Life As We Remember by starlight



Daphne was standing outside waiting for me when school was over. I’d been late getting here and we basically just waved to each other on our way to our classes, which was all kinds of fun for me. I went to two classrooms before remembering the right one. I got to Dickhead Dixon’s class, and call me a smartass, but I raised my hand and told him he got the answer wrong on the board after he finish writing out the problem. He didn’t jump my shit, but pretended that he was seeing if we were paying attention. Then erased the problem and volunteered me to do the next one, I could see he was hoping that I would screw it up, which I didn’t, and was given a half hearted ‘good job’, while he told everyone that it was obvious that his tutelage was working.


Before I could get to Daphne, Brian pulled up, waiting at the curb. I really didn’t remember him picking me up after school unless I called him, so I wasn’t sure why he was here. I ran to Daphne first, and explained that Michael was planning to find Hunter a place to go. Then I ran to Brian’s Jeep, telling Daphne I’d call her and we could go to Deb’s together.


I could tell Brian was irritated the minute I got in the car. He didn’t drive me home, to his loft, or even the diner. Instead he just kept driving, as if he had no destination in mind. He finally stopped at the park where he would usually come to meet Lindsay and Gus.


“Is there some reason we’re here?” I ask.


“I wanted to talk to you without you disappearing with my best friend.” He tells me.


“I had to get to school, so waiting around for you wasn’t my priority. I don’t see why that’s a problem for you. Like you said, we fuck, no explanations or excuses.” I tell him.


“Until recently you and Michael couldn’t be in the same room together, now you’re suddenly friends?” He asks.


“Again, why does that bother you?” I ask.


“It doesn’t, but if you think it’s going to change anything between us, because you and Michael can get along, it won’t. Like I told you, I don’t do love or relationships.” He tells me.


“Are you telling me or you? Because we’ve covered this ground before. Brian Kinney will never love me or want anything more than to fuck me, anything else you need to add?” I ask, getting pissed about reliving this shit again.


“Lindsay asked me to talk to you. Which I had planned to do while driving you to school.” He tells me.


“Let me guess, she thinks we shouldn’t be around each other?” I ask him.


“She also thinks that you need to go back to your world, which means you don’t need to be around my friends.” He tells me.


“No problem. Have a good life.” I tell him, walking off as he walks to Lindsay, who hands him Gus and wraps her arm around him as if they were a couple.


I called Michael to find out where he was, and he told me to stay at the park after I told him what was going on. I sat on the bench leading to the exit to wait for him. Brian kept glancing in my direction while Lindsay constantly called him to pay attention to her. Shit, this wasn’t good, but then, I keep forgetting this version of Brian.


Michael showed up with a picnic basket and blanket. I wasn’t sure what the hell he was doing, but I followed him to the other side of the park. He made a big production of spreading out the blanket and then for some reason helped me to sit down with him.


“What are you doing?” I ask him, not understanding why he was acting this way.


“I’m hungry and I know you are too, plus Lindsay can do whatever she wants, but there’s one thing she forgot in her planning.” He tells me, handing me a sandwich.


“What?” I ask.


“Brian might have lived in the land of denial in the beginning, but you were the one who got him to do all kinds of things none of us ever believed he would. She wants to play family, only for some reason she doesn’t remember the one person Brian ran after, which wasn’t her.” He smirks.


“You really think he’s going to care that we’re sitting here together.” I tell him.


“Maybe not, but he’ll care about this.” He tells me, and tackles me to the ground. He didn’t kiss me, which I’m sure we were both trying to avoid.


It took close to a minute for Brian to reach us, and I ended up having to jump in front of Michael. Was there some cosmic thing, like me hitting my head, where Michael was going to come out of this with a black eye in every life?


“What’s your problem, I thought you wanted me gone?” I ask Brian, who ignores me.


“Why are you fucking touching him?” Brian asks Michael, pushing me out of the way.


