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Author's Chapter Notes:

Wanna play doctor with our boys? LOL. Enjoy! TAG

Chapter 8 - Say Ahhhh!

Daphy: OMG! Ladies, you will NOT believe the scene we filmed today. Damn! I don’t even believe it and I was there! It was so hot I think my panties melted off.

You'reIt: Do tell. All the details. And I do mean ALL!

Daphy: I’m not sure words can do it justice. I mean, this scene was so fucking hot that the stage crew was masturbating to it. I’m not kidding. I, personally, tried to go hide out in the bathroom so I could take care of myself but I couldn't get in because it was occupied. So I headed back to the office, hoping to find some privacy there, and startled one of the sound tech’s jerking himself off in a corner behind one of the clothing racks. THAT’S how fucking hot this scene was, girls.

QueenT: No way. I’ve watched footage of behind the scenes stuff from porn shoots - it looks all clinical and boring to me. I can’t believe that the professionals who see this stuff day in and day out actually get off on it. They’re probably immune to porn.

Daphy: I’m not making this up. It WAS that hot. I can’t actually explain it, though. You’re going to have to watch to understand. But, please, do not share this video with ANYONE. If my boss knew I was letting anyone have a sneak peek before the site goes live, he’d fire me, then kill me, and then fire me again. But, here. Watch this: Sexy Nerds Video

The chat went silent for about ten minutes although Daphne noted that the icon of pretty much every member of the group had become active, meaning that they had all logged on and probably hit the link. She really shouldn’t be sharing the clip of Brian and Justin from that afternoon, but she couldn’t help it. She simply had to save that particular scene for her own home library collection. Now she could have more than just the memory of watching them to fuel her future fantasies. And, of course she was going to share it with her online homies. She knew these girls and they would love watching the video as much as she did. Fuck, who wouldn’t want to watch those two absolutely beautiful men making love with each other. Because that’s what it was - this wasn’t just porn, it was fucking art - you could tell from the expressions on these men’s faces that they weren’t just fucking by that point. They might not know it yet, but anyone watching could tell - THAT was making love.

It didn’t take long before the response from Daph’s friend confirmed that belief.

SkunkMama: That was so beautiful. I’ve never cried while watching porn before, but I can’t stop sobbing.

Duckie: OMG! I just can’t get over the expression on Jaysin’s face. That was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Whisky: Amazing cinematography too - I loved the way the camera zoomed in on their hands as their fingers intertwined. And the shifting rainbow lighting. Brilliant!

MrsHubs: Loved the scene, but that dialogue? Who writes this shit for you? I didn’t know whether to laugh at the cheesiness or spontaneously orgasm from the total hotness. Damn, I think I need to go change my wet panties. BRB.

Daphy: So it wasn’t just me? I mean, I thought maybe it was just the fact that I wrote the scene that made me like it so much. But you all see it too? Aren’t they perfect for each other?

Snowy: No. You aren’t wrong. Those two are absolutely brilliant together. I’m so jelly that you get to watch them in person. Please tell me that you’re going to introduce us some day. I would travel to the states for that. I bet Jaysin is a total sweetie in person - he just looks like the kind of guy I would love to hang out with.

SheLlaysya Wright: You can have him, Snow. I want Aiden! The things I could do to that boy . . . I bet he tastes like whisky and cigarettes. Think I could talk him into taking a walk on the female side, Daph?

Daphy: LOL! I don’t know about that. He’s pretty much a man’s man, if you know what I mean. But, if you want to try, we ARE going to have a launch party to celebrate the new site. I’m sure I could invite a few friends. But only if you promise my boss that you’ll subscribe to the site.

Sammi: Oh, yeah! I’m so there, Daphy. Count me in. Can I stay with you while I’m in town? Hold on, I’ll private message you.

Daphy: Of course you can crash with me. You’re all invited! We can have a naughty, porn-filled, weekend slumber party . . . Did I mention that ‘Jaysin’ is actually my roommate?

