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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is pretty hard hitting. Warning for violence within this chapter. I hope you guys enjoy.

Justin was in a deep sleep, having an amazing dream about Brian. They were in bed lying next to each other, after having some amazingly crazy sex, and Brian was soothingly rubbing Justin’s arm while talking and smiling with him. It felt so comfortable, and so…real. Like he could actually feel Brian’s hand, touching and comforting him.




“Mmm mh” Justin turned over slightly towards the middle of the bed.




“5 more minutes please” Justin scrunched up his face as he wanted to get back to his dream. Although he could still feel the touch of Brian’s hand on his arm, which made him smile.


“Justin….psst. Come on Sunshine, time to wake up”


“Please…just 5 more minutes mom…” Justin pleaded.


“Mom? Really?” Brian chuckled.


“Huh? Brian?” Justin slightly opened his left eye, confusing himself of where he was.


“Yup, the one and only.” Brian smiled at Justin, while continuing to rub his hand over the boy’s arm soothingly.


“Shit” Justin tiredly chuckled “I’m sorry, I guess I was just caught up in my dream” He blushed slightly.


“I guess last night really took it out of you, huh?” Brian chuckled and then leaned in for a slow and gentle morning kiss.


“Mmm, I guess it did.” Justin smiled back and cuddled up to the warm body that belonged to the most beautiful man in Pittsburgh.


“Well, I’m sorry to ruin this moment for you but I need to get to work Sunshine.” Brian ran his fingers through the golden blond hair and kissed Justin’s forehead.


Justin looked up at Brian and started pouting at the news. Brian chuckled at him and lightly kissed his nose. “Do you have to go in? Maybe take a sick day?” Justin whined dramatically and cuddled up even closer to Brian. “I mean wouldn’t you rather stay in bed…” Justin reached down to Brian’s hard on and lightly started to rub his length “…with me and let me make you feel good?” He started to kiss Brian’s neck and up his jawline.


“mmpf… Justin…that’s not fair” He chuckled as he felt himself grow harder with the boy’s hand rubbing him.


“But it’s what you want. I know it’s what I want.” He chuckled into Brian’s ear before he lightly bit his earlobe and then sucked it into his mouth.


Brian moaned in response “10 more minutes, but then I really need to get ready for work. Seeing as I own the company, I have commitments to attend.


Justin was shocked to hear that Brian owned his own company! “Damn, Brian. I didn’t know you owned your own company?! That’s hot!” Justin giggled as he kept on stroking Brian’s hard on.


Brian moaned and held Justin close to him. “You have talented hands Sunshine... mmpf” Brian loved the feeling of Justin’s hands on him. He looked at the time quickly and although he hated to, he had to hurry things along. “As good as this feels, I’m gonna be late for work. Don’t you need to get home anyways? Your parents must be getting worried.” Brian pulled him closer, but realised Justin suddenly tensed up and stopped his manipulations with his hard on. Justin moved away from Brian and rolled out of bed.


“Hey? What’s wrong?” Brian asked in confusion at Justin’s sudden movement.


Justin didn’t answer and grabbed for his clothes.


Brian got out of bed and walked towards Justin. “Justin. What’s wrong? Your whole attitude just changed out of nowhere.”


“Huh? Oh. Nothing. You’re probably right, I should get home.” Justin didn’t look into Brian’s eyes, just kept his eyes down, pretending to look around for anymore clothing, although he already had all of it in his hands. He was itching his hands through the clothing, yet again not noticing.


Brian placed his hand under Justin’s chin and moved it so Justin was looking at him. “Don’t bullshit me. What’s making you feel uncomfortable, and stop trying to scratch your hands.” Brian sounded serious but also worried.


Justin let out a sigh, he hated but also loved how Brian could stop all the bullshit and just get him to share how he was feeling. “Fine… I just don’t like “home”.” Justin uses his hands to make the quotations around the word home. “I just feel like I don’t fit in. How pathetic is that right?” He huffs out a laugh. “I don’t fit into my own family. I just feel like every time my parents look at me, all they see is disappointment.” Justin pauses and looks down at the ground. He fidgets slightly as he hates talking about his home life.


