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I put the kettle on as quietly as I can. Gus is having granddaddy feeding time in the nursery. When we came back to drop Gus off, we found the house silent. But when I called Brian, I could hear buzzing and went upstairs to find two things...a room that absolutely stunk of funk, it was so ripe I had to open the window! But it was also so sweet, the two of them entwined round each other...clearly having got hot, in both ways, during the night as the blankets were on the floor. Though it has to be said that the size queen within Brian will be pleased!

I hear footsteps behind me and a rumpled Brian is making his way downstairs. “Is your guest still sleeping?” I smirk and he nods. “Gus is with grandpa in the nursery.” He turns back around and goes to see his Little Grub.

“Did you have to send him the moment he woke up? I was having a nice cuddle.” Carl grumbles good naturedly as he comes in.

“You cuddled him last night. What’s the problem?” I frown.

“You’re aware, aren’t you, that you are at DEFCON 2, generally where Little Grub is concerned? When you are grubbing, its DEFCON 1. He’s lucky I am not the jealous type.”

“Oh hush!” I jab him in the ribs and then kiss his cheek. “He has company.”

“Brian does?” He whispers. “Who?”

“Justin.” Brian replies a little testily.

“Nasty nappy?” Carl asks and gets a shudder for his answer. “Wait for the post solid nappies...I suddenly had to be on duty when they cried...there is a special cry.”

“Thanks for the warning.” Brian leans against the counter and I can see he is starting to grin.

“Spill it.” I quote him.

“Nothing much. Just had a wonderful time.”

“Wonderful? Did you hear that, Carl? He said wonderful.” I tease.

“Which, as you and I both know is Brianspeak for fucking excellent. And judging by the lack of Little Grub and gentle murmurings, the reason for the fucking excellent is now up and talking to him.”

We all go silent and Brian smiles, then heads back upstairs. There is more murmuring before he comes back down with Little Grub. “He would like a cup of coffee. He’s just brushing his teeth.”

“I shall put start break...lunch.” Carl grins before handing him a glass of orange juice. “You need to drink this. Having a wonderful time can be very dehydrating.”

“Just start lunch.” He gripes.




I look up from the laptop at Michael. “So what are you going to do about this assault charge that is coming your way?” I ask, smugly.

“What about you…” He begins, but I tinkle a laugh. “You lied, too!”

“No, au contraire Michael, I did not lie. It was because of the actions of Jennifer Taylor that caused my state of dishabile. As I was retreating from her, I could not tell who ripped the dress from my person. However, from what I understand, you broke the glass in a fit pique because you were being ignored. Not only that, you then ran away from the scene of the crime only returning to collect your phone. And you’ve yet to apologise.”

“How do you know any of that?!” He barks.

“Moderate your tone, Mr Novotny. You would be spoken to like that on the witness stand in a court of law if you spoke to an attorney like that. As to how I know, you may be Mr Popular in your mind but not so much in others. While you were sleeping, you know that’s one of my favourite films, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and picked up some interesting tidbits.” I close down the laptop. “Have a seat, Michael and let me tell you the conditions of my stay here.”

“The cond…”

“Sit.” I order and he does so with an angry frown. “I will not be paying any bills, contributing towards any food or doing anything that in anyway benefits you.”

He looks astonished and it doesn’t take too long for stupidity to come out of his mouth. “Then I will throw you out. You have nowhere to go.”  

“You will not because I know what you did to Justin Taylor, and if he doesn’t press charges against you, I will report you to the police. I will, and you know I will.”

He blinks a few times and I hear the rusty clang of the cogs of common sense start to crank in what he laughingly calls his brain.

“I can…”

“No, Michael. You can’t. Now…” I open the laptop up again. “I have been checking the kitchen and the produce is not up to my standards. So I have done the shopping, you will thank me for it in the long run. Now I just need your credit card.” I look expectantly at him. “Now, Michael.” I smirk at his look of furious resignation as he hands it over.




I am dying to know how it went! According to Ben, he’s not home yet. I look around when I hear footsteps and smile at Mrs T, who is looking more than a little green around the gills.

“Advil for the absinthe.” I hand her the glass and the pills. “Want orange juice after?” She nods.

“He gets it from me.” She croaks and I sigh in relief as I was trying to work out what my opening gambit would be.

