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Author's Chapter Notes:

More from the boys' fun day off... Enjoy! TAG

Chapter 10 - Say Cheese!

Brian led the way up the stairs to his door, eschewing the elevator to give himself a little more time to think about how he was going to get the blond into his bed. He had mentioned looking at the day’s photos because he suspected that Justin probably wouldn’t be up to fucking him for fun on his day off. But damn if the kid hadn’t brought it on himself by detailing his ‘date’ with Malik. Brian figured if Justin wasn’t at least in the frame of mind to have sex with him, then he should have kept his mouth shut. Now Brian was even more hot and bothered than he’d been back at the park when he’d first come up with this plan.

But, of all the pick up lines Brian could have used, he still couldn’t believe he’d chosen that one . . . ‘Wanna come up to my loft and look at my pictures?’ . . . Talk about embarrassing. Brian silently castigated himself for that bullshit. But he had been so horny that nothing better had come to mind and Justin had been almost finished eating, creating the worry that the blond might bolt at any second, so . . . Yeah, he’d uttered the most ridiculous thing ever.

‘So sue me’, he thought as he tamped down any possible regret in favor of hurrying Justin into the loft.

Opening the door and heading straight to his computer, Brian connected the camera to the laptop and downloaded the pics he’d used as an excuse to get the lad in his lair.

Justin, meanwhile, wandered around, setting down his messenger bag at the end of the couch and pretending to be busy reading the titles of Brian’s books off the shelves in the media center, while at the same time keeping the suddenly sullen stud in his peripheral vision. He didn’t know what had happened between the cafe and the loft to change Brian’s mood, but since they’d been silent the whole way, he figured it wasn’t anything that he’d done. He figured it was best to just watch and wait for the time being.

Justin almost felt bad about teasing Brian with fictitious scenes from his evening with Malik. But Brian made it so damned easy! To be honest, the men were such opposites that the obvious physical differences between Brian and Malik became minor when they were tested against the uniqueness of their individual personalities. Where Brian seemed so self-controlled, Malik was more gregarious; where Brian seemed to measure his every word and action for maximum effect, Malik was actually quite effusive; where Brian seemed to spear every phrase and moment with sexual innuendo, Mal courted Justin for his friendship. The differences were like some modification of a classic introvert/extrovert dichotomy. And with Brian’s hot-headedness, yeah, it had been easy to get him worked up over lunch, all the while contrasting that with Mal’s calm reasonableness.

The truth of the matter was that, when they had arrived at Malik’s apartment the night before, Justin hadn’t been sure what to expect. Given the nature of their working relationship, and Justin’s admittedly limited experience dealing with sexually charged situations, he almost expected all clothes to be shed as soon as they entered the door and panting and grunting to be the sum total of their conversation for at least the next hour. But that isn’t what had happened.  

Malik had casually tossed his keys and wallet into a basket on the neat kitchen counter of his small studio apartment, telling Justin to make himself comfortable in the sitting area. Then he clicked his tongue and greeted the small gray and white cat who jumped from the floor to a bar stool and then onto the kitchen counter with a demanding “prritt”, obviously happy to see her man returning home to feed her. Only after the greeting and feeding were over did Mal grab two bottles of water from the fridge and join Justin on the colorful sofa.

“That’s Miss Meeps. She kinda runs my life at home,” Malik had joked. “Four pounds of highly weaponized control freak.”  

And that was how the evening began. They had talked and discovered they both loved art and animals, hated reality television and public speaking, liked fall the best of all the seasons, and could barely tolerate more than a couple of days spent in the loving bosoms of their families. Their comfort level with each other grew and, of course, it was sparked with sexual energy – how could it not be? – but something unspoken took that off the table between them. They both quickly came to the realization that, current employment requirements aside, they would be firmly relegated to the friend-zone.

