I Care About Him by Lorie

Brian and Justin's relationship after the bashing.

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1. Chapter 1 by Lorie

2. Chapter 2 by Lorie

Chapter 1 by Lorie




Brian was incredulous. After avoiding the blond for weeks once he was released from the hospital, Justin had doggedly tracked him down, so he finally went over to see him. And what happened? Jennifer Taylor had just told him that she never wanted him to see or contact Justin ever again.


He had gone over to help Justin with his therapy. He had been tossing the ball with Justin and Daphne when Jennifer came home and told Justin and Daphne to go inside, that she wanted to speak to Brian. Jennifer then told Brian that she knew that he had been at the hospital every night, watching over Justin, but now that he was home, she wanted her son back. She wanted her son to once again become the boy he was before he'd met Brian and his friends; wanted Brian to stay away, and if Justin tried to contact him, she wanted Brian to send him away.


Brian was beyond devastated. He was finally able to admit, at least to himself, how much he cares for Justin and now he was never going to be able to see or hold the man he had lost his heart to, ever again.


He walked back to the jeep, feeling more pain than he had ever felt from one of Jack's beatings. That pain had always healed - eventually - but he was pretty sure this pain would be with him forever. He drove to the loft, parked in front and walked up the stairs. Once inside the loft, he could no longer stop the tears. Everywhere he looked he saw Justin, and the things they'd done together.


He poured himself a glass of Beam and downed it, trying to dull the pain. When the glass was empty he threw it at the brick wall. Nothing would ever be the same again. Curling up in a ball on the sofa, he cried harder than he could ever remember crying before, his body wracked with sobs. He felt like he had lost everything. Eventually he fell into a fitful sleep.


When Brian woke up he was stiff and sore. His eyes hurt and he had a pounding headache. He dragged himself to the shower, hoping it would help.


He knew that he had to get on with his life. Not only did he need to be there for his son, but if Justin ever needed anything, Brian would make sure that he got it. He may not be able to hold Justin in his arms, but he would always hold him in his heart, and watch over him.




After getting rid of Brian, Jennifer went inside to start dinner. When Justin heard his mother come in, he came down from his room and asked where Brian was, all she would say was that Brian had left. Later, after Daphne had gone home, he tried calling Brian, but got no answer. Justin figured that Brian had gone out and figured he would call him the next day.


Justin was still very nervous around other people so he stayed in the house. He exercised his hand, trying to strengthen it so that he would have enough control to be able to draw. Other than Brian, drawing was the only thing he really cared about.


After three days of not hearing from Brian nor being able to get him on the phone, he started to get suspicious. He had even tried calling him at the office, only to be told by Cynthia that Brian was in a meeting and couldn't be disturbed.


When Jennifer came home she was confronted by a very angry Justin. "Mom, what did you say to Brian? I have been trying to call him for three days and he won't answer my calls."  


"Well, Justin, maybe he's busy, he does have a life and a job. He didn't visit you when you were in the hospital - did you expect him to just come over here and visit all the time now that you're home?" Jennifer answered, not telling him that Brian had been at the hospital every night, and not admitting that she had any part in Brian's refusal to be in contact with Justin now that he was home.


The following day was Saturday and Justin convinced Daphne to drive him to the loft so he could see if he could catch Brian at home. They waited until just after noon, when Brian would usually be home relaxing before getting ready to go out for a night at Woody's and Babylon. When they pulled up in front of the building, the jeep was parked in its usual spot.


"Justin, do you want me to wait for you?" Daphne asked, nervous because she had a bad feeling about the reason Brian seemed to be avoiding her best friend.


"Maybe you should, Daph, just in case he's not alone." Justin answered quietly, hoping that wouldn't be the case. "I'll let you know right away if I'm staying," Justin told her, smiling as he got out of the car, both of them crossing their fingers that he would not be coming back to the car.


One of Brian's neighbors was leaving as Justin got to the door and let him in, having seen Justin there many times before. Justin took the elevator to Brian's floor, hoping that the man was alone and had just been busy with work. Justin knocked on the loft door and Brian answered, he was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, and Justin took that as a good sign that he was alone. Justin smiled and reached for him, but Brian looked at him like he was a stranger and told him to go away, then he slammed the door shut in his face. Justin yelled and pounded on the door for a few minutes before finally walking away, dejected and crying.


Daphne was standing beside the car smoking when she saw Justin coming down the stairs. When she saw Justin's face, she threw down the cigarette and ran to her friend. Justin burst through the building's front door and almost collapsed in Daphne's arms. He was crying so hard that she couldn't even understand what he was saying. All she understood was "Brian... hates me... said... go away... don't come back".


She got Justin settled in the car and tried to comfort him. After he calmed down somewhat, they drove to the park where Daphne shut off the car and turned to her best friend, "Now that you're calmer Justin, tell me what happened."  


"I took the elevator up and knocked on Brian's door. He was dressed when he answered the door so I figured he was alone. I smiled at him and started to reach for him and he looked at me like I was a stranger. He told me to go away and not to come back." Just telling Daphne what happened started another round of tears.


"I don't know what to say Justin. Something must have happened. When Brian was at your house the other day we were all talking about how he and I were going to make sure you kept up with your therapy and help you with it, so that you would be able to draw and so your hand wouldn't cramp," Daphne started, thinking back to that day. As she continued to put the events of the afternoon in order, she shrugged before saying in a matter-of-fact tone, "Then your mom came home."


"And she wanted to talk to Brian" Justin continued. "Take me home Daph, I'm going to find out what she did."




Brian heard the elevator and wondered who was coming to visit him now. He just wanted to finish up the work he needed to do so he could go to Babylon, get drunk and high, and hopefully get his dick serviced without thinking about Justin for once. Lately, anytime he tried to do anything with a trick, he saw Justin's face, and whatever was being done to him never measured up to the pleasure he got from being with the blond.


The elevator stopped and he headed for the door as whoever was on the other side started knocking. He pulled the door back and there was the object of his constant thoughts. Justin smiled at him, reaching out to him, and he almost caved, but going against his strongest desires, he schooled his face and told the man he loved to go away and not to come back. Then he slammed the door in the younger man's face. He heard Justin yell, asking him why and crying - pleading with Brian to please talk to him. Brian ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He stripped off his clothes and got in, sobbing and trying to drown out the sound of his Sunshine crying and begging him to talk to him, asking him to explain what was wrong, what he had done to make Brian hate him. Brian stood there in the shower, crying, until the water ran cold.


Finally, Brian got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist, and looked up a phone number he never thought he would need.


He answered the buzzer, going to the door and pulling it open to wait for his visitor. He saw the elevator come to a stop and when he saw the blond hair, he almost smiled. "Hi, I'm..." the man started to say, but the voice was wrong, "Don't talk, the bedroom's that way," Brian answered, shutting the door and following. Brian got to the steps and watched the young man strip, when he started to come toward Brian, he put up his hand. "Just get on the bed, face down". The nameless blond did as he was told. Brian climbed on the bed, grabbing the lube and a condom. He prepared them both and fucked the blond with cold-hearted efficiency. When they had both come, Brian pulled out and tied off the condom, tossing it toward the wastebasket. When the blond turned over and tried to kiss Brian, he turned away, "I don't kiss. We're done. Get dressed and get out. Your money is on the counter." Nothing had felt right about the encounter - the kid's skin was too firm, the hair too coarse, the voice too rough, the cock too small, and the ass too loose. Brian had barely managed to stay hard. The only way he had managed to cum was to think about Justin.


He just hoped that he would still be able to keep tabs on Justin, try to make sure he was safe and always had everything he needed.




Daphne stopped in front of Jennifer's condo, asking Justin if he wanted her to come in with him. "No Daph, but thanks for everything, I'll call you later." Justin gave her a hug and got out of the car. His mother's car was parked in the driveway so he knew she was home.


Justin walked into the condo, ready to confront his mother.


"Justin, where have you been?" Jennifer started, but Justin cut her off.


"I want to know what you said to Brian, Mother. I went to the loft and he slammed the door in my face, telling me to go away and not come back."


Jennifer stared at her son, knowing that he had figured out that she had something to do with Brian not speaking to him, and she had to answer him. She hoped that he would understand - that she had only done what she thought was best for him - but from the fury in his eyes, that probably wouldn't be the case.


"Justin, I just wanted you to have your life back. The way it was before. Before everything. Before... Brian," Jennifer tried to explain to her son.


"My life... My life is fucked - Hobbs saw to that. My hand doesn't work right. If it's not stretched and exercised it cramps and looks like a fucking claw. I'm terrified to leave the house. Except for Brian, I can't stand to have anyone near me, or have them touch me. I don't trust anyone but Brian. And so what do you do? You make sure that he doesn't want me anywhere near him. I wish I was dead. I wish Hobbs had killed me. Because you have made sure that the one person I need, the one person I trust, never wants to see me, ever again. So THANK YOU, MOTHER! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!" With his rant to his mother over, Justin ran upstairs and started destroying any and all of his art work that was hanging in his room.


When Jennifer tried to follow him Justin blocked the door with his desk chair, partly so that he could be alone and partly because he was so furious that he didn't want to take a chance on hurting her if she tried to come near him.


Jennifer was glad that Molly was staying over at a friend's house that night. She was scared for Justin and realized what she had to do. So she made sure everything was turned off in the kitchen, grabbed her purse and her keys, and left.




Now that the the trick had left, Brian showered and pulled on his robe, grabbed his bottle of Beam and sat on the sofa. He was flipping through the channels when he heard someone pounding on his door. He prayed that it wasn't Justin again. He didn't know if he was strong enough to send the boy away again. "Go the fuck away," he yelled, not even getting up to open the door.


"Brian, please, I need your help". Oh God! it was Jennifer Taylor. ‘Something must have happened to Justin', was all that went through Brian's mind. Rushing to the door, he pulled it open to see Justin's mother, standing there looking terrified.


"What happened? Where is he? Is he alright?" Brian was firing questions at her so fast that she couldn't even answer.


Jennifer proceeded to tell Brian what had happened when Justin confronted her about what she had done. Then she told him that Justin had barricaded himself in his room and was tearing things up.


"Brian, I know what I said to you the other day, but I don't know what to do. You are the only person he trusts, the only one he wants anywhere near him. If you really care about him, like I believe you do, will you please come and help him?" Jennifer pleaded.


Brian had gone to his room to get dressed as Jennifer was talking. As she finished what she was saying, Brian walked out of the bedroom, fully dressed. "Let's go, I'll follow you in the jeep", he told her, grabbing his wallet and keys.


"Thank you, Brian, thank you so much," Jennifer told Brian gratefully as they entered the elevator.


"I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for Justin. He is the only one that matters. And another thing - I will do this my way, and I don't want any interference from you. I promise to make sure he is safe and gets whatever he needs. You are welcome to come here anytime to see him, but call first. It will be up to him if he wants company." Brian wanted to make sure that Jennifer would not be questioning everything that he did for Justin.


"Alright, Brian. I will not interfere. But could you please just keep me informed about him? I just want him to be safe and to get better," Jennifer replied.


"Of course I will. You're his mother. I would never try to isolate him from his family. If you don't want to call the loft, you can call my office or my cell." Brian assured her as he pulled out a business card from his wallet and handed it to her.


"Another thing Brian, as soon as I get the bill from the hospital and make payment arrangements I will give you what I can for Justin's care. Unfortunately, Justin had no insurance because Craig dropped him from the insurance once he turned eighteen." Jennifer nervously told Brian, hoping this would not change his mind about helping her son.


