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Author's Chapter Notes:

Oh those sexy boys . . . This is for anyone who's ever wanted to take a bite out of either of them. Enjoy! TAG & Saje

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Chapter 12 - Once Bitten.

After they finished filming the Little Red Riding Shorts scenes, the entire Backdoor Adventures crew was in such a good mood that they all decided to go out for a drink. Both the actors were roped into joining the celebration. Justin allowed himself to be dragged along, despite feeling ambivalent about just how celebratory he was feeling. Daphne, however, was in high triumphant mode, so he couldn’t very well turn down the invitation without raining on his friend’s parade.

The whole porn crew descended on Woody’s, moving several tables together in the back so that they could all huddle together. Even Ted The Tightwad seemed to be in a good mood and opened his wallet to pay for the first round of beers, earning himself a raucous cheer from all. Only Brian was still complaining, giving Ted shit for ordering the cheapest beer the bar carried for his round. Nobody else seemed to care, though, as the waiter brought out the first half dozen pitchers of Coors Lite. The towering stack of glasses was quickly disassembled and cups filled. Then both Ted and Daphne gave short toasts thanking everyone for their work so far and restating their confident hopes that this endeavor would be a success. After that, it was all drinking and chatting and chaos like any other get together of coworkers.

Justin had only just finished accepting the well wishes of yet another member of the stage crew who had been gaga over that day’s performance, when his co-star had come up and clapped him collegially on the shoulder.

“Cheer up, Thumper,” Brian ordered. “You don’t need to look like somebody’s pissed in your cornflakes or something. The shooting is going great. They love us.”

“Oh, so NOW you’re my friend again?” Justin rounded on the older man with a barely contained rage. 

Brian chose to play dumb. “Whoa. What’s your fucking problem now?”

“My problem, Brian, is you,” the youth pointed out bitingly. 

“Yeah, well, I don’t have a problem,” Brian spat back. “You’re the one with the huge-assed chip on your shoulder, Thumper. I’m just peachy.” He ended this statement with a facetious grin that made Justin’s blood boil even more.

“I haven’t decided if you’re a total sociopath, or if you just don’t have any social skills at all and are completely clueless when it comes to human interaction,” Justin hissed at his fellow-actor-cum-lover, his angry words somehow cutting through the bar noise despite his relatively quiet tone. “You don’t seriously think I’m going to just forget the rude way you blew me off this morning, do you? I mean, you practically threw me out of your loft. Then, back on the set, you acted like it was nothing and we were all lovey-dovey again. And now we’re just buddy-buddy coworkers? I really, honestly don’t get you, Brian, I don’t.”

Justin tried to turn and walk away but Brian stopped him with a vice-like grip on the younger man’s biceps. “Let’s get something straight,” he intoned with a distant smugness, “there is no ‘we’ here and there is no ‘lovey-dovey’ either. We’re gay men; we fuck. We don’t need to get all hetero and pretend it’s got anything to do with love or some shit like that. So when we fuck - either for work or, when we’re off camera, for pleasure - that’s all it is. It’s just a fuck. And if you have a problem with that, it’s all on you, Thumper.”

Justin glared at the man he’d thought he was falling in love with and tried for about half a second to rein in his anger, but when that proved impossible, he gave in and let his co-star have it. “Fine. If that’s how you want things, then I guess we don’t have to have any contact outside of work at all. See you tomorrow on set, Mr. Kinney.”

Before Brian could react at all, Justin had slammed his half-drunk pint of beer down on the nearest table and stomped out of the bar. Brian stood there, feeling like the whole conversation had somehow got out of hand. And he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel about that. Granted, he didn’t want the kid glomming all over him with romantic stars in his eyes, but he hadn’t meant to drive Justin away either. If he were being one hundred percent honest with himself, he’d rather enjoyed their time together the day before; Justin was intelligent, creative, easy to talk to, not to mention great in the sack. Brian wouldn’t have minded making their off-screen times together a recurring thing. He just hadn’t wanted the younger man to misunderstand or take things too seriously. Now, though, it seemed that he’d pushed Justin away permanently. Fucking stupid, romantic, twinks. It figured. Whatever. There were plenty of other fish in the gay sea.

Putting that thought into immediate action, Brian turned on his heel, looked over the immediate options, and settled on a likely subject for his evening’s fun. Grant, the set tech whose tool belt had come to the rescue earlier that day, wasn’t too bad looking and he’d been giving Brian plenty of hints that he wouldn’t say no to more time with the star. What the hell, right? Brian decided it was time to take the guy up on his unspoken offer.

