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Author's Chapter Notes:

Oh Brian... such a sweetheart you are...


Brian got out of bed at around 7am the next morning. He had found that he had hardly slept at all that night. He still couldn’t fathom what had happened to Justin. He looked back at Justin, fast asleep in bed. He was happy that the boy was getting some rest. 

Brian walked into the bathroom to relieve himself, and then decided he needed some coffee. He changed into some sweats and walked down and into the kitchen. While waiting for the coffee to brew, he found himself thinking about last night. It still made him feel queasy, but more than that, he was angry. Livid. Fuming. How on earth could Justin’s father do that?! He knew fathers were a waste of time, his own being a prime example. However, he was never beaten up that badly. 

Brian had realised it was Justin’s father who had done it because he remembered Justin going home to Study. How it came about, he still doesn’t know. But there will never be a good enough reason for ever beating up your own son. 

He started to think of ways he could take down Craig Taylor and show him how it feels to be beaten repeatedly...

He was pulled out of his thoughts when the coffee machine made a noise, indicating it was ready. He poured himself a cup and doused it with sugar. He realised that Justin would probably want to eat something when he wakes up. Especially as he hadn’t eaten much from last night and seeing as he threw up would also mean his stomach would be empty. 

He opened the fridge to find half a bottle of guava juice, the lemon bars from Michael last night and poppers. “Shit” he muttered to himself. He was going to have to go out and get some breakfast. He sipped at his coffee whilst walking over to the bedroom. He walked over to Justin’s side of the bed. He placed his coffee on the bedside table and softly kissed the boy’s forehead. He went to walk around to his wardrobe to pick out some clothes, but then almost tripped on Justin’s gym bag. 

He had remembered how heavy it was. He bent down and unzipped it slowly. Once he had seen the amount of clothes and shoes that were in this bag, plus the kid’s school uniform, the realisation had hit. Justin had been kicked out of his home.

He looked back up to Justin, who was still fast asleep. He must be terrified. Not knowing where to go, where “home” was.

Brian had thought about everything that had happened, and realised Justin hadn’t come to him. Hadn’t told him from the very start and hadn’t asked for help. That kinda hurt. He decided he would talk to Justin later that day. After thinking about what to do, he silently unpacked Justin’s bag and placed his clothes where there was space in his closet and his drawers. He then changed into a wife beater and jeans and grabbed his keys.

He was just about to open the door when he heard Justin call for him.

“Brian” Justin called out for him. “Brian!?” He sounded more panicked. 

“Hey” Brian said softly, walking quickly back to Justin who was still in bed. “Hey, I’m here.” He smiled softly at Justin. 

Justin took a huge breath; relieved Brian was still there. “Hey” Justin said with an embarrassed smile. 

Brian sat on Justin’s side of the bed and leaned in for a slow kiss. As he pulled away, he whispered over Justin’s lips “I’m here” and then nudged their noses together. He had no idea where that came from, but it made Justin smile, so he was okay with it. 

Justin smiled up at Brian, he still couldn’t believe he had this beautiful man in his life. “Where were you going?” He asked as he stretched out. 

As Justin stretched out, all Brian could see were bruises. That didn’t go unnoticed by Justin. He lightly grabbed Brian’s chin, so their eyes could meet. “Brian?” Justin asked, trying to get his full attention. 

“Huh? Oh, sorry. What did you say?” Brian tried to hide the look on his face, not wanting Justin to see how affected he was by this situation. 

Justin was going to go on about Brian not needing to worry about him, but the more he thought about it, the more he realised that Brian must really care about him. To be this affected by it. 

“I just asked where you were going before I woke up properly” Justin stroked the side of Brian’s face to ease the situation. 

“Oh, I was going to get you some breakfast as I have pretty much nothing in the fridge.” Brian said with a small smile. 

Justin leaned in to kiss him. He couldn’t get enough of how sweet he was being this morning. “Well, thank you.” He kissed him again. “But next time, could you please wake me up to let me know?” Justin smiled but then suddenly looked down to the sheets, feeling embarrassed as he had realised he had insinuated that there would be a ‘next time’. 

Now it was Brian’s turn to lift Justin’s chin with his hand, he hadn’t missed the insinuation, but it didn’t bother him. And he thought Justin was cute when he was embarrassed. “Yes, I will wake you next time. I’m sorry I didn’t this morning. You just seemed so peaceful in your sleep, and you need to rest.” Brian was cautious about bringing up yesterday. He just wanted Justin to get better. “Are you still in pain?” He asked as he looked over Justin’s body and at the bruises. 