Shine: No. Fucking. Way! You said he was a friend of yours but you never told us you LIVED with that hunk of gorgeousness. Now I HAVE to come to this party too. I call dibs on Daphy’s sofa! Can’t wait to meet him. And Aiden too. Darn, now my panties are in puddles too.

MrsHubs: What the hell! Hubs has been offering to send me somewhere fun for my birthday, I might as well tell him I’m going to Pittsburgh. Should I bring my own air mattress? I’ll buy all the liquor! Hell, I will even do all the cooking . . .

You’reIt: I wanna go too! I’m ready to totally fangirl! Does your roommate mind if I stalk him? I promise I’m not dangerous. Not really. LOL.

StraightUp: If you tell me Aiden is going to be there, I might have to come as well. Hell, I didn’t really need that new air conditioner, did I? Besides, it won’t be much good if I keep watching the hot porn you’re getting us all hooked on, Daphy. I might as well be there than here. Count me in, too!

Daphy: Yay! This is going to be EPIC! I can’t wait to meet you all in person. We are going to party so hard . . . And I promise to do my best to get both Jaysin and Aiden to join us. We really do need to get these two boys together in real life. It will be our mission. A mission of love; uniting two soul mates who just haven’t realized their destiny yet. Fuck! This is going to be so fun! Maybe we can get them to do a private show. They could act out the scene I’m working on writing tonight . . . You guys are going to love this one . . .

Justin was still groggy when he arrived at the warehouse for work the next morning. It was Saturday, for fuck’s sake - he might have to be there but he didn’t have to be awake, did he? And fuck Ted for insisting they work on the weekend to make up for that missed day of shooting they’d cancelled because Brian had shown up too hungover and fucked out to film. Justin had really been looking forward to a couple days off so his ass could recover from all the unaccustomed activity.

Not that he was complaining, really, because he had to admit that he kind of loved the fact that he could still feel Brian inside him even a full day later, but he wasn’t going to tell anyone that. Knowing Brian, the Stud would just make fun of him and call him names. But, seriously, how could anyone be expected to have fucked THAT all week long and not feel it? Especially if you were still relatively new at this shit?

However, even the thrill of yet another go round with Brian’s ‘Anaconda’ couldn’t alleviate all of Justin’s exhaustion. Doing porn was absolutely exhausting. Who knew, right? But Justin WAS looking forward to getting his first paycheck; Daph had said checks would be handed out at the end of the day. Justin was going to use it to make a down payment on his fall tuition, which was already past due. He just hoped that PIFA would continue to work with him on the remaining balance. As long as he found some way to pay his account current before classes started at the end of August, things would be fine.

“Morning, Thumper.” Justin was greeted by Brian’s baritone drawl as he entered the dressing room. “Looks like we get to ‘play doctor’ today. Literally. Where does your friend Daphne come up with this drivel, huh?”

Brian shrugged on a lab coat similar to the one he’d worn the day before, but added a stethoscope draped around his neck this time instead of a tacky bow tie. He also clipped on a fake, doctorish-looking ID tag to his pocket instead of the pocket protector he’d had the day before. Justin thought Brian looked hot, although he missed the nerdy horn rimmed glasses - strangely enough, Justin had found those rather attractive. Oh, hell, what was he thinking, Brian was attractive no matter what the fuck he wore. And the costume would be stripped off soon enough, anyway, right?

“Why is she ‘my friend’ when you’re complaining about her writing?” Justin laughed as he rifled disinterestedly through the clothing options on his own costume rack. “It’s not my fault she writes this stuff. I blame it all on the local library’s liberal DVD selection policy. She was just fine before the day she binge watched that gay drama series she got at the library. I tried to tell her it was basically just soft porn. But after that she was completely addicted . . .”