“What happened to your tool belt,” Brian asked as he sidled up behind Grant and wrapped one long arm around the guy’s trim waist.

The set tech looked up from his beer and smiled sideways at the sexy actor who was pressing himself suggestively against Grant’s backside. “It’s out in my car. Why?”

“What do you say we go pick it up on the way back to my loft,” Brian suggested with his typical smoldering leer. “I’ve got a project or two I could use your help with.”

Was there ever any doubt that Grant - or any guy in Pittsburgh, for that matter - would jump at the offer to join Brian Kinney for a night of heaven? Who needed a clingy blond twink anyway? Brian wasn’t even going to give the kid a second thought. Not now that he had a playmate for the rest of the evening. 

Nope. He wasn’t going to think of Justin, or Justin’s soft pale skin, or Justin’s plush ass, or Justin’s remarkably beautiful cock . . . Fuck it all.

Brian growled at himself, hooked a finger through Grant’s belt, and towed his evening snack out of the bar, all the while ignoring the way those insistent images of his angry co-star kept trying to sneak back into his consciousness. 

Justin was still seething the next morning when Brian dragged his tired ass into the Backdoor Adventures warehouse. 

Brian had done his best to fuck Thumper right out of his mind, going at Grant’s ass so hard and for so long that the poor set tech was limping when the Stud finally kicked the guy out sometime in the wee hours of the morning. It hadn’t really worked though. Brian still woke up with the annoying twink’s name on his lips as his dreams of the blond were blasted out of his head by the annoying beeping of his alarm clock. And because of that, along with the lack of sleep from trying to fuck his problems away in Grant’s ass, Brian was probably not at his best when he did arrive at work that morning to find his co-star aggressively snubbing him. 

“Good thing we’re doing a vampire thing today, since you look like death warmed over,” Daphne teased as she walked up to Brian and handed him that day’s script. “Hey, Em. Do you think you can do something with the great undead over here to make him look a tad bit sexier and less . . . well, dead?”

“Not a problem, Honey. You’d be amazed what I can do with a little concealer and some contouring makeup,” Emmett reassured his boss as he came trotting over toting an industrial-sized tool box full of makeup. “Oooo, eeee, I’m afraid Daphne is right about you, Brian. What in the world did you do to yourself last night? You know, you really can’t be out carousing and fucking yourself silly every single night now that you’re making your living acting. The camera is a cruel mistress. And these bags . . . Well, I’ll do my best.”

Emmett led Brian away from the craft table where he’d been attempting to ingest the entire carafe of coffee single handedly, and sat him down in a canvas-backed directors chair off to the side of the set. Then he forcibly pulled Brian’s shirt off, draped him with sheets of tissue paper, and set to with his magical makeup skills. Meanwhile, Brian kept up a grumbling series of complaints about everything and everyone around, not forgetting to include the irritating fact he was being forced to wear makeup like a fucking lesbian. 

Even Brian had to concede that the end result was worth all the grumbling when Emmett declared he was finished with his masterpiece. Em held up a big hand mirror so that Brian could see himself, while Ted, Daphne, and even Justin gathered around behind the makeup artist to appreciate the effects. When Daphne whistled appreciatively, Emmett knew he’d succeeded. 

“Wow!” Daph exclaimed. “Just . . . wow! You look hot, Brian.”

“I always look hot,” Brian countered, just to be argumentative, although he actually had to agree with the woman.

“Yeah, but not this hot,” Ted agreed, looking over his old friend with a newly appreciative eye.

Brian took another glance at himself in the mirror and nodded. Em had done a remarkable job transforming the tired, washed-out looking man who’d dragged himself into work just a half hour earlier, into a darkly handsome menace. First, Em had slicked back Brian’s hair off his face. Then he’d applied a base coat of concealer about half a shade lighter than Brian’s natural skin tone, creating a pale and smooth base to work on. Next, he’d added dark smudges of something akin to blush to accent Brian’s cheekbones and chin. A little red around his eyes to make him look more spectral. The dark eyeshadow, mascara, kohled brows, and heavy eyeliner added to the goth look, as did the color Em had added to darken and emphasize Brian’s lips without making it look like he was wearing lipstick. But the kicker was the green cat’s eye contact lenses that Em had used to make Brian’s eyes look unworldly. It was the perfect sexy vamp look.