“A little bit.” Justin replied. “Better than yesterday but my ribs still hurt a lot.” He placed his hands over his ribs and winced. 

“Your ribs?!” Brian looked Justin in the eyes with worry and then suddenly shot up from the bed and walked to his phone. He was quick to dial his private doctor’s office, now pacing by the sofa, waiting to see if he could book the next free slot. 

Justin had gotten out of bed and into some sweats that were at the end of the bed. He walked over to Brian slowly and in pain.

“Brian, what are you doing?” He rubbed his hands over the taller man’s shoulders.

“Hi Andrew, it’s Brian. Have you got any space today?” Brian waited for a response. “Ah that’s great! Thanks, see you soon.” Brian hung up and looked at Justin.

“Get dressed, we’ll get something to eat and then we’re going to my doctor, so you can get an x-ray. You need to make sure there is no major damage.” Brian replied with worry in his eyes.

“But I hate the hospital, my anxiety gets really bad.” Now Justin was the one with the worried look. 

“He’s a private doctor, so it’s not scary. He has a nice office and the x-ray won’t hurt you, I promise. But you need to get checked before you could possibly do anymore damage to yourself.” Brian stroked Justin’s face for comfort. He knew it would be difficult for Justin, but he needed to get checked. 

“Will you stay with me?” His voice broke as his anxiety started to rise. 

“I will be there with you every step of the way.” He wasn’t going to explain the whole x-ray thing now, he just knew he had to get Justin there. 

“Okay” Justin replies after a deep breath. 

Brian gives him a smile and leans in for a slow, meaningful kiss. 

“Good boy” he adds a smirk, “Now let’s go get you changed into something more appropriate and then get something to eat.” Brian encourages Justin towards the bedroom. 

Justin starts to take off his sweats but then stops at the sharp pain. “Ah..mpf” he takes a breath and holds his left rib from the pain he’s feeling. The pain almost hurts more when he sucks in a breath. 

“Fucking motherfucker…” Brian mumbled to himself. He could kill Craig Taylor right now. “Come here Sunshine, let me help you okay?” Brian reaches out his hand for Justin. 

Justin walks towards Brian who is now sitting on the bed facing the wardrobe. He stands in front of Brian, waiting to see how Brian is going to help. 

Brian reaches for Justin’s sweats and pulls them down gently by the waistband, he lowers them until they are by Justin’s ankles. “Okay, step out of them now” Brian says gently. 

Justin uses Brian’s shoulders for support as he steps out of his sweats. He looks down at Brian, wondering why he was so lucky to have this man in his life. They had gone through so much and although Brian wasn’t the type of guy to verbally declare his love, Justin could see in his actions how much Brian truly loved and cared for him. And he knew he was madly, deeply in love with Brian. He couldn’t stop the smile from coming and giggled without being able to stop it. 

“What?” there was a pause, “What are you giggling at?” Brian frowned up at Justin. 

“Nothing” he giggles in response. He then leans down slowly to kiss Brian. 

“No, tell me” Brian asked, determined to find out what Justin was thinking about. 

“It’s just... you.” He looked down at Brian, waiting for a response. 

“Huh? What do you mean me?” Brian found himself holding onto Justin’s hips and rubbing his fingers lightly over the skin there. 

Justin took that time to straddle Brian, but slowly because he hurt, and places his arms on his shoulders, hands around Brian’s neck. 

“You know… how you care for me. How you make sure I’m okay. How you… love me” Justin said the last part almost sounding more like a question, apprehensive of how Brian would react. 

Brian found himself holding lightly on Justin’s naked body that now straddled himself. Processing what the blond had just said. He couldn’t stop the small smile curving his lips as he realised what Justin had said was indeed true. No matter how scared he was and that he didn’t know how relationships worked, he had basically been having one with Justin for some time now and he did care for him. A lot. So, his answer was to lean in and kiss the boy in his arms, as deeply as he could. Telling Justin that he agreed with him. 

“You’ve got me. And I’ve got you…but,” He said under his breath as he pulled away from the kiss. 

Justin held his breath, waiting for Brian to finish his sentence. 

