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I HATE HIM! I hate him with the strength of a thousand, no a million suns! I had wondered why he was so chipper when I spoke to him this morning, considering how upset he was over Gus’s tummy ache before. I’m so looking forward to it, he chirruped. Actually flipping chirruped! And now I know why! Lederhosen, the man is wearing lederhosen! Not just lederhosen but suede lederhosen and the shoes that go with them.

Naturally, it fits him like a glove, and the way he keep stroking the straps as he talks to another class member, while ignoring my baleful looks is going to get him in so much trouble!

“Right, class, has everyone got everything they need?! Tents, sleeping bags, everything? Once we set off, we’re not turning back!” I wave them towards the coach and again with the strap stroking as he passes me to get on.

There is a chorus of yeses before Norman pipes up. “Although, I think Brian has had the best idea. It’s set to be a scorcher this afternoon. You are going to get some interesting tan lines!”

He, once flipping more, ignores my warning look, and strokes the strap again. I pray he doesn’t say what I think he is going to say. “Nah, I will just find a nice quiet spot and strip off. I like my tan even all over. No white bits for me. And no mosquito bites either. I have applied repellent everywhere.”





“Oh either tell me or stop grinning!” Delia, my PA demands. “You’ve had that look on your face since this morning; it is now after…” She turns around for some reason and then gasps. “Yes, she’s in here!” She pushes the door open and a delivery guy comes in with an armful of flowers. “Now you have to tell me!” She demands, signing for them with a flourish, sitting down and holding them hostage...and then taking out the card with an arched brow. I just nod and grin harder. “I went for a dinner with a person…”

“Called Diana.” She says, reading the card with a smile. We’ve worked together for a long time and she’s always been impish in her behaviour but never crosses boundaries. “Where was this dinner and why are your shirt and panty hose from yesterday in your briefcase?”

I blush slightly as I remember how Treyvon manhandled me out of my shirt and panty hose and into the necklace and heels. Then he redid my makeup and tsujzed my hair into slick, flicked and fabulous in less than 10 minutes, sending me out with own it, work it, walk it ringing in my ears.

“So there will be a repeat?” She finally hands me the flowers. “They smell wonderful.”

“So does she. And yes, there is a country club dinner and she’s invited me.”

“Lovely. Is it formal or smart casual?”

“Oh crap. It’s formal. I have to dig…”

“Buy. You have to buy a new dress for this. No past outfits on present dates!” She interrupts sharply and then softens her words with a smile. “Never could understand why you always wore that one. It never suited you; made you look older than your years. So, when is this dinner? We have to book recovery cocktails. I know how much you just love to shop.” She smirks and heads to her desk.

“Cow!” I call out to her retreating back, knowing the truth of her words.

“Moo!” She mimics before giggling heartily.



He has not stopped giving me the stink eye...or discreetly adjusting his pants whenever I bend over to take a picture. Although I would never admit it to him, as good as I look in it, I am absolutely roasting in this outfit! We have just finished dinner and people are just relaxing before we turn in for the night. I can’t believe how much I am missing Little Grub, especially after he was so poorly. But judging by the pictures Deb’s sent me, he and his grandparents are having a great time!

“You’re hot, aren’t you?” I jump slightly as he sits next to me.

“It’s been said that I am.” I reply and again, with the stink eye but he’s also smiling. So I’m not in too much trouble!

“May I see the photos you’ve taken, Mr Kinney? I would like to check if they pass muster or if your grade point average is dropping.”

“I do hope not.” I murmur as I hand my camera over. He doesn’t say anything as he looks through them.

“Seriously these are really, rather annoyingly, good.” He hands it back to me with a look of pride. “So, are you going to join us?”


“S’mores.” He points to the campfire that someone has set up and I am astonished. It is so fucking hot out still!

“No thanks. Watching my figure.” I stand up and quickly brush his cheek as he looks a little disappointed. “Am going to go for a walk, about half an hour. Is that okay, Teach?”

“Yes, but don’t go too far.”

