrow, his nose nudging Justin’s cheek. He kissed him softly, then leaned his head back, his hands bringing the scarf up to Justin’s face. Justin’s eyes watched in fright, finally closing when the cool silk pressed against them, Brian pulling his head forward a bit to tie the scarf behind his head. Justin whimpered slightly, letting his head fall back against the wall.

Brian’s hand dropped to his cock again, stroking smoothly. His breath tickled the side of Justin’s face.

“Now I’m going to go back in there, and you’re going to wait for me like a good boy…” he trailed his fingers over Justin’s hip as he stepped away. Justin gasped. He was leaving…?

Justin felt like he wanted to cry. Brian couldn’t leave him here like this… in an open conference room? With all of his staff just steps away… oh god…

“Brian…” Justin’s voice trembled, pleading. “Please…”

Brian stepped back closer to him. “Yes, Justin, you’ll wait for me.” His voice was low and menacing.

“You’ll stand here, naked… bound…” Brian’s hands grasped Justin’s shoulders, turning him around so he was facing the wall. He let his fingers trail over Justin’s ass, “…and wait for me.”

Justin let his head rest against the wall, his heart pounding. This was too much, he couldn’t do this… “Brian…” he whispered. God, he was standing right beside the staggered wall into the outer office… anyone could walk in! Justin knew people cut through the boardroom to get to Brian’s office all the time…

He shook his head, his body trembling. “Brian, please…”

“And I don’t know when I’ll be back…” Brian’s voice sounded farther away as Justin heard him pull open the sliding door between the two rooms, walking through to his office.

Justin blushed furiously, a groan leaving his lips. Was he visible from Brian’s office? Did anyone see him as Brian opened the door? Fuck…


Justin stiffened as he heard Brian’s voice approaching from the other room. He heard the sliding door open, heard Brian talking to someone.

“Yeah, we can make a copy of that for you, Bob…”

Justin grimaced, his heart pounding. That sliding door definitely didn’t close… and he didn’t want to think about why that made his cock drip… He pressed his body closer to the wall, hoping to be invisible.

He jumped when he felt Brian’s hand on his ass. Then moaned when Brian squeezed, hard…

“I’ll just run that off for you…” Brian’s voice called back to the office as he moved away, heading into the outer room to the copier.

Justin strained to hear him coming back, but was startled when Brian’s hand slid between his body and the wall, closing over his cock. He rocked into Brian’s hand, cursing his body for responding even when he was pissed at Brian, furious that he’d leave him here like this, let him be humiliated like this…

He groaned when Brian stopped, cursing at Brian’s soft laugh as he headed back into his office.


When Brian walked back into the room, Justin felt it immediately. That, and the fact that he heard the sliding doors open again. But did he close them…? Justin couldn’t tell…

His nerves were standing on end, his ears attuned to every sound. Standing there, he listened to each and every word exchanged between Brian and his client, every word in the office outside, terrified someone would walk in. Amazing what you could hear if you were paying attention…

Brian walked up to him, a slow, dangerous smile on his face. Although Justin couldn’t see it, his cock throbbed as he felt Brian get closer, smelled him approaching…

Brian stopped right in front of him, his arm reaching around Justin’s body, his hand grasping Justin’s cock firmly, Justin squirming. His lips hovered over Justin’s shoulder as his hand started to stroke. Justin held his breath, putting his bound arms against the wall for support.

“Very hot, little boy.” Brian whispered against his ear.

“Did you have fun last night, Justin…?” Brian’s words pushed warm breath onto his cheek. Justin squirmed again.

“What did you do, Justin…?” he asked quietly, his hand stroking a steady rhythm. Justin’s hips rolled into his hand, his head tipping back slightly.

“Did he suck your dick, Justin…?” Brian’s tongue swiped the rim of his ear. Justin shook his head.

“Did you suck his…?” Brian laughed softly when Justin nodded.

“Then you’re going to get down on your knees.” Brian’s words burned into him. “Show me,” he commanded. Justin moaned quietly. If he did this here… could anyone see him? Were they alone?

Brian waited, daring him to disobey. “Such a little slut, Justin…” Brian whispered, his voice making Justin shiver, despite the flush of anger that raced through his body.

“You know you want to… you can’t say no, can you…?” He turned Justin around by his shoulders.

“That’s why you couldn’t stay away from Emmett’s cock, isn’t it? Such a size queen…” Brian’s soft laugh washed over Justin.

Justin fought with the desire to say no, to tell Brian to fuck off. But he could feel the heat from Brian’s body, could smell his cologne, his raw power…

Justin slid down Brian’s body, the limited mobility of his hands making him struggle to open his belt, his fly, move his shirt out of the way. When Brian’s cock was free, Justin lowered his head, his mouth pulling Brian into its’ wet warmth. Brian’s hips pressed forward, making Justin open wider.

Brian started to rock his hips back and forth.

“Did he fuck your mouth, Justin…?” Brian’s whisper was harsh and throaty, making Justin suck harder. “Your hot, wet, fuckable little mouth…?” Justin relaxed his throat as much as he could, spit running down his chin as Brian fucked him faster.

He shook his head slightly, the motion making Brian moan quietly. His own cock was so hard he could barely breathe – the feel of his knees on the hard floor, of his bound arms hanging uselessly in front of his body making him even harder.

Then Brian’s cock was gone, Justin falling forward as he withdrew. He dropped his head, trying to catch his breath.

Brian raked his fingers through his hair, then tucked himself back into his pants. Justin waited on his knees, his cock dripping onto the floor. Then Brian’s hand was under his chin, lifting his face and motioning him onto his feet. He stood slowly, waiting…

“You know I have to punish you, Justin…” the tone of his voice made Justin shiver. “In fact, I think you fucked Emmett in front of that many people because you knew there was no way I wouldn’t be able to punish you after that…” Brian raised his eyebrow, noting Justin’s deepening flush. He smiled. Justin lowered his head, unwilling to admit that Brian was right, could see right through him…

“And since we know you like sex in public…” Brian reached for Justin’s knapsack. “I decided you could have your punishment here, in the open…”

Justin groaned.

Brian reached into the bag, watching Justin as he did. “Do you know why I told you to bring this dildo, Justin?” Brian lifted it out of the bag.

Justin bit his lip. He nodded.

“Whose cock does it remind you of, Justin…?” Brian’s voice was deceptively soft. He laughed quietly at the uncomfortable look on Justin’s face, reaching for Justin’s dick as he brought the dildo beside it.