“Hey, look at me.” Brian reaches his hand up to Justin’s cheek and soothingly rubs it to try and comfort the boy.


Justin looks up and can’t help the tears that are now in his eyes, ready to fall if he decides to blink. The urge becomes too strong and each tear falls. Brian rubs away his tears and leans down to kiss Justin, he then pulls the boy into a hug and just holds him. He doesn’t know what to say. He’s always been bad with words. Touching has always been easier.


“I’m sorry, I don’t normally talk about my family because I always end up looking weak and crying like a stupid little faggot. But I guess you’ve seen me even worse huh?” Justin pulls away from Brian and starts to dress slowly, starting with his jeans and then top.


“Sorry’s bullshit. And you’re not a stupid little faggot. I can understand where you’re coming from. My family…if I can even call it that, wasn’t the best. My dad liked to use me as his punching bag when he got wasted.” Brian starts to walk towards his closet, trying to look nonchalant, although he was feeling nothing but weak and haunted from the memories of his childhood. “He always made sure I knew I was a mistake, that he begged Saint Joan for an abortion. But, I always used to just think he was saying that because he was drunk and out of it. Saint Joan, otherwise known as my mother,” He was going through his different suits while talking “didn’t care for me much. God was her love and the only important man in her life. She drunk too, but she was more verbally violent rather than physical. I guess that’s why I struggle with emotions… they were just all beaten out of me that I’m not so sure what they feel like anymore. I almost feel as though I don’t deserve love…” Brian was so lost in his train of thought that he had forgotten he was telling all of this to Justin and that he had just shared more of himself than he had wanted to. He had to think of something before the boy would feel sorry for him. He was about to panic and ask Justin to leave but then, Justin was behind him and placed his hands on his waste, rubbing soothingly up and down. He placed his chin on Brian’s shoulder and just stood there.


Justin couldn’t believe Brian had just confessed all of that to him. But he had realised near the end of his story that he seemed almost lost, and unsure of himself. He had come to realise that Brian didn’t want pity or for anyone to feel sorry for him. So, he decided to just be there with Brian and let him know he was just there for him. Whether he wanted to talk or not.


Brian was scared. Scared of what he had just shared with Justin. He was meant to help Justin, not share his own demons. When he felt Justin’s hands on his waste, slowly rubbing up and down, he closed his eyes and just took in a deep breath. It was almost comforting to just have Justin there, touching him but not talking. When Justin leaned his head on his shoulder he leaned back into the touch. Justin started to kiss Brian’s naked shoulder, lightly pressing his lips up against his skin. He moved to Brian’s neck and then jawline as Brian turned his face towards the touch. Justin turned Brian around and looked at him for a couple of seconds, trying to let Brian know he was there, and that what he had just told him was between just the two of them. That Justin respected him and loved him. He then leaned in for a slow but passionate kiss.


“Go take a shower and get ready for work, I have put my number in your phone. I would ask you to do the same but my phone is dead. I guess I’ll go home and try to study. Call me when or if you want to. Just remember, you have me.” Justin kissed Brian once more, then grabbed his jacket and walked towards the loft door. He looked back at Brian who was in the same spot where he left him, staring back at Justin. Justin gave him a small smile and slid the door shut.


Brian couldn’t move for a while. He didn’t know what he was feeling but he actually felt lighter, almost happy. Justin had respected him and hadn’t pushed him to tell him more. He repeated the words that he had told Justin last night. They have each other. That he has Justin. He decided to go take a shower and get ready for work, feeling like today would be a good day. He thought he was going to fear what Justin thought of him but nothing changed. He smiled to himself in the shower. Got dressed in his favourite Armani suit and was just about to walk out the door, when he had remembered Justin left his number in his phone. He decided he would grab some coffee from the diner first, get into his office and then probably send him a text so Justin could have his number too.