Now, just the next afternoon, here he was in the designer loft of a snarky, bitchy, beautiful Brian, and his reaction was the exact opposite. All Justin could think of was getting Brian undressed and fucking the shit out of him - much like he’d lied about doing with Malik. Justin wondered at the marked difference in his reaction to the two men, both gorgeous and sexy, both of whom he’d had sex with. One he had no problem talking to but didn’t really want to go any further with on a personal level; the other put him into a constant state of lust and sexual frustration and need, but didn’t seem able to hold a damn conversation that wasn’t wrapped in barbed wire. It didn’t even matter that Brian kept calling him an annoying nickname that made him cringe - Thumper! - he still wanted Brian more than anything.

As strange as it seemed, Justin admitted that he only wanted to be friends with Malik the Good. And at the same time he wanted to be a LOT more with Brian the Bad. Fuck, he so wanted to be bad with Brian. Really, really bad.

Right when he had worked himself almost into a lather, Brian finally gestured for Justin to come over to the desk and look at the pictures he’d pulled up on the monitor. Justin was a little surprised when Brian pushed the extra chair away, tugging him into his lap, especially after their little scene in the bookstore. However, deciding that silence was the better part of valor, and that it was the smaller battles that won the war, Justin went with it and made himself comfortable.

The photos really had turned out great and Brian seemed to be very pleased with them as well, even as he adjusted the contrast on some. He tried switching to black and white on a few just to see if they could be improved upon. Justin made a few suggestions, which Brian followed without hesitation, until they both agreed that the finished product was indeed as good as it could possibly get. This set them off on a conversation about what to do the next time for lighting, scale, choice of subjects, until Brian went very pensive for a couple of moments, tipping his head back a smidge to get a fuller view of Justin’s face.

Justin flushed a bit at the obvious scrutiny, about to remove himself, again, from Brian’s lap, when the older man finally spoke. “I have an idea.”


“I want to take a close up of your eye.”



For some reason, Justin was a bit disappointed with that and his crestfallen expression didn’t escape Brian’s notice. “Sure. Um, no problem,” Justin agreed.

Brian ignored the look, tapping Justin’s ass to indicate he should get up. Disconnecting the camera, Brian crooked a finger at Justin so he’d follow to the window where the afternoon sun was streaming in. Tilting and prodding, angling and tugging, Brian moved Justin’s head until he had it just where he wanted it, with the sunlight highlighting what he wanted and casting shadow where he needed it, Then he backed away and raised the camera, taking shot after shot as he advanced closer and closer.

Justin realized right away that Brian wasn’t just sticking to his eye though. The photographer had gotten into a creative zone and had moved on to taking pictures of his subject’s lips and his ear. But when Brian tugged at Justin’s shirt until a shoulder was revealed, Justin said, “What happened to my eyes?”

“Huh?” Brian froze, the camera slipping down to chest height, as he caught up to Justin’s question. “I just . . . You have great skin. Thought it would make a good . . .” Brian tapered off, wagging the camera a bit to make his point and started to turn away.

“Okay. Whatever. I was just giving you a hard time,” Justin explained even as he was pulling the shirt over his head and tossing it to the floor.

Brian gave his model a candidly admiring look that Justin interpreted as appreciation for his naked torso, not realizing that Brian was also thinking what a brave little fucker he was. The approbations won Brian yet another sunshiney smile though, which only encouraged the cameraman. They spent the next hour or so joking around while Brian kept clicking away until Justin announced that it was his turn, eliciting a sudden deer-in-the-headlights look from Brian.

“C’mon, Brian. It’s only fair,” Justin teased, pretending to stalk Brian from across the room. “Bare it and share it!” he shouted, making a quick leap for the camera which Brian held above his head and out of reach.

Brian laughed as Justin tried to jump high enough reach the Leica, causing their bodies to collide in interesting ways, and ultimately leading Brian to snake his free hand around the younger man’s waist so he could steal a kiss. Well, it wasn’t really stolen, since Justin capitulated immediately and leaned into Brian’s chest, enjoying the playful tongue spelunking in his mouth. Brian pulled him in tighter, dropping the hand with the camera to his side, allowing Justin to snatch it away and dance off in triumphant glee.

Brian had to give him points for that one.

“Say ‘Cheese’, Brian!” Justin laughed, lifting the camera to his eye and snapping a picture of the irritated look on Brian’s face.

Brian rolled his lips in, a contemplative look on his face as he considered his options. “Alright, you can have a turn, but I get one more shot before you take over.”