“I have some red goopy stuff we can add later that looks like wet blood,” Emmett added excitedly. “I thought we could put just a drop or two to the side of his mouth and a few on Justin’s neck after he’s fed on the boy. It’ll be perfect!”

“Looks great, Em,” Ted declared. “This scene is going to be a winner.” Then he gestured to Justin. “Justin’s makeup doesn’t have to be as elaborate. Just, if you can, make him look even younger and more viginal - not that that’s much of a stretch.” They all laughed, except for Justin who pouted at what he perceived as a slight. “Sorry, Justin, but on the best of days, you look like total chicken. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; that’s exactly what our viewers want.”

“Come on over here, Baby.” Emmett shooed Brian out of the makeup chair and helped Justin take his spot. “I promise NOT to make you look like chicken. Just young and fresh and totally fuckable. You’ll see. You’re gonna love what I do for you too.”

Fifteen minutes later, Em was done and Justin had to admit he’d been true to his word. Justin had been transformed into a punk street kid. With a little gel to his hair and some eyeliner, plus just a bit of powder to make his already pale skin look fresher, the young actor had been transformed into an edgy innocence. The faded denim jeans, western-style belt with large silver buckle, and sleeveless t-shirt added to the image. He looked like the perfect ‘victim’ for the darkly elegant predator that Brian had been made up to resemble. Not that these roles would tax their acting skills much; they’d only been made to somehow look even more like themselves than before. 

And while Em had been busy with Justin’s makeup, Brian had gotten into his costume as well, donning the slim-fit black linen trousers and the tight black silk shirt that was left unbuttoned to the middle of his chest. He looked every bit the predator he was supposed to be. When they stood there, side by side, the two made the perfect contrast; dark and brooding versus light and innocent. 

“Damn, this scene is going to be good!” Daphne exclaimed, almost salivating as she eyed Brian’s sleek form in the skin tight clothing.

“Let’s do it!” Ted directed, silently echoing his head writer’s prediction, but not wanting to jinx it by speaking aloud.

They all made their way over to the green screen stage area. As they passed by the computer monitors, Justin could see that today’s background was a dark, brick alley with cobblestone streets. It was night, of course, and the street had that sheen of moisture that comes after a rainstorm. The stage itself was bare except for two free-standing walls, also covered with green fabric so they could have computer generated images projected onto them, each standing on one side of the stage to mimic the alley walls of the computer scene. Obviously, this fantasy would not involve any nice comfortable beds.

Daphne walked the boys through some blocking and pointed out what she saw as the more important lines. Brian scoffed, as usual, at the hokey dialogue. Silently, Justin had to agree that this stuff was pretty bad, not that he’d speak up to support Brian.

“You’re really going to make me say this shit?” Brian exclaimed, unable to hold back on his complaints any longer. “‘How about joining me . . . for a bite?’ Seriously? I thought we were doing porn, not a Young Frankenstein revival.” He threw his script to the floor in a gesture of dislike.

“I was going more for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe, actually,” Daphne defended her writing. “You know, sexy but with an underlying sense of humor. Sort of tongue-in-cheek.”

“Since when did porn need to have a sense of humor?” Brian shot back. 

“Brian. We’ve had this discussion before . . .” Ted warned.

“I know. I know . . . I just don’t get the whole concept of humorous pornography. But whatever.” He sighed deeply and then put on his fakest grin. “This is fine. This is fine. Just tell me where to stand while I make a total fool out of myself. 

Daphne ignored the griping star and continued with her blocking. The plan was to have Justin walking into the alleyway and then Brian ‘appearing’ from around the back edge of the freestanding wall on the right. On screen, it would look almost like Brian appeared out of nowhere. Then he’d, of course, proposition Justin and the scene would proceed from there.

“Got it?” Daphne asked and both actors nodded unenthusiastically. “Okay . . . Then Brian’s going to push you, Justin, up against this wall and you’re going to fuck. Sound good?”

The grumbling from both the blond and the brunet was taken as assent, albeit not a very excited assent, and Daphne moved away so that the boys could take up their marks. 

“And, action!” Ted called from the sidelines.

“Isn’t it a little late out for a stroll, Little One?” Brian said his first line as he popped up from behind the wall directly into Justin’s path. 

“I was just heading home . . . If you’ll excuse me,” Justin replied, trying to continue on his way by walking around the tall man blocking his path. 

