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This is one of the sexiest Brian/Justin stories in the fandom, hands down! The boys prove that they can communicate beautifully with no words. It's totally worth a read - charming1

Brian and Justin decide that words are overrated...

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Chapter 3 by Triciaqaf

Part 3

The day passed fairly uneventfully. A leisurely morning fuck followed by showers, coffee, the paper. Standard Saturday morning activities, the silence between them comfortable, normal. Brian was definitely not a morning person, so Justin was used to staying under the radar. He had some errands to run and an afternoon shift at the diner, so he kissed Brian goodbye with a long stare and a longing smile, then headed out.

Brian wondered where he was heading, but couldn’t ask and didn’t want to go through charades to find out. It bothered him a little bit that it was a few hours ahead of Justin’s usual shift, but he shrugged it off and immersed himself in some work anyway.

He worked for a few hours, then went to the gym. By the time he was showered and dressed again, he’d convinced himself it would be completely normal for him to stop by the diner. It had nothing to do with Justin, he just needed a post-workout snack…

Justin was behind the counter, laughing at something the twink in front of him was saying. He was facing away from the door but he always knew when Brian was near. If not from the looks on the faces of the people around him, he could still tell just by the way his skin felt, his senses awakened.

He smiled to himself, waiting a beat before turning around. The air around them stilled for a moment, the diner’s clatter receding momentarily as their eyes linked. Justin drew in a quiet breath, the tiny hairs on his arms standing up slightly just from Brian’s proximity.

Brian stopped at the counter, his eyes fixed on Justin’s. Justin leaned forward automatically, bringing himself into reach. Brian smiled slowly, reaching out a hand to cover Justin’s on the counter as he leaned in for a kiss. It was reasonably brief, and reasonably chaste by Brian-and-Justin standards, but Justin’s skin still coloured slightly, his heart beating just the tiniest bit faster.

“God, you two always need a room!” Debbie squawked in mock-exasperation as she bustled by, bumping Justin slightly. “Brian, honey, what’re you having?” She popped her gum, pen in hand.

“Turkey on multigrain…”

“No mayo. I know, honey…” she turned around, moving to the end of the counter to take the next order.

Justin held the sound of Brian’s words in his mind, the timbre of his voice so intimate and thrilling after not hearing him for almost 24 hours. He didn’t realize how much that sound was a part of his world, his daily soundtrack. It made him stupidly giddy to hear it, and he wanted to find a way to get him to keep talking. Of course the words he wanted to hear were more along the lines of “more”, “now”, “oh god” and Justin’s name than a sandwich order, but he’d take what he could get.

His name though… that wasn’t off limits. Justin smiled to himself, a plan forming in his brain. He didn’t know what he’d have to do, but he was determined to get Brian to the point where he’d be saying Justin’s name before the night was through.

“So, how’s it going guys…?” Michael’s voice cut through Justin’s thoughts, snapping him back to the present.

Brian responded by looking at Justin, a long, slow blink passing between them before Brian’s tongue came out to wet his lips. Justin smiled, his eyes following Brian’s tongue.

“Ok, fine. So you can still turn each other on without talking. Whatever…” Michael turned away, disgust and envy warring on his face.

“You coming to Babylon tonight, Brian?” He tried again, hoping to steer the conversation onto a ground that felt less… intimate. The sexual tension between the two of them was making Michael gag.

Brian nodded, still looking at Justin. Justin was disappointed that he didn’t verbalize his answer, but glad to know what Brian’s plans were. He had to work until around 10, so Brian and the guys would already be there, but now he knew where to find him. He smiled his thanks at Michael, turning to respond to the customer who’d been trying to get his attention for the last ten minutes.

He heard the bass tones of Brian’s voice as he responded to something Michael said, but he could only catch snippets as he dealt with his orders. It was busy in the diner, so he didn’t have a chance to go back to Brian until he saw him stand up, takeout container in hand. Justin bit his lip, wishing Brian wasn’t leaving, but then he had to run over to deal with another impatient customer before they could connect.

