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Chapter 6 - Good Cock, Bad Cock.

The scene showing on the green screen monitor today was that of a grungy urban alleyway. It was all wet, soot-smeared bricks, dark shadows and deserted piles of trash. The only props were the freestanding streetlight pole and the graffiti-covered mailbox set up in the foreground. Justin frowned at the set up as he walked past, unsure what he was going to be asked to do next.

Twenty minutes later he emerged from the dressing room, tricked out like a complete twink and even more concerned. He’d been dressed in low-slung but tight through the ass cargo pants, a very tight, midriff t-shirt and sneakers. Then Daphne had come in and forced him to sit still while she applied sparkly purple eyeliner and covered him in body glitter. This was really NOT Justin’s usual style and he was pretty fucking uncomfortable. He kept subconsciously tugging at the hem of the shirt as if to stretch it lower. For some reason, this costume bugged him more than even the silly King & I duds from earlier in the week.

Brian entered the dressing room right as Justin was leaving. The older man chuckled at his co-star, earning himself a scowl from Justin. It only encouraged Brian though, who let off an ear-splitting wolf-whistle as the blond boy toy slunk off. Brian watched him go until he could no longer see that pert, plump ass any longer, and then shook his head to clear it of the lust that the sight had engendered. He was seriously going to enjoy THIS particular scene.

Justin was still pouting when Brian came out a few minutes later, adorned like the sexiest cop anyone had ever seen. That sight effectively wiped the pout off his face as well as taking his breath away outright. The slightly too-tight, dark blue uniform pants were stretched tight across Brian’s crotch, showing off every single bulge underneath. The lighter blue shirt was likewise tight, but since it was almost completely unbuttoned, that didn’t seem to matter. The police cap, aviator shades and nightstick Brian was toting just added to the eroticism of the get up.

“See something you like, Thumper?” Brian drawled as he sidled past the now-drooling blond.

Even if Justin’s overheated brain had been able to form words he didn’t think he’d be able to get them out around the lump of lust caught in his throat. Instead, he just blushed. This, of course, caused Brian to chuckle sexily, making him even hotter in Justin’s eyes. And the tight chinos Justin was wearing really did nothing to hide the evidence of his attraction.

“Hey, guys. You ready for me?” Thor’s deep bass voice boomed through the haze of mutual attraction that had sprung up around the two main actors. “Damn, Aiden, you work that costume, man. I always love doing a good ‘hot cops’ scene, you know?”

Justin tore his eyes away from Brian to look at the newcomer. He wasn’t disappointed in what he saw there either. Hell, this job was gonna kill him; at this rate he was just going to spontaneously combust from sheer octane overload someday.

This morning Thor was decked out like a motorhead biker dude in gleaming black leathers from head to toe. He had the whole outfit: Muir cap, leather vest over a bare chest, skimpy leather thong paired with assless chaps, and industrial-looking black motorcycle boots that added another inch to his already towering build. Oh, and don’t forget the thin black leather armbands that accentuated each of his bulging biceps, the metal studded dog collar that wrapped around the thick column of his neck, and the fake nipple piercings that made it look like Thor had chunky silver bars through each tit. The makeup folks had even airbrushed on some vaguely sinister-looking tats to his chest and neck. The man looked dangerous and delicious all at the same time.

“Wow! You all look great!” Daphne declared as she bustled up to the group with a pile of scripts in her hands. “Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job! I mean, seriously, what could be better than getting paid to have all you gorgeous men act out my every fantasy? This can’t be real. Somebody pinch me.”

The men all laughed at her unbridled enthusiasm and Justin even snaked an arm around her waist in a long-familiar gesture of friendship.

“Living the dream, eh, Daphne?” Brian teased.

“Hell, yeah!” Daphne confirmed. “You have no idea how jealous all my friends are. They’d pay good money to get the chance to come watch you guys in person . . . hey, that’s not a bad idea, you know? I should talk to Ted about setting up studio tours. We could make a ton on money on the side doing that. I bet there’d be legal problems with live audiences though . . .”

Justin thought it was prudent to interrupt his best friend’s latest flight of fantasy before she had him performing live sex acts in Madison Square Garden. “Are those today’s revised scripts, Daph?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh . . . Yeah, sorry, here you go,” Daph returned to reality and began to hand out the scripts.