"You won't be getting a bill from the hospital, it's already been paid in full by the insurance company. When Justin turned eighteen I listed him as my partner and had him put on my insurance. I figured Craig would drop him, and, as I said, I will ALWAYS make sure Justin has what he needs. Also, I don't need or want your money. You just take care of you and Molly. I'll take care of Justin."


Jennifer just stared at Brian in shock, suddenly understanding just how much this man ‘cared' about her son, and the lengths to which he had gone, and was still willing to go to for him. She realized how wrong she had been about Brian and was very grateful that this wonderful man loved her son, whether he could admit it or not. She also knew that she was doing the best thing that she could for Justin by having Brian take him.


They exited the building, got into their separate cars and headed to Jennifer's condo. When they got there, Jenn opened the door and they could both hear Justin, still in his room, yelling and crying. Brian immediately ran up the stairs and knocked on the door to Justin's room.


"Go away, Mom, and just leave me alone. I'm not coming out," Justin yelled without opening the door.  


"Justin, open the door". Brian demanded.


Slowly the door opened a little and Justin looked out to see Brian standing there next to his mother. Brian was shocked by what he saw. Justin's eyes were red and swollen, his face was scratched and tear stained.


"What are you doing here, Brian? You told me to go away - that you never wanted to see me again." Justin asked tearfully.


Jennifer answered "Justin, please, just listen to Brian. I'll wait downstairs," and with that she turned, went down to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee.  


Brian pushed his way into the room and looked around. Drawings and art supplies were torn up and thrown around the room. Justin's easel was smashed to pieces. There were several holes in the walls and the closet door. Justin just stood back and stared at the floor, waiting for Brian to say something - anything - probably to yell at him for what he had done. Justin was astounded when all Brian did was pull him into his arms and hold him. Then he leaned down and whispered in his ear, "I'll get this stuff cleaned up, you get your clothes, meds, and sketchbooks packed up. You're coming with me."


"What are you talking about, Brian? You said..."


"Justin, pack! Then we'll go have coffee, say goodbye to your mom and go to the loft. And then we will talk, about a lot of things. Please, Justin... I promise, we'll talk later."


Justin didn't know what to say, Brian was acting so... not Brian. He didn't know what to think, but he did as Brian had asked and packed up most of his clothes, and then he helped Brian finish cleaning up the mess that he had made. When they were finished, they took the suitcases, backpack, and the bag of trash downstairs.


When they got to the kitchen, Jennifer poured coffee for all of them and they sat around the table. Jennifer spoke first, "Justin, I'm sorry for what I tried to do. I was just trying to protect you. I thought I was doing the right thing. Brian will explain everything. He promised he will take care of you. I would still like to come visit, but I agree to call first, and of course you are always welcome to come here. I love you Justin."  


"I love you too, Mom, and I'll call you." With that, Justin picked up his backpack, Brian got the suitcases and they headed for the jeep.


The ride to the loft was quiet, with Justin glancing over at Brian, trying to figure out what the hell had happened and why he was being taken to the loft. Brian just smiled whenever he noticed Justin looking at him. Inside he was jumping for joy at finally being allowed to help Justin, his Sunshine, get through this, and return to being the wonderful, amazing man he was inside.


"Justin, do you want to stop at the store or just call and get some groceries delivered? I wouldn't want you to starve, and you know there isn't much at the loft."


"I'd rather just call if you don't mind. I still don't like being around a lot of people," Justin answered and Brian just nodded.


"Okay. We'll do that as soon as we get home so we can get them delivered today." Brian answered.


After they got to the loft and took everything upstairs, Justin made a list of groceries then called the store for a delivery. Brian cleared out space in the dresser and closet for Justin's clothes and stripped the bed, not wanting any reminders of the trick that he had thrown out earlier.


Justin was just standing around nervously, not really sure what to make of all that had happened that day. After the groceries were delivered and everything was done and put away, Brian went to the fridge and grabbed a beer for each of them. He sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him for Justin to sit down. As soon as Justin was seated, Brian turned to him and started speaking.


"Justin, I have a lot to say and I need you to be quiet and just listen okay?" Justin nodded, knowing how reluctant Brian usually was to do a lot of talking, and figuring that whatever he had to say must be important. "First of all, you need to know that, while I don't agree with what your mother tried to do, I understand why she did it. So you shouldn't hold it against her. She was only trying to do what she thought was the best thing for you. As soon as she realized that she couldn't help you, she came here to me for help. You need to appreciate how hard that was for her to do. I do think that she finally realizes that I am not the big bad wolf, coming to steal her little boy." Justin smiled at the analogy but didn't say anything, wanting Brian to talk as long as he was willing.


"Justin, would it be alright if I held you for the rest of what I need to say to you? I know you are uncomfortable being touched right now, so it's okay if you can't." Brian asked, looking into Justin's beautiful blue eyes.


"I'm fine with you holding me Brian, you are the only person that I have no trepidation about being close to. I always feel safe and comfortable around you." Justin answered, lowering his eyes for fear of showing Brian all that he was feeling and causing him to pull away.  


When Brian saw Justin looking down, he reached out, lifted Justin's face up, and looked into the expressive eyes. Smiling at his beautiful blond, he said, "Look at me, Sunshine. It's going to be alright. You'll see."


With that, Brian moved to the corner of the sofa and pulled Justin to him, holding Justin's back tightly to his chest. Brian held Justin against him, rubbing his arms until he felt the younger man relax and melt into his chest. Brian kept his arms around Justin and linked their fingers together before he started talking.


"For now, you will be staying here with me. We will work on your physical therapy and we will work on you being able to be around people. We need to try to get you ready for school, so we also need to work on your hand as much as you are able. We will be going out for walks to get you comfortable about going out and being around people. Tomorrow morning we are going to the art store to replace the easel that you turned into kindling this morning and to pick up any other art supplies that you want. So, what would you like to do tonight?" Brian asked, kissing the top of the blond head that was resting on his chest.


"Brian, it's Saturday night... aren't you going to Woody's and Babylon?" Justin questioned.


"Are you up to going out Justin? I figured you would want to stay in and talk or maybe watch a movie?" Brian replied, surprised.  


"No, I don't want to go out, but I don't expect you to stay here with me. You have your own life Brian. Just because you got stuck with me doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy yourself. I don't know how long it will be before I feel comfortable around a lot of people. You go - have a good time. If you want to bring someone back here, I'll just stay here on the sofa. I won't get in your way." Justin answered, wishing again that he could be enough for Brian.


"Justin, I'm not going out and leaving you alone, at least not right away. I'm fine with staying in. I don't need to go out every night. Now, what would you like to do - talk, watch a movie, or play a game?"


"Well I guess we could talk if you want. I just don't understand why you are doing all this. I'm sure my mom doesn't have a lot of money to give you for taking care of me and I need to be able to get back to work. I'm going to have to help pay the hospital bill. I can't put it all on my mother. My father dropped me from the insurance when I turned eighteen; would have done it even before that if he could have. I know it's going to take me forever to pay it off. I'm not even going to be able to go to college now. I can't afford to pay the tuition, and my father makes too much for me to be eligible for financial aid." Justin was talking and getting even more upset as he realized all of this. Brian realized that his blond was beginning to have a panic attack.


"Justin, calm down, relax, and listen to me. First of all, the hospital bill has already been paid in full. I figured your father would drop you from the insurance as soon as he could, so I put you on my insurance months ago. Second, you WILL be able to go to school, I will guarantee any loans that you need. ‘Actually I will just pay for it all Sunshine, but you don't need to know that yet', Brian thought. All that you need to do is get back the strength and mobility in your hand so that you will be able to keep up with your classes." As Brian spoke, he rubbed Justin's arms, calming him down.


"Brian, how could you put me on your insurance? They don't just let you add someone on just because you want to. I mean we're not related or anything. You could get in a lot of trouble doing that - it's insurance fraud, you could go to jail for that," Justin was getting even more upset by what he was thinking.


"Justin, I listed you as my Domestic Partner, which is totally legal. Everything is fine, so stop worrying," Brian explained, trying to reassure Justin.


"I don't know why you would do that. I'm not your partner. I'm not anything to you; you've told me that many times. So what changed?"


‘Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, here we go.' Brian thought.


"Sunshine, I need to tell you a few things. When your mother told me that she wanted me to leave and never see you or speak to you again, I felt like I had lost everything. I came back here to the loft, drank a few glasses of Beam, threw the glass at the bricks and then cried myself to sleep. I have slept here on the sofa every night since. I couldn't stand to sleep in OUR bed without you. You ARE my partner Justin. You have been for a lot longer than I care to admit. You are everything to me. I love you Sunshine."


Hearing all that, Justin turned in Brian's arms and just stared at him as tears welled up in his big blue eyes and started running down his cheeks. He held onto Brian's face and kissed him, softly at first, then it started to get heated.


When Brian pulled back, looking into Justin's eyes, the blond looked away, saying "I thought you... you didn't... want me".  


"Sunshine, nothing could be further from the truth. I want you more than ever, but are you sure you're ready? I don't want to rush you."


"Brian, the only time I feel calm, relaxed, and safe since I got out of the hospital is when I am with you. I want you to fuck me."


"No. I'm not going to fuck you. If you want this, I'm going to make love to my partner." As Brian said this he got up off the sofa and took Justin's hand and led him into their bedroom.


"Promise me that if you need me to stop, you will let me know. I don't want you to feel pressured in any way." Brian asked as he started to remove the younger man's shirt before kissing and licking his nipples.


"I promise I'll tell you if it's too much, too soon, but for now... ohhhh... please don't stop... that feels amazing." Justin was moaning and knew that if Brian didn't get on with things soon, he was going to explode in his sweats. Brian knew Justin's body well though, and knelt down while lowering the tented sweats to take in the hot pink cock, licking around the head before swallowing the thick cock and moaning. The abrupt action caused Justin to shout and shoot a huge load down Brian's throat. The man on the receiving end pulled back at the last second in order to save some on his tongue. He then stood up and shared some delicious twink cum with Justin. As he did, Brian looked into Justin's eyes, checking to see if he was okay, and to his immense relief, all he saw was his Sunshine's lust blown eyes, looking back at him with love.


Justin then reached for Brian's shirt, unbuttoning it and spreading kisses along the broad chest as it was exposed. He bit down lightly on Brian's nipples and then licked to soothe them, causing Brian to moan loudly. Justin continued on down, unbuttoning Brian's jeans and rubbing his nose into his pubes, inhaling the musky scent of the man he loved. When Justin released the satin covered steel-hard rod, it was purple and throbbing. He licked at the precum gathering at the tip, moaning at the taste. Justin licked around the swollen head, causing Brian to run his hands through the silky blond hair of his lover. Brian was panting and moaning, Justin's mouth being anywhere near his cock always elicited this response. He had missed this so much that when Justin's lips closed around his cock, Brian almost shot his load like an inexperienced twink. A quick thought of Lindsay and Melanie going down on each other calmed him down enough to enjoy that mouth for a few more minutes. But when Justin took him all the way in and somehow managed to wrap that hot pink tongue around his cock at the same time, it was all over and Brian came with a howling groan.


Once Brian was sure that his heart wasn't going to explode out of his chest, he pulled Justin into his arms, kissing the younger man and tasting himself on his tongue. He then picked Justin up and carried him to the freshly made bed, laying him on the silky dark blue sheets that Brian thought made the boy's skin glow. Brian laid down next to Justin and ran his hands over the porcelain skin of the man that he had missed so much. He then began kissing his way down Justin's body, sucking and leaving bite marks along the way. Justin was arching his back, and his cock was hard and leaking pre-cum on his belly, which Brian was licking up like he was starving.


"Brian, please"


"Please what Sunshine?"


"Hurry up..."


"No. I want to savor you, worship you. I want you to know how much I feel for you."


