Life As We Remember by starlight


Justin came by the gallery with Hunter and Gus in tow. We already talked to Linda about Jenny, and found out since I already was approved as a foster parent, it was just a matter of asking to have Jenny placed with me. I’d just gotten back from talking to the social worker who let me know she recommend it, and if I wanted to adopt her we could also get that started after. I wanted to tell her to go ahead, but was giving Mel time to show me she was strong enough to fight for Jenny. If not, I had no problem with raising Jenny girl.

Gus was playing on the floor, with the toys Justin brought for him. It seemed Justin had a question, but we’d been busy getting Gus settled in and talking to Hunter about school. We agreed to wait until my mother and Kitty came by to get Hunter and Gus. Hunter tried to tell Justin he was going to hang out with Bree, but Jen let him know that Bree was at school and he needed to start looking into it himself. When Mom and Kitty showed up, Emmett ran to his office, telling his mother he’d talk to Drew about coming to dinner at the restaurant Mom arranged for all of us to go to for Gus’s party.

“I plan to take Gus to get him clothes, if you think of anything else you need, call me.” Mom tells me.

“Beth, it’s not like we don’t know they need everything, so just make sure there’s room in the house for the many things you don’t have for Gus.” Kitty tells us.

“I’m picking up Jen on the way.” Mom tells Justin.

“Nana?” Gus asks Justin.

“I prefer Grandma, but if he wants to use Nana, it’s fine.” Mom tells us, not understanding, but she will when Gus sees Jen.

“Gus, how about Grandma for Dada’s mom.” Justin points at my mom.

“Gamma.” Gus nods, going to my mom.

After they left, Justin asked me and Emmett if that wasn’t going to be all kinds of fun.

“They’ll just assume he’s being confused by new people. It’s not like he can tell them.” Emmett tells us.

“Let’s hope they don’t run into Deb.” Justin tells us.

“What did you want to talk about last night?” I ask.

“Who is Michael’s soul mate?” Justin asked.

“Connor James, why?” I ask.

“Wasn’t he the one, Justin?” Emmett asks us.

“Yep, but it wasn’t like it was anything more than what Brian and I did all the time.” Justin tells him.

“But you could see why Michael wouldn’t be thrilled to meet his soulmate. Then again, he spent years thinking he and Brian belonged together.” Emmett tells us.

“Maybe if Michael could meet him, then he’d understand if he remembers, what he knows would do to us. Why didn’t you at least try to get him to meet Connor after he and Ben broke up in the last life?” Justin asks.

“There wasn’t Rage, so Brett never showed up. Vic also said Michael missed the opportunity when he sent you instead of going himself. There are places things have to happen, like we learned. That streetlight is always where you and I meet, and Gus usually comes into my life the day we meet. Ben said he has to meet his soulmate in Tibet. Drew always seems to be in the closet when he and Emmett meet. Ted and Blake seem to be the only ones that just meeting was all they had to do.” I tell him.

“Which really isn’t fun, except that the press knows my Mother enough to know you don’t piss her off unless you want to hear no comment from her friends.” Emmett tells me.

“I think with Ted, he has to be in a place where he’s confident in himself. In this life he was already there.” He tells me. “But how do we get Michael to the place he needs to be in order to meet Connor, since there’s no Rage?” He asks.

“We don’t have a clue how they were supposed to meet. Was it supposed to be Brett introducing them? Which would be likely since Michael was never one to go after what he wants.” I tell them.

“He went after Ben, in both lives. When you think about it, Ben resisted both times, until Michael ran after him.” Justin tells us.

“Only this time he’s stuck up Ethan’s ass, and doesn’t even look at other men.” Emmett tells us.

“I wonder where David is this time. It’s about when Michael would have met him. Which at least would follow something we know.” Justin tells us.

I looked up David Cameron to see if he was even in the area, it was one person who at least distracted Michael from me. I checked to see if there was a picture, because the David Cameron I found was a homeopathic healer, not a chiropractor.

“He’s a healer?” Emmett laughed.

“That could be a problem, since Michael wasn’t even into the whole Buddhist thing with Ben. But he did take me to see a chinese herbalist that Ben used.” Justin tells us, snickering.

“That yak shit didn’t work, which made me wonder about you listened to Michael.” I tell him.

“It was just a thought, to at least get Michael to dump Ethan. It would make it harder for Ethan to get anything from Michael if they weren’t together anymore.” He tells me.

“I don’t get how they managed to get together. Unless Michael no longer is into comics like he was. It’s something Ethan would be unhappy to have to listen to.” Justin tells us.

“It didn’t change, Michael couldn’t leave that behind no matter what life he lived.” Emmett tells us.

Justin started giggling, and then couldn’t tell us what he was thinking when he wouldn’t stop laughing. “What… do… I… do… now?” He finally gets out, still not making sense.

“I heard thinking about something that upsets you helps.” Emmett tells him.

“You publish books.” I tell Justin, understanding him.

“Oh, you meant what you do for a living.” Emmett adds, not helping to get Justin under control.

I got up and yanked a laughing Justin to me and kissed his laugh away until it turned into moaning and forgetting where we were. Justin’s hands started undoing my pants and mine were going towards his ass to lift him to the desk, when Emmett made a noise that had us both turn to look at him.

“Don’t mind me.” Emmett tells us, smirking.

“Oops, okay so I publish books, but not exclusively.” Justin tells him, letting me go.