He felt a hand on the back of his neck, turning to see Brian standing behind him. Brian’s hand pulled him forward into a kiss, his body pressing into Brian’s for an all-too-brief second. Brian’s fingers trailed a line across his cheek as Brian stepped away, turning to the door and leaving the diner.


The music pulsed around them, the flashing lights bathing Brian in mottled shadows. Justin closed his eyes, letting the beat pump through him, telling his body how to move. Brian’s hands rested on his hips, holding gently, keeping the connection between them despite their mostly closed eyes.

Justin had arrived from his shift at the diner to find Brian nursing a Jim Beam at the bar, oblivious to the efforts to get his attention. Justin slid his hands under Brian’s fitted black shirt, fingers brushing the hard muscles. They’d had a drink together at the bar and now they were here, Brian mostly humouring Justin with dancing. If he wasn’t cruising, or seriously fucked up, Brian generally stayed off the dance floor. But Justin loved to dance, and Brian liked to be the one he danced with, so here they were. Plus this kept all contenders away from Justin, which suited Brian just fine.

And Justin was in a good mood, so that made it even better. Brian sighed as Justin licked the skin at his collarbone, small shivers running the length of his spine. Justin’s lips pressed wet heat into the same spot his tongue had just teased. He alternated flicking slowly with his tongue, pressing softly with his lips, and sucking gently. Brian knew he’d have a mark there tomorrow, which meant he’d have to forgo his cashmere sweater, but the feeling of Justin repeatedly bringing the blood to the surface and then soothing it was too hypnotic to stop.

Brian’s head tipped back further, his hands climbing to Justin’s sides halfway up his chest. From this angle, Brian could reach his thumbs around and stroke Justin’s nipples under his shirt. Justin sucked in a breath, his mouth momentarily stilled on Brian’s neck. When he started sucking at Brian’s skin as if it was Brian’s mouth he was kissing, Brian thrust his hips forward, their cocks pressing tightly together.

He heard Justin’s small moan, a smile briefly flitting over his face before he felt Justin’s fingers pulling at the waist of his pants. He chuckled softly, feeling Justin’s rock-hard dick pressing into his hip. Justin’s hand continued travelling, his fingers reaching to cup Brian’s cock. Brian grunted, his body pressing into Justin’s hand. He bit back the teasing words, letting his mouth fall onto Justin’s forehead instead.

Justin stroked him softly at first, increasing the pressure and tempo, then backing off again. Brian pressed harder into him, fingers pushing small circles into Justin’s hipbones. Justin listened to Brian’s breath against his ear, its’ tempo increasing with his strokes. He tightened his grip, hearing the stifled moan against the side of his face. One of the benefits of Brian not being able to say anything was that Brian couldn’t tell him to stop…

Justin sucked Brian’s earlobe into his mouth, teeth grazing the nub of flesh until Brian gasped. He felt Brian’s warm breath against his own ear, a wet tongue slowly circling the edge, making him shiver.

Brian suddenly felt Justin’s hand withdraw, feeling the frustration and relief battle each other for dominance. His cock was throbbing now, his cheeks flushed. He looked at Justin, his eyes flashing desire, impatience, happiness, everything all at the same time. He pulled Justin’s head to his own, his mouth seeking contact. Justin breathed into him, their tongues brushing, sending shockwaves of desire through Brian. They needed to go. Now…

He was about to pull Justin by the arm but couldn’t quite bring himself to end the kiss. Then he felt something against his lips and opened his eyes to see Justin pushing his finger between their mouths. Brian cocked an eyebrow quizzically at him, eyes narrowing slightly as he watched Justin suck his finger fully into his mouth. Brian watched, his own mouth a fraction of an inch away, their breath pushing into one another. Justin kept his eyes on Brian’s as he pulled his finger out, a small smile creeping into the corners of his mouth.

He let his hand drop between them, pushing back into Brian’s pants. Brian raised his eyebrow again, their hips still moving in some approximation of dancing. He pulled in a breath when Justin’s knuckles brushed his cock, laughing slightly at his own reaction. Justin pressed tighter against him, his hand trapped between their bodies, his other hand pressed into Brian’s lower back, holding him tight.