Justin wasn’t sure what it was he was seeing on Brian’s face, but whatever it was made him a little apprehensive and caused his smile to falter. However, he reminded himself that this was Brian. He’d trusted this man to take his virginity and hadn’t been disappointed by the gentleness he’d been shown despite the odd circumstances. Plus, to the extent he had manipulated the brunet today to get them here to this very place, he kinda owed the guy.

Brian saw Justin’s hesitation and didn’t want to be in the position to feel like he’d taken advantage of the situation. He was about to tell the blond to forget about it and send him on his way when Justin interrupted his train of thought.

“Sure. Why not? After the week I’ve had - having anal sex for the first time on a porn site targeting straight women, for money no less - I can’t imagine that whatever you’ve cooked up could be any worse than what I’ve already suffered through. How do you want me?”

Brian realized that Justin hadn’t really meant to insult him with his complaint about ‘suffering through’ sex with him, but his gut clenched anyway. Logically, he knew Justin’s comment hadn’t been about the sex itself, just the whole situation in general, but try as he might, Brian couldn’t hide his chilly reaction. He tried to cover his unease with action, moving back to the computer for a new memory card for the camera.

Still, he couldn’t stop himself from muttering, “you didn’t seem to be complaining at the time, kid.”

Justin heard Brian’s mumbling, noting the surly tone, and tried to explain. “I didn’t mean you, Brian. I’m sorry if I sounded . . .”

“I know. Don’t worry about it,” Brian interrupted, because the only thing worse than being insulted was having to sit and listen politely while the insult was explained more fully. “Just take the rest of your clothes off and get on the bed already.”

Justin could tell that Brian was forcing his nonchalant attitude so he hurried to comply, trying to make up for his faux pas. But he couldn’t just let the subject drop. For some reason he felt like he had to fill the silence that had enveloped the loft. “Really, Brian, I’m grateful that you were so, um . . . nice and all.”

Brian cringed on his way to the door to lock it. Why wouldn’t Justin stop talking about it?

“I mean, I’ve heard some bad stories about guys’ first times. I guess that’s why I hadn’t, you know, done it yet.”

Brian rolled his shoulders, trying to loosen the tension he hadn’t been feeling five minutes earlier, as his houseguest blabbered on.

“I bet your first time was great. I mean, mine was too, of course, but yours must have been really spectacular.”

Brian finally made it to the bedroom, toting the camera, and knelt on the end of the bed with a blank look on his face as he stared at Justin’s prone form for what seemed an eternity to the blond.

Eventually Brian spoke up, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Spectacular, huh? Spectacularly awful, maybe,” he commented without even a hint that he was joking. Then he barked out an order to, “turn over,” and nudged Justin’s thigh with his knee.

Justin didn’t care for the coolness of Brian’s response, and he was even less thrilled with the clinical way he was being ordered around, but he figured he’d created this mess with his infernal yammering so he might as well do as asked and hope Brian forgave him before his mouth dug another pit he couldn’t climb out of.

So he turned over and let Brian maneuver him so that his torso was draped off the side of the platform bed, leaving his ass elevated and on display. This was starting to seem more than just a little odd. What the fuck was Brian up to?

He wasn’t sure what he'd been expecting, but the the dragging tendrils of an ostrich feather tickling over his bare skin was nowhere on the list. His squeak of surprise drew an amused snort from Brian before the feather was applied again. Much slower. It made Justin wriggle, causing goosebumps to rise all over his skin. Before he'd fully processed what was happening, though, a series of fast shutter clicks brought him back to reality. And that wasn’t the end of it. Brian spent the next several minutes focused solely on Justin’s ass, manipulating him around into several increasingly awkward positions and reapplying the feather as need to maintain a appropriate level of gooseflesh. This was starting to seem a bit . . . weird.

Justin turned onto his back and sent a narrow eyed stare at Brian. “I thought you said just ONE more . . .” he reproached, softening his complaint with a hint of a smile.