“I have a better idea; how about joining me . . . for a bite?” Brian said the hated line, but without any real feeling behind it. 

With a matching lack of interest, Justin replied. “Thanks, but, uh, I already ate, Mister.”

“Ah, but I haven’t . . . And you look good enough to eat,” Brian continued, stepping to the side so he was still blocking Justin’s escape. “In fact, I don’t mind if I do.” Brian raised one hand to trail it down the side of Justin’s face as if admiring the pretty boy’s profile. 

In response, Justin turned his face away, just like it had said in the script, which was supposed to allow the camera a close up of his face. 

“Cut!” Ted yelled and stormed up to the two men. “Justin, you’re supposed to be looking all reluctantly turned on, not like you can’t stand Brian’s touch. What’s with the way you flinched back there?”

“Sorry, Ted. I . . . uh . . . I guess I’m just not feeling this scene yet. Let me try again,” Justin apologized.

“Okay. Let’s go again. From ‘you look good enough to eat’,” Ted ordered and stalked back to his chair near the camera. “With some feeling this time, guys.”

They made it through that part of the script the second time around, and had moved on to the part where Brian had Justin pushed back into the wall behind him. 

“I want to suck your blood . . . and your cock,” Brian drawled, trying his best to make the hokey lines sound sexy. 

“No. Please, don’t. I’ve never . . . I’ve never done anything like that before, Mister,” Justin voiced his next line, but again the sentiment just wasn’t there.

“Cut!” Ted yelled again. 

This time both Daphne and Ted came over to talk to the two actors and both looked worried.

“What’s wrong, guys? Why are you just going through the lines like robots today? Where’s that fire you always put off?” Daphne asked right off the top.

Justin and Brian looked at each other, their faces blank, and then looked back at Daphne without a word.

“Is there something wrong between you two?” Ted questioned, looking from Justin to Brian and then back to Justin. “You’re acting off today. And your acting’s off too.”

“It’s nothing,” Justin said.

And at the same time Brian said, “no, nothing’s wrong.”

“Okay, now I KNOW something’s wrong because you guys can’t even look at each other this morning,” Daphne pointed out. “Damn it. Did you have a fight or something?”

Both actors remained mute, still not looking at each other, or at their interlocutors for that matter. 

“Shit! This is NOT good,” Daphne moaned, looking aside at Ted for support.

“You know what, I don’t care,” Ted declared, raising his voice to the point that eyes were drawn from all around the set. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you two today, and I don’t want to know. All I want is to get this scene shot. Now, if you can’t do it - and do it with enough emotion to make the scene work - then I’m sure I can find others who can. It’s time to stop acting like drama queens and start acting like . . . well, like actors. Professional actors that is. You got it?”

“Got it,” both of the chastised actors replied in sync. 

“Good. Now, we’ll pick it up at the last line, and I want to see you at least PRETENDING to find each other attractive.”

They plowed ahead, getting through the bulk of their lines and doing at least a passable job of acting like they were excited about the unfolding scene. It was still lacking something, but unless you’d seen the two men together the way Daphne had during their earlier scenes, you probably wouldn’t even realize what was missing. Privately, though, Daphne was beginning to panic. It had been that sense of electric lust that had always erupted anytime Brian and Justin had been in the same room together, that had made the scenes they’d filmed before sizzle. Without that spark between them, the acting was flat and the sex was just . . . well, just sex. She was worried that their whole endeavor would flop if this was the best they could get out of the actors from here on out.

“I know you probably think my blood is the sweetest part of me,” Justin said the line as it had been written, directing what was supposed to be a tempting smile up at his attacker, “but would you like to find out how the rest of me tastes?”

“Don’t worry, Little One, I’m going to devour every part of you,” Brian replied.

Which is when they cut and Em rushed over to help Brian put in his vampire fangs. The prosthetic they were using was a little bit less fake looking than your average Halloween costume, but it still looked a little hackneyed. Brian tried to stifle the groan at how stupid he felt wearing the things, but Justin still heard him and smiled. It was actually the first time he’d smiled at Brian all day. Brian smiled back, but Justin remembered he was still angry with Brian and his grin faded quickly. 