"But I need... I need... to cum, ooohhhh." Justin's begging ended in a lustful moan.


"You will, just be patient," Brian whispered against the smooth skin of Justin's stomach.


"Please... I need you inside me."


Brian turned Justin onto his stomach and kissed and nipped his way down to the most beautiful ass he had ever had the pleasure of being inside. He slowly parted the soft cheeks and blew on the tight little knot of flesh that he needed to taste. Brian softly licked and nibbled at Justin's hole, hanging on to the bubble butt that was pushing back, needing more. Finally Brian stiffened his tongue and stabbed it into Justin's hot little hole, causing Justin to erupt all over the clean sheets without any stimulation at all to his cock.


"Apparently you didn't need very much of me inside you, Sunshine," Brian commented, smiling and turning Justin over. Placing a sweet kiss on the soft pink lips, Brian continued. "Now, I really would like to get a larger part of me inside you, so how would you be more comfortable? Like this? Or would you rather ride me?"


"I think I would rather be on top Brian."


"Well for now you can ride me. We'll see about you being on top later." With that, Brian turned on his back and grabbed the lube and condom from the night stand. Justin straddled Brian and rolled the condom over his favorite huge cock. Brian warmed some lube on his fingers and reached around to prepare Justin. Justin started moaning as soon as Brian's finger breached his hole.


"Damn, Sunshine, you sure are horny today. You've already cum twice and you're hard as a rock again."


"Well, I had all that time at the hospital with no release at all, and then I've only had my hand since I got home, and there is usually someone around. I guess I'm simply making up for lost time."


"I think I just found the perfect exercise for your hand, Sunshine."


After Justin was stretched enough, Brian removed his fingers and held his cock so that Justin could lower himself at a comfortable pace. Brian raised his knees so that Justin could have something to hold as he lowered himself onto his hot, hard cock. Brian almost came just from the look on Justin's face as he took in all of his length. Both men moaned and held still, just savoring the feeling of being one again. Justin leaned forward and they held each other's faces as their lips and tongues met in a dance of love.


Slowly Justin started to move up and down on Brian's cock, using Brian's knees to get leverage, both men wanting this first joining after such a long time to last as long as possible. Justin continued to move slowly, tightening his ass on the way up and moving around in a circle on his way down. Watching each other's faces and moaning, they both knew that this coupling would soon come to an end. Finally, they had no choice but to increase the pace, both of them feeling like they were boiling over. Brian wrapped his hand around Justin's angry looking cock, sliding up and down the shaft before aiming it toward his own mouth right as Justin came, screaming out his release. Justin's ass clamped down on Brian's cock, milking out every drop of cum as Brian tried to catch all of his lover's sweet cream in his mouth. After they both got their breathing and heart rates under control, Brian held onto the very full condom while Justin raised himself up and then flopped down, half on top of his older lover.


"Well Sunshine, I think it's time to get something to eat and to replace some of those fluids that you have been spraying all over the bedroom." Justin looked at Brian and smiled the smile that inspired his nickname. He loved when Brian acted silly. It didn't happen often, and almost never outside of the loft, but it was always a joy to see.


Since they wouldn't be going out they both just put on sweatpants and tee shirts.They ordered Chinese food and sat on the sofa drinking bottles of water and talking as they waited for the food. When the food came, they ate and talked some more. Finally Brian asked Justin about his comment about not getting any release while he was in the hospital. Justin just shrugged, "Well, after I came out of the coma I could barely move my hand and I was so depressed that I didn't really want to think about it. And then, later on, there was always someone around, so I couldn't."


"Damn, Sunshine! No wonder you popped like a bottle rocket." Brian commented, shaking his head.


"For your physical therapy, I am going to arrange my schedule so that I can pick you up, stay for your sessions, and then drop you off back here. I want to learn what we can do at home to help you with your dexterity and strength, and we need to know if there is anything you should avoid doing."


"Brian, you don't need to do that. I don't want to cause you trouble at work. This is my problem, not yours."


"Justin, this is not up for discussion, I will be there and that's final, and any problem you have is ours." Brian answered. Justin shut up after that, knowing he wasn't going to win this one.


"Sunshine, I listed you as my partner for insurance purposes, to make sure that you would be covered, and I realize this is not a very romantic way to do this, but since I never asked you, I will do it now. Do you want to be my partner?" Brian asked, holding his breath, even though he was fairly certain he would get the answer he wanted.


"Yes, Brian, I do want to be your partner. Of course I do."


"Then answer me this, Justin. If I needed therapy, would you be there to help me?"


"Of course I would, Brian. I would do anything for you."


"Then how is this any different - me being there for you?"


"It's not, I guess, I just..."


"I understand you feeling that way Justin, and that's my fault. I wasn't willing to let you know how I felt before. Hell, I could barely admit it to myself. But I DO love you Sunshine. I can't imagine my life without you in it anymore, and I don't see that ever changing. So we're in this together, for better or for worse." At that, Justin started tearing up and tried to hide his face, not wanting Brian to realize how that sounded, but again Brian surprised him. He held Justin's chin, looked right in the wet blue eyes and said, "Yes Justin, I know exactly what I said, and I meant every word. I'm not saying that I want monogamy - at this point I don't think either of us do. Maybe someday, just not right now. In the meantime, we just need to be honest and open with each other. If we trick at home, it's together. Other than that, there's always the backroom and the baths. Is that okay with you?"


Of course, Justin being Justin, this started off a fresh round of tears. Brian, smiling, wiped them away and kissed the salty face as he asked. "I suppose all those tears mean you're saying ‘yes' Sunshine?"


"Oh Brian, of course I'm saying ‘yes', I love you so much,"


"Same here Justin."


Brian then proceeded to make a couple of calls. The first was to a friend who was a locksmith, for a rush job that Brian wanted done within the hour. The second was to Cynthia, telling her that he would not be in until Wednesday, and if he had anything scheduled to please change it. After that he went to his computer and printed two signs, one small one to put on the downstairs bell and a huge sign for the door in case anyone got that far, the signs said ‘We are fine, we want to be alone. Don't ring, don't knock, and don't call. See you Wednesday.' He then unplugged the house phone and, after texting Jennifer Taylor, turned off both of their cell phones.


"What are you doing Brian?"


"Well first of all Sunshine, this is now OUR home, so I'm having the locks changed because we are the only ones who need keys. Also, please pick a new alarm code, because no one needs that either. After the locks are changed, we'll talk more."


Right then the bell rang and Brian went to answer it. Twenty minutes later, new locks and a new door code finished and signs placed on the bell downstairs and on the loft door, Justin looked questioningly at Brian. "What else did you want to talk about Brian, and why the new lock, code, and the signs?"


"Well, Sunshine, since you agreed to be my partner and since we're in this together, for better or for worse, this is sort of a little honeymoon and I don't want to be disturbed. When we both can arrange for a little more time off, we will go somewhere warm for a more extended honeymoon, but for now this will have to do. So how about we do what other couples do on their honeymoon and head for the bedroom."


With that Brian took Justin's hand and led him up the stairs into the bedroom. Justin just shook his head, sure he was dreaming all of this and wishing that if he was, he would never wake up.


They changed the bed since their last round had left things wet and sticky, and hopped in the shower for some hot, wet makeout time.


Once they were back in bed Brian looked at his younger lover and made a decision. "Justin, to celebrate our new partnership, would you please make love to me. I want to feel your hot, hard cock inside me." Brian requested, looking into the beautiful blue eyes of the only man he could ever imagine being in love with.


"Brian, are you sure?" Justin asked, trying to calm himself down so that if this was really what Brian wanted, he could at least get inside him before he exploded.


"I'm sure Sunshine, just go slow and remember what I've taught you." Brian answered. Nervous but excited at the prospect of having Justin's huge cock inside him.


Justin smiled and kissed Brian, letting the older man know that he was safe with him. Justin then turned Brian on his stomach and started kissing down his back. When he reached Brian's ass he left love bites on both cheeks before gently parting them and blowing softly on the tightly clenched hole. He then started softly licking and nipping at the tight knot until it started to relax. Stiffening his tongue he started poking, trying to open Brian carefully, not wanting to hurt him. He had no idea when the last time Brian had been fucked was - he had never asked - and Brian had never volunteered that information.


Finally, Brian relaxed enough that Justin could work his tongue inside, and oh God, Brian tasted so good, earthy and musky, then Brian started moaning and pushing back on Justin's tongue.


Justin reached for the lube and warmed some on his fingers. He pushed in one finger and felt Brian's hole clenching on it. He moved his finger around, tapping Brian's prostate. When Brian moaned and relaxed, Justin added another finger and started scissoring them to stretch Brian out for his cock. He then added a little more lube and a third finger, since he wanted to make this perfect for his partner.  


When he felt that Brian was as ready as he could make him, he slipped on a condom and turned Brian onto his back. Brian wrapped his legs around Justin's waist, and, as they stared into each other's eyes, Justin entered his lover slowly, watching Brian for any signs of discomfort. Brian was panting, not from discomfort but from need. Finally, not wanting to wait any longer to have Justin buried inside him, Brian dug his heels into Justin's ass and pulled him all the way in. They both groaned and stilled, neither one wanting this to be over too quickly. After they both adjusted to the feeling, Justin closed his eyes and started moving slowly, rocking and savoring the feeling of being inside Brian.


When Justin opened his eyes, he saw tears running down Brian's face. Justin immediately stopped moving and started to pull out, thinking that he had hurt Brian. Brian, realizing what Justin was doing, tightened his legs around his young lover, "Justin, don't stop... I... I never imagined that it could feel like this... This is amazing. You... are amazing. I love you... so much." Justin smiled his sunshine smile and continued to make love to his man.


They made love slowly, Justin putting all that they were feeling for each other into each stroke. When they were both ready for release, Justin leaned down and kissed Brian before speeding up his strokes, and rubbing the flared head of his cock against Brian's prostate constantly. When he reached down to stroke Brian's cock, Brian batted away his hand, saying that he didn't need it, that he would come just from Justin's cock inside of him. A few strokes later, Brian's ass clamped down as his orgasm started, triggering Justin's to start.


Once they were both totally spent, Justin held the condom as he slowly pulled out, causing Brian to groan at the loss. Justin put his head on the pillow and Brian put his head on Justin's chest. Justin started to run his fingers through Brian's hair and asked quietly "Brian, why were you crying? Did I hurt you?"


"No, Sunshine, you didn't hurt me. It felt wonderful - amazing even. I probably should have told you before, but I have never bottomed for anyone. I never felt like I could trust anyone enough to let them inside me. Only you; you are the only person that ever made me feel like I could let them inside me without losing who I am. I love you, Sunshine, more than I ever thought possible."


Justin just held Brian tightly, knowing that nothing he could say could make this moment any more special.


A few minutes later they headed for the kitchen. After replenishing their fluids, the lovers took a short nap. Brian woke first, his head resting over Justin's heart. He started softly kissing Justin's chest, not wanting to wake him yet, then he moved lower, and by the time he reached Justin's cock, it was hard and leaking. Brian couldn't resist and started licking at the slit, causing Justin to moan and wiggle trying to get more friction on his cock. Brian took pity on his hot blond and swallowed him to the root. Justin woke up, grabbing Brian's hair and moaning.


Brian pulled his mouth off Justin's cock and kissed him. As the kissing and the moans got deeper, Justin pulled away and told Brian to fuck him. "No, Sunshine, I'm not going to fuck you, I'm going to make love to my partner. I'm going to show you how you made me feel tonight."