“Hold on.” Cyn slowly shuffles in. “Whose idea was the Whinger bombs?”

“Yours.” Mrs T laughs and then winces. “Whisky, gin and ginger wine is actually not too bad. I made the mistake of having absinthe; you made the mistake of not eating enough food, Cyn.”

“I know, Mrs T.” She just holds out her hand and I plop in the pills and slide the glass of water nearer before getting us all some juice and sitting opposite Mrs T. I’m waiting for her to start again.

“Yes, I’ve known I’m a Domme since my teens but never acted on it. I saw the same in Justin when he was around my age, but wanted him to find out about it himself. And now he has. I…”

“You said something about Brian being trained and corrected. How do you know that?” Cyn’s Advil has kicked in. When she starts to remember stuff, the Advil has kicked in.

“It’s Pittsburgh and a small world. It is very difficult to miss a man who looks like that, is gay and is a switch. I have to say they were both surprised when they found out. But I think that’s what helped ease him in and out.”

“They found out? Who is they?” I ask, looking at Cyn to see if she knows and she’s as blank as me.

“The world is small, Daph but it is also discrete. If they want you to know, they will tell you. Not my place. Now we three need food and how bad is the clean up?”

“Oh not too bad. I pottered around while you guys were dozing. So you guys are on food...please and thank you. However, I will caveat that by saying the eggs have to be done, I can’t do sunnyside up while hanging!”

“Oh God!” Mrs T gasps and runs out of the room.




I hear the front door open and practically haul him inside. “Well?!” I demand, dragging him to the lounge and putting him in a chair.

“We had a very nice evening.” He replies primly while trying not to grin like a Cheshire Cat!

“Oh that cat got the cream, did he?!” I laugh and pour him a glass of wine. “So what’s happening next?”

“I’ve been summoned to dinner on Thursday and then on Friday, we’re…” He trails off because he’s grinning so much.

“You’re?” I prompt.

“Going camping in the forest.”

“Camping?” I echo, smirking.

“Yeah. You have the same expression on your face as he did when I said that. Let’s see if the same thing happens to you when I say, as part of a field trip for the class assignment.” I hear and feel my face hit the floor. “Yep! That’s what his face did, too!”

“Why are you...you did have sex? Tell me the itch was partially scratched right?” I frown.

“Yes.” He blushes. “But we uh...well…”

“Say no more.” I snicker. “So why?”

“The thrill of it, the excitement, knowing we are just this close but…”

“You are aware that this is Brian Kinney you are talking about?” I am feeling smug.

“Yes. I am aware.” He returns.

“You know everything about him, don’t you Justin?” I am starting to grin and he’s starting to look nervous.

“M-most things, yeah.”

“Including his ability to delay his pleasure for...hours. Apparently, he managed to not come at an orgy once. I mean not at all, just kept fucking and fucking. Why do you think he was the Stud for so long? I don’t believe you have that amount of control. Do you?”

“But he...I mean we...I think I may have made a mistake…”

“Yeah. You’ve hoisted yourself by your own petard. You pillock!”




“Absolutely not! You can’t saddle Little Grub with that!” I tell him sternly.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it.” Brian interjects. “He’s one of the most well thought of astronomers.”

“No.” I repeat and thump the table for emphasis.

“It could be shortened to Ernie?” Brian argues.

“You shorten the first name, not the middle one!” Debs points out. “And I am with Carl. No. Grandma and grandpa say no. And you know me... I will make your life a living hell if that comes anywhere near him!”

“I think you two are overreacting and besides Little Grub is my son and I can call him whatever I want.”

“But not fucking Copernicus!” Debs exclaims. “He’s going to have to live with that until he’s 18!”

“Brian.” Justin starts having been watching the three of us with amusement while holding Gus. “If you call him that, you will never touch me, and, I will never touch you...again.”

“Fine. Charles it is, then.”

“Thank you.” Debs grins pleased that her choice won out.

“Can I call something Copernicus?” Brian moans.

“As long as it’s not your cock, then yes.” Justin grins.

Again with the red face!




Fucking, fucking, fucking bitch! She’s right! There is nothing I can get her out of here on! She holds all the cards. Oh well, I will just add her room and board to Brian’s invoice for this month!


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