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Chapter 7 - Weird Science.



Justin was sitting in the back corner of the cafe, sipping at his latte and picking at the large slab of coffee cake on his plate while he scrolled through his social media feeds. His sketchpad was sitting open on the table, a half-finished drawing of Brian right on top. Every so often, when he’d look up from his phone, his eyes would land on the picture, and he’d find himself smiling against his will. He couldn’t help it.

“Hey, Jus,” his quiet breakfast reverie was disturbed when the other chair at his table was pulled out and a curly-haired interloper plopped down across from him.

“Are you stalking me or something, Daphne?” Justin moved his cup so that the woman would have some room for her plates and coffee too. “I mean, we not only live together and work together, but you spend your days watching me fuck. Are you now going to spend your off time watching me eat too?”

“Get over yourself, Justin,” the woman scoffed. She took a large bite of her buttery croissant and sighed with contentment. “Mmmm. That’s good.” Then, looking over at her table-mate she elucidated, “you know this is the only decent bakery between our place and work. A girl needs her breakfast carbs after all.” Justin shook his head but couldn’t help smiling at his always-upbeat friend. “So, are you glad your first week as a porn star is almost over?”

“Definitely. I never realized that having sex could be such hard work. All the retakes and the stopping and starting while they move the cameras around are tedious. I get why you have to do it, but it’s not easy to work like that. This job has certainly been eye opening, if nothing else.” Daphne huffed at the youth’s surprise but didn’t interrupt. “I’ll be glad to have a couple days to rest.” Then he lowered his voice and leaned forward so nobody sitting nearby could overhear, adding, “and my ass can use the time off too.”

Daphne snorted into her mocha and almost choked. “Poor baby. But don’t pretend you haven’t been enjoying it,” she replied when she’d recovered her composure. “I have the video to prove it.”

“Well, yeah. I never said I didn’t enjoy it,” Justin conceded with the beginnings of a blush tinting his cheeks pink.

“Damn, Justin. You are so easy,” Daphne chuckled at her old friend. “I’m glad you haven’t hated the experience, though. I didn’t realize you hadn’t . . . you know . . . before. At least Brian did a good job initiating you into the experience. He seemed really concerned about you at the time. And it looked like he took good care of you, right?”

“Brian is great. He was . . .” Justin fell silent, apparently too caught up in his memories to remember to speak aloud. It took Daphne kicking him under the table before the bashful young man came back to reality. “I know he comes off as all gruff and blustery, Daph, but the way he touches me . . . it’s so gentle.”

“Be careful, Jus.” Daphne reached out and laid her hand on top of Justin’s.


“I can tell you’re already falling for him, Jus, and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Justin tried to pull away from her, but Daphne held on and pinned him with a concerned look. “You don’t really know anything about Brian. And from what Ted tells me, he’s a major player. He’s got a reputation for being a total ass and all these rules about never having a relationship or even fucking the same guy twice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he was good to you for your first time and all, but I don’t think that means much. Please don’t let yourself get all caught up in some fantasy about the two of you falling in love or anything. Don’t set yourself up for disaster like that, okay?”

It looked like Justin was going to argue with her at first, but when she continued to glare at him, he eventually backed down. Justin knew it was a little silly of him to be so taken by a guy he’d known less than a week. Daphne was right - he didn’t really know anything about Brian outside of work and the one night they’d gone to Babylon together. He really was a romantic fool at heart. But he shouldn’t let himself get so carried away just because the guy had fucked him and was decent about it.

When Justin arrived at the warehouse later that morning, he could hear Brian yelling before he even made it all the way into the building.

“You have got to be kidding me! I am not wearing this shit! I look fucking ridiculous, Theodore.”

As Justin rounded the corner, emerging from the hallway into the soundstage proper, he finally got a glimpse of what was causing all this ruckus. Brian was standing in the middle of the room, decked out in the most out of character costume imaginable. The Stud had been completely transformed and was almost unrecognizable as the sultry, self-assured, predator that Justin had come to know.

To start with, Brian had been dressed in a hokey, too-tight, plaid button-down in a garrish salmon color, and brown polyester-blend slacks that were a couple inches too short, exposing the white socks and dark brown penny loafers on his feet. On top of this lovely ensemble, he was wearing a long white lab coat, complete with pocket protector full of pens on the left breast. The costume was rounded out by the addition of a pair of the nerdiest looking brown, horn rim glasses Justin had ever seen. He wasn’t sure if the tousled hair was a further attempt to make Brian into the ultimate Nerdy Professor, or if it was just the result of Brian anxiously running his hands over his scalp in consternation. But the crowning touch, in Justin’s opinion, was the sloppily tied red bow tie, which Brian was currently trying to tug free.