“Saying that to each other, is our thing. It’s private. It’s between us. And only us.” Brian stated firmly. 

Justin was quiet and still in Brian’s arms. What Brian said was sweet, but he didn’t want to have to hide what he shared with this beautiful man. He felt like Brian wanted to hide it or something… Everything was going so well until this conversation. Just as he opened his mouth to reply, Brian cut him off. 

“So, I guess to everyone else, you’ll just have to tell them something boring, like I’m your boyfriend or something huh?” Brian looked at Justin seriously, until he couldn’t help it and gave a hint of a smile. 

Justin beamed the greatest sunshine smile at him again and hugged the man he loved with all his heart. Brian had repeated the same words that they had spoken on the night they made up from their fight. How they had each other and… loved each other. 

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes until Justin’s stomach decided to rumble. 

That made Brian laugh. “Looks like we need to get you dressed and then fed.” 

“I guess so” Justin kissed him once more before getting off of Brian’s lap slowly. 

Brian finished helping Justin get changed, they grabbed their jackets and headed out the door. Once in the Jeep, Brian automatically headed for the Diner, but realised he didn’t really want to be around the gang, having questions barked at him every 10 seconds. So, he decided to head to a café nearby instead. 

Once settled in at the café, in the table at the back corner, away from everybody (thank god) Brian ordered 2 waters and 2 orange juices for him and Justin. 

“So, what you feeling? Fry up, sandwich…” Brian asked as he skimmed through the menu. 

“The.. Do they have a kids section?” Justin asked while also skimming the menu. 

Brian looked at him dubiously. 

“Why on earth are you looking for the kids section? They probably have their own menu fo… wait Justin, why are you looking for the fucking kids menu?!” Brian asked as Justin put down the menu given to him and scanning around the place to see if he could spot them. 

“This place seems pretty expensive, I need to find something a bit cheaper. I haven’t got a lot of money and I need to start saving if I want to get a place. $6.35 just for a panini on its own is something I can not afford right not Brian.” Justin almost lost his breath after the rant style he was going with that. 

Brian takes Justin’s hand in his. “Justin, I will pay for your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner. I don’t give a fuck what the price it, as long as you are satisfied and feed the monster that’s growing inside your stomach.” Brian chuckled a bit and before he let Justin finished he just shook his head and pointed at the menu. “What do you want?” He kissed Justin’s fingers on the hand he was holding and waited for an answer. 

Justin took that chance to argue his pride… 

“I don’t need a sugar daddy Brian. I can pay for my own things, I just have to be sensible.” Justin almost defended himself. 

“I’m not offering to be your sugar daddy” Brian stuck his tongue in his cheek. “I’m just your sexy boyfriend, wanting to buy you breakfast” Brian sighed dramatically.

That got a giggle out of Justin. “Well thank you, my sexy boyfriend. I accept” He ended that with a kiss to Brian’s lips and a smile.

“Good. Now we have about 1 hour and 20 minutes before we go to see Andrew, I’ll go order our food, you wanted the panini, right?” Brian smirks at Justin’s shy smile and nod “and then we’ll make our way there. He’s about a 45-minute drive with the traffic today. Okay?”

“Yeah” came the hesitant answer.

Brian leaned across and kissed him. “You’ll be fine baby” He said as he pulled away, he was about to move to go and order but then just realised what he had called Justin.

Justin was looking at him with a cute smile on his face, but Brian could also see he was trying not to laugh.

“You say anything…” Brian started in on self-defense mode, scared his dick was about to turn into a vagina.

“Your secret’s safe with me…baby” Justin added a wink and then giggled. 

“You’re so fucking lucky you’re adorable…oh god! Who or should I say what, am I turning into?!” Brian moaned and mumbled as he walked away to order their food.

Justin smiled to himself, happy and content in that moment. Brian was his boyfriend and cared for him. He wanted to forget about the fact he was technically homeless. He was lucky that Brian was letting him stay for a couple nights at his loft. He needed to find a job, and get some more money in. He needed to go back to school soon as well. Fuck! Suddenly his happiness was overcome with fear that his life was falling apart.

But then, in that moment, all he had to do was look up to see his amazingly beautiful, generous and god damn sexy boyfriend ordering their breakfast and then looking back with a smile and wink, and all his worries were gone for that morning.



Chapter End Notes:

Sorry this took me soooo long to update. But I hope you guys enyjoy!

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