I head off down a path and find myself in front of a stream and with a quick check behind me, I strip off and step in. “So much better!” I sigh as the cool water surrounds me. I smirk as I hear the crack of the twig and see a flash of blonde hair bobbing down, then he bobs back again, chuckles and retreats. “Oh, you naughty boy.” I mutter to myself and wade out. As I thought, and hoped he would, he followed me. I double check, and while he has left me my shoes and tee, he has taken my lederhosen. I put my shoes on and consider putting the tee on, but use it instead to dry myself off. Then, after tying it around my waist, start to head back. As I approach the rest of the class, the chatter starts to go quiet. Casually, I sit down yoga style and smile. “Any s’mores going?”

“Yes.” Norman replies, somewhat breathlessly. “So!” He squeaks and clears his throat. “What happened?”


“You seem to be lederhosen less.” He says trying to keep his eyes firmly on my face but they keep drifting.

“Hmmm, seems a rather fashion forward bear snuck off with it.” I reply and take a bite of my s’more. “This is lovely. May I have another one?”

“Of course. It’s okay, Norman, I can do it!” Lizzie another mature student says, and then all attempts to fling herself in my lap.

“Where’s Mr Taylor?” I ask, looking around frowning.

“Here.” He calls out coming out of the coach, and then goes still. “Brian! I mean Mr Kinney! Put some clothes on!”

“I can’t. Someone has taken my lederhosen.” I reply. “And my tee shirt is wet and only just covers my...modesty.”

“Do not stand up!” He orders. “Who took his clothes?” He looks around the class and slowly the hand of Marcus, the other blonde, goes up. “Where are they?!”

“In my tent.” He mutters, his face almost puce with embarrassment and I almost bring back up the s’more. Blonde, yes...hot, oh fuck no. “I will just…”

“You will not! I will get it! Which is your tent?” He points to the one next to mine and I can feel the anger, radiating off of Justin. “You will apologise to Mr Kinney for your childish behaviour immediately.” He growls over his shoulder, he comes back with it and a towel. “And, you will sleep in the coach; I will pack up your tent.”

“Yes, Mr Taylor. Sorry, Mr Kinney.” He mutters and sprints to the coach.

“Well after that bit of entertainment, we should call it a night!” He declares and they all scurry away. He stalks to the coach. I would not want to be Marcus right now because that is one very pissed off teacher!


I am slightly isolated now that Marcus’s tent has been moved. It is also decidedly cooler and I slightly regret the paddle, but the warmth of the sleeping bag is starting to seep into my bones. As I turn over, I am surprised to see the sky. It seems I no longer have a roof to my tent. There is rustling behind my head and I find myself staring at the top of a blonde head.

“It’s cold, let me in!” He whisper hisses and I quickly unzip my bag and a very scantily dressed Justin slides in, for a few seconds he looks at me. “So yeah, got really annoyed there.”

“Uh huh.”

“Tore a strip off him and threatened to throw him out of my class.”

“Uh huh.”

“In fairness…”

“Why don’t I have a roof?” I interrupt him, then pull him closer and watch his eyes widen as he realises I am very naked in this bag.

“Hang on.” He starts to wriggle. I am about to ask him what he is doing when he pulls his tee off and throws it aside. “A little help with the rest.” Soon he is as naked as me and the inside of the bag gets a whole lot warmer. “Look up.” He grins up at me. “What is it with us and moons?” I can’t speak. All I do is stare. When I am able to formulate a sentence, it is just to ask him to pass me my camera.

“So...what are you doing?” He mumbles into my neck. “Brian, I....”

I tilt up his chin and just look at him until he gets it. “Quiet and don’t. Understand?”


“Good. Keep looking at me. I want to see the desire and the need in those eyes.” They widen as I brush my fingers along his cock. “Do not bite your lip. You are no longer in control. I am. And you must be quiet.” I breathe against said lips and soon, he is squirming and scrabbling his fingers against my chest as I push him to the edge. He arches his head back and pumps his hips. “I said no.” I twitch as he forces himself to stay still. “Good.” Again, his fingers scrabble and I wince as his nail rasps against my nipple...yeah he is struggling. “Can you be quiet?” He nods frantically, but keeps his eyes locked on me. “You may cum.” I feel his rapid breaths against my neck, his cock twitching and pumping in my hand. He rests his head against my chest as he calms down. After five minutes, he burrows a bit closer. “So…?”

“I am so getting jealous again!” He mutters before dropping sound asleep.

Gently I untangle us and move his satiated form to my side of the bag. I put the roof of the tent back on. “You’d better.” I say as I slide back in the bag. “Because if you don’t, I will.”


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