“Okay, but what does… oh, okay, but he hasn't even had a reason to write one.” Emmett tells him.

“Would you, if Ethan was your inspiration?” I  grumble, not happy to still have my hard on.

“If Michael is as in love with Ethan as everyone thinks, then it's something Ethan wouldn’t encourage that Michael likes. All of Michael’s life he tried to fit in, changing himself to project the person he was with. He probably leaves it alone when he’s with Ethan, but Michael would still be thinking about it.” Justin tells us.

“Until you drew him a superhero, he didn’t see it as possible.” I tell him.

“I can still draw, but since you aren't going to be someone who Michael sees as hero, I think it's Ken’s turn to help the cause.” Justin tells me.


Brian didn’t see me spending any time around Michael as something to do. I closed his office door, kicking Emmett out.

“It's still not going to convince me.” He tells me, helpfully unzipped.

I moved his chair back and started working to convince him, that it was a very good idea. He was still hard, which made my job, taking him to satisfied. I took him down my throat then came up until the head was still in my mouth, then swirled my tongue around it before taking him back in. Brian wrapped his hands around my head and began pumping his hips in time with him entering my mouth. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but he wanted more and lifted me to his desk, grabbing a condom and entering me all the way. His pace was fast, knocking papers off the desk as I shifted with his thrusts. He stroked me when he was getting closer and I came as he hit the right spot with each of his thrusts, then milked his cock with my ass until he came.

“I still don't agree.” He tells me, pulling out.

He didn’t stop me, so I figured he didn’t like the bomb that was Michael counting down on our heads. Emmett joined me, telling me that we might need to soundproof the offices. Which had us both laughing when we walked in the diner. Michael was sitting in the booth as Ethan glared at us. We chose another booth, and I started drawing Ken on a napkin. Deb came over to see what we wanted.

“That looks like one of the characters in the comics Michael reads all the time.” She tells me, taking our order and heading to put it in.

Emmett was watching Michael when Deb said it as loud as she usually said things. “Now their arguing.” He whispers.

“I don’t want to spend time with your friends, I promised Aunt Deb I'd hang out and help her today. Why not see if one of your friends can get you a job.” Michael tells him.

“We agreed that until my book…”

“Which no one wants, so how about instead of chasing Ben around, you help out.” Deb tells him.

“We went out for one night, what's the big deal?” Ethan asks Michael.

“The big deal is that I had to ask Deb and Vic to help pay the rent because you don’t seem to remember that we aren’t rich, when you were buying all night with Ben.” Michael tells him.

“If you hadn’t been working as usual I would have planned something for us, but you couldn’t get out of kissing your bosses ass for a promotion, that once my book sells you won’t need.” Ethan argues.

“It’s called overtime, that apparently all went to your night with Ben.” Michael yells at him.

“Are you jealous that Ben might want me?” Ethan taunts.

“It would mean your Ben’s headache, and not Michael’s. I really see it as a win.” Deb tells Ethan.

“Aunt Deb.” Michael warns.

“Don’t act like this doesn’t affect me, last night was supposed to be dinner with Carl, not Ethan showing up trying to convince Carl he’s a writer, or you sitting at the table treating Carl like he didn’t belong in my house. My boyfriend isn’t going anywhere, regardless of you thinking that acting like a spoiled brat was how I taught you to behave.” Deb tells them.

Ethan stomped out the door, leaving Michael to deal with Deb. Obviously it wasn’t the love story Michael thought, because he almost looked relieved that Ethan left.

“Michael, it’s time to stop living like Ethan is the only man in the world for you.” Deb tells him, bringing our food to us.

Michael got up, about to go, but stopped when he saw the napkin I laid next to the end of our table. “It does look like something you would see in a comic.” Michael says, sitting down next to Emmett.

“I was just messing around, when I go to Brian and Emmett’s gallery, it makes me want to draw.” I tell him, once again seeing how Michael forgets everything else when it comes to comics.

“I like comics.” He said, as if he was admitting to killing people.

“Too bad there aren’t any good ones left. I was telling Emmett that I never bothered to get in the comic business because they were all the same.” I tell him.

Michael launched into all the comics he loved and why they were better than a lot of the newer ones. When he got to Captain Astro, I finally put my opinion in.

“I think if they want to say Captain Astro is gay, it shouldn’t be implied, but out there.” I tell him.

“No one wants to read that their hero likes men.” Michael tells me.

“It’s not impossible to believe, at least it would show people that their hero’s could still be heroes even if they were gay. It would give kids who don’t have anyone to identify with a person who is not only successful, but still able to do things that the world stereotypes gay men or women as being unable to do.” Emmett tells him.

“I guess, but I couldn’t draw like that.” Michael tells us, thinking about it.

“There are students at PIFA who would be jumping at the chance to do something like this.” I tell Michael, not planning to help again.

“It sounds like fun, but I barely have time to eat lately because I’m working all the time.” Michael tells us, getting up to leave.

“If you do try, stop by and I could help you possibly get it published.” I tell him, hoping I didn’t take it too far.

“Why would you want to help me?” Michael asks.

“It’s just something we haven’t seen in the mainstream. I wouldn’t mind seeing if it could become big for being something new.” I tell him. “Artists don’t make money unless they have a body of work. You’d probably have a lot of people wanting to do it.” I tell him.

He left, but the gleam he had that morning when he wanted me to help him was there.

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