Brian shrugged, unrepentant, then leaned over Justin’s shoulder and seized the younger man’s cushy lips. Justin snaked one arm around Brian’s waist, twisted their legs together and rolled them both over till Brian was lying on his back and Justin was on top. And he managed to do it all while keeping their lips locked in that delicious kiss.

Brian struggled a bit, half-heartedly trying to free himself, but Justin wasn’t letting go. Instead, Brian applied the feather to Justin’s side, causing the blond to squirm around enticingly, until Justin finally took it away. He also took Brian’s mouth, with all of his pent up lust from lunch exacerbated by their playful afternoon, and kissed him for all he was worth.

Brian grunted approvingly trying to manhandle Justin into position back under him, but the youngling wasn’t having it. Justin grabbed a fistful of Brian’s tank in each hand and, after struggling a minute to try and get it off without breaking their kiss, gave up. With a sharp tug, the fabric tore down the middle all the way to the hem, exposing Brian’s torso to Justin’s inquisitive perusal. The lusty youth moved quickly, latching onto first one nipple then the other, inhaling deeply at Brian’s clavicle then licking his way to Brian’s navel for a down and dirty exploration with his tongue. And all the while he kept his hands busy, doing his best to get Brian’s fucking pants off of him without being able to look to see how to undo the buttons.

Brian’s own movements, mostly directed at trying to keep the hell up with the wildfire blond, eventually facilitated the removal of the annoying pants and, once free, his cock saluted with pride. Brian was about to make some snarky comment but the only intelligible thing to escape his mouth as Justin immediately gulped him down was a garbled, “Holy . . . fuck . . .”

Justin really didn’t want to give Brian time to think. Not about what they were doing, about his unintended insult earlier, about Malik, and definitely not about work. He didn’t want Brian to think about anything except the way Justin was making him feel.

Brian, for his part, was a tiny bit overwhelmed. He’d had too many sexual encounters to count, and a few had even been much like this one, but this time seemed very different. Maybe it was Justin himself? Maybe it was that you just didn’t expect such blatant sexuality and overt carnality from someone so young? Especially not when they were so innocent looking. Brian thought that must be the case, because he’d never been affected quite this way before. The contrast between Justin’s appearance and his actions was both intriguing and arousing. Very arousing indeed.

Brian had just reached that dubious conclusion when Justin’s tongue started doing something so enthusiastically novel that even the well-experienced man could no longer hold back, shooting his load and then sighing with the relief as the tremors of pleasure rippled through his body.

Justin didn’t stop there though.

Nope, he rolled Brian’s limp body over, settling Brian onto his stomach, and began making a meal of the startled man’s ass. Justin had seen his share of porn over the years, and had made an avid study of the other actors at Ted’s studio, and had been intrigued by the whole concept of rimming. And, while he had only experienced the pleasure once himself, he had found it thoroughly enjoyable. So much so, that he figured Brian would undoubtedly enjoy it if he returned the favor. So, with the determination that was his trademark, Justin went to it, trying to duplicate everything he’d seen or experienced, on Brian.

Justin had really wanted to impress the jaded man. The goal was to stand out a little from Brian’s other conquests in the hopes that he wouldn’t be forgotten five minutes afterwards. So, about five minutes into the rimming session, with his tongue firmly in Brian’s hole, Justin attempted to insert a slick forefinger up the man’s tight little pucker. It didn’t work like Justin had planned though. Brian’s whole body immediately became tense and rigid and he forcefully rolled away from Justin to the farthest side of the bed. Justin could hear the man’s breath coming out like steam escaping a locomotive as Brian moved to sit on the side of the bed facing away from his startled partner. Justin was left high and dry, unsure what the hell had just happened. Before he had a chance to ask, though, Brian’s strained voice cut into his thoughts.

“Can’t do that.”

Justin wasn’t sure which of them Brian was talking about and his confusion bled into his voice. “Brian?”

Brian knew he should explain, but he never had before and he didn’t plan to now. Instead, he turned so he could see Justin, “If that’s why you’re here, you need to go. I’ll see you at work tomorrow. No harm no foul, okay.” When Justin started to protest the idea of being tossed out like that, Brian held a hand up to forestall him, “like I said, you’re welcome to leave . . . but, if you do stay, I’ll . . . Well, I can’t give you your first time again, but I’ll try my best to do better than last time . . . I promise, this go round you won’t merely be ‘suffering through’ my attentions.”