Justin walked through his front door, closing it as quietly as he could. He was rather annoyed that he had to wait half an hour for the bus, but was grateful it wasn’t too packed once he got on. He walks up the stairs thinking about the weekend he had just had and smiled to himself. He walked into his room, distracted by his thoughts that he jumps and almost falls to the ground when he sees his father sitting on his bed.


“Dad! Jeez, you scared the crap out of me.” Justin tries to get his breathing back under control.


“Do not use such language under the roof of my house, boy!” Craig bites out in frustration.


Justin jumped slightly at the tone of voice his dad directed at him but was otherwise used to his dad acting this way. “Sorry, Dad.”


“Where the hell have you been? Craig stood up and walked towards Justin who was still by his open bedroom door.


“At Daphne’s like I told you before the weekend, I just stayed an extra night as Daphne needed me. Sorry I didn’t let you or mum know, I guess I just forgot” Justin lied not so easily but he thought it was pretty damn believable as he basically lives at Daphne’s.


Craig walks up to Justin and looks at him for a couple of seconds, almost as if he is analyzing his son. He pushes past Justin and closes his door. “Come sit with me.” Craig walks towards Justin’s bed and encourages Justin to follow.


“Uh… sure.” Justin was starting to get confused with his father’s actions.


Once they are both seated, Craig starts to look at him again. “Why are you lying to me?”


Justin freezes as he becomes worried about how his dad knows. “What? What do you mean?” He tries to play it cool and not make it noticeable.


Craig stands up and look infuriated. “DON’T LIE TO ME! I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU NEED TO SHOW ME RESPECT BOY!” He shouts at Justin and flips one of Justin’s sketch books off his desk.


Justin jumps at the sudden shouting.


“You were not at Daphne’s! Your mother called her mother last night asking why you were not home at your usual time. She had also explained to your mother that she hadn’t seen you all weekend as Daphne was with her boyfriend all weekend. We also tried to call you last night but it went straight to voicemail! So, you tell me where you were this past weekend right now! “Craig’s face had started to become red in the face.


Justin was in full panic mode as he wasn’t ready to come out to his family as he knew they wouldn’t accept him, especially his father, who wanted him to go to Dartmouth and become a business man just like his father. And he was always asking when he’d bring a girl home.  FUCK! He decided to take his jacket off and charge his phone to give him more time to think. As he placed he plugged in his phone his phone automatically turned on.


“Answer me boy!!” Craig flew his hands in the air in frustration and anger.


“S-sorry.” Justin stuttered out.


“Come on!”


“I did head to Daphne’s at the start of the weekend, but…. but she was with her boyfriend – and, and I-I felt uncomfortable and I wanted to give them space. So-so, I went out to the park and decided I would go back to hers at night, and then…” Justin was having trouble coming up with an excuse as he hadn’t thought this would happen.


He could see his father was becoming angrier by the second and didn’t know what to do.


Craig stood forward, ready to discipline his son for all the excuses and obvious lies, but on his first step he realised he had stood on something. He looked down and realised it was the sketch book he had hit onto the floor. He bent down to pick it up and turned it over. On the open page was drawing after drawing of the male body. Either the full body or just features. He flicked through the different pages and realised there were even more sketching’s of dick and ass. He felt disgusted.


Justin stood there in complete fear of how his dad was going to react. He couldn’t believe he had been so careless to leave his private sketch book out before he left to check out Liberty Ave. He started scratching his hands so much that they ended up being covered in blotches of blood and it hurt. He at first didn’t realise. But soon noticed when blood was dripping from his fingers and knuckles to the floor. He rubbed his hands on his white top as it was the only thing he could think of to get rid of the blood.


“Dad...” Justin tried to but he couldn’t think of anything to say.


Craig keeps flicking through the book until he has enough. He looks up at his son and can’t believe his eyes. “What is this? Why are all of your sketches of men… NAKED men?”

Craig looks at Justin, waiting for an answer.


“I... It’s for my art class project. We’re studying the naked form. And-and well, all of the models have…have been men so far.” Justin was praying to whatever god that was there to save him and hope his father believed him.


