Scruffed and Stuffed by charming1, SunshineSally, Lorie

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Justin returns from New York City for the weekend only to find that Brian hasn't been shaving lately. What will the horny blond think of Brian's scruff?

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Plot bunny by SunshineSally, inspired by Gale Harold's love-hate relationship with razors.

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1. Chapter 1 by charming1

Chapter 1 by charming1



It had been three months since Justin moved to New York City. Although he talked to Brian every day on the phone since leaving Pittsburgh, he'd been unable to come home to visit. He had gotten a job at a cafe in Chelsea shortly after arriving, and he was working as many hours as he possibly could to pay for his share of the rent in the apartment he was sharing with one of Daphne's friends. Justin hoped that he would soon be able to get his own place. His job, along with spending all of his spare time painting, had made it all but impossible to get away.

A conversation he had with Brian earlier in the week convinced Justin that he needed to drop everything and come home to visit his man for the weekend. Babylon had been re-opened for a few weeks, making money hand over fist. Kinnetik had just seen it's best quarter yet. Still, Brian had sounded depressed on the phone. He bragged about how well his two companies were doing, but it was his tone that worried Justin. Brian just did not sound like his normally cocky self.

Justin was able to get his schedule moved around so that he was free for nearly three whole days. He dipped into his savings to buy an airline ticket to Pittsburgh, deciding that he was going to surprise Brian on Friday. He knew that the brunet would still be at the office when he got into town, so he took a cab from the airport and used his key to get into the loft.

He was happy to see that not much had changed in his absence. In fact, the loft looked just as it did the day he'd left, which was a comfort. Justin checked the fridge and freezer, noticing that nothing had changed there either.

He made a shopping list, grabbed the spare credit card that was kept in the bedside drawer, and headed to the store. He bought enough food for a few meals and some snacks.

Back at the loft, Justin started the Jambalaya that he knew Brian loved and set the table so everything would be ready when his man got there. He had called Brian earlier asking what time he would be getting home, claiming that he was in desperate need of some hot phone sex. Brian promised him that he would be home no later than seven o'clock.

Brian walked into the loft right on time and found his favorite blond working at the stove. They stared at each other for several breaths, Brian because he was surprised to see his Sunshine in the loft and Justin because his normally clean-shaven lover now had a beard.

A full, luscious beard.

"Sunshine," Brian said happily. "You're home... here, I mean. "

He walked over to Justin and took him in his arms for a kiss, but Justin held his head back as he continued to stare up at Brian's beard. He had never seen the man with more than a couple of days worth of stubble, and he was completely fascinated by Brian's new appearance.

"What's wrong?" Brian asked, confused at the look on Justin's face. "Why won't you kiss me?"

Justin stood there with his mouth wide open before finally stammering out, "You... you're... uh..."

The blonde gestured to his own face, as if he were afraid of touching Brian's.

Finally, the older man remembered his scruff and ran his hand along his jaw. He had stopped shaving the day after Justin had failed to show up at the Babylon re-opening party, taking that as a sign that his beautiful blond was never coming home again. Cynthia had been referring to it as Brian's "depression beard," despite his protests that he was not depressed.

But yeah, it was his depression beard.

"Oh, yeah, the beard. Uh... I was just trying it out. I'll go shave it off real quick."

"No, wait!" Justin said, surprised at how loud and high-pitched the words had come out. "Um, I don't want dinner to get cold. The beard can stay... for now."

They sat down at the table to eat. Justin hardly said a word as he looked at Brian's bearded face and wondered what it would feel like against his skin.

Brian complimented the food and tried to start a conversation about how life in the Big Apple was going, wondering what had his young lover so tongue-tied. He was pretty sure that Justin wasn't upset about anything, but it was very unusual for the normally talkative man to just sit there and eat without talking a mile a minute in between bites.

Certainly, it couldn't be the beard rendering the twink speechless... could it?

Once they finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen, Brian announced that he was going to go shave off his beard.

"Hold on," the blond said.

He walked over to Brian and ran both of his hands along the scruffy cheeks and jawline, surprised that the beard felt very soft. Standing so close to him, Justin could now see that there were a few grayish hairs peppered here and there throughout the beard, making the brunet appear more mature and even sexier than usual.

Justin quickly grabbed Brian by the back of his head and kissed him fiercely, demanding entrance with his tongue. Brian had also been letting his hair grow out, giving Justin more to grab onto.

After leaving both of them breathless with the kiss, Justin pulled back and ran his fingers over the beard again.

"Mmm, that feels really nice," the baby-faced blond said with a sigh.

Justin took Brian's hand and pulled him toward the bedroom. Once they were standing next to the bed, Justin started stripping Brian's clothes off.

"I need you naked, now."

"Does that mean you don't want me to shave first, Sunshine?" Brian asked with a cheeky grin.