“I don’t know what kind of twisted fantasy your pet porn writer is entertaining, Theodore, but this is not sexy. Trust me on this. I know sexy, and this is not it. This is just weird,” Brian continued to complain vociferously.

Justin noted several members of the stage crew standing off to the side snickering behind Brian’s back. Okay, so it WAS fairly humorous. However, Justin didn’t think it was wise to let his amusement show.

“I have to disagree, Brian,” Justin intervened in an attempt to quell his co-star’s major league queen out. “I think you look kinda hot. You’ve got that whole sexy, nerdy thing going.” Justin walked around Brian’s back, surveying the Professor from head to toe, and letting the fingers of his right hand trail sensually down the taller man’s lats until they grazed over the slope of one firm buttock. “Oh, yeah, I can definitely see this working.”

When he’d finished his circumnavigation, he stopped in front of Brian, looking up at him with his best sexy smirk, one hand still resting a bit possessively on Brian’s ass. Brian’s expression seemed to have softened - just a little. He really was too easy - that humongous ego simply needed to be sufficiently placated and then the big Stud would be putty. And, oh, what Justin wanted to do with him once he was putty.

“Yeah, well, just wait till you’re dressed in your own nerd costume,” Brian replied, still prickly.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Bri, but you’re our only Nerdy Professor in this episode,” Ted explained. “Justin is going to be the Naughty Grad Student that seduces you.” Ted was outright laughing at the renewed outrage of Brian’s expression by the time he finished speaking.

“Oooo, I think I’m going to like this scene,” Justin declared as the makeup artist began to tug him off towards the dressing room.

When he emerged a few minutes later, Justin had been transformed into the perfect, preppy co-ed, complete with chinos, a button down shirt and a pastel blue crew-neck sweater. His hair had been slicked back in a college boy do. He looked eminently respectable and proper. And delicious enough to eat.

Daphne was there, ready to get her boys set up for the scene, as soon as Justin appeared. “You both look great. Now, we’re switching things up a little this time around - because our viewers, as opposed to the general population of porn consumers, like a certain amount of variety. So, today, instead of Brian being the aggressor, we’re going to let Justin take a turn.”

She led them over to the area in front of the green screen. In the monitors they passed, Justin could see that the background looked like a typical scientific laboratory, complete with counters filled with scientific gizmos, equipment and jars of chemicals. In reality, the stage itself was rather barren, with only a large, industrial-looking desk set up in the center. Justin thought the addition of several glass beakers and other vaguely scientific props was a nice touch, though.

“So, the basic premise here,” Daphne began to lecture them, “is that Justin is your student and he’s angling for a better grade in his chemistry class. You, Brian, are a completely clueless college professor. Justin’s going to try seducing you but you’re going to be oblivious to his advances until Justin simply takes you over the desk.”

“Whoa! Back up there, Sister,” Brian bridled at this direction immediately. “What the fuck do you mean, Justin takes me over the desk? What part of ‘I don’t bottom’ did you not understand the other day? I thought we’d resolved this issue.”

“Damnit, Brian.You seriously need to get over yourself already. We don’t have time for this again,” Daphne chastised, looking defiantly up at the man who towered over her petite frame by more than a foot. “I’m only going to say this one more time - you two are the employees here and, as such, you need to stop complaining about every script you don’t like. We are not going to rewrite every single scene to your personal specifications. Do you hear me?”

Brian looked like he was still going to argue the point. Justin thought about warning him against going head to head with Daphne, but then decided it was probably for the best if Brian learned that lesson on his own. Meanwhile the woman in charge fumed and huffed and glared at the big guy, effectively keeping him quiet even though you could tell Brian wanted to argue the point.

Finally, Daphne pronounced her final judgment. “You either want the paycheck or you don't, Brian, but . . . as a favor for your help on the rewrite yesterday . . . Fine. We’ll have Justin ride you instead. Will that satisfy you, Sir Topsalot?”

Brian frowned at the derogatory nickname but shrugged his concession.