They went back on camera, and did several takes with Brian pretending to bend down and bite at Justin’s neck. Chuck, the camera guy, shot the scene from several different angles, claiming he could somehow make the moment look sexy, despite Brian’s very vocal doubts. Finally, after about the fifth take, Ted had Emmett come back and add his dribbles of fake blood; two little dots to Justin’s long, pale neck, and a drip to the corner of Brian’s mouth. At least from a makeup point of view, it was perfect. Then the cameras started up again, and Chuck got several close ups of the both of them, with their new bloody additions, before they continued with their next lines. 

“I’m scared. I’ve never done . . . that,” Justin spoke the line, pretending to be a meek little victim as per the script.

“Don’t worry, I won’t impale you . . . with a stake,” Vamp Brian purred as he made a show of ripping off the boy’s shirt so he could kiss down the creaminess of Justin’s chest and abs.

Justin initially tried to resist the welling feelings of lust that arose as his co-star continued to lick and nip at his skin. He was still angry over Brian’s slights the day before, which was why he’d been so distant. He didn’t want to want Brian if Brian didn’t want him. But the more the Stud touched him, the more difficult it was for Justin not to just give in to the pleasure. Brian was a virtuoso when it came to sex. The problem was, Brian knew he had that power over others and used that advantage in ways that weren’t always nice - kinda like the vampire character he was playing right then. Justin didn’t want to reward him by once again showing Brian just how easily he could work Justin to his will. But it wasn’t easy to withstand the assault Vamp Brian was making when he sucked on Justin’s nipples like THAT.

“So delicious. No wonder I want to eat you, Little One,” Brian murmured so sexily, it made Justin’s cock twitch in his tight jeans. 

Meanwhile, Brian’s nimble fingers had already unhooked Justin’s belt buckle and, with one hefty yank, had pulled the whole belt free. Staying in character, he then used the leather belt, bent double, to create an audible smacking noise, much like the cracking of a whip. The unexpected noise raised goosebumps all along Justin’s neck and down the plains of his chest. He hated how sexy Brian was and the fact that his body was acting the traitor.

Following Daphne’s carefully crafted script, Brian reached down with one hand, hooked a finger into the waistband of Justin’s jeans, and then hesitated right before sliding the top button free. 

“If you want me, Little One, you have to give me permission to come inside,” Vamp Brian intoned, doing an admirable job of not cracking up at the silly line. 

“You have permission to enter me anytime, Master,” Justin said the next line of the script, cringing internally at how weak it sounded.

Brian growled - that part wasn’t in the script but it worked wall anyway - wrenched the fly of Justin’s pants downward, and forcibly spun Justin around like a top until the younger man’s face was pressed against the ‘wall’. Then, holding Justin in place with one hand, he used his free hand to roughly push the boy’s jeans low enough so that Justin’s ass was bared. Finally, again following the directions from Daphne’s script, Brian made a big show of lowering his own pants, rolling a condom down his straining cock and then, just as he entered Justin, he bit down on the youth’s creamy shoulder with an audible hiss. 

Yes, it was campy. Yes, the lines were so cheesy that they made everyone’s head spin. But at the same time, the scene was so hot that every dick and clit in the place was wet. 

What the stage crew didn’t see though, was that Brian really had bitten Justin with his fake Vamp teeth right at the same moment he’d breached Justin’s ass. The pain of those pointed teeth scratching across his flesh was almost enough to distract from the pain of Brian entering his ass without any real preparation at all. Justin was so shocked that he momentarily forgot it was all supposed to be an act. He screeched an unearthly howl of pain, while the cameraman zoomed in for a close up of his face, trying to capture the moment and what he thought was just amazing acting. 

But Brian, who was really getting into the spirit of things, was already plowing forward, thrusting into Justin’s ass with all his might and holding on with his teeth to the flesh of the struggling boy’s shoulder. If anything, the way the kid was trying to buck him off, made it even hotter. Not that Brian was normally into that kind of kink. He usually didn’t do pain or even bondage. Something about this scene, though, had really struck a chord. And the fact that he was finally getting a reaction out of his reluctant co-star, was heady stuff. So, the more Justin struggled, the more Brian fed off the sparks and the more determined Brian was to make this scene even more realistic . . . or, as realistic as a campy vampire sex scene could be, he supposed.

Finally lifting his head so he could reposition his body for even more leverage, Brian closed his eyes and canted his hips so that he would hit that precise spot that he knew would drive the boy wild. After a few more thrusts, he was sure it had worked. Justin’s bucking gradually turned into writhing and the howls of angry discomfort turned into moans of pleasure. Brian released his grip from where he’d been holding Justin’s hands up, pinned to the wall, and grabbed hold of the slim hips so he could pull the kid back in counterpoint to his thrusting. Damn that felt amazing! It was almost as good as the other day at the loft.