Justin moaned softly at the feel of Brian’s hands, of the hard rubber cock brushing his own. He could picture it in his mind, the shape and size almost exactly the same as his cock. That’s why they bought it – it was funny at the time…

Brian leaned over so his lips were touching Justin’s ear. “Bend over the table, Justin…”


“Ted, you don’t understand!” Emmett pushed past him, looking around. “I have to speak to him… I’m never going to be able to live with myself if I don’t…”

Ted grabbed his arm. “Emmett!” Emmett kept going, trying to get into Brian’s office.

“Emmett!” Ted yanked him away from the door. “You can’t go in there!”

Emmett pulled away, stalking across the room to the other side. The glass wall of the boardroom – he could get into Brian’s office from there!


Justin stood still, unable to move. He heard something outside the door, the sound of someone approaching. This couldn’t be happening to him. This couldn’t be turning him on this much…

He felt Brian steer him towards the table, bending him firmly at the waist when his thighs hit the edge. He fought it, trying to stay upright.

“Brian, no…” he whispered, shocked at the desire in his voice. Brian laughed softly, pushing harder.

There was no arguing with Brian when he was like this. He let his head rest against the cool surface, his bound arms bent up and over his head, his hands almost touching his back.

Brian’s hands on his bare ass made him jump, then made him shudder. Brian was kneading him firmly, pushing and pulling him apart. He bit his lip when Brian increased the pressure, fingers digging hard enough that Justin knew there’d be marks later. Marks he’d try to see in the bathroom mirror tomorrow, small bruises that would make him hard every time he felt them.

Then one hand was gone, quickly replaced by the feel of the smooth rubber head of the dildo dragging over his skin. Justin tried to hold still, but he was so on edge…

“You want it, don’t you Justin…?” Brian whispered, a low smile on his face. “You want me to fuck you with it, just like you fucked Emmett… don’t you…?”

Justin moaned quietly.

“Did you fuck him hard, Justin?” Brian pressed the head against his hole. “Did you use lube, Justin?” Justin nodded quickly, his hips betraying him and pushing back against the dry dildo. Brian laughed softly.

“But that’s not what you want, is it Justin?” Brian’s low rumble made Justin’s cock drip again. Justin shook his head, then nodded, trying to say something, anything…

He turned his head when he felt Brian’s hand on his shoulder. He jumped when he felt the cold, smooth head of the dildo pressing against his lips. He breathed deeply through his nose as Brian pushed it into his mouth.

“Good boy, Justin…” Brian whispered. Justin sucked the head, trying to wet it as much as he could before Brian pulled it away.

Brian muttered a quiet curse under his breath as he watched Justin, the desire whipping through him like an electrical current as he looked at his lover spread before him, the dildo in his mouth, his body pressed flat on the table.

Brian pulled the dildo away quickly, hearing Justin’s low groan. His own cock twitched but he ignored it for the moment.

Justin’s hands clenched together tightly when he felt the wet head start to push into him. He held his breath, squeezing his eyes tight. Brian pushed harder.

Justin stuttered out a moan as the head split him, probed him… it fucking hurt, it was too tight, too much…

Justin bit out a gasp. “No, Brian… I can’t…” he groaned. “Please, don’t Brian… please… It hurts…” Justin’s voice cracked.


Emmett was about to walk around the wall when something made him stop. What… what the hell was that…?

He paused, Ted running into him as he caught up to Emmett. He pulled Emmett back a bit, holding his arm tightly.

“You can’t go in there Emmett!” Ted scolded.

Emmett shushed him, listening…

His eyes got wide as he heard the pleading. It sounded… desperate… it was Justin. Oh god, it was Justin…

They both cocked their heads, leaning forward to listen. Emmett turned to look at Ted, both sets of eyes wide with shock, fear, desire…?

“What is he doing?” Emmett whispered. “Oh god, Teddy, is he… hurting Justin?” Emmett’s whisper dropped even lower.

Ted shook his head furiously. “No. No! He couldn’t be!” They both stepped a bit closer.


Brian’s hand pressed into his lower back, thumb rubbing softly. “Take it Justin…” he whispered. “I want you to take it…”

Justin let out a long breath, relaxing enough for Brian to get the dildo all the way in. He moaned when Brian started to twist it, to angle it up and down slightly. Not in and out, just up and down, circling slowly.

His hips started to circle away from it, counter-clockwise to the motion of Brian’s hand. Brian smiled, his hand stroking Justin’s lower back.

“Brian…please…” Justin begged.

“Please what, Justin?” Brian increased the pace of his movements. Justin started to rut against the table, unable to stop his body from responding. Brian started to pull in and out while he circled. Justin groaned deep in his chest.

“Please…” Justin’s voice was thick, his elbows sliding on the table as he tried to brace himself so he could push back harder.

“Did Emmett beg you, Justin…?” Brian reached down to his own cock with one hand, rubbing over the soft fabric of his pants. “Beg you to let him come…?”

Justin shook his head. “Like you’re gonna beg me…?” Justin shook his head faster, mindless to the questions anymore.

“Brian… please, Brian… oh god… please…” He heard his voice begging, the pleas leaving his lips faster than he could stop them…


Emmett and Ted stared at each other.

“Um… uh…” Ted had no idea what to say.

Emmett’s face was bright red.

“I think we can safely assume now isn’t a good time for you to talk to Brian…” Ted shrugged, starting to walk away.

“Oh my god, Teddy, I need a drink!” Emmett groaned, following him.


Justin wanted to cry when Brian pulled the dildo out. He needed more so badly…

He could hear Brian’s breathing behind him, could tell how wound up Brian was. He yelped when Brian pushed the dildo back in quickly. He pressed hard against the base, snugging it deep inside Justin.

“Hold it, Justin…” he whispered. Justin moaned quietly.

“You’re going to stay like this, Justin…” Brian murmured in his ear. “Stay here, sprawled on my table, cock in your ass…” Brian ran his hands over Justin’s ass as he spoke.

“And you’ll keep your head down, and your mouth shut, and you’ll wait for me…” Brian smiled slowly, starting to walk away.

Justin lifted his head, then shook it quickly.

“Brian – no!” he started to lean up but Brian’s hand was in the middle of his lower back, pushing him down. His other hand pushed hard against the dildo, making Justin gasp.