With a little more direction and some minor changes to the scripts, the actors were finally walked through that day’s scene. Justin was supplied with a couple hefty textbooks and a notebook, as props, and told to enter the scene from the left. He recited his vacuous lines with as much enthusiasm as he could manufacture, internally groaning at the drivel, and glad that at least he wasn’t Brian in this scene. Brian’s lines were even worse than his.

“Mr. Pourne? Class doesn’t start for a half hour yet. How can I help you,” Professor Cockfoster asked, peering out through his nerd glasses.

“Actually, I was hoping we could help each other, Professor,” a perky Pourne drawled suggestively as he sidled around the Professor’s desk, seating himself on the edge right in front of the older man. “I was having a bit of trouble with the latest lab write-up and thought, perhaps, you might be willing to offer some PERSONAL tutoring sessions. I promise to make it worth your time, Professor.” Justin purred the title ‘Professor’ as he set aside his books and inched closer.

“Well . . . ahem . . . Of course, Mr. . . . Mr. Pourne,” Professor Cockfoster responded, pretending to be uncomfortable as he tugged nervously at his bow tie and shifted away from the importunate student. “What is it that you needed help with?”

“Well, Professor, I’m a little confused about the exercise on Standard Measurements. You see, I’m not sure if I . . . measure up . . . and I thought you could maybe check me and see?”

Justin stood up and turned so he was facing the seated Professor, his bulging crotch right at Cockfoster’s eye level. Then he ostentatiously rubbed at the front of his pants in the most suggestive way he could manage. Brian, trying to stay in character, cleared his throat anxiously and tugged at his shirt collar. In the back of the room, Ted and a couple of the other stage hands were giggling at the cheesiness like a bunch of schoolkids. Which, of course, made it even more difficult for Brian to maintain the guise of his bumbling teacher role.

“Shut the fuck up, Ted!” Brian growled, glaring at him.

“Cut!” Ted hollered back.

Justin stepped back, carefully hiding his own sniggering grin as Daphne marched onto the set. “Brian, you have to stay in character, no matter what is going on around you.”

Brian stood and paced a quick, frustrated, circuit around the desk, “Of course I’m not staying in character - I don’t know who the fuck this character is, Madam Director. I mean, shit, who the fuck is so obtuse that they don’t understand a pick up line the first time? Why all the repetition? I don’t know anyone this stupid.”

Justin thought Brian had a point, but he didn’t sign the checks, he just cashed them. So who was he to criticize?

Daphne grit her teeth. “Think ‘Clark Kent’, or ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ - whatever it takes to get you there - but I’m not kidding, Brian, you will do this. I’ve got a dozen other guys willing to step in if you pull out. Don’t test me.” She did an abrupt about face and went back to her seat.

Brian stared at the ceiling for a minute and muttered, “The only thing I pull out of is a parking space . . .”

Desperately, Brian tried to get himself into the ridiculous headspace of his character, but it wasn’t easy. This persona just felt so alien to him - he simply couldn’t relate at all - and he struggled to figure out a way to internalize the geekiness. Then, finally, a calm settled over him and a smirk creased his mouth as he came up with the perfect way to get in character; he would pretend he was one of Mikey’s comic geek friends. He’d met a few over the years that seemed like they’d fit the part. Yeah, he could do that.

They went back to their marks, and when Ted called ‘action’, Jaysin delivered his next line, “I think you use clothes as camouflage, Professor, like a chameleon.” He pulled the tab of the bow tie, unraveling it as he leaned in closer.

“Th-thats, uh, ahem,” the professor stammered, “biology. This is, uhm, chemistry,” clearly attracted but steadfastly oblivious.

“Damn straight it is. DAMN straight.” Jaysin pulled the tie off altogether, tossed it over his shoulder and rubbed his hard cock against the back of the professor’s hand where it rested on the arm of the chair.

The professor snatched the hand away, using it to push his glasses back up his nose, and had to tip his head back to look his student in the eyes. They were so close together, Jaysin’s hands now braced on the armrests, their noses almost touching.

“The experiment today is going to require a bunsen burner. You - you should set that up,” the Professor stuttered, trying to get the discussion back on point.

“I’ll light your fire anytime you want, Professor . . .” Jaysin murmured seductively.

“Ahem, well, yes, but, uhm, you are supposed to be experimenting with the melting point of various chemical compounds.”