Justin took his copy and began to thumb through it. The dialogue was typical of any porn flick - inane - but who was he to criticize? He figured he could suck it up and mouth the ‘hey, baby, you like it like that’ drivel if he had to, even if it did curdle his stomach. Even the plot was cliched - although Daph would probably say it was ‘tried and true’.

“So, the basic scene is simple,” Daphne explained as the boys scanned through the day’s work product. “Jaysin is a young street hustler on the make and Thor is his willing customer. You two are going to meet up and start doing it there,” she points to the lampost, “using the newspaper box as a prop. Then, Officer Aiden arrives, sees what’s going on, and comes over to arrest you for public indecency. Only, Aiden changes his mind and decides to join the party and you end up with a lovely three-way chain fuck. Any questions?”

Justin was fine with the basic concept, but when he started delving into the specific stage directions, he immediately saw a BIG red flag.

‘Hustler bends over newsbox while leather daddy penetrates him from behind’.

“Uh, Daph, can I talk to you for a second.” Justin insistently pulled his friend off to the side of the room before she could voice any objection. “I . . . I can’t do this,” he hissed.

“What? What’s the problem now, Justin?”

“You’ve written it so that I’m getting fucked by Thor!”

“Yeah . . . so? This is porn, Justin. Someone’s SUPPOSED to get fucked, right? I don’t see what the problem is.”

“Look, Daph . . . You know I’m really not a bottom, right? I mean, letting Brian fuck me turned out to be fine - better than fine, actually - but that doesn’t mean that I’m comfortable just giving it up for anyone. You probably can’t understand because you’re a woman, but it takes a hell of a lot of trust to surrender control to another guy like that and, while I like Thor well enough, I’m just not ready to let him go there. And, besides, have you seen him? He’s hung like a fucking HORSE! That schlong of his is a menace. There’s no way I’m letting him gut me with it.”

Justin could see by the expression on Daphne’s face, that his argument wasn’t getting him anywhere. If anything, she seemed to be getting a little pissed off at him. By the time he got to the part where he was sharing his trepidation about Thor’s size, she was shaking her head and snorting with displeasure.

“Justin, enough! You are SUCH a drama princess sometimes. Sheesh!” Daphne spiked him with a razor-sharp glare. “This is your JOB, damn it. You can’t expect to keep getting special treatment just because I’m your friend. I’m not going to rewrite the damn scripts for you every time your delicate sensibilities are offended.” Justin tried to break into his friend’s diatribe but she was already on a roll and just rolled right over the top of him. “And DON’T try and tell me I don’t understand about giving up control when you’re having sex. I’m a woman, Justin. We pretty much always have to give up control and you don’t hear any of us complaining about it do you? You’re just going to have to suck it up, Buttercup, because this scene just won’t work with you topping Thor - it would ruin the whole esthetic.”

“But, Daph . . .” Justin whined, adding in a dash of sad puppy dog eyes to try and persuade her. “I’m just not ready for somebody like Thor.” Daphne’s gaze didn’t relent so Justin hedged a little. “Okay, fine, but . . . well, it’s just that . . .” Justin lowered his voice even more to the point she could barely hear him, “. . . he’s not Brian. And I thought . . . well, Brian was so good about my first time and all and . . . I thought I’d only have to bottom for him, you know?”

Daphne stomped her foot, she was so aggravated by her sometimes fragile flower of a friend. She didn’t want to be a total bitch or anything, and she understood that this was all new for Justin, but he really was going to have to grow a thicker skin if he wanted to keep working in porn. And this scene really wouldn’t work if she tried to switch it around - she just couldn’t see adorable little Justin taking the big, bad, biker dude in hand and topping him - that would be like a sweet little kitten fucking a gorilla. Nobody would believe that. What did Justin expect?

“Problems?” Brian cut into their exchange.

“Justin’s having issues with the script,” Daphne explained. “He’s . . . reluctant . . . to have Thor top him. But I don’t see how this scene will work otherwise.”