“Brian… no! You can’t do this! Don’t leave me!” Justin begged. It was bad enough that someone might walk in while Brian was there, but to be left alone like this… There were still people out there, people in Brian’s office, in the outer office…

Brian put his lips against Justin’s ear. “I can, and I will. You’re the one who wanted to start this in public, Justin. You should be grateful I’m not doing this in the backroom.” he smiled as he lifted up, his voice still a quiet whisper. “And if you’re not good, I may finish this in the backroom… Or maybe you’d prefer I left the doors cracked open when I went back to my meeting?”

Justin groaned quietly, letting his head fall back to the table. He pulled in a shaky breath, trying to calm his heart.


Justin heard the voices in the outer office, but the blood pounding in his ears was too loud for him to make out what they were saying. But then the voices got louder, and he closed his eyes, using every ounce of willpower not to stand up and cover himself. Oh god, if they walked in…


Brian looked up as Emmett and Ted walked by his office. He raised an eyebrow at the pained look on Emmett’s face, but then he had to laugh. Emmett was likely afraid Brian was going to kill him for last night, so he’d probably come by to apologize…

Brian stood up from his desk, organizing the papers he’d left laying around. He hadn’t bothered to clean up when his client left a while ago – he’d been kind of busy...


When he went into the boardroom again, Brian took a deep breath. The sight of Justin lying there, waiting, goosebumps all over his body… Brian let out the breath slowly, calming himself. He couldn’t end this yet, Justin wasn’t done…

When Brian’s hands brushed Justin’s skin, he shuddered, a long sigh escaping his lips. “Brian…” he whispered. He felt a flush of shame at how grateful he was to have Brian back, to feel his touch. But then he remembered he wasn’t the only one getting off on this.

He straightened up, grunting softly at the shift of the dildo in his ass. God, he needed Brian to fuck him. Like… yesterday.

“Did I say you could get up, Justin?” Brian’s voice was smooth velvet.

“Did I say you could do anything without my permission…” Justin shivered at the tone of his voice, his cock throbbing. Fuck, he hated how much he loved it when Brian got like this with him.

“How is your ass feeling, Justin?” Brian moved closer, his hands grasping Justin’s sides, moving him roughly.

Brian pulled the dildo out in one smooth motion, the loss making Justin keen.

“I got you something, Justin…”

Now he was worried. Really worried.

Brian flipped him over smoothly, moving him as if he were no more than a doll. Justin hit the table with a thud, his breath pushed out of him from the impact and the way Brian was handling him…

Brian reached up and pulled the blindfold off, making Justin blink fast against the sudden bright light. Justin looked up to Brian’s face as soon as he could see anything. His breath caught in his chest at the look on Brian’s face.

“It’s going to look hot on you, Justin…” Brian smiled at him. Justin’s cock responded, but his heart pounded.

“Close your eyes, or I’ll put the blindfold back on.” Justin closed his eyes immediately.

Justin let out a breath when Brian’s hands slid up his chest, his heart pounding a little harder, his cock throbbing a little more.

He yelped out a cry when he felt the pinch on his nipple, his eyes flying open. Brian’s face was right above his, the combined concentration and lust in his eyes making Justin’s cock drip. That, plus the wicked fucking sting in his nipple.

“Brian… what the fuck!” Justin lifted his head, eyes wide when he saw the clip on his skin. He couldn’t breathe, it was so tight, so sharp…

He watched with partial horror, but mostly desire if he was honest, as Brian pulled the other end over to his nipple ring, clipping a clamp there too. Even though he was laying down, Justin could feel the weight pulling on his piercing. His cock pulsed heavily.

“Brian…” his voice was barely a throaty whisper. Brian laughed softly, his fingers pulling on the chain between the clamps. Justin whimpered.

Brian leaned down, his tongue flicking over Justin’s lips. Justin opened his mouth, desperate for contact. His nipples throbbed so badly he wanted to cry, but if Brian kissed him… somehow that would help.

Justin shifted his bound arms, his fingers scrambling to pull Brian closer. Brian hovered over him, his mouth teasing, his eyes black with lust and power. Justin knew how high he was now, knew there was no stopping this until they were both sated, wrecked, decimated by the raw carnal experience… He closed his eyes, a small sigh escaping his lips. He wouldn’t want it any other way…

Brian’s hands travelled his body hungrily, stroking, teasing, pressing. Justin writhed under his touch, his ability to withstand this gone now, his entire focus on getting more of the good, less of the bad…

But oh, the bad… Justin groaned as Brian pinched the nipple clamp tighter with his fingers. Fuck! One of Brian’s fingers brushed the top of his inflamed nipple as the other hand stroked his cock, his body vibrating between the sensations.

Then Brian’s hands were gone, Justin lifting his body off the table in the desire for more…

Justin watched him unbutton his pants quickly, his breath stopping in his throat when Brian’s hot, hard cock pushed through the fabric of his shirt once his pants were undone.

Justin couldn’t prevent the way his body leaned up, desperate for more, needing Brian to push him harder, fuck him harder, make him whole…

Then his eyes widened as he watched Brian slowly pull his belt from the belt loops on his pants. He didn’t usually do that after he’d undone his pants, it was usually before…

When he looked up at Brian’s eyes, he had to look away. The intense lust there was so strong, so consuming, he couldn’t stare at it for fear it would burn him. He heard Brian’s pants fall to the floor, saw Brian step out of them out of the corner of his eye. Brian’s shirt was gone in a matter of seconds too…

Then Brian’s hands were on his ankles, pulling him down the table, his skin squeaking on the smooth wood. He stopped when Justin’s ass was right at the edge of the table, his legs hanging over, barely touching the ground. Justin lifted them, bending his knees, opening himself for Brian. If his hands were free he’d be fucking himself with his fingers, but he could only rest his bound arms over his cock, the rope rubbing him as his hands hung suspended between his legs.

He gasped when Brian’s fingers brushed his skin so softly, so barely, that he almost didn’t feel it. Brian’s head dropped, his face hovering over Justin’s aching cock, then moving lower, his breath warming Justin as it moved closer to his hole.

Brian’s lips barely touched him, then moved away. Justin pushed his hips up, straining for more…

Then Brian’s hands were on the back of his knees, pushing his legs harder against his chest. “Hold your legs up.” Brian’s voice was a clear command, no discussion.