Justin had never shown any attraction to bearded men before, so Brian was very surprised that the young man was having such a libidinous reaction to his facial hair

"What I want," Justin said as he pushed Brian back onto the bed, "is for you to lie down."

He finished stripping his sexy lover before throwing off his own clothes, not caring where they landed. Once he was naked, Justin climbed on the bed and straddled Brian's shoulders, rubbing the head of his rigid cock across Brian's furry chin and leaving a trail of glistening precum behind.

"Suck me Brian, now," Justin ordered.

Brian complied, loving when his twink took charge like that and hoping that it would continue.

He swallowed Justin's cock all the way to the root, loving the feel of it in his mouth. He hardly ever sucked cock, except for Justin's. He loved blowing Justin and having him shoot down his throat.

He tongued Justin's slit as he reached around and fingered his favorite hole. Justin was so turned on that he didn't last very long, and he came in ribbons down the older man's throat. Once Justin's breathing had calmed down, he moved off of Brian.

"Turn over," Justin instructed.

Brian raised his eyebrow, wondering if he was being serious.

Justin glared back at him. "I said, turn over."

Brian complied, wanting to see how far Justin was going to go. Once he was face down, Justin put a pillow under his hips, raising him up for better access.

"Shit," Justin moaned at the mouth-watering sight before him. "I've fucking missed you."

He slid down Brian's body, making himself comfortable on the back of Brian's legs.

Brian turned his head to the side so he could see what Justin was doing behind him.

"Are you comfortable?" Justin asked as he began to knead Brian's ass cheeks.

Brian sighed in response, shoving his ass a little closer towards Justin as he snaked a hand underneath himself to try and get some relief.

"Hands where I can see them, sir," Justin teased as he pulled Brian's hand away from his cock. "I'll give you what you need, just wait."

Justin continued to massage the smooth cheeks of Brian's sculpted ass, finally parting them to expose the delicious treat that he needed to taste. Flattening his tongue, Justin licked a strip from behind Brian's balls all the way to Brian's lower back. Getting back to the hole, Justin nibbled on the rim, causing Brian to moan loudly and push back, trying to get the blond's tongue in his ass.

Justin continued with his kissing and nibbling for several minutes before stiffening his tongue and stabbing it into the hole as far as he could, causing Brian to keen loudly. He continued using his tongue to loosen the rarely-used entrance of his lover, drawing the most sensual noises out of the older man. Justin knew how to turn the normally quiet stud into a babbling puddle of goo with his talented tongue.

Justin opened Brian's bedside drawer and pulled out their favorite bottle of lubricant. Coating his fingers liberally, he brought his index finger up and ran it teasingly down Brian's crack, causing the man in question to hiss loudly and push his ass back towards Justin's finger, needing more.

"Justin, your fingers... inside... now," he panted almost desperately.

Brian quivered as Justin finally slipped a finger inside of him. Justin's other hand rested gently on the base of his back, holding him still. Soon, one finger wasn't enough and Brian was begging for more.

"More... please... Justin... I need more."

Justin complied and was now using three fingers to stretch Brian so that he would be open enough to take Justin's sizable cock without pain.

Sweat dripped down Brian's back as he rutted against Justin's hand, wanting, needing more.

Justin's free hand continued rubbing Brian's back gently. Finally he demanded to know, "What is it you really want Brian? Tell me."

"Guh," Brian moaned, as Justin's fingers continued massaging his tight hole.

"If you don't tell me, I'll stop... now tell me what you want," Justin whispered, brushing his fingers teasingly along Brian's prostate.

They hadn't fucked in three long, torturous months, and Brian could hardly believe that he wasn't yet buried balls deep in Justin's glorious ass. Instead, he was the one begging for it like a shameless slut.

"God, Justin... fuck me... shove your hard cock in me... now... please... I need it."

Justin complied, rolling on a condom before slowly pushing about halfway in. He paused to let Brian adjust, but the brunet immediately pushed back, needing Justin's cock like he needed his next breath.

Justin pulled on Brian's hips, letting him know to get up on his elbows and knees. He knew that this angle was Brian's favorite when Justin was fucking him, since he could hammer straight at Brian's prostate that way.

"Oh, Brian... fuck... so tight... so hot. Aaahhhh... feels so good. Missed this... missed you," Justin moaned with every thrust, loving being inside of his man.

"Justin... ahhh... Sunshine," Brian whimpered as Justin's cock hit the sensitive bundle of nerves vigorously, causing his body to shake.

Justin continued to thrust into Brian as the older man pushed back against him. Justin reached beneath the brunet to grab his throbbing cock. He stroked Brian in time with his thrusts, and soon they both knew that their first coupling of the weekend was coming to an end.