“Hey! I only started watching that show because you’d just come out to me. I was trying to support you and show my solidarity,” Daphne interrupted, coming into the small dressing room with the day’s scripts in hand. “But you’re right about that cable show being my gateway drug - after that I was pretty much addicted and the next thing you know I had moved on to hard core porn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?”

“Whatever you say, Daph.” Justin laughed at his crazy, porn-writer friend and bumped shoulders with her affectionately. “Now, please tell me that I’m not going to have to wear some slutty Nurse costume for this sketch.”

“Of course not. I would never do something like that to you, Jus,” Daphne asserted, shaking her head at her doubting friend. “I’ve cast you as Dr. Aiden’s young and inexperienced intern. He’ll need to show you how to ‘operate’. Trust me - it’ll be great. Now, hurry up and get into something doctor-like. I’d like to get out of here early today so I can enjoy what’s left of my weekend.”

Brian followed Daphne out, his nose in the script as he mumbled disparaging things about the day’s scene. Meanwhile, Justin took his friend’s advice and selected what he thought would be appropriate off the clothing rack. When he emerged from the dressing room, clad in his own white lab coat, he found Brian sitting next to a handsome newcomer dressed only in a fluffy white terrycloth robe.  

The new guy was quite a treat for the eyes. The man was a little older than Justin, but probably not more than twenty or so. He had a handsome face, full lips, high, almost oriental cheekbones, and strangely light-colored, penetrating eyes. His head was shaved, which only made the guy look even more exotic. He was also well built, although it was a little tough to tell how well-built due to the camouflage of his robe. What he could see, though, made Justin’s mouth water. He loved the dark color of the man’s skin, an almost chocolate brown, and knew that the contrast between their two skin colors would probably look fantastic on screen. Justin couldn’t wait to test his theory by touching the beautiful man.

“There you are, Justin,” Ted waved him over to the side of the stage where they were all sitting. “Come meet your co-star for the day.” When Justin was near enough the new boy stood up to greet him, holding out his hand. “Jaysin Pourne, this is Dick Blackwood.”

“Please, call me Malik - I hate that stage name my Ex thought up for me. If I could, I’d have dumped the damn name the same day I dumped my boyfriend. Unfortunately, my fans all know me by it now, so I’m stuck with it,” the gorgeous young man demurred as he took Justin’s pale hand in his own dark chocolate one.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Malik,” Justin replied, enjoying the feel of the man’s warm grip. “And you can call me Justin - I didn’t pick my silly porn name either.”

“Personally, I still think you should have gone with ‘Thumper’ - it totally suits you,” Brian cut in, ignoring the dirty look that he got for spreading the annoying nickname.

“I don’t care what you all call yourselves, just so long as you get your asses in gear so we can get this scene filmed,” Ted added, gesturing towards the stage where a hospital bed had been set up in the middle of the green screen area.

The boys followed the boss’ directions and made their way onto the set. Malik immediately pulled off his robe, exposing the fact that he was completely naked underneath, and took up a position lounging on the hospital bed. Justin was awed by the man’s perfect, muscular body, not to mention the bevy of interesting tattoos that covered his arms and back. The palms of his hands itched to touch that beautiful skin, outlining each line of ink, until they made their way downward to the plumpness of that flawless ass. Justin was practically drooling but he simply couldn’t help it. Damn, there really were some amazing perks to this job.

“Okay, the basic premise to this scene is that Mr. Blackwood is your patient and Doctor Cockfoster and Doctor Pourne need to see to his needs,” Daphne explained, unable to keep back a giggle at the silliness of the sketch even though she herself had written the scene.

The group ran through their lines briefly and took note of the general blocking that Ted and Daphne wanted to see. The camera man added a few last minute requests that would help him get better angles with this type of setup. And then the actors were set loose to do their acting thing.