Justin’s arms pressed against his nipples, pulling the clamps tighter. He groaned, trying to lift his legs a bit, but Brian’s hands were there, pushing harder, pressing them wider. Justin groaned again, shaking his head. His body was on fire, he couldn’t do this…

Then one warm hand rubbed the smooth, stretched skin at the juncture between leg and ass, passing over his cheek before pulling away. Then holding his calf, pushing his leg down hard. Justin sucked in a small breath, his compressed body cutting off his full air flow.

He cried out when he felt the leather lick his ass, the pain quick and sharp. He opened his eyes, watching as Brian lifted the belt again, flicking it down on his upper thigh, carefully avoiding his hands. His world collapsed, the pain swirling around him like a fog. His hands clutched uselessly towards Brian, hoping to stop him. It hurt!

“One more, Justin…” Brian’s voice sounded far away, an anchor that Justin grasped, holding on to reality as the sting hit him again. He knew he was crying out, but he was too far gone to stop. If there was anyone left in the outer office, they’d definitely be listening by now…

He heard the belt hit the floor, then felt Brian’s hands on the backs of his knees, pulling his legs wide. He felt like he was being split, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of Brian’s cock pushing into him hard and fast. He banged his head back on the table, the feeling overwhelming him.

Then Brian was pulling out, sliding in again smoothly, and Justin felt his nerves light up like firecrackers. He rubbed his bound arms back and forth over his cock, the friction of the rope enough to give a delicious burn, to make his balls lift. He rocked into Brian as much as he could, writhing and grasping, his hands scratching at the skin of Brian’s lower abs.

Then Brian was pushing his arms up, over his head, bringing his legs down a bit. Justin wrapped his legs around Brian’s back, pulling him closer, his heels digging into the small of Brian’s back.

Brian’s hand circled his cock, tugging hard. Justin gasped, the pressure building so hard, so fast…

Then Brian’s other hand slid up his chest, Justin’s head tossing back and forth, their harsh breathing echoing through the boardroom.

“Come, Justin…” Brian demanded, his cock thrusting mercilessly into Justin.


Justin cried out as Brian pulled the clamp off his nipple, the blood rushing back in a flood, engorging the tissue all at once, then cried out again as his cock pulsed, hot cum splashing his chest in short, sharp spurts.

He undulated under Brian, the shudders wracking his body as he came hard and fast. Then Brian was cursing, his hands gripping Justin’s hips so tight Justin winced, but then Brian’s groan flooded over him and Justin felt him pulse inside the condom, his hips snapping tight against him.

When the shudders subsided, Brian opened his eyes, intense green staring into Justin’s wide blue. He glanced down at the weighted clamp on Justin’s nipple ring, reaching carefully to unhook it, lifting the weight first. “This will sting a bit…” he said as he lifted the weight, the reduced pressure sending blood flooding into the area. Justin writhed, the intense sensation half-painful, half-erotic.

His arms ached, his ass burned, and he needed to stretch out. Brian carefully pulled out, his fingers soft and gentle on Justin’s ass as he withdrew. Then he reached for the rope, quickly unwrapping it from Justin’s forearms. Justin let his legs fall over the edge of the table as Brian unwrapped him, his hands sure and steady, holding Justin’s arms like they were precious instruments.

When he was free, he rotated his wrists, trying to get the blood flowing freely. His arms tingled, but he was ok.

He gasped when Brian’s arms reached under him, moving him like a rag doll for the second time in an hour. Brian scooped him up, crossing swiftly to the sliding doors, pushing one open with his knee. He carried Justin to the couch in his office, sitting down himself first, then pulling Justin over him as they reclined back on the soft fabric. Brian kept one arm tightly wrapped around Justin, reaching behind the couch to pull a blanket over them before they were fully horizontal.

Justin laid half on top of Brian, half beside him, a dazed, hazy feeling sitting heavily on his brain. He was exhausted, overwhelmed, sore, sated…

Brian’s hand traced soft patterns on his back, his lips pressing small kisses into Justin’s forehead. He was murmuring quiet words, but Justin couldn’t really tell what they were. He snuggled tighter into Brian’s chest, breathing deeply of his scent, his warmth. He was so tired…

Brian’s outer leg wrapped around him, pulling him further onto the couch. Justin felt Brian’s arms wrap around him, their length almost enough to circle him twice. He nestled into the warm cocoon of Brian, his body a pillow and a shield, keeping him safe from anything in the outside world. Justin vaguely wondered if there was still anyone in the office, but realized he didn’t care.

Brian’s lips pressed into his hair, his face, his eyelids as he heard Justin’s breathing even out, his pulse slow and languid against Brian’s chest. He wrapped his arms a tiny bit tighter, pulling the blanket up further as he did, letting the soft clean feel of it embrace them.

He’d deal with Emmett another day…


Chapter 3 by Triciaqaf

Part 3



Brian flipped the phone message over in his hand. He looked through his online address book, popping up the correct name and typing a quick email.

You wanted to talk to me? Come by the loft tonight. 9pm.

He hit send, then gathered his things before heading into his next meeting.


When he got home, he could smell something coming from the kitchen. He smiled to himself. Justin always got a little domestic after they’d been playing. He fussed with Brian’s clothes more, stared longer, made dinner… it might have bothered Brian at one point in his life, but now he just took it for what it was. If that was the way Justin wanted to express his feelings, so be it. Especially when it meant he came home to a clean loft and a well-cooked meal.

“Hi honey, I’m home…” Brian teased, giving Justin a slow kiss before heading up the steps into the bedroom.

“I should spank you more often. You’re a much better cook afterwards.”

Justin laughed. “Yeah, that’s the reason you want to spank me more often…” he snorted as he put the plates on the table. “It has nothing to do with how hard it makes you come.”

Brian undressed, changing into a worn pair of jeans and a soft, fitted black t-shirt. “Uh, if I recall, I wasn’t the only who came hard…” Brian called back to the kitchen.

Justin smiled wider. Yeah, that was true too. His cock started to wake up at the memory of it, the thought of the nipple clamps coming off, making him explode. He shifted, adjusting his pants to make room for his now hardening cock. He jumped when Brian’s hands slid around his waist.

“You were so fucking hot…” Brian whispered into his ear, his body molding against Justin’s back. “Unbelievable…”

He pulled away, walking over to the table. They sat down to eat, Brian noting the meal appreciatively. “Oh, by the way – we’re having company later.”