Brian proceeded to kiss and lick at Justin's bright pink nipples, grabbing the gold ring in the right one with his teeth and tugging lightly, causing Justin to arch and groan, begging Brian to hurry up. Not wanting Justin to erupt before he could get inside him, Brian donned a condom and prepared Justin quickly. He wrapped Justin's legs around his waist and rubbed the head of his cock against Justin's tight, sweet hole. Justin, not wanting to wait, pulled back a little and then hooked his ankles around Brian's ass and pulled, impaling himself on his favorite cock. Brian had to grab Justin's hips to stop him from moving because if Justin had moved at all right then, it would be over for Brian before he could even move. "Hold on Sunshine, you have me ready to pop." Justin, wanting this to last, stilled, grabbed the base of Brian's cock and squeezed, calming down his older lover. Brian leaned down and kissed his blond lightly, then they started moving slowly, wanting to build this up until they couldn't stand it any longer. Every time one of them got close, they would pause. Finally, after almost thirty minutes, they were both desperate for release. Brian wrapped his arms around Justin's shoulders and Justin wrapped his legs around Brian's ass and they started rocking and kissing with all the passion inside them as they rode out the orgasms they both needed, both blacking out for a few seconds as they came together. When both men had calmed down, they pulled up the duvet and fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.


Unfortunately, their anticipated wake-up celebration was interrupted by someone pounding on the door. "Briiiiaaaannnn, come open the door. Why won't my key won't work? Briiiiaaaannnn, come on, and my other key wouldn't work either; I had to wait outside for someone to come out because you didn't answer the buzzer. OPEN UP!" Michael continued to pound on the door and scream. "Briiiiaaaannnn!!! And why aren't you answering your damn phone? What the fuck is going on? Open this fucking door right now!"


Brian groaned into Justin's neck. "We should have gone to a hotel, at least they have security."


"Brian, how could he not see the signs you put up?" Justin answered, putting his arm across his face, the frustration and weariness resonating in his tone.


Michael was never one for boundaries.


Brian sighed heavily before saying, "Sunshine, hand me my cell, will you?" At Justin's questioning look Brian said, "Don't worry; I'm not calling him, or answering the door."


Brian turned his cell on and placed a call to the only one who could help in such a situation. "Deb, listen to this." Brian said as he held up the phone and put it on speaker so that she could hear Michael. Michael's voice was at full blast, the petulance and determination unmistakable. "I'm not going to answer the door so could you PLEASE call him and tell him to read the fucking sign on the door." Brian said into the phone as he breathed a small sigh of relief, trusting that his pseudo-mom was about to make Michael stop his carping. "Thanks Deb. Yes, we are happy, and would like to remain that way, which is why I'm not answering the door. You're the best, Ma."


Brian hung up and turned off the phone again. He pulled Justin so that his Sunshine's head was resting on his chest and kissed the top of the blond head.


"Well, Sunshine, let's see if this works," Brian laughed.


They heard Michael answering his phone. "Yeah Ma... Yes I saw the signs... But I want to talk to him... But I tried calling him and he won't answer... But he can be with Justin anytime... But the sign says we can't see him until Wednesday... But Ma... But Ma... Fine I'll leave, but this isn't over... Okay Ma."


By the end of Michael's conversation with Deb, both Brian and Justin were laughing hysterically. When they finally calmed down, Justin said, "Brian, you got him in trouble with his Mommy," which started another round of laughing.


Once Michael left and the lovers finally stopped laughing, they decided that they needed a shower and clean sheets, they had really made a mess of the bed. Again. Bed changed, they headed into the shower, sensually washing each other and making out until the hot water ran cool.


"Let's have some breakfast and then we can figure out what else to do on the first day of our honeymoon, Sunshine" Brian told the blond, earning him an amazing sunshine smile.


They worked together, making fruit salad, coffee, and omelets. Once everything was ready they sat on the sofa and put on a movie to watch while they ate, just enjoying each other's company.




Meanwhile, at the diner, Ted and Emmett were having breakfast when Michael came storming in the door, complaining about ‘that little shit' and the fact that he had Brian ‘trapped' in the loft and wouldn't let him answer his phone or the door. Ted and Emmett both rolled their eyes. Deb, who had been in the kitchen listening to Michael's ongoing tirade of grievances, came out looking like steam was coming out of her ears.


"MICHAEL CHARLES NOVOTNY, what the hell do you think you're doing, going and pounding on Brian and Justin's door, screaming like a spoiled child because Brian and Sunshine want some time alone? And then coming in here, calling Sunshine names and acting like he kidnapped Brian. Did you ever know Brian Kinney to do ANYTHING that he didn't want to do? Stop your bitching and moaning or leave; nobody wants to listen to your infantile whining while they're eating."


Michael, pouting, sat down in the booth with Ted and Emmett, hoping for someone to back him up in his tirade. He started telling them about Justin ‘forcing' Brian to ignore him, when he was interrupted by Emmett.


"Michael, like your mother said, no one - not even Justin - can force Brian Kinney to do anything that he doesn't want to do. You need to get over your crush and your perceived ownership of Brian right now. If you try to make Brian choose between you and Justin, I guarantee you will not like his choice. So, get your head out of your ass and get on with your own life before you lose him altogether."


Deb, who had been listening came over and said, "Em, I couldn't have said it better myself."


Ted just nodded and said "He's right Michael. Think about it."


After that, Michael left the diner, still complaining about what ‘Justin had done to Brian'. Emmett looked at Deb and asked what the hell had happened. Deb proceeded to tell both Emmett and Ted what had happened earlier at the loft.


Emmett got a dreamy look on his face and smiled saying, "Baby must be so happy; good for him. He deserves this after what he has been through. He finally tamed ‘The Big Bad'."


Ted added, "Do you think there is any chance Michael will stay away from the loft until Wednesday?"


The three of them just looked at each other and shook their heads.




When Brian and Justin finished eating and watching the movie, they cleaned up the kitchen and then decided to play some board games for a while. While people thought the only thing between them was sex, nothing could be further from the truth. They loved playing games, doing crossword puzzles, reading or discussing books and talking to each other. They played trivia games and watched intelligent game shows. One thing that had attracted Brian to Justin, and kept him coming back, was his intelligence. While Justin may look like just a pretty face and a hot ass, he was incredibly smart, and interesting to talk to, and was able to hold his own in a conversation.


After a couple of hours, Justin started to get that look on his face. The one Brian loved to see. Brian called it the ‘I want to jump your bones' look. Brian definitely agreed; they had been out of bed long enough. They stood up, threaded their fingers together and headed for the bedroom. At the top of the steps, Brian looked at his Sunshine and said, almost whispering, "I want you inside me again. It felt so good. I felt so free, so loved. Please." At this surprising admission, Brian was rewarded with the most blinding smile he had ever seen.


"Of course. I loved being inside you, especially when you told me that I was your first. I felt so honored. I love you so much Brian," Justin returned, happy in the knowledge that he'd pleased Brian enough that he wanted to do it again.


"Justin, I have a question, it doesn't matter what the answer is, I'm just curious..."


"What is it Brian?" Justin asked, wondering what Brian needed to know. 


"Have you ever bottomed for anyone else, Sunshine?"


Justin looked down, not sure why Brian was asking. "No Brian, never. I just... I couldn't. I just wanted that to be something that I only did for you. I only top when I'm with anyone else."


When Justin looked up, there were tears in Brian's eyes. He wasn't sure why, until Brian broke out in the biggest smile Justin had ever seen. Brian picked Justin up and kissed him, "That is the most wonderful thing you could have said to me Sunshine." He swallowed the emotion beginning to well within him before asking, "So, can we keep it that way, that we only bottom for each other?"


"Yes Brian, only for each other." Justin agreed. With that settled, the lovers stripped off their sweats and climbed onto their bed.


Justin had Brian lay on his stomach and put a pillow under him to raise him up. Justin started off with light kisses all over Brian's lower back. Then he parted the cheeks and lightly licked the tight dusky pink knot of Brian's hole. Justin loved Brian's musky scent and could probably get off from just rimming his hot older lover. He licked, kissed, sucked, and nibbled on Brian's ass until he was begging, and almost incoherent with need. Finally, Justin took pity on his lover and on himself and put on a condom, covering it with lube, not wanting Brian to feel any discomfort. Brian rolled over onto his back, loving to look into Justin's eyes when they made love. They both loved the sounds and scents of them together. Justin entered Brian slowly and, finding the perfect rhythm, they rocked together, slowly climbing toward their mutual release. Just like the first time, Brian didn't need any additional stimulation to his cock, the flared head of Justin's cock was perfect for stimulating his prostate. Brian reached up, wrapping his hand around the back of Justin's neck to pull him in for a kiss. Sucking and nibbling on each other's lips and tongues, and moaning  into each other's mouths, they exploded together. Justin into the condom and Brian all over both of their chests. Justin started to pull out and Brian stopped him, asking him to stay just for a minute. Justin understood the way Brian felt, they both hated the feeling when they separated. Justin secretly hoped that some day in the future they would be able to do it raw and not have to separate after cumming.




Jennifer had just gotten home from her real estate class, poured herself a glass of wine and put up her feet when someone started leaning on her doorbell. Thinking that something had happened to one of her children, she rushed to the door, only to find Michael there, looking very perturbed. Her consternation continued to grow even as she listened to the litany of complaints from the short brunet.  


"Mrs.Taylor, you have to help, Justin has done something to Brian. He won't answer his phone or the door. I'm his best friend; he shouldn't be acting like this. You have to go over there and do something about your son!" Michael ranted on. "No one is listening to me, so you have to go to the loft and find out what YOUR son has done."


Jennifer frowned, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief while her appearance gave nothing away. She realized that Michael was probably just being Michael, and as soon as she could get rid of him she would call his mother to find out what was really going on. Now, if she could just figure out how to shut him up. "Michael, as soon as I get finished with what I was doing, I will check on them. Right now I have to get dinner going, so I will let you know what I find out later." She held up a hand forestalling his adamance that this was a major emergency and should take precedence over whatever she had going on in her life at that very moment. Jennifer's voice hardened to a tone she very rarely used. "I will call you later, Michael." And with that parting comment, Jennifer shut the door on Michael, who began whining the minute her voice ceased.


She walked to where she'd laid her purse, her ears still ringing with Michael's voice. Digging in and grabbing her cell phone, Jennifer made good on her thoughts to call Brian's ‘best friend's' mother. "Hello Debbie, it's Jennifer."


Debbie, hearing the tone of Jennifer's voice said, "Oh my God, Jennifer, please don't tell me that my son was over there ranting to you about poor Sunshine trapping Brian in the loft or whatever other nonsense he has come up with."


"Yes, Debbie, that's exactly why I'm calling. I just wanted to be sure everything was alright with the boys. Brian texted me that they were shutting off their phones so they could have some private time."


"Well, Jen, as near as I can figure, our boys are on some kind of ‘leave us alone' kick and have shut off the phones. There are signs outside their building and on the loft door saying that they refuse to be disturbed and will be at the diner on Wednesday morning for breakfast. But apparently my son never learned to read or maybe he just thinks that it doesn't apply to him. At this rate, my son will be lucky if Brian ever speaks to him again after all the shit he has pulled today." Debbie then proceeded to tell Jen what Michael had done at the loft and at the diner this morning. Jennifer felt bad for Debbie, but was very glad that Michael was not her son.




