Life As We Remember by starlight



I wasn’t really sure what Brian was doing, but doubted Lindsay would dare come near me again. Michael came in, smiling when he saw Gus. 


“Do you think Jenny will be born in this life now?” Michael asked, sitting next to me.


“I think she will. We were planning to adopt her, after finding her with Gus.” I tell him.


“What about Mel? I know Ted said something about her and her girlfriend wanting to adopt her.” Michael asks, since he wasn’t in the loop the way he was here.


“She backed out when Maryanne changed her mind. We were going to wait, but it’s not like Mel couldn’t be a part of her life.” I tell him.


“You and Brian made up for what I wasn’t doing for her. I guess you two always will.” Michael tells me.


“Or you could actually be there this time. I have a feeling your life is intertwined with ours.” I tell him.


“I found out what I can do, unfortunately Lucifer told me. I also found out that when we both can do what we do, we’ll also remember everything about who we were.” Michael tells me.


“We need to get you to do it. That way we aren’t screwing up.” I tell him.


“I need someone who doesn’t see their sin as a sin. Well, the way Lucifer told me, basically someone like Joan, or we can try for a serial killer.” Michael says, hoping to avoid the last one.


“Because they don’t see what they do as a sin, it makes sense.” I tell him, thinking it was strange that I didn’t want Michael with me when I went to see Joan.


“Lucifer told me you were dealing with Brian’s mom.” He tells me.


“The only time Brian saw her after we met was at the funeral. Unless he saw her without telling us.” I tell him.


“If he did, I didn’t know about it either.” Michael tells me.


“How did you get Gus?” Michael asks.


“I guess Brian and Mel managed to get someone to agree to review the information they had. He told me not to let Lindsay know I had Gus. Which I’m sure, after what happened at the diner, shouldn’t be much of a problem.” I tells him.


“We also need to find someone I can try what I do, on. It would be better to do it at night, since apparently that’s what it will be if what I do works.” Michael tells me.


“Hey guys, anything fun and scary today?” Emmett says, coming in and taking Gus from me.


“Not yet, but the day isn’t not over.” I joke.


We waited for either Brian or Mel to show up to get Gus. Wanting to know what happened today. They came together a couple of hours later, both looking relieved but tired. Mel took Gus in her arms, hugging him. 


“How did it go?” I ask.


“They agreed to let Brian and I be his sole guardians for now. Lindsay has ninety days to contest it, but they will also require she be seen by a court appointed psychiatrist, since we had enough to show that she’d been neglecting Gus.” Mel tells us.


“How were you able to do that?” Emmett asks.


“She left him in a car while she was doing whatever she was doing. We were lucky, a cop noticed and took her in, calling me to come when she told him to.” Mel tells us.


“Where is she now?” Michael asks.


“Her sister got her out when I wouldn’t, so I have no clue. The judge was willing to look at what we had, because of what Lindsay did today.” Mel tells him.


“That’s why you took off earlier?” Michael asked.


“I needed him, because he’s still Gus’s father on paper. Without him, they could have sent Gus to Lindsay’s family. Brian made sure the judge allowed me to be the other guardian, and agreed that since I’d been the one raising Gus, that it was better for him to say with me. I’m going to get Gus home. Thank-you Brian.” Mel tells us.


“I’ll come by later.” Brian tells her, not acknowledging the thank-you. He took her out and helped her get Gus into her car before coming back in.


“I’ll pick you guys up later. Drinks are on me.” Brian tells us, then leans down and kisses me, not giving a shit how it looked to everyone. “Never doubt how much I trust you.” He says, leaving me standing there.


“Hopefully the guys at Babylon distract him tonight, or we are going to have a hard time getting you away from him.” Michael tells me.


“Just bring up that he loves me, and we won’t have to worry about it.” I tell Michael, not even bothered, since it only proved the opposite to me now.




When we first got to Babylon, Brian was practically keeping Justin glued to his side. He’d been eyeing the crowd but hadn’t taken up any offers. Instead he was all over Justin.


“Well when you think about it, his last trick tried to rob his ass.” Ted tells us, still enjoying it.


“I need Justin to come with me, since if I go too far when I try this, it’s likely he can stop me.” I tell them. Not really sure, since it took Brian to stop Justin.


“Do you have someone in mind? Apparently Justin didn’t want you near Joan.” Emmett asks.


“I thought about Lindsay, but she knows what she’s doing and why, and Justin’s reaction to her isn’t something I want to see again.” I tell them.


Brian let go of Justin when he whispered in his ear. Making Brian scowl at what he heard and head straight to the backroom. 


“What did you say to him?” I ask.


“I said it was sweet of him to show all the guys who he belongs to.” Justin tells me.


“We’ll stay here, so get moving.” Emmett tells us.


“Yeah. While I can still pretend nothing is going on.” Ted tells us.


Justin and I walked out of the bar together, and got the hell out of there before Brian could stop us. I was still trying to figure out who try this on, when Justin suggested we go to the football game together at his school. Like either of us watched it or cared about it.


“Why are we here?” I asked him.


“Because lust is a sin, something that Hobbs won’t admit his problem with me is; instead he denies it for what it is. Hopefully it’s enough to get you to do what you do.” Justin tells him.


“You do realize were going to be fucking with the guy who tried to kill you.” I tell him.


“Only when my back was turned, and I doubt he'll be in any shape after you’re done.” Justin tells me.


Justin told me to wait behind the bleachers when the game was over, since all the other kids were going to an after party. Which Daphne told him when we ran into her. She was willing to skip out on her friends she came with if Justin wanted her to. Justin told her he was meeting Brian, and that seemed to upset her, until some guy called her name. When the game was over Justin made a point to be where Chris could see him, not leaving the crowd until most of them left the stadium. I watched as Chris got in his car and left, thinking it was a bust, only to see Chris park at the other end of the parking lot and come in the other entrance. He watched Justin and followed him when he came towards me. At first nothing happened, other than me wanting to keep the fucker from Justin. Only, Justin acted like I was the reason he came back here and wrapped his arms around me, nibbling at my neck, which seemed to enrage Chris.


I was seeing the thoughts run through Chris’s head. He was angry Justin made him feel the way he felt watching us. Justifying it because he thought faggots should be erased from the earth. In the back of his mind behind the lie he was telling himself was the truth and how he wanted Justin to disappear. Justin let me go, backing away as I saw nothing but denial to the sins of lust, envy, and why he targeted the students he did, before Justin. He was following on the path of everything his father taught him was right. Once again finding a way to justify what he was doing and pushing the blame away from himself.


Every inch of me sizzled as I weaved my way through his sins. They were delicious. I wanted to feel everything his sins did to someone. So I ran the memories of his past through him, replacing his victims with himself. Watching as he felt the hate he’d inflicted on the people in his past. I shivered at each one, as if they were erotic touches all over me. As he screamed I took him to the future, wanting to see the blood cover him the way it covered Brian and Justin. Chris was on his knees and it wasn’t enough, I wanted him to feel the pain of every person who had someone like Chris in his life.


“Michael. Stop.” Justin tells me, not understanding this was better than anything I’d ever felt.


There wasn’t any light around, just my world. Until I felt Justin inching his way past the barrier around me. He covered Chris with it, breaking me away. I looked around and the clouds moved away until the moon was once again shedding light around us. Chris was shivering on the ground and crying. He screamed when Justin took the shield off of him. Justin didn’t help Chris, just passed by him, leading me away from him. 


“He’ll never get past Heaven’s gate.” I tell Justin.


“He never did. Now I’m ready to finish this.” Justin assures me.








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