Of course, thinking about their photoshoot sex marathon brought up the whole morning after thing and exactly why Justin had been acting so cool last night and this morning. Brian sorta understood why the kid had reacted the way he did; Brian knew he’d been a bit of an ass when he virtually kicked the kid out of the loft like that. It hadn’t been intentional - more of a knee jerk reaction. He had just been so surprised at how quickly he’d let the kid get inside his protective walls. He’s long ago made a rule that he wouldn’t let himself be vulnerable, and was upset with himself for breaking that rule by letting the blond not only have a repeat but even stay the night. Those were definite no-nos in the Kinney Operating Manual. So, yeah, he’d maybe been a little harsh when he realized how far he’d fallen already and abruptly kicked the kid out, but it was only because Brian found himself more attracted to his young co-star than he wanted to be. It was better to keep the sex to working hours only. Of course, that didn’t mean Brian wouldn’t enjoy these work-related interactions, and the resultant time he got to spend with the enticing blond youth, to the fullest.

So, feeling a bit contrite - not that he’d ever admit to it - Brian let Justin go. He got on his knees. He grabbed hold of Justin’s hips and twisted the kid around so his back was to the half-wall, then took the plummy head of the kid’s luscious cock into his mouth and pulled Justin’s hips forward to meet his head.

Shocked at the abrupt change to the script, the position, and his mental state, Justin simply complied for a brief moment. Until Brian jerked him forward again and, gazing up at him pointedly, willed Justin to get with the program. The younger actor immediately caught on to where his companion was leading and nodded almost imperceptibly to indicate his agreement.

Justin had blown Brian several times, but as he looked down at Brian’s face, and the challenge issuing from his stare, Justin cottoned on to what Brian wanted. This was going to be different. And, since it suited his mood to take the lead - and take some of his frustration out in the same manner Brian had - Justin was fine with the change. He threw his scruples aside and proceeded to fuck Brian’s mouth for all he was worth. When, a minute or so later, Brian seemed a little overwhelmed, Justin laced his fingers in the auburn hair of his playmate and forced the older man’s head to stay where it was. Brian, figuring turnabout was fair play, acquiesced and let the youngster have his way. 

The force of Justin’s thrusts were nearly cutting off Brian’s airway, but he took it like a trooper. He moaned in pleasure as his cock got harder and Justin pumped faster and faster and faster until the youth pulled free and shot his load all over Brian’s shocked face. Brian recovered quickly; hard as a stone and cum still dripping from his chin, he stood and spun an unrepentant Justin back to the wall before slamming into his tender ass. Half a dozen short strokes later, Brian emptied himself with a grunt and a sigh, smearing jizz all over the back of Justin’s neck as he collapsed against the shorter bounce back. 

Needless to say, it was quite a climactic ending to the sizzling hot scene.

Panting for breath, Brian eventually managed to leverage himself back onto his own feet and pull out. He chuckled at himself and the ridiculousness of this whole situation; the job and the bullshit that came with it, not the least of which, was the kid he just couldn’t seem to get enough of, no matter how many times he told himself he should keep away. Oh well. What was a guy to do, huh?

Trying to remain professional and ignore the chaos of thoughts swirling through his head, Brian said his last line, “how about we take this back to my lair and I’ll show you what other delicious treats I have in store for you, Little One. Because, you know, I’m a vampire in the streets, but a real devil between the sheets.”

“And, CUT!” Ted yelled with a huge grin on his face as the entire set crew started clapping wildly. “Great job, guys. Really great. I almost believed the anger and fear there. Really amazing acting, guys! Thanks.”

Both Brian and Justin smiled absently at their boss and avoided looking at each other as they moved away from the set to get cleaned up before they did another take.



Chapter End Notes:

8/1/19 - Vampire scene is credited to Saje’s kids - although they couldn’t agree on which vampire template we should go with, so we sorta fudged on that part... Thanks go out to samcdee for proofing this before I posted. And, of course, Saje helped out with the sexy part at the end, because that’s her thing! Also, hello to all you lurkers who’ve come by the doc! Love the company while we write. If you want to sign in and chat with me, that would be even better. Thanks also to everyone on the FB group who posted ideas for a vamp porn story - sorry I don’t have time to write all of those great ideas. Now, what should we write next... TAG

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