Shouting each other's names, the lovers came in a blinding flash. They stayed together, rolling to their sides to avoid the wet spot. After resting for a few minutes, Brian suggested that they take a quick shower before continuing their next round, wanting to freshen up after a long day at the office.

In the shower, they performed their normal roles. Brian started by washing Justin's hair, sensually running his fingers through the golden locks. Next, Brian rubbed his soapy hands all over his beloved Sunshine's tight little body. He loved the way Justin's skin felt as he ran his hands all over his favorite blond. Both of their bodies soon started responding to the stimulation.

After Justin was rinsed off, it was his turn to clean his man. Justin started washing Brian's hair, massaging his man's scalp the way he knew Brian loved. Justin continued on down to the beard, which he was pretty sure he wanted Brian to keep.

He had already noticed one plus to the soft hair of the beard: it didn't scratch up his face no matter how hard they kissed. It felt sexy to run his fingers through the growth. In the past, if Brian hadn't shaved every morning, the rough whiskers would cause uncomfortable beard burn on Justin's sensitive skin.

Justin then soaped up his hands and washed Brian's long, lean body, running his now very hard cock between Brian's cheeks and eliciting a throaty moan from the brunet.

Once they were both rinsed clean, they dried off and headed back to bed, wanting to spend as much time as possible this weekend reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies.

Climbing back in bed, they kissed and held each other. Brian pushed Justin onto his back and started kissing and licking at the blond's neck and shoulders. When Brian got to Justin's nipples, he rubbed his chin across the hardened nub, causing Justin to arch up and keen loudly.

"Oh, yes... do that again... yes!"

Brian continued to rub his beard down Justin's torso, loving the sounds coming out of his twink's mouth. When he got down to the pink cock, he saw that it was glistening with precum. Wanting to taste his Sunshine again, Brian scooped up all he could with his tongue.

"Turn over," Brian said, happy to be back in his role of power top.

Justin quickly got on his stomach and pulled his knees under him, wanting Brian to use his tongue on his ass.

Brian knelt behind his blond and used his hands to spread the bubble butt so he could get to his prize. Licking softly at the wrinkled folds caused both of them to moan.

When Brian turned his head and his beard scraped across Justin's hole, the blond practically screamed, "Oh, God! Please... do that again... so good... more... oh, Brian... please... oh... oh..."

Brian quickly realized that Justin loved the way his beard felt on his sensitive hole and alternated licking with rubbing his beard on the sensitive tissue.

"Yes!" Justin yelled. "So good... so... no one else... only... oh, Brian..."

When Justin was almost incoherent, Brian thoroughly tongue-fucked the blond's ass while rubbing his bearded chin on Justin's nearly hairless balls. Without any direct stimulation to Justin's cock, the more-than-horny blond came all over the sheets.     

Not two seconds later, Justin rolled over and looked into Brian's eyes.

"Fuck me," the bossy bottom ordered.

"Jesus, Sunshine," Brian said. "You've already come three times in like, a half an hour. Don't you need to rest?"

Justin responded by pulling Brian's head down and nibbling on his scruffy chin.

"Fuck me... now," Justin growled between nibbles. "Fuck... the... shit... out of me."

Justin punctuated his command by biting Brian's chin, hard. Brian hissed from the pain, not having to be told again. In a well-practiced move, he squeezed some lube onto his fingers and opened Justin's very tight hole up, while his randy blond rolled a condom onto his rock hard cock.

Brian drove himself home, sinking deeply within the only man he'd ever loved.

"Oh, yeah," he groaned.

Justin slapped Brian's ass, prompting him to move. His lips, tongue, and teeth never left Brian's furry face as the brunet relentlessly pounded into him.

Justin's legs were wrapped around Brian's waist and he was clinging to his older lover like a spider monkey, groaning with increasing desire.

"Yes... harder... God... missed... your cock... faster... more," Justin babbled against the beard.

"Oh, Sunshine... so tight... so hot... love your ass... aahhh... not gonna last long... so good," Brian panted before capturing his twink's lips. "I love you."

Hearing those three beautiful words sent Justin over the edge, and he exploded with an animalistic groan. Brian followed him soon after.

The two men laid together while they caught their breath. When Brian tried to pull out, Justin held onto him.

"No..." Justin whispered. "I want to hold you. I miss having you inside of me."

Brian rested his head next to Justin's on the pillow and nuzzled his nose against Justin's smooth cheek.

"By the way, I love you, too... I really love the beard," Justin said a minute later.

Brian laughed, causing his softened cock to fall out. "Really? I couldn't tell."

They both laughed before getting out of bed to clean themselves up in the bathroom. The two men stood together in front of the mirror, and Justin took a look at their reflections.

"I mean, if you want to trim it and clean it up a bit, I wouldn't mind."

Brian picked up his electric razor and held it out to his lover. "You're the artist."


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