The happy couple was blissfully unaware of all the trouble Michael was causing wherever he could; telling anyone that would listen about ‘the little shit' and what he was doing to Brian. A few people even called Debbie to ask if something had happened and if Brian needed help. Debbie, tired of her son's interference called him and told him to get over to her house. When Michael got to the house, his mother, furious, laid into him "Michael, if you weren't an adult I would take you over my knee and beat your ass until you couldn't sit down and then send you to your room. I am sick and tired of you going around town ranting and bitching about Justin ‘doing something' to Brian. You know damned well that isn't true... or at least not the way YOU mean it. Brian is right where HE wants to be and with the person that he WANTS to be with. So help me, Michael, if I get one... just ONE more phone call about you spouting off about ANYTHING, I will buy a dog crate and put you in it until Wednesday when Brian and Justin come to the diner and then I will let them decide if you should be let out. You are being ridiculous. Put a muzzle on your runaway mouth and get over your obsession with Brian or you will lose him as a friend."


Back at the loft, the lovers were having dinner. Then Brian told Justin that he wanted to talk about some things. This time though, Justin didn't get worried. Brian had been more talkative than ever and very open since he had picked Justin up from his mother's condo. It was nice, although Justin suspected that once they left the sanctity of the loft, this Brian would once again become the Brian everyone else saw, but that was just fine. Justin liked having a ‘Brian' that was special and just for him.


After everything was cleaned up and put away, they went over to the sofa to get in their familiar ‘talking position', Brian in the corner of the sofa with Justin sitting in the vee of his legs with Justin's head resting on Brian's chest.


"Sunshine, after I get a hold of my lawyer I'm going to have papers drawn up that we will need to sign. I want to make sure that you are protected in case anything ever happens. I don't want you to ever have to worry about anything."


"What do you mean, Brian? Nothing is going to happen. I don't want to think about this."


"Justin, listen to me - I travel a lot, anything could happen. I'm being realistic. I love you and I hope that we will grow old together and never be without each other, but I want you to be protected no matter what. You and Gus are my world. Also, if anything happens to me, please make sure that my son knows that I loved him."


"Always, Brian. I love Gus too. I'll always watch over him. But nothing is going to happen to you," Justin said firmly, before getting a little mischievous look in his blue eyes. "We will be a couple of old queens raising a bunch of cats." Justin said, smiling happily at the sudden glaring look he knew Brian was aiming at the back of his head.


"Jesus, Justin, with all your allergies, please tell me one of them is to cats." Brian almost whined, channeling Mikey.


"Nope, and I love cats, no sneezing, no itchy eyes... nothing," Justin grinned.


Brian just shook his head, hoping to leave any discussion of cats to a time far, far in the future, hopefully after he was too senile to care. Brian cleared his throat before saying, "Okay, back to the serious stuff, Justin. I'm going to make you my POA. Your mother is yours and that is fine. I trust you and know that you will do the right thing. The loft will be in both our names, that way no one will ever be able to question you being here. This is OUR home and you belong here. Also, I'm having the partnership papers updated. I already had them drawn up so that I could put you on my medical insurance, I had the lawyer sign for you, now I want you to sign them yourself."


"Brian, I want to make you my POA, too. I trust you and I don't ever want anyone to be able to keep us apart again. Is that alright with you?"


"Of course it is Justin. I just don't want you to feel like you have to do it. I want you to be mine because I really don't have any family other than you that I trust to make the right decisions for me. And believe me, I hope that you are never in a position that you would need to do it, but it's always better to be safe than sorry."


Justin turned in Brian's arms and kissed the raspberry colored lips that always felt so soft and full, and he asked hopefully "Are we almost done with the serious stuff now, Brian?" He placed another brief kiss on Brian's now smirking lips and lowered his voice to a near whisper. "Some parts of me are feeling seriously neglected." Justin raised his eyebrows and batted his golden lashes, hoping to entice Brian into some more ‘fun' pursuits.


"Oh really, Sunshine? And just what parts would those be?"


"Well, if you will help me out of these very constricting sweatpants I will show you"


So Brian carefully laid his Sunshine out on the sofa and proceeded to remove the offending garment and immediately saw the problem. Justin was hard as a rock and leaking. Brian, being a loving partner, quickly started licking at the flared pink head, sucking the juices from the gaping slit and making Justin arch into his mouth and moan. Brian tried to pull away saying, "I don't think this is working, you don't look any more comfortable, maybe I should stop."


Justin grabbed Brian's head and told him, "You are not going anywhere until you finish what you started mister, so you'd better get back to work."


Brian complied of course, loving when Justin was bossy. Brian happily went back to his favorite pale pink cock, nibbling on the head, coaxing out more of that delicious nectar that he craved. Putting a couple of fingers in his mouth to get them good and wet, he then went to work on driving his hot little blond crazy, slowly massaging Justin's hot little hole and using his thumb to rub the skin behind his balls. Brian had Justin moving around, trying to force the fingers inside his ass. Brian realized he better give Justin what he needed, because his little blond dynamo could give as good as he got and was getting really good at edging Brian. So Brian carefully pushed in two fingers and tapped Justin's prostate at the same time that he swallowed around the huge cock. Luckily Brian was holding Justin's hips down, because he would have been flipped onto the floor by Justin's bucking. Justin came so hard that he blacked out for a few seconds, and when he came to, Brian was laying on the sofa holding him and kissing his hair. Justin grabbed Brian's face and kissed him hard and deep, using his tongue to see if Brian had saved him some of the huge load, and happily finding some.  


They wandered into the bathroom, both a little tired but they needed a shower before bed.  Washing each other's hair and bodies got them very warmed up and Brian used the shower for one of his favorite activities with his blond. He pushed Justin to the shower wall, just like the first time they had ever showered together. Then, checking to make sure Justin was okay with this position, he prepared them both and started fucking Justin against the glass. Brian started out carefully, but soon Justin was begging for harder and faster, which of course Brian complied with, always trying to give his lover what he needed. Justin came so hard that if Brian hadn't been holding him up, he would have been in a puddle on the shower floor. They finished their shower and then dried each other off. It somehow always felt better that way - more loving, more gentle - just more of everything it could possibly be in that moment. They climbed into bed, snuggled together and quickly fell asleep, content in the knowledge that the other would be there when they woke up.

The next two days were spent pretty much the same way. Sex, food, relaxing together, sex again, more talking than Brian had done pretty much ever in his life - which was making him feel happier and closer to Justin than he ever thought possible - more sex. This was their first honeymoon after all. Then, more food, since Justin's stomach never forgot to remind them they needed sustenance, even more sex, and then finally sleep.


Wednesday morning Brian woke up and gave his sleepy lover a soft kiss. He then proceeded to wake him up by crawling under the covers, licking and sucking on the hot pink appendage that poked him repeatedly; the enticing inducement that made him climb out of his own slumber. Justin slowly woke to his lover's hot wet mouth wrapped around his very much awake cock. Justin had been having a very hot dream involving his cock and Brian up on all fours, just like they'd done the night before, so it didn't take much for him to explode in Brian's mouth.


He wished they could stay like this all day, but they need to get to the diner for breakfast before anyone else came to the loft. As a result of the repeated harassment, they finally had to disconnect their bell and put a sign up for the other tenants not to let Michael into the building.


After showering - with benefits - and dressing, they went to the diner, already having discussed what to do about handling the family. Their life together was nobody's business but their own, and that's the way they wanted to keep it.


When they got to the diner they parked right in front. Brian got out of the jeep and before he could even get to the sidewalk, Michael was running out of the diner and yelling at him about what Justin was doing to him. Brian calmly walked to Justin's door to help him out. He still didn't have full use of his right hand, making it hard to open the door; another goal in Justin's recovery.


"Brian, he is not a baby, you don't need to wait on him. If he needs help, he should be home with his mother. She can help him and you have a LIFE you need to get back to. You've spent ENOUGH time with him," Michael immediately started in on his whining and complaining.


Once Justin was out of the jeep, Brian told him to go on inside so he could talk to Michael. Justin just nodded and did as Brian asked.


"Good. Now that you're rid of him, we need to make plans. We can meet at Woody's after work and then eat at the diner and then go to Babylon. Since he wouldn't let you out of the house, you're probably desperate to get back to the backroom. I don't know what he did to you to keep you in the house but it's about time you were released from that prison. He didn't drug you, did he? You should probably go to the doctor to make sure you don't have any lasting damage from whatever he did to you." Michael was talking so fast that Brian couldn't even get one word in.


When Michael finally had to take a breath, Brian yelled, "MICHAEL!" Once he saw he had Michael's attention from his outburst, Brian continued in a lower tone, determined not to put all of his and Justin's business out on Liberty Avenue. "Michael, listen to me, are you listening?" Michael nodded, so Brian continued, "Justin DIDN'T drug me or force me to stay with him in ANY way. I was exactly where I wanted to be, so get over yourself. Now, I am going inside to have breakfast. Are you coming?"


Inside the diner, Emmett and Ted were filling Justin in on what Michael had done once he left the loft on Sunday morning. Then Emmett informed him that he should probably call his mother for information on her run-in with Michael. So Justin got up and went to the phone in the hallway to speak with his mother. While on the phone with her, Jennifer told Justin her side of what had happened. By the time she finished relaying all the events as she knew them, Justin wanted to tell Michael off so much, but decided instead to let Brian know so that he could handle it. When Brian and Michael came into the diner, Brian sat in the booth across from Ted and Emmett. He then pulled Justin in front of Michael so that the younger man would be next to him.


"Brian, this isn't fair. I wanted to sit with you. He's already had you to himself for four days." Michael pouted.


"Get a chair and sit at the end of the table; I want Justin with me." was the only answer he got.


Justin rolled his eyes, figuring he would get this over with. He took a deep breath before beginning. "Brian, I just spoke with my mother. She had a very interesting visitor on Sunday."


Emmett shook his head and added, "Michael, you sure got around on Sunday, didn't you?"


Brian glared at the man in question before asking, "What the hell is everyone talking about Michael? What the hell did you do after leaving the loft?"


"I was worried about you, Brian. You're my best friend, and I have a right to know what's going on in your life. You didn't call me to tell me that Justin was going to be at the loft for a few days. I thought you might need help." Michael tried to defend what he had done without letting Brian know the extent he had gone to trying to get to him.


But Brian wanted answers and he intended to get them. "Okay, Emmett, what the hell are YOU talking about?"


With that, Emmett related the story of Michael storming into the diner and accusing Justin of trapping Brian in the loft. Brian then turned to Justin and asked what had happened with his mother, so Justin told Brian what his mother had said. Both men held nothing back in relaying the details as Brian listened intently, getting more and more angry even while keeping his features in check. By the time their tales were finished, Brian was furious.


Brian spoke in a very low, barely-controlled tone of voice, causing all the occupants of the table to lean forward in order to hear the words. "Michael, I'm only going to say this once, and you're going to sit here and listen. If you forget anything, you can ask anyone at this table what I said. I don't answer to YOU or anyone else about anything that I do. You are not to go around saying that Justin has done anything to me. Do you really think that I would let anyone do anything to me that I didn't want done? Do you really think that Justin can overpower me? I am at least seven inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than he is and I also work out three times a week. No eighteen year old twink is going to tell me what to do. So shut up about it."


Michael, acting as dense as ever started again, "I need a new key to the loft since mine doesn't work. And what time are we meeting at Woody's tonight?" Looking pointedly at Justin, he added "Alone."


"Michael, Justin is living at the loft now so you are not getting a key, because you don't need one. And I'm not going out tonight. I have work to catch up on," Brian answered.


"Well, I'll come to the loft and hang out with you then. Justin can just find somewhere else to go," Michael said, totally ignoring anything that he didn't want to hear.


Brian, exasperated, practicality yelled, "Michael, are you being deliberately obtuse or are you just not listening? Justin lives with me at OUR loft - mine and his. You are NOT to come over without an invitation. And if you are invited over, he is not going to find ‘somewhere else to go'. It is HIS home."


"How long is he going to be living there?" Michael whined.