Emmett stood in front of his closet, trying to figure out what to wear. He still wasn’t sure what to expect, but he figured he’d better be willing to get yelled at, and probably embarrassed in some way, and then hopefully things would go back to normal.

He knew it was the right thing to do – to sit down, man to man, and just talk about it. Hey, no one planned it, it just kind of happened… And although they certainly weren’t monogamous, he knew it crossed a bit of a line and he’d better set things straight. He didn’t want any weirdness between them.

He was a little surprised that Brian told him to come by the loft, but it was no big deal for him to stop by on the way out. At least this meant he wouldn’t get insulted in public, so that was a good thing.


He took a deep breath before knocking on the loft door. Then shook his head, reminding himself this was no big deal, it’d just be a quick conversation and then he’d go out. Hopefully that cute guy from last weekend would be there again. Emmett was sure he’d been checking him out, and tonight he was going to take advantage of that. A smile spread across his face as he thought about it.

Brian pulled the door open, noting Emmett’s expression with a small lift of his brow. “You look happy...” he mused, turning to walk back into the loft as Emmett followed him.

Emmett chuckled nervously, nodding. Brian kind of surprised him, that’s all…

“Yeah, well, what’s not to be happy about…” he smiled, waving his hands wide. “Good friends, good times, all that jazz.”

Brian snorted softly, heading into the kitchen. He picked up his glass, grabbing another and walking towards the couch. Emmett stood where he was, waiting. When Brian sat on the couch with his back to him, he started to walk over, sitting down at the other end of the couch.

Emmett looked around. “Where’s Justin?” he asked carefully.


Emmett nodded, waiting for Brian to go on. Brian leaned forward, pouring a shot of Knob Creek into a tumbler and handing it to Emmett, who held it for a moment and then put it down on the table. Brian filled his own too, then leaned back, propping his long legs on the coffee table.

Emmett sat on the edge of the cushion, his back straight, his hands resting in his lap. He tried not to fidget, but he felt like he was about to get a lecture from his aunt…

Brian seemed totally unconcerned, at ease with the world as usual. Emmett watched him drink, wondering if he was going to say anything else about where Justin was. Apparently not. Emmett watched him reach for a joint from the ashtray on the table, lighting it and taking a long drag. He reached over and offered it to Emmett without looking at him.

Emmett paused, unsure, then took the joint from Brian’s fingers. Fuck, maybe this would help relax him a bit. He inhaled deeply, sputtering a little at the burn in his throat. He heard Brian laugh softly as he handed him back the joint.

Emmett blew the air out slowly, watching Brian out of the corner of his eye as he did so. God, Brian really did have long legs. I mean, Emmett did too, but Brian’s just seemed so long and lean and…

Emmett blushed when he realized Brian was watching him stare. Shit. Brian laughed, licking his lips slowly. He had his usual smirk on his face, making Emmett feel like an idiot. Well done, Emmett… you come over to apologize for fucking Justin, and end up staring at Brian’s body like a schoolgirl, he chastised himself.

He sat up straighter, reaching for his drink and taking a quick sip before opening his mouth to speak.

“Brian…” he started, stopping when Brian raised his hand.

“Save it, Emmett. I know, you feel like you should apologize for what happened with Justin, right?”

Emmett nodded, grimacing a bit.

“Sorry’s bullshit. You know that.” Emmett turned to look at him, wondering why this line of conversation was making him feel more uneasy, not less…

“I know, Brian, but…” he stopped again when Brian turned to look at him. God, he had very intense eyes when he was looking at you like that, Emmett thought. He looked away, unable to keep his gaze.

“But if you want to make it up to me, I can think of a way…”

Emmett looked back up at Brian instantly. What?

Brian was looking ahead again, reaching for his drink, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Emmett felt his heart start to pound. What?? His breath stopped in his chest when Brian turned to look at him again, a sexy smile on his face. He brought the joint back to his mouth, inhaling slowly. Emmett watched him, unable to look away from Brian’s mouth while he smoked. How was it possible that he made smoking look so hot?

Emmett laughed nervously, realizing he must be reading WAY too much into what Brian meant. “What, you want me to clean your apartment for a week?” he joked.

Brian raised one eyebrow, still smiling. “Well, you did do that stint as a naked maid, didn’t you… Could be interesting…”

Emmett laughed, blushing. “Yeah, like I’d clean your apartment naked, Brian.”

Brian’s smile widened a bit. “Oh, I think you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do, Emmett.” Suddenly Emmett was very worried. And hard.

He laughed again, waiting for Brian to make another joke. They were joking, teasing like old friends do. Ok, they were hardly the type of friends to joke and tease like normal people, but Brian was just messing with his head. Right…?

Emmett squeaked a small sound when Brian moved, his long legs swinging down as he slid closer to Emmett. Emmett looked at his glass, taking another sip, grimacing at the burn. He wished he’d taken a longer drag on the joint…

“Justin had to make it up to me, Emmett…” Brian’s voice was very low, and sounded awfully close. “So it’s only fair that you make it up to me too.”

Emmett jumped when Brian’s hand touched his leg. He stared at the smooth round fingernails as his brain scrambled to figure out what the hell was going on. First Justin hits on him and now Brian? This wasn’t possible…

“I think you may have overheard Justin making it up to me, actually…” Brian’s smirk was audible in his voice.

Emmett blushed furiously, his cock involuntarily responding to the memory. And to Brian’s hand, which was slowly moving up his thigh. Jesus christ, what was going on?

“Actually, Justin’s not really done making it up to me. And that’s how you can help me, Emmett.” Emmett’s eyes widened as he felt Brian’s breath against the side of his face. “He liked fucking you in public so much that he can have a different audience this time.”


Emmett turned his head to face Brian, shock widening his features. Brian’s face was right in front of his, his eyes direct and challenging. Emmett pulled a breath in through his nose, leaning his head back a bit to distance himself from Brian.

He gasped out a small sound when Brian’s hand pressed against his cock. “Doesn’t seem like you mind the idea…” Brian whispered, his lips hovering over Emmett’s.

Emmett closed his eyes, trying desperately to figure out what the fuck to do. Was this a cruel joke? Was Brian going to get him all hot and bothered and then kick him out, telling him never to come back?

Emmett sat, speechless, Brian’s hand rubbing his cock slowly as his nose brushed the side of Emmett’s neck. The memory of the one and only time he and Brian had fucked came flooding back, making his cock jerk under Brian’s hand.