Brian glanced Justin’s way, noting that the kid was chewing at a corner of his lip with a faint air of anxiety and had wrapped a forearm across his waist in a protective gesture. Rolling his eyes, Brian decided to take charge and fix matters. “Give me the fucking script,” he ordered, yanking Daphne’s copy out of her hands and pulling the pen out of its spot nesting in the bushy brown hair behind the girl’s ear. “Okay. This is still workable.  See, we just change this a bit,” he scribbled out about half a page of text and wrote something different in the margin. “There. And then we add in this . . .” In less than five minutes, Brian had almost completely rewritten the screenplay that Daphne had labored over for two days. “There. Fixed,” he declared and playfully slapped the irate writer over the head with the sheaf of papers before handing it back to her.

Daph quickly scanned through the changes, adding a notation here and there, but as she read her previous frown slowly morphed into a smile. “Actually, this is pretty good. It works. Better, maybe, than what I had. Not bad, Brian. I didn’t know you were a writer.”

“After two years as a copywriter and another five as an Ad Exec for Ryder Advertising, I should damn well be able to write anything. Porn is just glorified marketing, after all. It’s all about placement - words, bodies, doesn’t matter - it’s just selling a different product.”

“Okay, well, let me just make copies of these changes and we can get started,” Daphne declared, already running down the hallway towards the offices.

“Thanks, Brian,” Justin started to offer his gratitude. “I guess I’m still a little uncomfortable with all this . . .”

Before he could get any further in his explanation, though, Brian just squeezed the younger man’s shoulder, offered up a knowing smile, and moved away. Justin watched as Brian strolled back over to where Thor was sitting in a chair off to the side of the soundstage and the two men picked up their conversation. Justin watched for a moment, feeling grateful even if Brian wouldn’t let him express the sentiment. He didn’t understand why it was that he was so against the idea of letting the beautiful blond giant top him, but he knew he just didn’t want that. After being with Brian, well . . .

A film stars.png

When the rest of the crew had finally finished going over the revised script the trio of actors took up their marks, waiting to start. Ted, who’d just arrived on set, took charge and yelled ‘action’. The warehouse went quiet, the background lights were lowered and the spots were trained on the scene, the fog machine was switched on, and the cameras started rolling.

Justin stood under the lamppost in all his twinked-out glory, a hip thrust out in invitation, and gave Thor an appraising look as the big man approached from the side.

“Looks like I found a tasty tidbit . . .” Biker Thor said, as he licked his lips and eyed Justin’s crotch at the same time.

Justin gave him a world weary glance, “I’m not dinner. But for the right price I could be a buffet.”

Thor let out a booming laugh, removed his hat and pulled a wad of cash from inside the hatband, then resettled the cap at the same rakish angle as before.

“Whaddya say, Lil Bit?”

Justin shrugged and took the money. He shoved the cash into his back pocket and promptly unzipped his pants, letting them bag below his hips, brazenly exposing his naked cock.

“Not so little, eh, Lil Bit?” Thor raised an approving brow and ran an interested hand down the generous appendage.

“Suck me off,” Justin ordered in a surprisingly bold tone that belied his appearance.

“That’s not what I want,” the biker said, squaring his shoulders and taking a step back.

“Of course it is. I know your type.” Justin tossed him a critical sneer. “Big leather Daddy like you - what you really want is someone telling YOU what to do for a change. So, suck me off.”

Justin gave the order in his best authoritative voice then glared until Thor backed down, bowing his head slightly in a visible display of submission. The giant then hefted the smaller blond onto the top of the newspaper dispenser and bent over slightly until he could take the teen’s peen into his mouth. Justin leaned back on his hands, his head resting against the vertical surface of the light pole, enjoying himself for several steamy minutes as the bigger man devoured his cock. Justin was enjoying it so much, actually, that he even forgot about the cameras angling in to get close ups of the action.

Before Justin could get off, though, they were both startled by the single, warning bloop, of a police siren. Thor jerked upright, following his cues, and Justin sat up straighter as well, both of them feigning guilty surprise as Officer Brian entered the scene. Justin was momentarily distracted from whatever it was he was supposed to do next per the script by the beauty of the man; completely sweat and swagger and just gorgeous. Justin’s fleeting thought - talk about an all you can eat buffet . . . he could eat that man alive.

“Gentlemen,” Brian said is his best naughty cop voice, slapping the nightstick held in his right hand into the palm of his left, making rhythmic smacking sounds as he surveyed the spectacle he’d discovered. “Looks like I’ve got you both on public lewd behavior and indecency. Shorty gets the added bonus of prostitution and . . .” Brian ran the nightstick down Thor’s exposed chest all the way to the side string of his thong “and maybe even aiding in the delinquency of a minor for you, Tough Guy.”