Brian started to make a warning noise when he felt Justin’s hand push past his balls and graze his perineum. Justin looked up at him under a fringe of lashes, his pupils wide and his face flushed. Brian knew where he was going with this, but his body had a way of responding to Justin whether he wanted it to or not. Brian leaned his head down to capture Justin’s mouth, sighing quietly as Justin sucked his lower lip between his teeth. Justin worried the soft, wet skin with his tongue and lips, distracting Brian from his finger pressing forward.

He heard Brian groan as his finger reached his hole, pushing gently against the wrinkled skin. Brian tried to pull away but Justin’s hand on his back and teeth on his lower lip kept him tight up against Justin’s body. He was going to shake his head or pull his hips back, but the moment Justin’s finger pushed inside him, he found himself shoving his hips harder against Justin to give him better access.

Justin moaned softly against his mouth, his finger curling to press Brian’s prostate. Brian pulled his head back, ignoring the sharp scrape of teeth on his swollen lip, needing to breathe fresh oxygen to keep his knees from buckling.

Justin slowly pulled his finger out, letting just the tip play inside, then pushed sooo slowly back in. Brian’s breath was harsh against his forehead, his hips appearing to move with the music but really only following the rhythm of Justin’s finger. Justin’s dick was so hard he was afraid he’d come just from the uneven pressure of his trapped arm pressed against it. Brian’s hands kept Justin’s body lined up against him, the harsh pressure of his fingertips belying his outwardly cool demeanour.

Justin liked the fact that Brian couldn’t say anything, couldn’t interrupt with a command or a threat. Justin just wanted to keep Brian writhing against him. He wanted to make him come, wanted to make him scream... He was careful to keep his arm movements minimal, letting his finger make Brian pump his hips.

He felt Brian press hard against him, his hands stilling Justin’s hips along with his own. Justin held his breath, then felt Brian rip his arm out of his pants, the other hand yanking him roughly towards the backroom. He could see that Brian was biting hard on his lower lip as they strode through the crowd.

When they got to the backroom, Brian spun Justin around to face him, leaning in for a searing kiss. He ravaged Justin’s mouth, his tongue demanding, complaining, pleading all at once. Justin listened with his kiss, his mouth soft, responsive. He heard Brian’s desire through the fingers gripping Justin’s arms, the knee pushing Justin’s legs apart. Justin answered with hands caressing Brian’s shoulders, threading through Brian’s hair.

Justin brought his hands to Brian’s face, his fingers stroking gently as his eyes searched Brian’s. His mouth was open, breath coming heavily, but he wanted to slow Brian for a second, letting his hands tell him something that his mouth couldn’t.

Maybe this lack of words wasn’t so bad after all. He was so sure they needed to tell each other things to really understand one another, but right now, as he looked into Brian’s glittering eyes, felt his hands soften in immediate response to the shift in Justin’s touch, he marvelled at how instantaneous their responses to one another were. Mere seconds ago Brian had been ready to rip his pants down, to fuck him hard and fast against the backroom wall. But all Justin had to do was bring his hands to Brian’s face, his fingers sending the message that was in his heart, and Brian heard him immediately, his own body slowing down to listen.

He smiled at Brian, his fingertips tracing the rough stubble on his cheeks, his chin, trailing over the hot, soft skin of his lips. Brian closed his eyes when Justin’s fingers brushed his mouth, his breath still heavy but his posture patient, accepting. He opened them again when Justin stopped, seeing Justin’s gentle expression. Brian paused, then pulled Justin in for a softer kiss, tongues still connecting but slower now, exploring rather than igniting.


Brian rested his forehead against Justin’s, then circled his arm around Justin’s waist and started to steer him out of the backroom. Justin stopped, confused, but Brian met his eyes and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his nose. He wanted to fuck at home now. Justin smiled, tucking his head into the crook of Brian’s neck, letting him lead them to the car.

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