“I’ll be the director of this little scene, Emmett.” Brian’s whisper made Emmett shiver. “And you know I know what you like…” he smiled.

Emmett licked his lips, not sure what to do. Yeah, Brian did know what he liked. The thought of Brian and Justin fucking him… well, that was just impossible. Never going to happen. No chance, only a fantasy…

Emmett jumped as the loft door slid open, looking up to see Justin coming into the room. He tried to pull away from Brian, but Brian just laughed and leaned his other arm across Emmett’s body, trapping him there. Emmett stared at Justin open-mouthed, his breath coming faster from the adrenaline and the circles Brian was making with his hand.

Justin smiled, dropping a bag on the kitchen counter before heading towards them.

“I picked up some extra condoms. Figured we’d need them…” he grinned.

Emmett stared, shaking his head. What the fuck was happening here?


Chapter 4 by Triciaqaf

Part 4



Justin walked over to them, his stride leisurely and confident. He didn’t seem to be phased by the fact that Brian had his hand on Emmett’s cock. Emmett closed his eyes, his heart pounding and his mind racing.

He opened his eyes when he heard Brian’s voice.

“Stop.” Emmett glanced at him. Stop what? He wasn’t doing anything…

Emmett looked up at Justin, realizing the command wasn’t for him. Justin stood still, a few feet in front of them. Emmett watched the colour start to rise in his neck, the sexual energy palpable in the room. Emmett realized he was holding his breath, so he let the air out of his lungs slowly.

“Take off your clothes, Justin.” Brian’s command was quiet. Emmett looked back at Justin. Was he going to do this?

Justin looked down, his hands reaching for his shirt hem. Guess he was going to do this…

He lifted it over his head slowly, his nipple ring glinting in the light. Brian’s hand still rested on Emmett’s cock, but he wasn’t moving it now. He picked up his drink with his other hand, watching Justin strip. Emmett didn’t move.

Emmett bit his lip as Justin lowered his pants, his cock arching upwards as he straightened back up. His chest was pink and starting to get splotchy. Emmett closed his eyes for a second, trying to breathe.

“Good boy, Justin.” Brian’s voice was a low whisper, so throaty and sexy that Emmett’s cock throbbed. He felt like he was intruding on something very private, but if they wanted him here… well…

“Come here…” Brian commanded. Emmett watched Justin step closer to them, his eyes still downcast. He had gone from confident and jokey to focused and submissive in about ten seconds, and it was unbelievably hot to watch. Brian was magnetic like this. So was Justin, just in a different way.

“Take Emmett’s clothes off.” Emmett’s head whipped around, looking at Brian.

“Uh, guys…” he asked, not really sure what he was asking. Did he want them to stop? Well, no, but…

Justin dropped to his knees in front of Emmett, his small hands reaching forward to the zipper of Emmett’s sweater. Emmett looked back and forth between Justin and Brian, unable to say anything. He watched Justin pull the zipper, his sweater spreading under his fingers.

Brian leaned back, watching them. Emmett looked at Justin’s face, unsure if this was ok. Justin finished with the zipper, looking up briefly as he slid his fingers over Emmett’s shoulders, pushing the sweater off gently. He smiled softly at Emmett, his eyes dark and unreadable.

Emmett gasped when Justin reached for the zipper on his pants. He lifted his hips automatically, making it possible for Justin to undo them.

“Stop.” Justin’s hands stilled immediately, resting over Emmett’s crotch. Emmett bit back a groan.

Emmett heard Brian rustle on the couch, moving himself to the end so he could sit sideways and watch them. He put one leg up on the couch, bent at the knee, foot resting on the cushion. His other leg draped over the edge, foot on the floor. His hand rested languidly on his knee, his whole body radiating power.

Emmett swallowed heavily. He’d never seen Brian like this. Or Justin either, for that matter. He flashed back to the cries he overheard in the office. Now he understood why Justin was so far gone. It was pretty hard not to follow Brian when he was like this. No matter where he wanted to go…

Brian lifted his drink to his lips again, his eyes trained on Justin. “Suck him off…” Brian’s order was quiet.

Emmett pulled in a breath, turning to look back at Justin as his head started to lower into Emmett’s lap. Jesus Christ. Emmett closed his eyes when Justin’s lips pressed against the head of his cock, his tongue licking softly. His head fell back on the couch when Justin’s hand pulled him further out of his open pants, giving him room to lick further.

Emmett wasn’t sure how he felt about being involved in this little game, but as soon as Justin started swirling his tongue around the tip, then sucking him deep into his warm mouth, he let his hands thread through Justin’s hair.

He heard something from where Brian was sitting, but couldn’t open his eyes to look. Justin’s mouth was literally pulling all the blood away from his brain, so he found he wasn’t able to focus on much other than the sensation.

He wasn’t sure what the etiquette was about coming in a situation like this, but he realized he wasn’t going to last much longer if Justin kept doing that… Emmett held the back of his head harder, trying not to push his hips up into Justin’s face. The closer he got, the more his hips started to rock gently, his body working with Justin’s rhythm as his orgasm built.

“Stop.” Emmett groaned as Justin’s mouth stopped moving, pulling away slowly. His cock pulsed, the head red and wet. Emmett bit his lip in frustration.

When he looked over at Brian, he gasped softly at the sight of Brian’s hard cock resting in his hand. Brian smirked at them both, looking back and forth between them. Emmett wondered if he looked as horny as he felt.

“Want some, Emmett?” Brian’s voice was a low murmur, a small smile on his face.

Emmett nodded before he could even think about the question. Wait, did Brian just offer his cock to me? he wondered. He looked back at Brian’s face. Brian motioned with his head, nodding slightly.

Emmett looked back at Justin, kneeling in front of him. Justin was looking down. Emmett looked back at Brian’s face, seeing the expectant look there. Before he thought about it any further, he slid carefully across the couch, lying in between Brian’s legs, his arms wrapping around the back of his thighs.

Emmett took him in one long swallow, smiling briefly at the small moan Brian let slip. He opened his throat, taking Brian fully into his mouth. He was good at this, and Brian had a beautiful cock. Not that he hadn’t been blown a million times before, but Emmett was going to make this good. Chances were, the opportunity wasn’t going to come around again. But then again, he certainly didn’t expect to be here in the first place…

He heard Brian’s breathing increase, feeling smug that he could make Brian hot so fast. He used every trick he knew, teasing Brian’s cock with his tongue, bringing one hand to the base to hold it where he wanted it. He had better control that way…

He felt Brian’s arm motion to Justin, but was still a bit distracted when Justin moved beside him, kneeling on the floor. He kept working Brian’s cock until Brian’s hand pushed his head back gently. He looked up, smiling at Brian’s flushed face, his swollen lips.