"I don't know Michael, a week, a month - forever. How ever long I decide, that's how long he will be with me," was Brian's answer. Justin had just stayed quiet and kept his eyes down during this exchange, not wanting to see the hateful glare of the jealous little man.


Ted hoped that Justin was okay with all of this, but as usual, Emmett saw what was really going on in spite of how things looked to most people. He noticed the careful, loving touches between the two of them and he just smiled. Baby would be fine. He had done the seemingly impossible and tamed the Stud. Emmett couldn't help but smile to himself with that knowledge locked both in his mind and in his heart.


This was the way they wanted things to be, the way they wanted people to think of them. Brian was the snarky, sarcastic, brutally honest, ultimate top. Justin was the blond bottom, starry-eyed twink, following him around, waiting for any crumb of affection or acknowledgment from the Stud of Liberty Avenue. Only they knew the truth. In public, they were seen as what they were perceived to be. In private, they were a loving, totally equal couple, in bed and out. Brian loved bottoming for his favorite young stud as much as Justin loved topping his sweet, loving, and sometimes insecure partner. They cooked together, cuddled, watched TV, played games, and talked about everything. Together they were the epitome of the loving relationship that everyone craves to have in their life.





Chapter 2 by Lorie

To everyone's enjoyment, Michael had left in a huff when Brian was finished reaming him out because no one was defending him. After breakfast Brian told Justin that he would drop him back home at the loft before heading to work, and he would pick him up at noon for his therapy appointment. Emmett suggested that he accompany Justin back to the loft so that they could catch up, Justin agreed since Brian was only going to be working a half day anyway due to insisting on being with Justin for therapy.


So, as Brian and Ted headed for Kinnetik, Justin and Emmett headed for the loft. Since the two were walking, Emmett stayed very close to Justin, trying to make up for the fact that he was still nervous if other people got too close. Emmett wanted to ask Justin about his and Brian's seclusion at the loft, but kept the conversation general until they were alone. The closer they got to their destination, the more Emmett began to notice how Justin would press himself into Emmett's side if anyone got near him.


Once they were inside the loft and seated, Emmett couldn't wait any longer to ask Justin what had happened. Justin knew that Emmett was a true friend and, despite his penchant for gossip, he could be trusted to never betray a true confidence. So Justin told him about his mother trying to keep him and Brian apart and then what had happened when he and Daphne had figured it out. Emmett agreed with Brian about Jennifer just trying to do what she thought was best. Justin was still upset about what his mother had done, but reluctantly agreed that they were probably right and that if he was in her position he might do the same thing.


Justin smiled as he spoke about how open Brian had been with him and how it had been so nice to have a few days alone with the man that he loved. Justin didn't say anything about Brian bottoming, knowing that that was something that was just between them. No one needed to know unless Brian decided to tell them. Emmett was thrilled that things were so good between his friends and vowed to try and run interference where Michael was concerned.


The boys were having such a good time catching up that they were surprised when Brian walked in at noon to take Justin to therapy.


"Well, what do we have here? You ladies still chatting away?" Brian said, smiling and leaning over to capture the lips he had been missing since he left the diner earlier.


"Oh, damn, I didn't realize what time it was. I need to get changed." Justin suddenly looked nervous, not wanting to waste Brian's time.


"Calm down, Sunshine. You get ready and I'll let your chat buddy keep me entertained," Brian said smilingly. When Justin went into the bedroom to get changed, Brian turned to Emmett. "How was he on the walk from the diner? We haven't been out yet and I want to make sure he's okay."


Emmett saw the love in Brian's eyes for Justin as he spoke and he smiled back, knowing that he and Justin were happy together. "He was good unless someone walked too close. Then it was like I had a barnacle attached to my side." Emmett answered, knowing that with Brian's help and love, Justin would be back to his old self in no time.


"Thanks, Emmett. I'm glad he has you. You are really a good friend to him."


Emmett put his hand on Brian's arm. "I'm your friend, too, Brian. If either of you need anything just let me know. I'm very happy for you both." Brian just smiled and nodded, hugging Emmett so he could blink away the tears without being seen.


As Brian and Em were ending their embrace, Justin walked down from the bedroom. "Well what's this? Am I being dumped already?"


Brian walked over and picked up his twink, "Never, my love." Brian said, spinning him around. Emmett just smiled at the pair, tears in his eyes. He'd never seen Brian so at ease or Justin so happy as they seemed at that moment. "Well, we need to get to therapy, so would you like a ride somewhere, Em?" Brian offered.


"Sure. I should get to Torso. I need to check on the windows and the new inventory we have coming in today. You were right about me buying the store, Brian." Em smiled widely and scrunched his nose. "Being the boss definitely has its perks."




Once they got to therapy Brian had a lot of questions for Miguel, Justin's Occupational Therapist. He wanted to know how often it was advisable to do the therapy and if there was anything they should avoid doing. He wanted to make sure to push Justin as much as possible without causing any setbacks. Brian also knew that Justin wanted to start school on time if it was possible, so he was willing to do anything he could to help his lover. Justin was the most important person in his life, other than his son, and Brian wanted to make sure that he always knew that.


Once they were finished with therapy, Brian asked Justin where he wanted to eat, having heard Justin's stomach start rumbling as they were finishing up. They decided to stop at the Italian deli near the loft for lunch and then go to the art store on the way home. Brian had been planning on taking Justin to replace his art supplies the other day but they'd been distracted doing much more pleasurable things. When they got to the art store, Justin said all that he could get was a couple of sketch pads and some pencils; that he didn't have the money to get any more than that. Brian got a cart after glaring at him and told him to start pushing. To Justin's continued consternation, Brian started filling the cart with everything he knew Justin liked to use: sketch pads, pencils, watercolors, chalk, charcoal, brushes, paint, small canvases, and finally a new easel. Of course it was the best one they carried since, to Brian's mind, nothing was too good for his Sunshine. Justin was going to complain, until he realized that Brian was doing this out of love and because it made him feel good to be able to do this for his partner. So he wisely kept his mouth shut and just smiled at his older lover, letting Brian take pleasure in taking care of him this way.


After Brian finished buying enough supplies for a small group of artists - including a potter's wheel and clay, figuring that it would help with Justin's manual dexterity - they went to the front to pay. Justin couldn't believe how much money Brian had spent on him without batting an eyelash.


After they put everything in the Jeep, Brian opened Justin's door and helped him inside, kissing his cheek as he thanked Justin for allowing him to do this, without complaining. By the time Brian had gotten behind the wheel, Justin had tears rolling down his face. Brian looked over at his wet-faced lover and smiled.


"You are unbelieveable, Brian," Justin said.


"I know I am, Sunshine," Brian answered grinning. "Just don't tell anyone. I've got a rep to protect." And they both burst out laughing, easing the last vestige of tension Justin still felt from the shopping spree.


Now that they were done with shopping, Brian headed to his lawyer's office. When they parked the car, Justin looked confused. "I thought Mel was your lawyer?"


"For most things she is, but I don't want our business to be part of the family's ‘business', even though, legally, she couldn't say anything. There are some things I would rather keep more private. So I have another lawyer for that sort of stuff."


When the lawyer walked in, he had a huge pile of papers with a lot of little tags sticking out. "Justin, this is Trent Marlow; Trent, this is my partner Justin Taylor." Justin shook the lawyer's outstretched hand and smiled. The lawyer was hot and Justin decided he would ask Brian about him later. Brian, seeing the look on Justin's face, continued, "Trent and I met in college, we were roommates and I introduced him to his wife." ‘Well, I guess that answers that question', Justin thought to himself. Brian smirked knowing what his lover had been thinking.


Justin looked at Brian and raised his eyebrows, redirecting his attention to the hefty stack of documents. "All this Brian? We'll be here all day."


"Write fast Sunshine, we have plans for later." Brian grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. Trent laughed, glad that some things never changed. Trent was happy for Brian that he had finally found someone. He knew by the look on Brian's face anytime they had talked about Justin, just how happy Brian was with the younger man. It took them almost an hour to go over everything and get all the documents signed. Justin tried to question Brian about adding him to the deed on the loft and to the ownership of Kinnetic, but Brian told him that it was not up for discussion and that he was doing what he thought was best.


After finishing up at the lawyer's office they stopped for Chinese food. Justin was surprised when the order was ready as soon as they walked in the door but figured Brian had just called ahead to save time. Brian put the food in the back so Justin couldn't look in the bags. He wanted to surprise his boy tonight.


They were happy and joking on the way to the loft - until they pulled up in front and looked at the annoying figure waiting on the steps.


"Briiiaaan, send him upstairs so we can go out," came the whine that neither man wanted to hear.


"Michael, I already told you that I was not going out. Which of those words were too big for you to understand? You called my office three times today and got the same answer every time. I don't know how I can make it any clearer to you. Justin and I have plans, and YOU are not included in them. Now, my partner and I are going upstairs to make love all night, and you are NOT invited. GO home!" Brian told Michael, annoyed that he was again having to reiterate the same message that he had been saying all day.


"But Brian, I never get to see you and I'm your best friend! He's just some brain damaged twink who won't go away," Michael whined, glaring daggers at Justin and not even caring about the hurtful words that he was saying.


"Michael, you may have been my best friend at one time, but that is no longer true. And if you don't watch what you are saying you won't be anything to me any longer. So I suggest that you take your nasty, bitching, whining ass and get the fuck out of here, right now." Brian was absolutely furious right now and needed to get away from Michael before he did something he might regret.  


Brian looked over and saw Justin cowering next to the Jeep while Michael stared at him. Brian stepped in front of Justin to block Michael from his line of vision. He reached out and touched his Sunshine's face, saying loudly so that Michael would be sure to hear him, "Justin, you are my best friend, it's you that I love, and nothing he says matters." Justin looked into the eyes of the man he loved and trusted with his life, and smiled.


Michael started to say something else but Brian turned around and glared at him meaningfully. Finally, mumbling to himself about finding someone that would listen to him, he walked away wondering what he needed to do to get Brian to listen to him again.


Brian kissed Justin softly saying, "We need to get the bags and get upstairs Sunshine. I have plans for us tonight and no one is going to spoil them." So, they gathered their bags and headed inside, the unpleasant encounter all but forgotten.


Once upstairs, they put away Justin's art supplies in a cabinet that Brian had moved into the loft from his storage room and found place for Justin to set up his pottery wheel, and getting his promise to always put the wood grain tarp down whenever he was going to use it. Justin could not believe that Brian had found a tarp to match his floor. His new easel was set up near the windows so that he would have natural light to work by.


Justin was so happy and amazed. It seemed like every day Brian did something special for him, just to show how much he loved the blond. While Brian heated up the food, Justin headed for the cabinet to get out dishes as he knew Brian didn't like to eat out of the containers. As he was reaching for the dishes Brian told him not to bother.


"Just go and get undressed and lay on the bed. This dinner is going to be much more fun," Brian purred.


Justin just smiled and headed for the bedroom, stripping as he went. He lay on the bed as instructed, waiting for Brian and dinner. He heard Brian as he put everything on a tray and walked toward the bedroom. When Justin looked up, he realized that somehow Brian's clothes had disappeared too. He smiled brightly thinking that dinner was already getting better and better. As Justin lay there, Brian started putting little puddles of sauce on his torso: duck sauce, mustard, hot sauce, and soy sauce. In the middle of his chest, Brian piled some noodles and chicken and laid out a few small egg rolls and some fried dumplings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


First, Brian leaned up and kissed Justin, telling him without words how much he was loved. Then, picking up an egg roll and dipping it in duck sauce, Brian fed it to his lover. This went on for awhile as they took turns feeding each other. Once the blond bottomless pit was at least semi-full, Brian decided to finish up by licking the remnants off of his young lover.