“That is bullshit Justin!” Craig kept on looking at Justin and then decided to look around his room, that’s when he realised his room was covered in image after image of men. He thought they were just for sports inspiration but he realised most of them were topless. How could he have not noticed this?  “You’re a fag? A FUCKING FAIRY?! I did not raise you in my house to become some perverted piece of shit boy!” Craig chucked the book towards Justin.


The sketch book hit Justin in the stomach and he cried out in pain and shock.


“How long have you been like this, hmm? Why did you decide to sin like this? You know it’s disgusting, and that you’re going to burn in hell for this!” Craig walked towards the wall with all the images and posters on and started ripping them down.


“Dad! Stop!” Justin went to stop his dad but got elbowed in the face and he fell back on the bed.


“Don’t you talk to me like that. I am the one with the power here! I am stronger than you. I always will be, especially now that you’re a fucking faggot! We need to get rid of these pictures so you can stop having such perverted thoughts!” Craig continued to rip the posters off the wall.


“I AM NOT PERVERTED YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I’M JUST GAY! THAT’S RIGHT DAD, I LIKE A NICE BIG, FIRM DICK UP MY ASS. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT SOMETIME? IT MIGHT HELP YOU STOP BEING SUCH A DICK” Justin was so angry at his dad, calling him all these nasty things. Although as soon as he had shouted and answered back he regretted it. He saw his dad turn around and next thing he knew he had a fist hit his face and he fell to the ground. His face already hurt from being elbowed and this blow just made it worse. He was actually scared for his life at this point. He needed to get out.


Just as he was getting up, his father kicked him in the stomach.


“AH, stop! You’re hurting me Dad!” Justin cried out in pain. He was petrified.


“You’re no son of mine. You’re just a weak little, disgusting faggot!” Craig kicked him again in the stomach. Just as he was about to kick him again, he heard Justin’s phone go off.


Justin saw his dad turn around, so he tried to get up. He heard his phone and was hoping and praying it was Daphne. But no such luck for him.


Craig reached for Justin’s phone and after he had read the message his dropped it back down on the desk. “So that’s what you did over the weekend? You truly are fucked up in the head, aren’t you?!”


Justin reached for his phone to see what his dad had just seen but it wasn’t fast enough. Craig grabbed his arm and pushed him back. Justin felt so weak that he fell to the floor and cried in pain. “You are so weak. I want you to leave my house right now. And I NEVER want to see you again!”


Justin couldn’t believe what was happening. Couldn’t believe what his so called dad had just done.


“DO YOU HEAR ME?!” Craig wanted him to answer. He kicked one of Justin’s legs to get the boy to answer him.


“Yes” Justin’s answer was muffled and barely audible.


“I don’t want you to talk to me or your mother ever again. I don’t want her to see this disappointment of a son you are. She doesn’t deserve that. You have 5 minutes to grab what you need and then you are out of this home, and out of our lives.” And with that Craig walked out of Justin’s room and slammed the door shut.


Justin just huddled up on the floor and cried. He was in so much pain, physically and mentally. What had his life come to?


He suddenly remembered his father’s words and knew he didn’t have much time and needed to get his shit together. He grabbed his school gym bag, as it was his biggest one and started with his clothes. He grabbed 3 polo’s, 1 shirt, 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of sweatpants. He then grabbed a hoodie and stuffed as many socks and underwear he could in the side pocket of his bag. He then grabbed his school uniform and placed it in the bag neatly as possible. He ran into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste. He then grabbed his art stuff from his desk. He knew he needed that to keep him sane. He grabbed the sketchbook his dad had thrown at him and then 2 other empty ones, his pencil case and some coloured pens. He heard his dad walking back up the stairs and remembered his needed money! He ran to his closet and got out the old and hidden shoe box where he had about $450 saved from pocket money and babysitting. He was going to save for a car, but that wasn’t possible now. He stuffed the money in his bag and then quickly remembered to grab his phone and charger. Just as he zipped up the bag, his dad came back into the room and told him to get the fuck out. He grabbed his jacket he had taken off earlier and picked up his bag. He had to bite his tongue to hold in the cry of pain he felt when the bag whacked his side. He had momentarily forgotten what his dad had done to him as he was determined not to forget anything. It almost seemd as if things were going in slow motion as all the pain came rushing back at once and he felt like he was almost going to faint. He tool and breath and then walked out of his room and down the stairs. He grabbed his school shoes and then another pair of sneakers and looked back at his dad that was behind him.