Both blonds tensed, as the script called for, then followed the cue to relax when Brian continued his lines.

“Buuut . . .” he drawled as if reconsidering, “I suppose I could be talked into forgetting all about it . . . under, or rather on top of, the right cir-CUM-stances . . .” His arched brow and sexy leer made the terms of the deal very clear.

Justin shrugged, as if he didn’t care one way or the other, but Thor bristled and gave a snarl. Brian stepped into the bigger man’s personal space with a snarl of his own, grabbed a beefy shoulder and physically manhandled the Biker back into position over the hustler’s lap python. Brian held him there with the fist still holding the nightstick in the center of the broad back, adding just enough pressure to reinforce who was in charge, as Thor obediently went back to sucking the little hustler off.

Brian grinned like a wolf, reaching for his cuffs with his free hand, and quickly snapping them, first onto one of Justin’s wrists, then tugging the twink’s arm down, under the Biker’s torso, to attach it to the metal ring on the front center of the leather thong Thor was wearing. As a result, every time Justin moved his arm, it would tug the front of the thong and therefore the Biker’s giant ‘throttle’. Since this part hadn’t been in the script, it took Justin a second to figure out what was going on, but when he did, he couldn’t help but smile at his scene partner. Brian’s grin went from wolfish to playful in under a second and he even managed a wink that, hopefully, wouldn’t be picked up by the cameras.

Brian fished a condom from his shirt pocket, rolled it on and announced, “that’s what I call witness protection, boys,” followed by a hearty chuckle.  “Cuz there IS no safety on MY weapon.”

Justin could barely contain his laughter at that corny line. He was still shocked that, after all the bitching Brian had done about cheesy lines, not only had he voluntarily said that one, but he’d written it as well. Justin could feel Thor’s smile against his cock and the bigger blond had to angle his head away from the cameras to conceal his amusement. As the two blonds made eye contact, Justin had to bite his tongue not to laugh out loud. When Justin made the mistake of looking in Brian’s direction, it was evident on the brunet’s face that he knew exactly what he had done and was entirely unrepentant. This seemed even funnier to Justin and he instinctively tried to smother his laughter with his hand. Unfortunately, it was the hand attached to Thor’s dick. And, since Brian had chosen that same moment to enter the big man’s ass, the prodigious thrust combined with the considerable yank to his crotch had the poor man gasping in shock.

Luckily, Brian covered the moment up with another of his extemporaneous corny lines. “You have the right to remain silent, dirtbag. Any groaning you do will definitely be used against you. You also have the right to have your ass pummelled by me until you scream. If you choose not to scream, I’ll just keep fucking you until you do. Now, groan if you understand these rights.”

Thor obediently groaned loudly enough that all the mics on the set picked it up. “Good choice. Now, spread em and take your punishment.”

“Shit! This stuff is fucking gold,” Ted exclaimed for at least the third time since they’d sat down to edit the day’s footage. “We’re gonna be so rich. So rich. So so so very rich. In fact, with a little extra editing, this stuff might be worth running on jerk@work.net.”

Daphne completely agreed with him. “No doubt. These guys have amazing chemistry together, don’t you think?” She moved the computer mouse around so that she could click on the screen, isolate and shave off thirty seconds of the main clip they were working on, then open another file and insert a ninety second clip taken from a different angle. “I think this shot is better. You can see a lot more of Brian’s dick in this one. And you also have a good angle on Thor’s blowjob in the background. What do you think?”

“Oh yeah. That’s definitely the money shot,” Ted declared rubbing his hands together gleefully as he once again contemplated all the dough he’d be making on this project. “I’m glad we made the guys go through the scene a third time - even though they complained like little girls. But the third time through they were definitely much smoother.  We might actually turn these two into porn actors after all, huh?”

“Maybe we should think about taking Brian on as a writer instead?” Daphne suggested as she continued to click away at the screen, perfecting the cut with every stroke of her mouse. “His idea about the handcuffs was brilliant. I especially liked the way Justin got into it near the end with all of those strategic yanks of his. To be honest, I think Brian’s edits made it even better than the scene I’d originally written. Even the totally corny dialogue is perfect. Who said porn can’t be funny? But seriously, Brian did a great job on those rewrites. We should see if he wants to collaborate on future scripts.”