At first Justin was fine with the sensual way Brian was cleaning him up, but as Brian added nipping and sucking to the action, Justin was getting very warm and having a very hard time holding still. Brian was loving the little mewling noises that his sweet tasting twink was making but he wanted to really make him moan. He began to work harder, leaving little love bites all over the blond, making Justin squirm and unable to hold back the deep and satisfying sounds Brian longed to hear.


Finally he got down to the silky bush surrounding his favorite cock, other than his own, and inhaled the heady scent of his lover. Justin was already hard and leaking; the silky feel and smell of his young lover aroused Brian also. He licked Justin's cock like a lollipop and sucked out the precum, savoring the taste. Justin grabbed Brian's hair to keep him on his cock, while moaning and tossing his head back and forth. His eyes were closed tight as his little pink tongue darted out occasionally between cries to wet his full lips.  Brian loved seeing Justin giving himself over to the pleasure.


Finally Justin pulled Brian's mouth off his cock and told him that he needed Brian to fuck him, hard and fast. Brian reached for the lube, needing to prepare Justin, but Justin- who by now was overly aroused- grabbed the lube and spread some around his hole, commanding Brian to get a condom on and get inside him before he exploded. Brian slid the condom on his cock, squeezing the base to calm himself down. He held his cock steady and tried to enter Justin slowly, not wanting to hurt him. Justin waited until the head of Brian's cock was inside him and then grabbed his lover's ass with his feet and pulled while pushing his ass up toward Brian. Brian grabbed Justin's hips telling him to hold still for a moment or it would be all over right now.


Justin smirked teasing Brian. "I guess when you're older you need to slow down because you don't have as much control."


"Watch your mouth little boy, or all you'll be getting is a cock ring and a spanking today," was Brian's reply, along with a smack to the hot bubble butt he was currently spearing.


"I wouldn't mind the spanking, but you can skip the cock ring unless you are trying to turn me into little boy blue." The very horny blond replied, pouting.


"I guess I'll take pity on you then, mon amour" Brian moaned, feeling his lover squeezing his cock, trying to get him moving.


Both of them were well on their way to final bliss when they grabbed onto each other and fucked hard. Their bodies were so attuned to the other's needs that they only lasted a few minutes before cumming within seconds of each other. After indulging in a bit of post-coital bliss and the cooling of their bodies, Brian held onto the condom and pulled out just as Justin's breathing evened out in light slumber. He tied and tossed the condom off the bed, before joining his love for a quick nap.


They were jolted out of their post-coital napping by a loud pounding on the door. Brian shook his head and grumbled "Sunshine, I swear if that is Michael, you may need to bail me out of jail."


"Don't worry Brian. Thanks to you I'm rich now so I'll be down there as soon as I can," Justin quipped, trying to take the edge off the tension that he could hear in Brian's voice.


Brian glanced at his smiling lover and couldn't help smiling back. He gave the blond a quick kiss before grabbing his sweats to throw on as he headed for the door yelling, "If that is you Michael, I'd leave before the door is opened."


"Brian, open this door right now. We need to talk," Lindsay yelled haughtily as she continued to pound on the loft door.


Brian threw the door open. "What the fuck Lindsay? Is something wrong with Gus?" Brian asked, worried about his son.


"No, nothing is wrong with Gus but I just had a visit from Michael and I demand to know what the hell is going on and what you are thinking," Lindsay announced, fuming. "Michael said that you told him that Justin is your best friend and your partner. How could you do that to Michael, Brian? Justin is just a kid you picked up to fuck. He can't mean more to you than your family does, and now he's brain damaged. You need to go find Michael and apologize for what you said. Justin is a child and should be home with his mother. She needs to be responsible for him, not you. He is no longer your problem. All he will be is a drain on you, financially as well as emotionally. You have responsibilities to your son and to the family; you don't have time to take care of that kid."


Brian just stared at the mother of his child, not believing what was coming out of her mouth. Then he heard the bathroom door close and the shower start. "Lindsay, you stay right here. I need to go see if he is alright and then we will have this out," Brian answered, furious at Lindsay and worried about Justin.


Brian went to the bathroom and tried to open the door, but it was locked. "Justin, Sunshine, open the door, please. Let me in."


"No Brian, she's right. I'm nothing but a brain damaged kid. You don't need to be stuck with me. I'll just take a shower and then I'll be out of your hair," Justin answered quietly, trying not to let Brian know that he had been crying.


"Justin, open the door right now. I'm not kidding, open it or I will kick it in. You are my partner, my everything. No one is going to separate us. We belong together. You are my family. Now open this door."


Reluctantly, Justin opened the door. When Brian saw his face, he was even more infuriated. Justin's face was streaked with tears and his beautiful blue eyes were red and swollen. Brian took him in his arms and hugged him, telling him to put his sweats back on and come with him. Justin complied, and Brian then took his hand, leading him out to the living room where Lindsay was waiting and tapping her foot in annoyance.


Brian stood behind Justin, wrapping his arms around the younger man and glaring at Lindsay. "Now, get this straight Lindsay, because I'm only going to say it once. Justin is my best friend and he is my partner. He is not a ‘problem' or a ‘drain'. He is the man that I love and I plan on spending the rest of my life showing him just how much. We went to the lawyer today and signed all the papers, business and personal. And if Justin wants to, we will get married, since it is legal now."


Lindsay stared open-mouthed at Brian, "You can't be serious. Justin is just a child and if you had signed papers Mel would have told me. She always does. You have no right."


"Are you calling me a pedophile, Lindsay? Because in case you don't know, Justin is eighteen and two years over the age of consent. Another thing, I fucked you when we were eighteen. I'm not sure, given the limitations of logic here, but were we children then? And, if I had gone to Mel for the legal paperwork, which I did not, and she had said one word about it to you, I would have reported her to the Bar Association. I have a feeling I won't be using her anymore at all. And just what is it that I have no right to do? Live my life the way I want to? Be with someone who I love and who loves me?" Brian was speaking very calmly, which should have been a warning to Lindsay to tread lightly, but she was on a roll.


"Brian, I didn't mean that you are a pedophile, but seriously... It was different for us. We were trying to be a couple, we cared about each other, and now we have a child together. Justin is different, especially after what happened to him," Lindsay simpered, batting her eyelashes at Brian, like it would have an effect on him.


"Lindsay, listen to me and listen good. I am IN LOVE with Justin. And if he and I could have a baby together I would do it in a heartbeat. The child I helped you make for you and your partner is only mine when you want money or want to try and control me. Don't get me wrong, I love Gus, but the only time I can see him is when you and your partner decide that it suits you. You use him as a pawn to try and get what you want. You and Michael both need to get over any fantasies the two of you have about me ever being a couple with either one of you. I am with Justin and that is not going to change, no matter what either of you think or try to do. Now you need to leave, because my PARTNER and I are going to spend the rest of the night making love to each other. Now GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR LOFT, and don't come back." Brian was so angry that if she didn't leave now, he was afraid he might say something that he wouldn't be able to take back.


Once Lindsay had left, Justin noticed that Brian seemed somehow defeated. Wanting to help his lover relax, Justin took his hand and led him into the bedroom. He had Brian strip and lay on his stomach while he retrieved Brian's favorite massage oil. Straddling his sexy older lover, Justin started at Brian's neck, massaging out the tension that was emanating off of Brian in waves. Brian appreciated the fact that Justin always knew what to do to make everything better and make him forget whatever was bothering him.


As Brian started to relax, Justin added kisses while rubbing his hardening cock against the small, smooth ass that he loved being inside of. Once Brian felt Justin's cock pressing against his ass, he knew what he wanted, but wanted to hold off as long as possible before pleading with his lover to fill him. Brian needed to adjust his position because his cock was becoming very stiff and uncomfortable underneath him.


Justin noticed this and smiled to himself. He decided to up the ante since he was also getting very uncomfortable with his cock throbbing, trapped against Brian's ass. So he started licking and nipping just above the swell of Brian's ass, kissing and tonguing at the dimples that he loved on his sexy stud's lower back. Justin knew from experience that this made his lover moan and whimper- two sounds he loved to hear from the normally quiet man. When Justin heard what he wanted, he gently parted the cheeks and tenderly blew on the tightly clenched rosebud that he longed to make love to.


Brian started to push his ass back, wanting more but trying not to ask just yet. Justin took pity on his stud and stiffened his tongue, pushing it through the first ring of muscle. Brian moaned loudly and pulled his knees under him, pushing his ass back, trying to get more of Justin's talented tongue in his ass. "God Justin, please, I need more... oh that feels so good... ooohhh don't stop" Brian moaned, reaching for the lube and condom and pushing it toward his twink.


"What do you want, Brian? Tell me... I want you to ask for it." Justin coaxed, loving when Brian was this turned on and needy and knowing that it was because of him.


"You know what I want... I want your big hard cock up my ass... please, Justin... I need it." Brian begged, not caring anymore how desperate he sounded, he needed to be filled by that big, beautiful cock and he needed it now.


Justin was so turned on by Brian's words he had to squeeze his cock and imagine watching straight porn to stop from coming before he got anywhere near the hole that he craved. Justin warmed the lube on his fingers before using two fingers to start opening Brian up to accept his large cock. He scissored his fingers until Brian was relaxed enough to accept three fingers comfortably. His cock would stretch Brian even more but Justin didn't want there to be any pain for the man that he loved with all his heart.


When Brian was bucking back against his fingers, Justin pulled them out and pressed his condom covered cock at Brian's entrance, slowly pushing into the tight hole. He held onto Brian's hips to keep him from ramming back and causing Justin to erupt before he got all the way in. Once Justin was all the way inside he paused, letting Brian adjust and making himself calm down. He wanted this to last and he wanted to please Brian.


Spreading Brian's knees apart and pushing his shoulders down to get a better angle, Justin started slowly stroking in and out of Brian's tight heat. Leaning down he kissed and bit Brian's back as he grazed his prostate every few strokes, causing the most beautiful, sexy keening sounds to emanate from his gorgeous partner. They rocked together, pausing when either one got too close, wanting this beautiful coupling to last as long as they could stand to wait.


Brian gave in first, "Jus, I need to come... please, fuck me harder... faster."


Justin, on the verge of losing it himself, complied, grabbing Brian's hips and aiming for a direct hit on his prostate with every stroke. Once again, Brian came without the slightest touch to his beautiful cock, cumming so hard that he drenched not only the sheets but the pillows too. When Brian's ass clamped down on Justin's steel hard cock, he erupted into the condom so hard that he thought the condom might tear. When Justin started to pull out, Brian reached back and stopped him, "Stay in me for a minute, I need it," Brian whispered quietly.


Justin complied, rocking slightly to stay hard enough to stay inside his emotional lover. He knew the toll the confrontations with Michael and Lindsey had taken on Brian so anything he could do, he would do, without question or reservation. After a time, they rolled onto their sides avoiding the extensive wet spot and stayed together as long as possible. Finally Justin had to pull out. He did it slowly, kissing Brian's back as he removed himself from his man. Justin lay on his back, his welcoming arms allowing Brian to lay with his head over Justin's heart. Brian loved this position because it reminded him that the man he loved was alive and in their bed.


Officially cooled off, satisfied and silent, they pulled up the duvet and slept soundly through the night.




They continued to go to Justin's therapy sessions together. With Brian's constant help and encouragement, Justin was down to twice a week. If his progress remained steady, the twice weekly appointments would soon become once per week sessions for maintenance and to make sure he is not over-exerting himself. Most of Justin's therapy was done at home and without clothes, which they both enjoyed immensely. Justin made sure to orally thank Brian after every ‘home session' was finished.