He didn’t know what he was expecting but his dad said nothing and just stared at him expectantly. No goodbye or wish you well. He looked around the place he used to call home and then walked out the front door.


He was still in so much pain that he found it difficult to lug around his bag that was so full and heavy of his stuff. He realised he was carrying around his life in that very bag. He had no idea where to go or what to do. He thought about going to Daphne’s but they seemed to be growing apart ever since she started seein Mark, her new boyfriend. He decided if he really couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, he would call her.


He had been walking for a good 10 minutes, but had no destination in mind. He stopped to take a deep breath and to try and think of what to do. He thought of Brian constantly, but didn’t want to pile all his shit on top of him. It would probably scare him off. They had already gone through enough shit to last a life time, so bringing up what happened was a big no. He looked around himself to see where he was. He realised he was close by Liberty Park, so decided to head there and think of a plan. Once he got the park, he sat down on a bench just outside and took in a deep breath. He was thankful that it was quiet. Luckily for him, the younger schools weren’t on study leave so he didn’t have to deal with any children.


While he sat there, he took a minute to feel where the pain was on his body. Unfortunately for him, he bruised very easily. He remembered about his face and needed to check the damage. He took out his phone and clicked on the camera.


“Holy shit” He said under his breath as he got a good look at himself. He looked like complete shit. Both his eyes were bruised, although his left wasn’t nearly as bad as his right. He knew there would be swelling soon. Shit!! There was dried blood in both nostrils that had stopped just above his lips. He looked at his hands holding his phone and finally saw the damage he had done. There was raw and res skin, and dried blood all over his hands. He couldn’t believe he had done that to himself. He then looked down at his top and saw the blood on the white fabric. He was a complete and utter mess. And that’s when he broke down.


He went to text Daphne asking if she was busy today and then saw he had gotten a message from an unrecognized number. That’s when he remembered his dad read something on his phone that made him go bat shit crazy. He re-opened the message and read what it said.


‘Hey Sunshine. Just reminding you that you owe me a hand job as you never finished the one from this morning. Or I can just fuck your tight little ass again. Either one works for me, although I think we’d both enjoy the second one more ;)

Later – B’


Justin felt himself smile at the message that obviously from Brian. He missed Brian. Even though he had seen him this morning, he wanted the man’s touch. He knew he would have to hide all this shit from him though. He couldn’t deal with anymore problems. He hated people feeling sorry for him. He was strong, he could handle this himself. He wasn’t some weak little faggot!


He started to feel angry and realised he had to do something. He put his phone in his pocket as he wasn’t ready to reply to Brian just yet. He decided he would go and buy some cheap makeup to hide his bruises and cuts. He would then change. He had no idea yet but he would find somewhere. He felt determined.




It had been a couple of hours since Brian had sent the text to Justin. He started to get annoyed that he hadn’t answered as he was the one who said to message him. But he kept telling himself that Justin was probably studying and didn’t have his phone nearby.


He had a busy day ahead of him anyways and he had no room for distractions, he just hoped the kid would reply soon. Which felt weird but he was trying his best to not let his emotions get in the way of things.


He had two meetings with new potential clients, one right after the other and for completely different companies. He then had a conference call with one of his most important clients as they had more ideas to share for their campaign and wanted knew things. Then he had to go down to his art department to share the news of the new ideas and designs so they could change the layout. By the time he had finished these tasks it was around 5pm. He realised he hadn’t eaten all day, but that was almost normal for him. He told Cynthia he would be finishing up his paperwork, and then will head home. Running his own company was hard work but every day when he walked through the doors to Kinnetik, he felt extremely proud of himself. And every time he saw Cynthia working hard, he felt extremely grateful for her hard work and dedication to her job.