Malik resumed his position lying on the hospital bed while Brian and Justin walked off set. The lighting was adjusted and then Ted called ‘action’. Brian walked onto the scene, carrying a clipboard which he was using to make important notations about the patient - which, Justin could see from where he was standing behind the other man, involved an amateurish drawing of a dick.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Blackwood,” Brian intoned with his best bedside manner and his sexiest glance at the patient. “I’m Doctor Cockfoster and this is my intern, Doctor Pourne,” Brian introduced himself and his student while the patient looked up at his doctors with an approving gleam as he licked his lips hungrily. “We’re here to take care of you, son. Now, what seems to be the problem?”

“Thank goodness you’re here, Doctor Cockfoster. I really need you,” Malik voiced the cheesy lines, doing a pretty good job at not giving in to his own laughter. “I’m so hot, Doctor. I don’t know what’s wrong. Can you help me?”

Brian handed off his clipboard to Justin and walked around the hospital bed, leering at the sexy patient waiting there for him. He let his left hand trail down the naked flank of the patient as he passed by, causing Malik to shiver from the tickling touch. You could almost see the predatory hunger emanating from every line of Brian’s body. But who wouldn’t want to eat up that piece of yummy, chocolatey goodness?

“I see. That certainly could be a problem,” Brian intoned and then looked to Justin for assistance. “Dr. Pourne, I think we might have to do a full internal exam. Would you like to take the lead on this one?”

Justin strutted over to his mark at the foot of the bed and tossed the clipboard onto the mattress. “I’d be more than happy to take on this case, Doctor.” Then, without any real warning, Justin ran his hands down the patient’s legs, from Mal’s muscular thighs all the way to his feet, grabbed hold of the man’s ankles, and gave a strong enough yank to bodily pull the other actor all the way down the bed till his ass was right at the edge of the mattress. “Now, open wide and we’ll take a look,” Justin ordered, groaning internally that he was being forced to say these horribly cliched lines. “Uh oh. I’m afraid you’re right - you’re seriously hot,” Justin admitted as he let his hands roam back up the patient’s well-made thighs.

The poor patient simply laid there and moaned as the intern’s sure hands performed a thorough examination.

“Doctor Cockfoster, I think this man is in serious danger of overheating. He needs our help, STAT!” Justin cried out right as his hands found their way to the patient’s cock.

Unfortunately, that line was too much for Brian, who was unable to to hold back the almost girlish giggle that erupted.

“Cut!” screamed Ted angrily. “What’s the problem now, Brian?”

“You can’t seriously expect me to maintain an erection while listening to this shit, Theodore! Hell, this isn’t porn, it’s pure CORN!”

That declaration got the rest of the cast and crew laughing as well. Before long, the entire studio audience was giving in to their amusement. And in the face of all that, even Ted let himself chuckle a little.

“Okay, okay,” Daphne relented, wiping a tear of mirth from the corner of her eye when she’d finally managed to control her own laughter. “I’ll try to dial back the humor in future scenes. But for now, can we just get through this so we can all go home for the weekend?”

The actors took some deep breaths, eventually composing themselves. Daphne and Brian consulted over the script for a minute or so, scrapping some of the more egregious lines. Then they all took up their positions on the set once again. It wasn’t difficult, looking at Malik’s rugged beauty, for Brian and Justin to revive their arousal. And then, when everyone had finally overcome the momentary attack of giggles, they took up their lines again.

“Wait. I think I’d like a second opinion,” Mr. Blackwood requested, looking imploringly at Brian.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” Brian announced, moving around to the head of the bed so he could lean over and take Malik’s pouty lips in a sensuous kiss that the cameras made sure to get in a close up. “It’s my professional opinion that you taste delicious. Now, tell me, how does your prostate feel?”

“I don’t know, Doctor. You tell me,” the patient panted, adding in a nice little wiggle with his ass so that nobody would be in doubt about what type of exam he was angling for.

“Doctor Pourne, would you do the honors,” Brian drawled, with a smoldering look at his scene partner.