With Brian's help, Justin was now able to walk down the street without flinching every time someone walked by. It had taken almost a month of walking everyday, starting by walking on streets that there were very few people out on and gradually progressing to being able to walk down Liberty Avenue on a Saturday afternoon. Justin had even been able to start working at the diner again, only three shifts a week and not when the diner was crowded, but it was a start.


School was starting in just over a month and Justin was sure that because of his partner's love and support, he would be just fine and able to keep up with his studies. Brian had paid Justin's tuition after much arguing. Brian had finally agreed to let Justin sign a paper saying that he would pay him back, with interest. Now Brian just had to figure out a way to turn it into a gift. He figured that he would find a way, it certainly wasn't worth fighting about.


Brian had finally convinced Justin that his mother had only been doing what any caring, loving parent would do when trying to protect their child. As a result, Jennifer and Justin's relationship was much better. Jennifer and Molly had even been to the loft for dinner a few times and Justin was calling his mother for recipes to try on Brian.




Two weeks later Brian walked into the loft after work to see Justin crying. When Justin noticed Brian walking toward him, he shut the computer quickly. Brian asked him what was wrong but Justin just shook his head and said nothing. Brian just shrugged and headed to the bedroom knowing that Justin would talk when he was ready.


"Sunshine, I forgot to check the mail. Could you please go down and get it?" Brian asked sweetly.


"Sure, no problem, I'll do it now," Justin answered. Something was definitely bothering his Sunshine, and Brian was going to find out what it was.


As soon as Justin walked out the door, Brian opened up the computer to check and see what had his lover so upset. What he saw was an email with a couple of pictures attached.




The email was from the local animal shelter. The name ‘Patches' that Justin had suggested for the cat had been the winning pick. Unfortunately, the cat had a heart murmur and so had been deemed unadoptable and would be put down in the next few days. So, that must be what had his Sunshine so upset.


Brian heard Justin coming up the stairs and so he quickly shut the computer and stepped into the kitchen. Opening his briefcase, he acted like he was looking for something.


"Justin, I have to run back to the office. I left a file there that I need to go over tonight. I'll be back as soon as I can," Brian said, seeming very annoyed.


"Do you want me to come with you? We could stop and pick up something at the diner," Justin asked, concerned at the way Brian was acting.


"No. We'll order something when I get back. I need to go quickly." Brian grabbed his keys and left before Justin could say anything else.


On his way to the car Brian called the shelter. He asked the person who answered if the cat named Patches was still there. The girl said that yes the cat was still there, but was being euthanized in the morning and they were getting ready to close for the night. Brian said that he was on his way there and would be making a substantial donation if she would please wait for him to get there. The girl said she would wait for him. Shelters need all the donations they can get and she was always willing to do what she could to help the animals.


Next, Brian called Emmett and asked him to go to the Liberty Pet Shop and pick up everything he needed for a cat and to wait for him at the store. "Emmett, do not call Justin. This is a surprise," was the last thing he said before he hung up the phone. Emmett, ever the romantic, headed for the pet shop, wiping the tears from his eyes as he walked.


Once Brian got to the shelter he asked to see the cat. He saw a beautiful, fluffy cat sitting up in her cage looking very regal. The girl told him that the cat was being put down in the morning because it had a heart murmur. Brian asked how long the cat could live with it and was told that it could possibly live several years but it might not so that was why she was being put down. Brian told her that he and his partner wanted the cat, that they wanted to make sure that whatever time she had left, she would know that she was loved. The girl saw the determination in Brian's eyes and called their on-call vet to see if there was anything special the cat would need and to cancel him for the morning. Brian wrote a check to the shelter for a thousand dollars and thanked the girl for waiting for him. Patches walked right into her carrier and curled up, ready to go to her forever home.


On the way back to the loft, Brian picked up Emmett and paid for all the cat supplies they would need for a while. Emmett took one look at the cat and started crying.


"That's the cat Justin was looking at on the shelter website. How did you find out about her?" Emmett asked, confused because Justin said he hadn't mentioned anything to Brian because the older man hadn't seemed too pleased when Justin had said that he wasn't allergic to cats.


Brian told Emmett what had happened when he had come home and that he couldn't bear seeing his Sunshine so upset. So he got the cat for Justin to have and love for whatever time she had left.


Justin was sitting on the sofa when he heard voices and the elevator. He hoped that Brian hadn't invited anyone over. He was still upset about the beautiful calico cat that he had fallen in love with and really didn't feel like being social tonight. Brian walked in with Emmett carrying a box and a bunch of bags.


"Brian, what's all this? You said you forgot a file at the office." Justin asked sadly.


"Well Sunshine, I hope you can forgive some snooping and a little white lie. I was worried because you were crying when I came in, so when you went down for the mail, I checked the computer. And I have a surprise for you," Brian said, biting his lips.


Just then, Patches decided that she'd had enough of being cooped up and meowed, loudly. Justin reached for the crate, opened it, lifted Patches up and started sobbing. Patches just snuggled into his arms, knowing she was loved.


"Am I forgiven for lying, Sunshine?"


"Oh, Brian, of course you are. I love you... I love you so much. But I thought you didn't want a cat," Justin cried, leaning into Brian while still holding his cat.


"I couldn't let anything happen to her after you fell in love and named her. I love you too much to let you be hurt," Brian answered, happy that his partner was now smiling again. "Just remember Sunshine, I don't do cat clean-up." Brian stated, scrunching up his nose at the thought.


"Don't worry, Brian," Emmett interjected, "I picked up a self-cleaning litter box for the new princess. Wait till you see all the cute things they have for cats now. She even has a stroller so she can go for walks with her daddies."


Brian raised his eyebrows as he questioned, "Did you buy out the cat section Honeycutt?"


"Well Sweetie, you said to get everything, and don't call me Honeycutt." Emmett answered, smiling. "Now, we should probably get her ‘facilities' set up before she needs them. Brian, you come help me with that while the newest couple get better acquainted."


"Okay, Fairy Godmother, come show me what all you bought for her highness, and help me figure out where to put everything." Brian smiled as he spoke, happy that his Sunshine was pleased with his surprise.  


"Well Brian, there was one thing that wouldn't fit in the Jeep. They will be delivering it very soon." Emmett told Brian, hoping that he wouldn't have a fit when he saw it.


Just then the buzzer rang. Brian answered it, then opened the loft door as the elevator came to a stop. Inside was a huge, elegant cat tree, being carried by two large beefy hunks. Brian started to frown, but when he saw Justin's eyes light up, he grinned, knowing that as long as Justin looked like that, nothing else mattered.


"Well Sunshine, where does the cat condo go? I'll leave that decision up to you." Brian asked as he turned to go help Emmett with the rest of Patches' belongings.


When Brian and Emmett were finished setting up the rest of the supplies, they saw that the cat tree had been set up so that she could look out the window if she wanted. After everything was finished and Emmett had gone home, they settled on the sofa with the newest member of their little family laid out across their laps.


"Brian, why did you do this?" Justin asked, confused again by his lover's very out of character actions.


"Well Sunshine, when I came home and saw you crying and saw you shut the computer, I was worried. You wouldn't say what was the matter, so I sent you downstairs so I could see what had you so upset. When I saw the pictures and read the email, I figured that I could make both of you happy so I called the shelter to make sure she was still there, called Emmett to go to the pet shop and went to pick up our little girl. You're okay with all of this aren't you?"


"Oh Brian, of course I am. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her picture. I had gone on the shelter website to see about volunteering there and then I looked through the pictures and hers just jumped out at me. You didn't want an animal so I was just going to work at the shelter so I could play with them. I don't care how long she has left, I just want her to know that she is loved."


"That was my thought Justin."


Justin smiled his trademark smile. He didn't think he had ever loved Brian more than he did after hearing his comment.


"Can she sleep with us?" Justin questioned hopefully, batting his baby blues at the older man.


"On one condition Justin." Brian sighed "If she jumps on anything that moves under the covers, we put doors on the bedroom and she sleeps in her very expensive condo by the window."


"Agreed" the blond concurred, not wanting to think about claws anywhere near either of their dicks.


Happily, for all the residents of the loft, the wonderful Patches waited on the dresser while her daddies did their bedtime wrestling, then she settled herself on the pillow above their heads, purring, with one paw on each of them. They all woke up happy and refreshed.


Having a cat around wasn't as annoying as Brian thought it would be. Patches was a great addition to their home. She loved them both, didn't claw the furniture, cuddled with them in bed and on the sofa, even her purring was relaxing. She loved to be brushed and was very clean.




The following week the lovers were having breakfast at the diner when Michael and Lindsay came in, talking about Brian and Justin before they noticed them sitting in the booth, playing with their silverware while waiting for their food. When the annoying duo saw the subjects of their discussion sitting there, they both stood by the table, hands on their hips. Michael started, directing his comment toward Brian, "Emmett said that you got HIM," pointing at Justin and sneering "a cat. A sick one."


Then Lindsay chimed in, "I don't think I want you to have a cat Brian, especially a sick one. I don't think it's good for Gus."


Emmett, who had been sitting, huddled down in the next booth, nursing the remains of a hangover, had heard enough and stood up. "What the hell is with you two? I told you about a sweet thing that Brian did, saving a cat with a heart condition and giving Justin something he really wanted and you two turn it into something horrible. And you bitch and complain to anyone that will listen that Brian and Justin are avoiding you both. Think about it and I'm sure you'll realize why."


When Emmett finished his rant, Brian pulled him down next to him. "Thank you Emmett; I couldn't have said it better myself. Have breakfast with us and then I'm sure Patches would love a visit from her Fairy Godmother," Brian said, kissing Emmett on the cheek. "As for you Michael, I'm sick and tired of your nasty comments about my partner. Until your attitude changes, forget that you know us and stay the fuck away. Lindsay, what you do or don't want me to have doesn't matter to me AT ALL. Gus will be perfectly safe around Patches. She is a very calm cat and heart murmurs are not contagious. If you refuse to let me see my son because you want to be a bitch, please remember that since I signed over my rights to get you and Mel back together, legally I am no longer financially responsible for him. That said, if you want to continue receiving my very generous contributions to his care, you should rethink your objections about letting Justin and me see him." Brian commented, glaring at the two of them. Lindsay and Michael continued to stand at the end of the table, as if waiting for something."You are both dismissed. Feel free to go away." Brian said, gesturing for the annoying duo to leave them alone. They looked at each other and stomped out of the diner in a huff.


Debbie, who had been standing behind the counter- quietly for once, and just watching the exchange- was very happy that her son and Lindsay had left. If they hadn't, she would have thrown them out. She was very proud of the way Emmett and Brian had handled things. She walked up to the booth, bringing the food and coffee pot for refills. "So boys, when can I come meet my newest grandchild? She sounds delightful," Debbie asked the trio at the table.


Justin, who up till now had not said a word, suddenly started talking animatedly about Patches and inviting Debbie over anytime to see her. Debbie leaned over and kissed Brian saying, "You did good son." Brian just smiled.


Later that afternoon both Debbie and Jennifer showed up to meet their ‘granddaughter' and both fell in love with the soft, sweet, fluffy girl.




Thanks to Justin's persistence and Brian's loving support, Justin started school on time and did well in all his classes.


Not wanting to lose Brian's financial support and not wanting to be dragged into court, Lindsay and Melanie agreed to a visitation schedule for Gus, who was well loved by Patches. She even slept with him when he stayed at the loft.


Brian and Justin saw Michael at the family dinners, but due to his unwillingness to accept them as a couple, they did not see him socially.


Ted and Emmett visited the loft often, to socialize and to play with Patches.


Jennifer and Molly were now looking into getting a couple of cats of their own.


Life continued happily for the Royal Family.




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