Then he turned his head to look at Justin, who waited beside them, his face quiet but aroused. He looked back up at Brian just as he felt his hand on the back of his head, pushing both of them towards his cock. Emmett let him push, his mouth opening again. His nose bumped Justin’s, each of them turning their heads so they could fit on either side of Brian’s cock.

A part of Emmett’s brain thought this wasn’t a good idea, this was too submissive even for him, but then Justin’s tongue brushed his lip and Brian’s pulse throbbed in his cock and Emmett reached his tongue out anyway. He moaned quietly when his tongue flicked Justin’s again, each of them licking each other and Brian’s cock at the same time. He wished he could take Brian’s cock fully into his mouth, but he sucked on the side of it, licking long swaths up the underside as Justin tongued the head.

Brian’s hand was tight in Emmett’s hair, small moans leaving his lips as he let them both lick him. Justin started making little groaning noises too, and Emmett thought he could come just from the sounds they were making.

Emmett grunted his displeasure when Brian pushed their heads away, both he and Justin blinking at the interruption. Emmett looked at Justin’s wet lips, his face turned up towards Brian. Ok, this might be weird, but it was seriously fucking hot…

“Stand up, both of you…” Brian’s voice was thick, which was totally erotic. Emmett had never heard him sound like that.

He scrambled off the couch, following Justin’s lead and waiting, standing there. Brian sat up straighter on the couch, then lifted his hips to pull his pants all the way off. Emmett licked his lips unconsciously as he watched Brian’s body appear before him. Brian shrugged his shirt off, then leaned his arms back over the side of the couch, splaying himself wantonly. Emmett had seen him naked many times, but this was different. He’d seen him hard before too, but not after his cock had been in his mouth. Emmett shifted on his feet, unsure whether he could reach out to touch either of them.

Brian reached out a hand, stroking Emmett’s hip gently. The touch made him shiver, made him push his hips closer to Brian. Brian chuckled softly. Then he reached his other hand to the same spot on Justin’s body, and Emmett watched his face as Brian’s fingers stroked his skin. Yeah, that’s what it felt like to him too…

Brian continued to stroke Justin, but used his hand to push Emmett slightly.

“Lean over the back of the couch, Emmett…” Emmett’s head whipped up again. He wasn’t sure who was going to fuck him, but his cock throbbed as he tried to make his legs work to get him to the other side of the couch. It felt like he was walking in mud.

When he got to the back of the couch, he waited, standing there. Brian’s hand had moved to Justin’s cock, and he was jacking him slowly. Justin had his eyes closed, his face pure pleasure. Emmett watched, breathless.

Justin groaned when Brian stopped, his hand gently smacking Justin’s ass as he pushed him away. “You too, Sunshine.”

Justin walked around to the back of the couch to where Emmett stood. He smiled at Emmett, his eyes lidded and heavy. Emmett reached a hand out to his face, his fingers brushing his cheek. He was so beautiful…

“Now show me…” Brian’s voice interrupted Emmett’s reverie. Show him? Show him what? Oh… Emmett bit his lip as Justin moved behind him, grabbing a condom from the side table.

Brian stayed on the couch, his arm along the back of it, his hand almost touching Emmett’s leg. Emmett looked at him as he heard Justin preparing himself with the condom and lube. Brian was mesmerizing, even without touching them.

“Be a gentleman, Justin. Get him ready…”

Emmett hitched out a breath as Justin’s hands touched his ass, warm fingers sliding over his skin. Brian’s fingers started to rub his leg softly as Justin’s hands pulled him apart. Then one hand was gone, returning a moment later slick and cool. Emmett’s knees buckled as Justin’s finger stroked his hole, his ass pushing back towards it.

“Open him, Justin…” Emmett’s head turned towards Brian as he felt Justin’s finger pressing into him. His eyelids fluttered as Justin worked his finger around, prodding gently, swirling. Brian kept his eyes on Emmett’s face, watching the pleasure play out there.

Emmett bit his lip when Justin pushed a second finger in. Christ. He saw Brian look at Justin, saw his eyes drop to Justin’s hand, then flick to his face again. Brian looked calm and in control, but Emmett could see the increased rise and fall of his chest, his nostrils flaring slightly as he watched Justin’s hand.

Emmett tried to keep his hips still, but it felt so fucking good… He rocked back onto Justin’s hand, spreading his legs wider to give Justin more room, his hands gripping the back of the couch.

Justin’s other hand spread out over his back, fingers pushing down as the fingers from the other hand did the same inside him. Emmett keened, his back arching into the intrusion. Fuck.

Emmett tried to keep his eyes open, but it was so intense, so hot… He finally opened them when he felt something by his face, seeing Brian’s face close to him. He’d moved across the couch, was kneeling on it in front of where Emmett’s body was.

Emmett tried to keep the moan in, he really did, but Justin was angling his fingers so deep, so hard, it was impossible. He was pretty sure he was panting, but there was nothing he could do about that either. Then Brian’s hands were on his face, turning Emmett to him.

Emmett’s mouth was open, and now his eyes were riveted on Brian. He watched Brian lean closer, his mouth red and full. Oh god.

Emmett’s eyes closed when Brian’s tongue touched his lip, licking slowly from one side to the other. He whimpered, his own tongue coming forward to meet Brian’s. When they touched, Emmett thought he was going to die. This was going to kill him. Really.

“If he kissed you…” Brian’s voice was a whisper against his lips, “… then I can too.”

Emmett groaned as Brian’s mouth closed over his, the heat sucking the breath right out of him. Justin’s fingers kept moving in his ass, making his hips circle and press backwards as his mouth pushed into Brian’s equally hard.

He gasped out a breath when Brian finally pulled away, his mouth bruised and swollen, his lips so sensitive he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than Brian’s cock in his mouth again. Except…

“Fuck him, Justin.” Emmett groaned deeply. Jesus.

Brian got off the couch, walking around to where Justin and Emmett stood at the other side. Emmett heard Justin’s breath catch, knew Brian had to be doing something to him, but he couldn’t see, couldn’t lift his head, the feelings in his body too intense to let him move.

