Life As We Remember by starlight



Marilyn wasn't happy when I showed up alone. I don't think she gets that neither Brian or Justin ever do anything without being able to see all the possible outcomes. They might not be psychic like she is, but if I wanted to get away with something, they're the two I'd ask how to do it. I ignored her grumbling, while we waited for Brian to get back. I was not really worried about the other Brian showing up, since he took Justin home with him.


“You should worry, because right now everything is changing with each person Brian involves.” She tells me. Which is sort of creepy, because it means she hears my thoughts.


“Why, since if everything works out this timeline stops? Maybe you should worry less, they've done this before by their own rules and it worked for them. Apparently your advice was sketchy at best. I get you see things we can't, but it would help more if you gave him a clue, because Brian is a master at being able to see all the angles.” I tell her. 


“So is this Brian, and trust me, THIS you will have him more curious than he already is.” She tells me. 


“Why?” I ask. 


“Because you don't look at Brian the way you did in this time. The way you practically kissed his ass in this timeline was obvious to everyone. He’s going to notice you aren’t looking at him like he's everything you want.” She tells me. 


“In the new life, I honestly didn't like him. So I didn't grow up with him protecting me from everything. Instead, I was dating Ethan, which really fucks with my head, but it’s also made me realize that my problems were the result of me and not Brian. I can honestly say the only thing I want from Brian and Justin is to be the friend to them that they were to me. The relationship between Brian and me here caused so many problems that didn’t have to happen if I'd accepted what he offered me.” I tell her. 


“You really mean that.” She tells me. 


“It want my life to turn out differently, and in order for that to happen it means not letting my past play like a continuous loop. Knowing that there is a person out there that was left waiting for us to meet because I was to afraid to do anything that might change my life, makes it easy to not want to repeat my past over and over again. I want to feel what Brian and Justin do, and know that the other person feels exactly the same. It's something I can have if I want it, so I'm trusting my best friend when he tells me we need to do something, because he wants the same thing I do. If it bothers this Brian that I'm not kissing the ground he walks on, so be it.” I tell her. 


“It's not that I don't want to tell him things, it's just there are rules. It's more me trying to make sure we don’t end up doing something that could get one of you killed.” She tells me. 


“Craig would have killed Justin?” I ask.


“He was thinking about it, because who would notice someone missing who shouldn't be here?” She tells me. 


“Why doesn't this Brian know anything? He meets Justin, then meets him younger, but he didn’t really react to it.” I ask.


“His mind doesn’t want to believe they're the same person. You have to remember this Justin isn’t the confident man Brian met the other night. In his head they aren’t the same person.” She tells me. 


“Brian was never one to ignore things, but face them head on. It's most likely why he never loved anyone the way he did Justin. Justin faced up to his mistakes and owned his life.” I tell her. 


“That's a lot of respect for someone you barely liked.” She tells me. 


“I wanted to like him, but it was like seeing who I could've been. It's hard to watch a kid be everything you were to afraid to be.” I tell her. 


“At least try to make Brian believe you're the Mikey here. We don’t need two of them righting all the wrongs.” She tells me, going to bed.


Which either Brian would do, because he's never been the selfish shit I once tried to make Justin believe.




I woke up not liking that Gus and Jenny weren’t breathing, but also not getting why I wasn’t frozen with them. When I got back, my thoughts were all over the place. The biggest one was why Brian and I couldn't get a life where we didn’t have to fight for us. If God cared so much, why was this happening to us? 


I left them in bed, because I couldn’t stand to see them so still. I decided I was dreaming as I walked out of the house and appeared on Liberty Avenue. It was strange to walk around and see people frozen in what they were doing. Up ahead of me was a guy about to trip but frozen just as his foot slipped on the icy sidewalk. I almost went over to help him, but before I could, a man in a parka did it. Which caught me off guard since everyone else was frozen. He took off down the street and I chased him, only to find him picking up a woman and moving her back a couple steps, which meant the car she was about to walk in front of wouldn’t hit her. I wasn’t sure what to think of what the guy was doing. It was silent out here, nothing made any sound.


“Well of course it’s silent, time stopped.” He says softly, but it was loud in the silence.


“Todd?” I ask, when I realized who it was.


“One of many names I go by.” He tells me, waiting for me to get closer. “You're not dreaming, we need to talk.” He tells me. 


“It has to be a dream, because I opened my front door and it became Liberty Avenue.” I tell him. 


“I didn’t want you to have to walk all that way. With everything frozen in time, you can't move your car.” He tells me. 


“You moved those people.” I pointed out. 


“They weren’t supposed to have that happen to them. In order for them to do what they will eventually, they can't be dead.” He tells me. 


“I'll give you the woman walking in front of a car but how would tripping kill the guy?” I ask.


“It wouldn’t normally, but he lands wrong, so, dead.” He tells me. 


“Why am I here?” I ask. 


“Because it's what I wanted.” He tells me, shrugging.


“You wanted me here to watch you change people's fates?” I ask. 


“I'm very disappointed if that's the only reason you'd think I'd show up.” He tells me. 


“Don’t take this wrong or do. Who are you?” I ask. 


“Uriel… light of God… seriously?” He asks, when I looked confused.


“I know who Uriel is, but why are you here?” I ask. 


“Because the others are busy dealing with Kira, who tried to convince her Uncle Michael to smite everyone that messes with her fathers.” He tells me. 


“Tell her we can handle it.” I tell him. 


“Justin, it's time for you tell Brian who Kira is.” He tells me. 


“He knows she's our daughter.” I tell him, confused.


“She's also a gift Raphael wanted you to have. He was allowed to create her to heal the world, and gave her to you and Brian because the love you two carry within yourselves for each other and those that you love would keep her on the right path.” He tells me. 


“Why tell us now?” I ask.


“You were upset when you came back. He cares Justin, but he also has faith in you and Brian to do what has to be done, to have your life be what you want. Do you ever wonder why you stopped under the streetlight?” He asks. 


“Not really, just that I was disappointed after wandering around.” I tell him. 


“It was also the place I could shine light on you. I wanted you to have everything, my Sunshine.” He tells me, before everything went black.


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