Once he was done with his paperwork, it was around 6pm and he had told Cynthia to go home as well. He decided he would stop by the diner to get something to eat as it was close by and easier than cooking or ordering thai. As he was walking up to the diner he saw someone who looked a lot like Justin walking into the pharmacy just a couple shops down. He was about to follow when suddenly Emmett jumped in front of him and start talking a mile a minute.


“Hey Bri, you here for some good ol’ delicious food?” Emmett flung the scarf around his neck in such a queen way that it made Brian actually chuckle.


“Hey Honeycutt. Yes, I am here for some food. And I agree its old, but not agreeing with the good.” Brian gave him his traditional smirk and forgot about the pharmacy.


“Don’t call me Honeycutt! And stop being a drama queen and eat with your family!” Emmett pulled him along and inside the diner.


They sat down in their usual booth at the back and met up with everyone else. Ben was sitting next to the wall and had Michael next to him. Ted was opposite Ben with Blake practically on his lap. Lindsay and Mel had chosen to sit at the table just in front of them as Lindsay needed space for her big baby bump. Brian came up and kissed Lindsay on her cheek and rubbed her belly. “How is sonny boy doing?” Brian stopped rubbing her belly and sat next to her.


Lindsay chuckled and then smiled. “He’s doing just fine at the moment” She started to rub her belly. “He’s been kicking a lot. Here, feel again” She grabs his hand and places it on the right side of her belly. They wait for a couple seconds, Brian thinking nothing will happen when all of a sudden, he feels a kick. “Oh my god, our little sonny boy is gonna be a great soccer player.” Brian joked and kissed Lindsay on the cheek once again. He gave Mel a quick nod and went to sit next to Mikey. Emmett was now next to Blake and was talking to Ben about some zen shit.


“Hey Mikey” They gave each other a quick smooch and Brian grabbed the menu.


Michael leaned in close and quietly asked how Justin was. Brian told him he would talk to him about it later and that was that. Michael could see that something had happened and decided to give his best friend some space.


They ordered shortly after and were waiting for their food to arrive, when Brian felt his phone buzz.


‘Hey! I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Later – J.’


Brian smiled down at his phone, although he was hoping for a sexual and dirty message back, he was happy he had finally gotten a reply even though it was short and sweet. Just like Justin then. I can’t believe I just thought that.




Justin walked into Liberty Avenue after sitting in the park for a good couple of hours just taking in the fresh air. He decided to sketch for a while and got lost in it. Of course, he had drawn Brian in all his naked glory.


He put his sketchbook and pencil away and grabbed his bag. Yet again he was in a lot of pain from the weight of the bag, but whining about it wasn’t going to help so he just bit his tongue and got on with his plan.


He had decided to go into Liberty Avenue and go into the pharmacy where they sell cheap makeup and all the medication he would need to feel better. He could also do with a couple of bandages for his hands. He didn’t think he would see Brian as it was still early in the evening so he didn’t bother about bumping into him or anyone. While on his way he got lost as he didn’t know the place too well. He started getting panicky as people were everywhere and kept looking at him. Some people asked if he was alright which he guessed was nice but he didn’t want attention so he played it off cool and ignored some people. He finally came across the pharmacy and went inside. He checked his phone and noticed it was around about 6pm. Shit, he still needed to figure out where he could stay.


If he could cover up his bruises well, he would probably ask to stay with Brian but not allow sex. That was going to be hard but he would try.


He walked in and went to the makeup. He found stuff closest to his skin colour and then got some setting powder to make it look more realistic. He then found some bandages for his hands and some anti-bac wipes to clean his up a little. He paid for the items and was relieved that the pharmacist didn’t ask any questions. He quickly remembered to reply to Brian and then went down the next alley he could find and started on the makeup. It was a pretty good match and he was happy the little powder makeup came with a mirror. Once he was happy with that, he bandaged up his hands. He knew Brian would know what happened but would think of a reason to why he did it when the question came. But for the others he would say it was from sculpting or something and his hands were sore. He then quickly changed his bloody shirt with a polo shirt. He put the old shirt in his bag for now as he thought it would look strange and dangerous leaving a top with blood on down an old alley. Especially as it was his blood that some cop could probably trace back to him. He tried to check himself over and once he was happy he started towards the diner to grab some food.