Justin took that as his cue to unbutton the white lab coat he’d been dressed in, throwing it off along with his shirt, and then quickly undoing his belt and fly as well. Brian was busy up at the other end of the bed, kissing Mal and adding the occasional flick to his dark brown nipples every so often. As the patient wriggled and moaned, Justin made quick work of sheathing himself with a condom.

“I’m ready to begin the procedure, Doctor Cockfoster,” he announced as he lifted Malik’s calves to his shoulders.

At the other end of the bed, Brian had Malik’s wrists pinned firmly above the patient’s head while Justin covered and coated his cock before slowly sliding inside.

Brian kept an eye on Justin’s progress and as soon as the blond was embedded he shoved his tongue deeply into the darker man’s mouth, upside down, making him moan with pleasure.

Justin had made no more than three sure strokes, though, when Brian’s head popped up from its plundering. “No, no, no, Doctor Pourne. We’ve had this discussion before. Your diagnostic skills are exceptional, but you need to work on your technique here.”

“Maybe you should give me another demonstration, Doctor. You know how I love to watch you operate.”

“Well, I suppose, if the patient is agreeable?” Malik moaned his approval of the idea. Brian took one last sip at those expressive lips before he moved around behind his student intern. “That’s right, Doctor. See, you insert the instrument nice and slow, taking care to get the proper angle.” Brian voiced the lines as he took hold of Justin’s hips and guided him as he slowly sank his cock deeper into Malik’s ass. “Good. In and out. Slowly. Take your time. That’s better,” Brian coached his co-star as Justin slid into and pulled out of Malik’s widely-stretched hole, thoroughly enjoying the tingling ripples of friction caused by every single motion.

“Yes, Doctor. I see now,” Justin rasped, the words tapering out with a long, slow, contented sigh. “Oh, yeah. That’s much better.” It seemed the patient was in full agreement, if his labored breathing was any indication.

Brian reached down and stroked Justin’s naked ass cheeks. “That’s right. See how proper - or improper, as the case may be - technique works in tandem with our diagnostic quest, Dr. Pourne?” Justin continued his examination of Malik’s prostate as he nodded, somewhat mindlessly. “A dedicated medical team will always find the problem,” Brian said as he sheathed his own cock and plowed into a distracted Justin on the next instroke. “It’s all about cumming to the right conclusion.”

The not-so-fully-conscious-at-this-point patient bucked impatiently against his dedicated medical team, pretty sure this was the best fucking examination he’d ever had. Meanwhile, Justin was struggling to keep his rhythm as he felt Brian’s cock sink again and again into his overly sensitive hole. He wanted to play this out long and hard for the camera, but wasn’t completely sure he’d be able to do that. The sensation of being the man-in-the-middle was pretty damned intense! He could almost feel Brian’s smirk as his own legs shook and his breathing became erratic. No. Definitely not going to make the long and hard list on this one.

It took only a couple more thrusts before the dark beauty of the man he was fucking, and the spine-tingling fucker behind him groaning at the same time, put him over the edge. Justin was suddenly cumming loudly, setting off a chain orgasmic reaction as first Brian and then Malik followed him into their own releases.



‘Oh, yeah. Time for Take Two’, Justin thought with a smirk that might have rivalled one of Brian’s.

“Excellent work, gentlemen,” Ted exclaimed, clapping along with the rest of the onlookers. “Now, this time, I want you to make it more heated and less humorous . . .”

A film stars.png

“Wow! That was pretty phenomenal,” Mal complimented as Justin gave him a hand to help him up off the bed. They’d only had to film the scene three times before the director and the camera crew were satisfied that they’d got all the right angles, so they were done pretty early in the day. “I’ve done a lot of porn in my day, and it’s rarely as pleasurable as it looks. But I gotta say, this time, it was actually damn good. You two are great fucks.”

“Thanks,” Justin replied, feeling a little bashful at such a compliment from someone with so much experience.