Justin melted. Brian’s face when he had made his little speech was both haunted and sincere. Maybe even a little raw. Whatever had prompted this offer, it was obviously too close to the surface and too private to share, but it was obvious that the sentiment went deep. Justin scooted closer, making his intentions clear. He was staying - let the chips fall where they would.

That elusive glimmer of admiration sparked in Brian’s face again as he nodded once, almost to himself, and prowled on all fours towards where Justin was sitting in the middle of the bed. When he reached his prey, Justin’s eyes closed expecting a kiss, prompting Brian to smother a chuckle. Instead of a kiss, Brian rubbed his nose gently over Justin’s, their lips a hairsbreadth apart, until the blue eyes flicked open in questioning surprise. Brian just kept going, slowly back and forth, staring into Justin’s gaze, until he felt Justin’s total surrender to him. Then Brian leaned their foreheads together for a few moments, closing his eyes this time, knowing Justin was watching him for some clue of what was to come. Brian was sure Justin never would have guessed because he himself hadn’t decided what he was going to do until just that moment. But it felt right. So he went with it.

He angled he head slightly to the side, blinking slowly so his lashes brushed Justin’s skin in light wispy strokes. He nuzzled his face against Justin’s, not kissing him, until the blond tried to capture his face. Brian shook his head in the negative, leaning forward until Justin was prone underneath him, then spread his body over the top of the smaller one and settled down till his weight had Justin pinned in place. He brushed the hair away from Justin’s forehead, shot him a penetrating and intense stare, then set about the task of giving Justin the most thorough rub down possible. Brian took his time, exerting great care so as not to miss a single millimeter of skin, ignoring Justin’s every attempt to speed things along or get to the fucking sooner.

When Justin realized that Brian would not be swayed from his course, he stopped trying to control or manipulate what was going on. He just closed his eyes and relaxed as Brian switched from rubbing to nuzzling his oversensitized flesh. Justin was so hard he was sure he was going to start pleading soon and, when he opened his mouth to do just that, Brian licked up the leg he’d been nuzzling and took Justin’s cock into his mouth. Justin thrust up immediately, but Brian held him down, performing a slow, luxurious blowjob that had Justin mewling for more and begging for relief.

Brian didn’t give him either.

What he did do was slip on a condom and proceeded to enter the lad as gently as possible, thrusting with deliberately moderated and deeply penetrating strokes. For Justin, it seemed to last for hours. It was everything his real first time was not. Intense and subtle, and careful, and shit . . . so fucking personal and . . . and intimate. Their connection was palpable, even as he slowly lost his mind. And before long, his whole damn universe contained just the two of them and then . . . then Brian demanded that he open his eyes. It was like a tidal wave pulling back from the beach, gathering its power and momentum and when Brian took his mouth again, thrusting a final time, the tsunami hit the shore and everything went black.

When Justin finally woke up, he could tell from the way the light outside the big loft windows had shifted, that it was already late afternoon. It wasn’t the passage of time that had awakened him, though, but the ongoing *click, click, click, click* of Brian’s camera shutter. The boy lifted his head from its nest in Brian’s pillow and craned his neck around to find Brian standing above him, his legs straddling Justin’s back, and the lens of the versatile Leica positioned only centimeters from his ass, taking even more close up pictures.

“Perfect,” Brian whispered as he shifted slightly to the right to get a different angle.


The sleepy young man wasn’t sure Brian was referring to his photography or Justin’s ass, but he was hoping it was the later.

Chapter End Notes:

7/12/148 - This chapter was almost completely written by the lovely Saje - she gives great porn, don't you think? Send her some love please. Roni wrote most of the flashback to the 'date' with Mal, which I loved because . . . well, I can never get enough Mal. We also had help from Glo, Brynn and an anonymous camel. Thank you to everyone who helped! Now, it's back to work for the boys. So, which fantasy porn scenario do you want to see them act out next? Leave us a review with your suggestions or else come by the doc and select from all the suggestions folks have already left there. TAG

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