He got to the door and looked inside. He saw Brian with a beautiful, blonde haired woman and was stroking her baby bump. It was such a beautiful scene he knew he would have to sketch it later. Suddenly, he got bumped out of his thoughts as someone pushed by him by hitting his bag. He silently screamed out in pain as the bag yet again hit his bruised body. That made him realise he couldn’t go in there with a huge bag as there would be questions. He had to think of something… He thought he could just say it was stuff to take over to Daphne’s as she asked him to stay round for the week. That would have to do as he was getting tired and hungry.


Finally, taking a deep breath, he walked to the diner door and opened it. Brian had moved over to the booth behind the women and could see Michael next to him. He hesitantly walked further into the diner and slowly came up towards Brian and stood there with a hesitant smile.




They were still waiting for their food to arrive when Brian turned slightly in his seat to see Justin standing there looking uncomfortable.


“Justin? What are you doing here?” Brian asked while he looked the boy up and down. Something wasn’t right. He didn’t seem as bright as he usually did.


“Hey, I came in here to grab some food a noticed you were here. Just thought I’d say hi. Okay… Bye.” Justin felt defeated and it almost sounded like Brian didn’t want him there. He went to walk to another booth when Brian went to grab his hand. He yelped out in pain as the strong hold hurt his hands.


Brian jumped at the yelp of pain and let go of his hand. He looked down to see both of Justin’s hands covered in bandages. Fuck! He’s done it again. It must be worse this time as he’s actually covered them. He decided then and there that Justin would be going back to his to explain what went on. He felt hurt for the boy and wished there was some way to make him feel better. He encouraged Justin to sit next to him, although there wasn’t much space so he ended up slightly on his lap. Normally he would allow it in such a public place but he could see Justin was looking weak and different somehow. So, he didn’t care. He wanted to know what had happened to Justin.


Justin rested his head on Brian’s shoulder and closer his eyes. They hurt so badly and the makeup was making them itchy, but he couldn’t rub at them otherwise the makeup would come off. His stomach rumbled and he felt extremely embarrassed.


“You hungry?” Brian said with a little chuckle.


Justin just nodded quietly and went to pick up a menu. His hands weren’t working properly and he had difficulty picking it up. Brian noticed and picked it up for him.


“Poor baby looked tired. Brian. Are you not going to introduce us to this hot, tired, little thang?” Emmett could tell something was going on between Brian and this beautiful young boy and wanted to know more.


“Emmett, Blake, Ted, Ben, this is Justin. Justin, these are my “friends”” He pointed to each person as he said their name so Justin knew who was who.


“And what about us?” Brian heard Lindsay ask from behind.


“Sorry Linds. Justin, this is Lindsay and her partner Mel.”


Justin smiled at everyone as best as he could but he just felt so weak, it was all he could do. He needed to eat and then sleep. Everyone smiled back and could see something was up with the kid that they just left it at that. Plus, they could see worry in Brian’s eyes which was shocking.


“What do you want to eat then, Sunshine?” Brian asks quietly.


“How much is a burger and fries?” Justin asks quietly while trying to find it in the menu. Brian takes the menu from him and called over KiKi as Deb is working later tonight. He ordered a burger and chips with a coke for Justin.


“Don’t worry about it. Did you wanna come back to mine?” Brian asked while holding one of Justin’s hands gently under the table.


Justin just nodded and soon replied with “Yes please.”


They all ate their food in a not so comfortable silence and they were wondering what had just happened. Brian was worried and Justin was weak. The others kept their mouths shut as they didn’t want to stress Brian out. Something about this situation seemed serious.




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