“That was nothing. You should see me when I’m not getting interrupted a hundred times in the middle of my favorite pastime.” Brian, apparently, had no trouble taking a compliment when it came to his fucking skills. “I’m not known as the Stud of Liberty Avenue for nothing, you know.”

“True,” Mal smiled at the ‘Stud’ and gave him a saucy wink. “Still, I’m sure the fact that you get to work with your partner makes it even better. I’ve never worked with a couple before, but no doubt it helps you get more into the feel of a scene. How long have the two of you been together?”



Justin and Brian spoke at the same time, both seeming confused by Mal’s observations.

“You’re not a couple?” Malik surmised from their puzzlement that he might have overstepped. “I just thought, because of your obvious chemistry and how well you two work together, that you were a thing.”

“We are definitely NOT a fucking couple,” Brian insisted adamantly, taking two steps back away from where he’d been standing at Justin’s elbow to prove the point that they weren’t together. “I don’t DO couples or relationships.”

Justin laughed nervously, unsure if he was offended by Mal’s assumption or saddened that Brian had rushed so quickly to correct the misconception. “We only met each other this week. Monday morning, to be precise.”

“Well, sorry if I assumed too much,” Malik was quick to apologize, “but you’d never know you two had only just met, judging by the chemistry between you two. I mean, the way your bodies worked in tandem during that fuck, not to mention the heat when you guys kissed . . .”

“Yeah, well, don’t let my acting fool you,” Brian maintained.

“It’s cool, Dude.” Malik shook his head and accepted the robe that Justin picked up and handed him from where it had been left on a nearby chair. “So, I guess that means it won’t be a problem if I ask Justin out, right? Because I definitely didn’t get enough of you, Dr. Pourne. Who would have thought that a little twink like you would have that big a package hiding out down below? Any chance I could talk you into making a house call, Jaysin?”

Green wasn’t Brian’s favorite color, nor his best look. But he was definitely beginning to feel a little green poking into his field of vision. Thumper being asked out by that deliciously tasty piece of prime rib was . . . wrong. Just all kinds of wrong. Brian was pretty sure the little twink, neophyte that he was up until this week, would decline the invitation - at least until he saw the bright smile break out across Justin’s face. What the fuck?

“I’d like that, Malik, but I’m too tired to put the effort into a date tonight. It’s been a long week and both my ass and my dick have had quite a work out. Another night maybe?”

“I’m kinda bushed, too, so we could just head to my place and I could whip up some of my world-renown white bean hummus and veggies. No need to be on our best behavior and we don’t even have to change clothes. I think we have the ‘getting to know you’ phase all wrapped up,” Mal said with a surprisingly shy smile. “Don’t you?”

Justin’s smile just got wider, much to Brian’s chagrin. “Then let’s go. Never let it be said that I turned down world-famous food of any kind or at any time!”

Brian watched agog when Malik slung his arm across Justin’s shoulders as the two younger men sauntered toward the parking lot. “Fuck,” he whined. He wasn’t feeling jealous because Justin was going on a ‘date’ with someone. He wasn’t. He would swear to that on a stack of Prada catalogues. No. It was just that, if Malik was going to fuck one of them, it should be him going home with Mal - not Justin. Yeah, that was it. No jealousy involved. None.

But even Brian new better in the deep, dark, locked-down-tighter-than-a-virgin’s-ass recesses of his psyche.

There was a reason he never visited those places.

Chapter End Notes:


6/18/18 - Credit for the Doctor fantasy goes to loyal reader, Glo - hope this got your panties all puddled, girlfriend! Thanks also go out to Saje for helping with the corny doctor lines and Soirsagrey for suggestions about the girls’ chat scene. So, did anyone enjoy the return of Malik - he’s one of TAG’s persistent fantasies... Next up, we’re gonna incorporate all your ideas about hobbies the boys might have! TAG & NoChaser.

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