Then Brian’s hands were on his back, stroking him. Then on his ass, pulling Justin’s fingers out. Uh. Emmett’s hips pushed back, following Justin’s fingers. He felt the withdrawal like a crushing blow. Someone had better stick something in him fast…

And then, oh… oh. Emmett felt the head of Justin’s cock – was it Justin’s cock? – pushing against his hole. He pushed back, ready for more. Now.

The head pushed through, Emmett squeezing his eyes shut. Oh god, whose fingers were rubbing the skin around his hole? He stretched further as Justin pushed all the way in, his balls brushing Emmett’s ass. Emmett heard him groan, felt a quiver in Justin’s body as he felt the fingers moving, reaching for Justin’s balls.

Emmett groaned back, a thumb still rubbing his stretched skin. He looked over his shoulder, seeing Brian behind Justin, his arm between Justin and Emmett’s bodies. He hitched a moan as the thumb kept stroking but Justin started to move. Oh god. Oh dear, sweet god.

“Slow, Justin. Slow.” Brian’s voice washed over both of them, addictive and soothing at the same time. Emmett wanted more. More of all of it.

“Follow me, Justin…”

Emmett stiffened as Justin jerked behind him, his cock pushing at a different angle. He tried to look back to see what was going on, but the weight of their bodies pushed him forward more, his hands landing on the couch cushions to keep them from tipping over. He strained to hold them up, his arms tensed.

Justin’s breath pushed out of his chest with a low moan, his hands gripping Emmett’s hips tightly.

“Fuck, Brian!” he stuttered.

“Take it, Justin. Take it…” Brian’s voice was so thick Emmett thought he was going to come from the sound. Holy shit. He was never going to have satisfying sex again after this…

“Brian…” Justin’s voice was a heavy whisper, his hips still against Emmett’s ass.

“Fuck him like I’m fucking you…” Brian moaned, his head falling back as the wet heat clenched around his cock.

“Can’t…” Justin whispered. “Oh god, Brian… I can’t…”

“I’m go… oh, god… Brian. I’m gonna come…”

Emmett tensed as he felt Justin push once against his ass, hard. He moaned quietly as he felt Justin’s cock pulse inside him, Justin’s fingers digging into his hips viciously.

Justin shuddered between them, his hips rocking against Emmett. He moaned low in his chest, the sound deep and desperate.

“Don’t stop, Justin.” Brian’s voice was firmer now. Emmett felt Justin’s hips pull away more, then push back. Emmett grunted, the heat making goosebumps break out across his arms.

“Brian, no… please… it’s… too much…” Justin pleaded, his voice cracking. His hips kept pumping, Brian’s hands pushing them.

“Yes, Justin. Do it.” Brian gritted out, his cock matching the same rhythm. Justin clenched him so tight, Brian thought he was going to scream. Fuck.

“Ahhh. Oh fuck…” Justin started to move more evenly now, his fingers softening on Emmett’s hips, holding them more.

“Oh god. God. Gonna come again, Brian…”

“Not till your bottom does, Justin.” Brian’s voice was firm. Emmett grunted again. He wasn’t far off…

“Emmett, come… please…” Justin whispered. “Oh god, please…”

Emmett moaned, Justin’s pleas so hot in his ear. Jesus Christ. Then moaned again when a large warm hand closed over his cock, stroking him steadily. Jesus fucking Christ.

He let out a wrenching moan when he felt it whip through him, his come splashing the couch and the hand holding his cock… Brian’s hand? He didn’t know. Didn’t care at the moment. He couldn’t hold their weight on his arms anymore, collapsing as he folded over the back of the couch.

Justin moaned behind him, his body peeling away as Emmett fell. His hips kept pushing, rocking into him.

“Now, Justin.” Brian’s voice was low. Emmett felt the pressure from both of their hips as they fucked furiously behind him. He held onto the bottom of the couch, trying to keep them all from tipping the damn thing over.

He heard Justin’s moan as he felt his cock pull out fast, like he was yanked. Holy shit. He was coming again, this time into Brian’s hand as he milked him fast and hard, the condom overflowing and dripping onto the back of Emmett’s legs. Good thing he pulled out, Emmett realized hazily.

Then Brian’s groan echoed behind them, Justin’s hips bumping into Emmett’s legs as Brian snapped into him, his orgasm rocking them all. Justin held onto Emmett’s back for dear life, Emmett doing the same to the couch. Sweet jesus.

Emmett laid still as they finished, Brian’s body slowing as the shudders shook him. Emmett dearly wished he’d been able to see Brian’s face. And Justin’s too. But he wasn’t complaining. His ass was aching, but he wasn’t going to complain about that. No sir.

Smooth hands rubbed his back, making him close his eyes in pleasure. He really needed them to get off him, but this felt so nice…

Then Justin pulled away, Brian turning him around as he stepped back. Emmett took a huge breath, trying to fill his lungs and open his chest again. Not that he was complaining.

He stood up, turning to see Brian wrap his arms around Justin, their mouths sealed in a wide, wet kiss. Man. He looked away, feeling like he was intruding. How that was possible after they’d just fucked the shit out of him he didn’t know, but it seemed so intimate, so personal, he turned away.

He looked around for his clothes, starting to move away to gather them when he felt a hand on his arm. He looked up, seeing Brian’s fingers curling around his bicep, then Justin’s drowsy smile as they looked at him.

Brian pulled him towards them, making Emmett stumble a bit. He put his hands out to catch himself, bracing them on Justin’s chest as he turned to face Emmett. Brian pulled him tight against Justin’s chest, his arms circling Justin and resting on Emmett’s shoulders. Justin smiled up at him, squished between the two bodies.

Justin reached up, his hand stroking Emmett’s cheek. He stood on his tiptoes, pulling Emmett’s face down as he kissed him softly.

“Thanks, Emmett…” he whispered into Emmett’s mouth. Emmett just stared at him, unsure how it was that Justin should be thanking him. He smiled goofily.

“Yeah, thanks Emmett.” Brian smiled. “Hopefully Justin will remember his lessons.” Justin blushed prettily. “At least he’d better, ‘cause that’s all the practice he’s getting…”

This time Emmett blushed, letting his head fall as he acknowledged Brian’s words with a small chuckle. Yeah, he wasn’t expecting a third time.

Not that he wouldn’t fantasize about it, though…



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