“Brian, you’re causing people to stare.” Lindsay admonishes.


I turned to see Gus sitting in a swing by himself and walked off to get him. Brian stood glaring at Michael, with Lindsay jerking his arm. He turned in time to realize that Lindsay had left Gus alone. He turned the glare on her, before following me to get Gus. I stopped when he passed me, watching him get Gus and hold on to him.


“It would really be better if you weren’t around anymore. Brian has more important things in his life.” She tells me, and for a minute the swirling face stopped and fixed on a face of pure evil.


“The game is just beginning. Take cover while you can. I’ve never lost to you, and I won’t this time either.” I tell her.


“So, you’ve decided to play. I really thought something was wrong with only Michael here. That wouldn’t have been any fun.” She whispers, running to Brian.


Lindsay said something to Brian, and he looked at me in a way he had never done in all the years and lives we’ve lived. The look I got was one where I no longer existed to him. I watched as he walked off with Lindsay, not looking back at me.


“Shit, she knows.” Michael tells me.


“She also won this round.” I tell him.


“Then we win the next one.” He tells me.


“And I know exactly how, time to teach you to dance.” I tell him.




Brian showed up at Babylon alone, and he ignored Justin when he saw him. Justin didn’t even try to get his attention. I wanted to know what caused him to look at Justin the way he did today. I walked over, grabbing the beer he ordered for me.


“Wanna dance?” Brian asks.


“I promised someone else. What’s going on with Lindsay, up till now she was all for Justin?” I ask.


“I don’t want to hear his name.” He tells me, taking a couple shots.


“Okay, but what did he do, other than what you asked? Which he’s still doing right now.” I tell him, waving at Justin dancing with two guys.


“The little fucker told Lindsay that him being around wasn’t the problem. Then said that she should be more worried about what I was capable of, since my answer was to use my fists, like my father.” He tells me.


I thought about when Justin knew anything about Jack Kinney, and knew Brian wouldn’t have told Justin anything at this point in time. Which means Lindsay had made her first mistake.


“You told Justin about your father?” I ask.


“Why would I tell a trick anything?” He asks, sarcastically.


“Then how would Justin know anything about Jack? Or maybe the better question is, why did Lindsay lie to you?” I ask him.


“Why are you defending the twink who wouldn’t leave?” He asks, ignoring anything that would have him questioning Lindsay.


“He doesn’t want you.” Brian warns me.


Justin smiles at me and I walk over to him, leaving Brian standing there. Justin wrapped his arm around me and moved me with the beat. I have to admit, he could move, and I was reacting to Justin’s own power over men. Emmett and Ted were standing at the bar, looking back and forth between us and Brian.


“Follow me.” Justin whispers.


Justin looked over his shoulder at Brian before pulling me with him to the backroom. We were standing in the back, waiting. It was only seconds before we heard Brian growling Justin’s name. Justin smiled at the bear near the back exit. The guy opened the door, letting Justin slide past him, and copping a feel of my ass as I followed him out. Then we were out the door and running toward the front. We stopped when Brian stood under the darkened streetlight, as if he knew Justin would be there eventually. As Justin got closer the light began to brighten.


“Justin is the light to Brian’s darkness.” Todd tells me.


The streetlight exploded when they got near each other and the world when dark. When the lights came back up, they were gone. I looked over to the shadows and Lindsay stood there looking murderous, then realized that I could see her face.


“What’s going on?” I ask.


“I wanted Lindsay to know they weren’t alone; and that they never really were.” He tells me, waving at her.


“Where are Brian and Justin?” I ask.


“Driving off.” He smiles, as Brian speeds away with Justin.


Todd walked towards Lindsay and I followed, to find out what was going on.


“It’s against the rules to interfere.” Lindsay tells him.


“We don’t play by the same rules, do we?” He tells her.


“It’s not over.” She tells him, leaving.


“I know.” Todd whispers.

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