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Welcome to the Kinnetik Dreams Featured Author Q&A. This month's author is Jazzepoet. Come on in and find out all about this wonderful fanfic writer!


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1. Featured Author Q&A - Jazzepoet by Vic1

Featured Author Q&A - Jazzepoet by Vic1

When did you start writing fanfic? What motivated you to start writing?

Ahh...I started writing fanfic in 2012. As for what motivated me, there was so much that went unsaid or glossed over that I wanted to see some of those situations play out.

Have you written for other fandoms? If so, which ones?

No other fandom… they just never interested me.

What do you do when you are not writing or reading fics?

Taking care of my brood (my nieces and nephews) and splitting my time between school and the military.

What is your favorite QAF fanfic story?

There are soooo many excellent stories that I can’t just narrow it down to one favorite.

What is your favorite story that you have written?

Barefoot Blond. That one was a real treat to write. Tag and Shari are wonderful to work with and kept me on my toes.

Do you remember the first QAF fanfic that you read?

The first fanfic I ever read was Wanting by Triciaqaf. That one steamed my glasses for weeks… lol.

Who is your favorite character to write about? Who is your least favorite character to write about?

My favorite character to write about is Brian. Cliche I know, but he was such a misunderstood character and it pisses me off when we fans tend to keep him in the A**hole labeled box. He didn't f**k up on his own...he had plenty of help there. My least favorite believe it or not is Justin. And for the exact opposite reason. We never put Sunshine in the A**hole labeled box even when we should. There are things about his behavior that we tend to pat him figuratively on the ass for and say it’s okay, you're young so you get a pass. But I truly love them both.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Do you have a lifetime or two? Lol the list is way long and I would hate to forget someone. Most of them are my fellow LLLC members. Conzieu, confused_bliss, Triciaqaf, Plumesude….

What is your favorite genre to write?


Do reviews motivate you? If not, what is your prime motivation to write?

The read count speaks more to me. Sometimes when reading one doesn't always have time to drop a kind word. Just knowing that people are reading is enough to keep me going.

Is there anything about your writing you don't like or wish you could do better?

Writing good smutty scenes. My imagination is there, but it doesn’t always translate well in script. I am a very tactile person so if I can touch it or feel it physically, I can better express it verbally.

Any advice to other writers or newer writers out there?

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet, and once you do keep on keeping on and tell your stories your way.

What's your writing process? i.e. Do you outline an entire series before starting, or just start writing and see where it takes you?

When the muse strikes, I write.

What new stories or projects do you have in the works?


I have three WIP’s in progress that I plan to finish when RL slows down a bit.

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