“I’m more interested in finding YOUR melting point, Professor,” Jaysin stated boldly as he climbed into the teacher’s lap, placing one hand on either side of the Professor’s face and giving him a seriously hot liplock.

The Professor’s hands shot out to each side as if he didn’t know what to do with them. When Jaysin eventually pulled back from the kiss, Aiden innocently followed the motion, leaning forward with his eyes closed and his lips still puckered up, almost as if he didn’t want to let those lips go. When he couldn’t locate his goal, his eyes popped open to find a smirking Jaysin hovering over him with a hungry look. Whereby the Professor reached for the blond, pulled him in tight, and squeezed him hard.

Jaysin tossed him a knowing look, then pushed Aiden back with one hand in the middle of the educator’s chest. Professor Cockfoster looked around him as if he was confused and didn’t know what had come over him. Jaysin huffed a sexy little laugh and leaned back in to lick up the Professor’s throat, over his prominent adam’s apple, his jaw, and up the side of Aiden’s face, until they were nose to nose again.

“Looks like I found the catalyst for this particular chemical reaction, Professor,” Jaysin declared as he stood up and whipped his shirt over his head with one hand while unfastening his pants with the other.

The poor overwhelmed Professor stood up as well, putting his hand out in a ‘stop’ gesture as he backed away. “You can’t. We can’t. You’re my student . . . I-I-I could get in trouble for this,” Professor Cockfoster stammered.

Jaysin wasn’t going to be put off, though. The younger man stalked the retreating nerd, following him step for step, until Aiden’s back was up against the green screen ‘wall’ and he had nowhere else to go. Jaysin took the final steps until he was right up in the Professor’s personal space. He grabbed hold of the lapel of the lab coat, and used his new handhold to tow the escapee back towards the desk. Aiden put up a token resistance, but he was already under Jaysin’s spell so he didn’t fight very hard.

When they reached the desk, Jaysin pushed his Professor backwards until the larger man was sitting on the edge. Then the studly student leaned in and claimed Aiden’s mouth for a long, slow, deep kiss, pressing Aiden’s shoulders further down as he suckled the raspberry red lips. Eventually the Professor was forced to give in and lay all the way back, knocking several of the glass beakers to the floor in the process and then jumping when the crashing noise startled him. Jaysin used the moment to his advantage to peel the Professor out of his lab coat even as a timid Aiden tried again to struggle out of his seducer’s grip.

Jaysin simply leered and tossed the white jacket over his shoulder.

Arms out, trying to hold off his aggressor, the Professor took a deep calming breath and attempted to talk some sense into his erstwhile student one last time. Unfortunately, his mixed emotions were clearly displayed by a pronounced and anxious stutter along with a raging boner, so his arguments didn’t get him far. It didn’t help matters much that Jaysin seemed to be too busy trying to kiss him to listen.

“No more lectures, Professor,” Jaysin commanded as he started to undo the plaid shirt of his companion, revealing the unexpected treat of beautiful golden skin and well maintained musculature.

Flummoxed, horny, and overwhelmed, the Professor offered up a helpless groan and let his body go compliant. Jaysin reached for Aiden’s zipper, jerking it open and pushing the older man flat down onto his back across the desk in a single move. The ravaged brunet tossed a forearm over his face in an effort to pretend that this really wasn’t happening. He ripped it away a second later though, when reality reared its head. Well, lowered it’s head actually - right over his rigid prick - and sucked on it like a ramora on a shark. Shock had him pulling up his knees in a reflexive action, whereupon Jaysin yanked the Professor’s pants down to his dowdy shoes. With a little further struggle, Jaysin managed to swipe it all off the rest of the way, leaving the  somewhat prudish Professor lying across his desk as bare as an egg and completely at his student’s mercy.

Brian gave a shiver of anticipation which was not part of the act. He was secretly enjoying this aggressive side of his blond companion. Who knew Thumper had it in him? And, once he’d relaxed a bit and internalized the comic book nerd persona, he found he was sort of having fun with the play acting. Okay, it was completely out of character for him, but what the hell, right? If it allowed him the chance to see Justin in this new - and thoroughly enticing - light, he was all for it.

While Brian was still contemplating this surprising turn of events, he noticed a predatory gleam lighting up Justin’s eyes and a genuine grin breaking across the boy’s face. The little shit was definitely enjoying himself. Brian fleetingly wondered if he should be worried about this setting some kind of precedent?