“Hell no! Brian’s too fucking great in front of the camera to ever let him move around behind it. I mean, look at him,”  Ted pointed to the computer screen where a shot of Brian was currently displayed, the camera catching every single sinuous thrust of his hips and every glistening inch of his dick as he pulled out of Thor’s ass. “That man is the personification of sex. He could make my 90-year-old grandma spontaneously come just from watching those hips move like that. I don’t care how good his writing is.”

Daphne chuckled but she had to agree. “Okay, how about if I add just one more close up of Justin’s face here - see how blissed out he looks. Damn, that’s sexy. You can almost feel how good that blow job is just by the faces he’s making.”

“Fuck the face shots. What we need is more dick. ‘All dick, all the time’, that’s my motto,” Ted asserted, trying to grab the mouse away from Daphne so he could delete the millionth-and-three close up face shot Daph was trying to insert.

Daphne fought him off and quickly clicked ‘save’ so he couldn’t ruin her work. “Stop it, Ted,” she ordered, turning to face her titular ‘boss’. “This site is supposed to be for women, right? Well, women want more face shots. They want more emotion with their porn. And the way to show emotion is to show faces. Dicks are great, but you can’t tell how happy they are just by looking at them.”

“Like hell you can’t. When my dick’s happy you damn well know it - it stands right up and tells you,” Ted teased. “But I get your point. I guess. And you’re definitely more of an expert on what turns women on than I am, so I’ll defer to your feminine wisdom for the time being.”

Daphne clicked around for a couple more minutes until she was satisfied and then saved it again. “There. It’s perfect.”

“Of course it’s perfect - it’s Brian, isn’t it?” Ted joked with an amused shake of his head. “One more time from the top?”

“Like that's a hardship?” Daphne teased him back as she clicked on the ‘play’ button.

And for the next twenty or so minutes they both sat transfixed as the video played all the way through. They were both awed by how amazing the production had turned out. Justin had the whole innocent-yet-wanton twink thing down pat and the sweet joy on his face when he came was guaranteed to get their female viewers’ juices flowing. Thor was hot as hell and the perfect foil between Justin’s blond innocence and Brian’s suave practiced ease. And, of course, there was Brian and his magical hips. By the time they reached the end of the clip, where Brian was orchestrating a three-way climax with perfect timing, even the two producers were wet and breathless.

In the final moment, when Brian thrust as deeply as he could go into Thor’s ass, with the camera adroitly getting a wonderful top-down shot of the three of them showcasing not only the power of that move but also the lustblown faces of all three men, it was the very obvious and electric connection sizzling between Justin and Brian that stole the scene. The way their eyes met at just that second was brilliant and couldn’t have been scripted. Daphne thought she could see something in that look - something primal - and she wouldn’t have been surprised to find that it was that look alone that had driven them both to their final release despite the body of the big Viking imposed between them. That look was what Daphne imagined Nirvana felt like.

“I don’t think we can get better than that,” she declared as the video ended.

“I agree.” Ted leaned back in his chair, a little breathless still, and smiled to himself. “I think this one should be the video we open the site with. The others are good too, but this one . . . Well, it’s just got something. We’ll call it ‘Good Cock, Bad Cock’.” That got both of them laughing so hard they were almost crying.

“Excellent idea, Ted. And I agree completely about using this one to launch the site.” Daph pushed her chair back from the desk and got to her feet. “I’m bushed. Even if we did get amazing footage today, dealing with all you princesses all day is exhausting. I think I’m going to go home and have some quality time with my favorite dildo to celebrate. Oh, and I need to call my grandmother too - I think I’ll give her a subscription to the site for her birthday. Night, Ted.”


Chapter End Notes:

6/3/18 - How’d you like sexy cop Brian, huh? Total credit goes out to Saje for helping jump start us back into this story - she helped with most of the sexy parts of this chapter. Now, tell us what other fantasies you have that you want us to write about. Your wishes are our commands. Name it and we will (try to) write it. Or come by the Working Doc and write it yourself. Backdoor Adventures Working Doc. TAG

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