Snatching a condom and lube from his pants on the floor, Jaysin climbed aboard the desk and mounted up, just as the Professor tried to sit up again.

“Stay,” Jaysin commanded and his bashful teacher complied.

Brian reached back over his head and grabbed the edge of the desk, expecting a rough ride, and thoroughly looking forward to it.

However, that was not what he got.

Instead of a fast and furious fuck, Justin had apparently decided to take his time. Bending down towards Brian’s nether regions, Justin slowly sucked him back to full hardness and then beyond, all the way to the edge of orgasm. Brian was on the verge of breaking out of character and demanding that the boy finish, when Justin sat up and quickly sheathed Brian. Then, without further ado, the younger man lined himself up, held Brian’s cock at the ready, and abruptly slid down its length until fully seated. Whereupon he took up an unhurried pace of rising, falling, and rolling his hips that had Brian moaning in pleasure without having to feign a thing for the cameras.

Careful to keep the rhythm, Justin leaned forward, softly taking Brian’s lips in a barely there kiss which the older man tried to make more intense, only to be rebuffed and taken softly again.

Brian got the picture and played along. Justin was going to do this his way. Brian figured it was the least he could do to reciprocate after all the new stuff his blond companion had been subjected to over the last few days. So he relaxed, letting Justin have his fun and enjoy his moment of being in charge. Plus, it worked with the scene they were supposed to be acting out, right?

The act that followed though, was not at all what Brian had expected. It wasn’t anything that anyone who had any familiarity with your typical porn would have expected. What ensued was something Brian didn’t think he’d ever been a part of regardless of how promiscuous his past had been. Because what followed was something that clearly went beyond the definition of just plain fucking.

Justin began by stopping all movement of his lower body and running his hands slowly, lightly, from the inside of Brian’s wrists, up his arms to his shoulders, over his clavicle, pecs, and abdomen, until Brian sighed and his eyes drifted shut. A hum of pleasure was barely picked up by the nearest mic as Justin leaned forward again and repeated the motion over and over until his scene mate was arching into his touch, reacting without thinking, and no longer conscious of the audience or cameras.

Justin rolled his hips forward and back as he took Brian’s lips again. He added a little more passion this time and Brian immediately responded with a hip roll of his own.

“Yeah,” Justin whispered against Brian’s ear. “That’s it, Brian. Just let me show you how I roll.” Brian was only able to groan in response.

After that, Justin kept it smooth and languid for several minutes until the most wondrous sounds started emanating from none other than Liberty Avenue’s most vaunted Stud. Holy hell, this kid was driving Brian crazy. He couldn’t believe such a neophyte could work his body so thoroughly.

Justin, meanwhile, was reveling in the way Brian was responding to his actions. Brian looked so sexy, completely engrossed in the attentions being showered upon him by the younger man. Who knew the big guy would be this responsive? Fuck knew, Justin was totally into it as well. And, with a quick, surreptitious glance to the side, Justin noticed that his actions seemed to be affecting everyone else on the soundstage almost as fervently. Apparently he was doing something right, so he decided to keep going the way he had been.

Repeating whatever seemed to bring Brian the most pleasure, Justin continued his attentions on the beautiful man. A lick up the long column of his throat, a slide of a patient hand over a taut nipple, each action followed by a whispered word of encouragement. Justin worked his partner until it all came crashing down, to Brian’s surprise, in an explosive climax.

Brian’s body tensed as he came with astounding force, in an orgasm so fierce he’d never before experienced anything like it. The power of the moment completely confused the overwhelmed the man, forcing a bewildered yet euphoric look onto his face as he slumped, gasping, back onto the desktop. It was that final look that ended it for Justin. His orgasm wasn’t as explosive but it was certainly satisfying, to say the least, and knowing he’d been responsible for Brian’s obvious gratification made it all the sweeter.

All Justin knew for sure, was that he wanted to be the one to put that look on Brian’s face again and again for the rest of his life.

Chapter End Notes:

6/5/18 - I would have loved having a chemistry professor like Brian . . . LOL. Today's fantasy was selected for you by our own Eureka1. Hope we did you proud, K! Also, the majority of these corny lines can be attributed to the wonderful Saje - blame her for the cheese! (I love you, Saje!) If you want to weigh in on what's planned for the next chapter, go check out the 'Hobbies' Poll we posted on the KD facebook page. Off to write more fantasies. TAG

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